The Summer I was Young Again

story by Jephael

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This story is based on my own life as it was just after high school. Two close friends of mine are included in the fic, whose actual thoughts and responses have been used via a survey I made for them.

        It had been a month now since North Penn High's Class of 1999 celebrated their graduation. Most of the kids attended Senior Week while some merely attended a couple of graduation parties. It was a chilly July that year, which was definitely odd to some. This mainly bummed the guys out when they would go for a swim and the girls wouldn't want to join in because they'd freeze in their bikinis. It had even got to the point of some co-ed rough housing at times, especially during a pool party one of the cheerleaders had thrown. But aside from that, July was always the time most former high school students wanted to spend with their friends before going away to college.
        Among the number of kids spending countless nights hanging out with their friends as if there'd be no tomorrow were three impressionable 18 year-olds named Jeff, James and Jillian. Jeff and James had been pals for a whole year now and Jillian had played volleyball with Jeff in gym class, so they had gotten to know one another as well. Having always been the shy type, Jeff was glad to have made as many friends as he could, but he always felt a small void in his heart.
  One night while the three of them were eating at Pizza Hut, Jillian decided to ask him "Hey Jeff, you seem a little down. Something on your mind?"
  "Nothing really. I just feel kinda bad that I won't get to see you again for a few months and I just got to know you!"
  "Ohhh, I'm sorry Jeff." Jillian said
  "It's okay. I guess I'm worried we might end up loosing touch with each other. I've already gone through that before."
  "Don't worry, Jeff. We won't forget about you!" James assured him.
  "That's good to hear. Hey. would you guys care to come over and play some old Ninja Turtle video games with me?"
  "That would be cool!" Jillian replied.
  "Yeah, I haven't watched those guys in ages!"
  "I know. I've been meaning to see if I could find any old cartoon episodes somewhere. Do you think Blockbuster has any?"
  "Maybe you should check out that video store at the mall, Jeff!" James suggested.
  "That's a good idea!"
  Several minutes later, the kids were leaving the restaurant when James asked "Hey, do you guys want to go swimming some time?"
  "Yeah, that might be fun!" Jillian responded.
  "We could go to Towamencin Pool. I used to go there a lot as a kid!" Jeff added.
  "Okay, sounds good. When do you guys want to go?" James asked.
  "I have some work to do tomorrow, getting ready for Bloomsburg, but I think I can go Sunday in the evening." Jillian explained.
  "Sounds cool with me. I haven't done a thing yet to prepare for Montco! Hey James, are you ready for Penn State?"
  "I sure am!"
  As the kids continued to talk about their plans for their fall semesters at college, they were soon sidetracked by a strange sound. "Uh guys, what was that?"
  "I dunno. It sounded like it came from behind the Pizza Hut."
  "Maybe we should call someone."
        The kids ran back across the parking lot where they caught a glimpse of what looked like a weird bluish light coming from near the back alley they had been parked near. The glow soon turned into a huge funnel like worm hole that turned counterclockwise. Electromagnetic energy pulsated around the strange portal.
  "Uh James, do you have your car keys?" Jillian asked.
  "Yeah, why?"
  "Because I think it's time-" Before she could finish, two monstrous forms came tumbling out of the portal.
  "Holy crap!" Jeff shouted.
  As the kids watched, they soon took notice that the strange life-forms looked like animals, a rhino and a warthog to be precise. The two looked cartoonish, but were definitely not 2-Dimensional.
  "Are you okay, Rocksteady?" the warthog asked his companion.
  "Yeah, I'm fine Bebop. Do you got that thing?"
  "Yeah, it's right here. Were you going to tell the boss?"
  "Well, duh!" the rhino reached into his pocket and pulled out a small walkie talkie. "Hey Boss, we made it to the 3-Dimensional world!"
  "Excellent!" a gruff sounding man's voice boomed through the small speakers. The kids decided to move in closer to see if they could hear anything.
  Jeff turned to his friends and said "Oh my gosh, they look just like Bebop and Rocksteady from the Ninja Turtle cartoon! Come on, lets take a closer look at 'em!"
  "Are you crazy, Jeff?!"
  Before they realized it though, the mutants were right behind the kids. "Hey Bebop, look who we got here!"
  "Yeah, now da Boss doesn't need to worry about that portal sucking us back through!"
  "Oh, will you look at the time? I gotta get home and check in with my parents." Jillian said, trying to get herself and the boys out of harm's way.
  "Well you might have to call them long-distance, because you three are going on a little trip!" Bebop laughed as he aimed a strange looking device at the kids while Rocksteady pointed a ray gun at them, prompting them to move near the portal.
  "So, what do we do now?"
    "You got me. Maybe we can make a break for it if we ... uh, if we ..." before Jeff could think of anything, he was zapped by a strange ray. Pulses of energy like the ones surrounding the portal began to generate around Jeff, pulling him towards it as if the portal had become a magnet. Before he lost hold on the ground, James and Jillian grabbed hold of him, trying hard not to panic.
  "Don't let go of him!"
  "You don't have to tell me twice, James!"
        Before either of them could pull their friend away, the energy pulses soon began to grow and cover both of them as well. James and Jillian lost their grips on Jeff as they were all swept away into the portal. They could feel themselves falling through what felt like a huge tunnel. The energy pulses had subsided during the journey, but something else strange seemed to be happening. As James looked down at his hands, he could almost swear that they were getting smaller, as well as the rest of his body. The same began happening to Jeff and Jillian. Not far below them, they could see a white light which they were quickly coming closer to.

* * *

        Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were fighting some old foes of theirs in the outskirts of a small school yard. Michaelangelo, the ever agile one did several spins in midair and landed as his twirling nunchucks smashed two Foot Soldier robots into pieces. Then as two more came up and tried to swing at him with their axes, he did a barrel roll as both robots smashed one another's heads in half. "Looks like you dudes are gonna need some Aspirin!" the turtle joked.
  Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael on the other hand were busy battling General Traag, the rock soldier from Dimension X. "You mutants are done for now!" he shouted as he shot plasma blasts out of a laser gun at the Turtles.
  "Don't count your turtle shells until they've cracked, Pebble-brain!!!" Raph said in response.
  "Talk is cheap, freak!"
  "I wish I knew what that even means!" Leo said.
  "I think it means he's trying to insult us." Don answered.
    "You won't know a thing as soon as I've burned a hole through your brains!" Traag boasted, pointing the barrel of his gun near Raph's forehead. The turtle gulped and blinked as the walking boulder prepared to fire, when they heard a strange noise. A severe gust of wind knocked the laser gun right out of General Traag's hands which gave Raphael the opportunity to escape the same moment Leonardo pelted the Rock Soldier in the gut with the side of his katana. Oddly enough, it hit hard enough to injure him. "Argh! You stupid Turtles have not won yet!" Traag screamed as he ran for the amphibious module that sat in the midst of the small field. "Krang and Shredder still have their plans!" he shouted as he closed the door and began drilling through the ground to head for the Technodrome.
  "Well, so much for the General!"
  "Eh, forget about him, dudes! What truly stinks is that we didn't stop Rocksteady and Bebop. Hey wait, like what's going down up here?" Mikey asked curiously as he pointed towards the giant blue wormhole that had formed in the sky just above them.
  "It's that same portal we saw Bebop and Rocksteady get sucked through!" Donatello exclaimed. "They couldn't have come back this soon, could they?" As if on cue to his question, three young kids came falling from the portal landing directly on top of a small platform the Turtles were now centering their attention on.
  "If they did, then something tells me that wormhole thing turned them into children." Raphael remarked.
  Michaelangelo politely helped the three kids up. "You little dudes okay?"
  "I think so." one of the boys said when he stared at his friend. "Hey Jeff, what happened to you? You're really short."
  "So are you, James. Not to mention you're looking kinda tubby. That weird portal must've somehow turned us back into kids."
  "Oh well, atleast we aren't naked." their female companion responded in an odd lisp.
  "Jillian, where'd you get those braces from?"
  "I don't know. I had these things like seven years ago."
  "Did you just say seven years?" Leonardo asked.
  "Whoa ... are you guys the Ninja Turtles?" James said.
  "For sure, dude! We're standing right here!" Michaelangelo answered.
  "I don't believe it! We're really face to face with the Ninja Turtles!" Jeff said excitedly. "Only something tells me we're not in Pennsylvania anymore."
  "Well it would figure since we ran into Bebop and Rocksteady before getting thrown through that glowing hole." Jillian added.
  "You guys saw Bebop and Rocksteady?" Raphael asked.
  "Yeah, they came from that weird portal we saw open up. Then they saw us, so they threw us into it."
  "Oh great! If Bebop and Rocksteady are in your universe, then that means Shredder will be able to cause the time-pull!" Donatello said in a worried tone.
  "A time what?" James asked.
  "Well, it's kinda hard to explain."
  "You can tell them about it while we head back to the lair." Leo said to his brother.
  "The lair? You mean we actually get to go with you guys into the sewers?" Jillian said in an excited manner. Jeff seemed just as eager, whereas James appeared hesitant towards the notion.
  "We have no choice if you guys aren't from around here."
        With that, the Turtles escorted the kids to an open manhole they had presumedly arose from before running into Traag and the Foot. As the group walked through the tunnels, Donatello relayed their side of the story. "You see, it all started a few days ago when Shredder was spotted stealing a strange device from Capricorn Labs. We later found out that it was a Planetary Polarity Shifter, which actually has the capability to reverse the flow of time, and if Shredder were to get enough energy for that device, he could use it to pull your entire universe through a time warp long enough to revert it back to the year 1992."
  "You mean I'd have to live my entire childhood all over again?!" James said, somewhat mad about the notion.
  "Actually, I bet it would be kinda neat. I always loved those trends they had back in the early '90s." Jillian responded. The two boys merely stared at their friend as they walked along.
  "Well that still doesn't explain why Bebop and Rocksteady came through that weird warp, or why we were thrown into it." Jeff spoke up.
  "I've deduced that Krang's gonna try and pull the Technodrome through the warp so it'll end up in your universe. They'd need some sort of magnetic anchor."
  "Okay. But why?" Jillian asked.
  "We're not too sure." Leo answered. "My only guess is that Shredder must think it would be easier to take over your world."
  "Man, what a dork! The cops have handled much worse dudes than him in our world!" Jeff said.
  "Really, like who?" Raphael asked
  "I don't know... the Unibomber?"
  "Nevermind. I kinda guess you guys have been in some sort of time-lock or something."
  "Yeah, kinda. We really did know about how in your universe we were just a cartoon show based on a comic book." Michaelangelo replied.
  "Yeah, but then for some reason we woke up one day and we noticed we were living out 1992 all over again." Leonardo added.
  "That would explain why we've been physically turned back into kids."
    The group fell silent as they neared the entrance to the Turtles' lair. Jeff was the first to enter, and was immediately in awe. The living room was exactly as he remembered seeing it when he'd watch the show on television. "Wow, it's like being inside an animation cel or something!"
  "Yeah, tell me about it! Here, let me show you something." Raphael directed Jeff to a small bookshelf where he pulled out a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures comic book. "Whenever these things were published in your world, they actually were available here too."
  "That's amazing!"
  As Jeff rummaged through some more of the comics, Michaelangelo invited the others into the kitchen. "So how about it, dudes? Doesn't anybody want to try my latest masterpiece?"
  "Uh, I'd almost hate to ask what you made this time." Leonardo complained.
  The turtle opened the fridge and took out what looked like a pizza with chocolate pudding and whipped cream topping. "Presenting my chocolate cream pizza-pie."
  On cue, Leo and Don both gagged and were quickly joined by James. "Oh well. Would you care to try some, dudette?"
  "Well, I am always up for trying new things." Jillian said politely. Michaelangelo set the pizza down on the table and cut a small slice for Jillian to try. "It's not bad. Is there cream cheese in this?"
  "Yep. Normally I'd use melted mozzarella, but the recipe calls for it not to be baked."
  "You should let Jeff try some!" James cracked.
  "Well, lets let the little dude read some of those comic books! He seems to like them."
  "Oh yeah, he's told us how much he liked playing Ninja Turtles as a kid. I've always been a big fan myself." James explained
  "That's truly cool! So how old are you guys supposed to be?"
  "Well I turned 18 last May in our world, and the guys did last December. Of course all three of us just turned 11 again." Jillian replied with a giggle.
  "Pretty gnarly, huh?"
  "It sure is." she replied taking another bite of the pie. "You know, I bet our parents must be worried what's happened to us by now."
  "Well, don't worry. I'm sure we'll be able to get you guys back home soon!"
  "Yeah, and hopefully we'll be teenagers again!" James said with a grin.
        Meanwhile in the living room, Jeff was still looking at the rack full of Turtle comics that stood infront of him. The boy gleefully skimmed through issues he had seen and examined ones he hadn't. Just then, a short figure stood behind him. Jeff turned around to see the Turtles' sensei, Splinter. Leonardo stood behind his sensei as well to introduce them. "Master Splinter, this is Jeffrey."
  "It's an honor, sir." the boy said, bowing infront of the wise elderly rat.
  "Likewise, young one. My sons told me how you ran into Bebop and Rocksteady."
  "Yeah, it was pretty scary to say the least!"
  "I am glad to see no harm came to you children. Shredder is a ruthless adversary who will let nothing stand in his way to gain control over the world!"
  "Well, I do know all that. But I never understood why he was so bent on conquering the universe to begin with."
  "My only theory is that originally, he wished nothing more than to become the leader of the Foot Clan and use it for his own selfish purposes. But when he met Krang, he began craving the world to be his."
  "That guy is such a tool!"
    Just then, Donatello came rushing into the room. "Hey guys, I tried patching into Jeff, Jillian and James's world through that rift Rocksteady and Bebop opened at the park, but unfortunately I couldn't seem to make any contact. I only hope it doesn't mean what I think it does."
  "What's that?"
  "Come with me to the lab so I can show you!"
        A moment later, the kids and the Turtles were all in Don's lab to see what he had to show them on the computer. "I had the luck of actually pinpointing where Bebop and Rocksteady are, thanks to the obvious fact that they're currently the only mutant lifeforms there, when I noticed that for some reason there doesn't seem to be much movement detected from other lifeforms in that world. In fact from what I've figured, their timeline has already started to slow down."
  "Is there any way to stop this?" Leonardo asked.
  "Just one. This has to be caused by a remote device tuned to the Polarity Shifter Shredder took, which means that all we have to do is disconnect it."
  "Do you know how much time we have?"
  "We have atleast a good 24 hours before the time-pull starts to make their world go backwards."
  "In that case, we better recuperate for the night." Leo suggested. "Donatello, try and see if you can figure out where the energy from the polarity shifter is coming from."
        Later that night, the kids were resting in the guests' quarters adjacent to the Turtles' rooms. The area they were given had a set of bunkbeds which the Turtles used to sleep in. Jeff decided to share the middle top bunk with Jillian since both were alittle too frightened to be by themselves, and James slept in the bottom bunk. The three of them, mainly Jeff, couldn't stop thinking about home, and how weird it would be by the time they got back. Their biggest concern of all was what it would be like if their world went back to 1992 and they'd have to live the last seven years all over again.
  "Hey guys, if we really did end up having to relive our childhood, do you think it would be okay if we got to hang out when we go to Penndale again?" Jeff suggested.
  "I'm sure it would be, Jeff." Jillian responded.
  "Yeah, but we couldn't tell anyone how we happen to know each other!" James added
  "Could you imagine it though, how weird it would be if the Turtles had to come back with us?"
  "Then forget what I said about being careful, because that would change things for certain!" James replied with a grin.
        The next morning, the Turtles were up preparing themselves to confront Shredder. Leonardo sparred with the Shredder pinnate while Raphael and Michaelangelo sparred with one another. Donatello was doing baton twirls with his bo staff to try out a new ninja move he had thought up, but he kept tripping himself. Splinter had invited the kids to witness the practice session.
  "The Turtles will need to be able to keep you three safe from danger in order to return you safely to your world." Splinter said.
    After eating breakfast, James, Jeff and Jillian went with the Turtles to Channel 6 to talk with their friend April O' Neil who had informed them of the possible whereabouts of Shredder. "You won't believe where I happened to locate Shredder and some of his Foot Soldiers!"
  "Where?" Leo asked slightly on edge.
  "Do you guys remember 423 Dock Street?"
  "That's one of Shredder's earlier hideouts from when he and Baxter were searching for the crystals that formed the Eye of Sarnath!" Donatello replied.
  "I remember that episode!" Jeff added. "Didn't they create that giant mutant plant in that one?"
  "Yeah, that's the one! Boy this kid must remember a whole ton of our adventures!" Raphael figured.
  "You bet I do! My favorite was the one where you got your brain switched with Oscar the cab dude!"
  "He doesn't remember too much from that since his head got scrambled!" Mikey said quietly to Jeff.
  "Anyway, it seems that the hideout was never touched again. But Shredder might have kept tabs on the location for if he decided to choose it for another time." April finished.
  "April, we might want you to come along so these kids don't get hurt." Don suggested.
  "Well, sure. But why are they tagging along?"
  "It's our universe that Shredder's planning to take over!" James answered.
  "Oh, sorry to hear about that."
  "Eh, no biggie!" Jeff replied.
        Moments later, the Turtles, April and the kids were crammed inside the Channel 6 News Van driving down the docks. They stopped a block or so short of 423 Dock Street so they wouldn't risk getting captured, or worse.
  "Hey dudes, check out that freaky looking thing!" Michaelangelo said, pointing towards the Roadkill Rodneys which seemed to be scouting the area.
  "Hey, I remember when Splinter was first kidnapped by Shredder, and we had to fight pa..." Donatello was soon cut off by a laser beam that fried the rear view mirror.
  "Uh, yeah! Now I remember." Raphael spoke up as he pulled out his sai and proceeded to exit the van. "Heeere, robot, robot, robot!" he called, finishing it with a doggie-call whistle. As soon as the robots came close enough to him, Raph plunged his daggers into their tops.
  "Ow! Hey, no fair! That hurt!" one robot screeched as Jeff helped pull Raph's sai out of it. "Later, guys! Let me know if you catch any flounders!" he yelled as the small robots were thrust into the water.
  "Come on, we have to stop Shredder before he finishes carrying out his evil plan!" Leonardo said in a determined manor.
  As the group entered quietly, they could hear the humming of an extremely huge power source. "Do you guys hear that?" Donatello whispered.
  "Yeah. What is it?"
  A shrude voice cackled, startling the four battle-ready Turtles and the four anxious humans.
  "That sounded like Krang!" Jeff said.
  "So are those stupid mutants going to remain in the other world until we're ready to activate the time-pull?" a second voice asked.
  "Then that's the Shredder!" James added to Jeff's comment.
  "Of course not! If they did, we probably wouldn't see them for the next seven years. Frankly though, I can see an upside to it!" Krang said with another cackle.
  "I only hope the Turtles don't find a way to follow us."
  "Now Shredder, don't be ridiculous. Once we've taken the Technodrome into the other dimension, this world will remain in it's time-locked state and the Turtles will have no way to get there!"
  "Okay guys, it's either now or never!" Leo ordered.
        The Turtles charged into the room where Shredder anticipated them quickly. He pressed a small red button on the console which emitted a purple cube shaped force field to surround them. "Why do we always fall for that?!" Michaelangelo said angrily as he threw his nunchuck at one of the walls, which suddenly caused a small implosion that turned the nunchuck into nothing but sawdust. The same moment, the forcefield shrank by a few inches.
  "What the heck is this thing doing?" Leonardo asked.
  "It must have some unstable electric charge." Don explained.
  "You Turtles are done for this time!"
  "What do you mean by that, Chrome-head?!"
  "I know for a fact you brought those kids here, the ones from the other universe! As soon as I've gotten all the info I can get from them, I will have the ability to take over their world!"
  "How would you know they're here, Tin-Face?!"
  "Simple ..." With the touch of another button, April and the kids were snagged by a net that they had been standing ontop of. "I've always had cameras implanted inside my robots!"
  "That figures." James muttered as the net hovered above a steel-bar cage which he, April and Jillian were dropped into while Jeff wound up back on the ground. Jeff was soon strapped down to a chair with a small dead gopher perched ontop of his head.
  "I really don't want to know where this is going." he complained.
  "Now, my young friends, I am going to propose an interesting deal." Shredder said to the kids trapped with April. "If you tell me all you know about your world's future, then I will let you and your friend over there return home."
  "Oh yeah, and what if we don't?!" James snapped.
  "Then your friend here will be turned into an oversized mutant gopher!"
  "That's real original!" griped Michaelangelo, who was reminded of how he had been transformed into a gerbil back in 1989 when Baxter Stockman zapped him with a mutation beam.
  "You have 2 minutes to speak." Shredder warned.
  "Nothing doing, Chrome Face!" James yelled.
  "Very well. What about you little girl? Will you do what I say and save your friend?"
  "Don't tell him anything, Jillian! It's not worth it! He's just gonna try and use whatever you tell him to take over the world!" Jeff warned.
  "I didn't give you permission to talk, guinea pig!!!" Shredder yelled at the boy.
  "I thought you were turning me into a gopher."
  "That does it!" Shredder angrily stomped over to the transmutation beam's controls and switched it to full power. "There, it's on automatic. You kids weren't even going to get to go home anyway!"
  "Well, DURR!!!"
  "We can't let Shredder get away with this. We have to get out of here somehow!" Leonardo said.
  "Yeah, but like how?" Michaelangelo asked.
  After a small pause, Raphael poked Donatello in the shoulder. "Uhh, this is where you say-"
  "Don't worry, I got an idea!" Don said in a huff. "There's a loose nail there in the floorboard just an inch away from the forcefield. If we can hit the board with enough force, the board will go flying upward and the forcefield will be destabilized. Michaelangelo, do you still have your other nunchuck?"
  "For sure, dude!"
    "Okay, that's good! Lets do it on 3. Ready?" Don and Leo aimed their weapons at the floor board. "1, 2, 3!" On cue, Michaelangelo threw his last chuck at the forcefield which destroyed it just like the other one. As the forcefield began to shrink again, Leonardo shouted "Now!" as he and Don struck the board with their katana and bo staff. The nail hit the edge of the glowing cube's wall, which started to flicker as the entire thing vanished.
  "Quick Donatello, you and Michaelangelo go save Jeffrey! Raphael and I will confront Shredder!"
  Mikey made a mad dash to Jeff's side, throwing the dead gopher across the room. "Well atleast now I don't need to worry about becoming a wombat!" the boy said with a sigh.
  "You're not out of the woods yet, micro-dude!" Michaelangelo said as he struggled to undo the straps bounding Jeff's legs. "Any luck moving this chair, Donatello?" he asked his brother who was standing right behind Jeff.
  "It's bolted down too tight! We'll just have to undo the bonds strap by strap."
  Raph had Shredder cornered as Leo quickly shut down the remote console with his katana blade. This caused the image of Krang on the screen to fade, as well as the bars of the cage to descend. "You wretched Turtles will never stop me now! The other dimension will be mine in less than ten hours!" Shredder yelled.
  "Oh come on, you lost! Now fork over the Polarity Shifter!" Raphael commanded.
  "That's just it, you foolish terrapin! This was merely the location where I was going to teleport myself into the next dimension as soon as there was enough energy created to have the other world time-pulled back to the year 1992! We've already used the device long enough to finish the time-pull with the dimensional portal!"
  "What?!" Raphael tried to hold the arch-villian back when the mutation beam suddenly went off and started engulfing Jeff with its rays. Michaelangelo and Donatello's arms were also in path of the ray as well, which seemed to keep their bodies paralyzed. All three of them were griping in pain as the intensified rays grew brighter.
  Shredder pelted Raph in the gut and ran off laughing. "You fools haven't won yet!"
  "Shredder, you tin-faced geek!"
  "Forget him! We have to turn off the mutation ray!" Leo insisted, just as the laser beam turned off on its own. "Uh, nevermind."
  "Are they okay?" Jillian asked.
  "We're fine, dudette." Mikey said as he walked over rubbing his arm. "Gotta admit, I never felt anything like that since that time I got turned into a human."
  "Uh guys, you better take a look at this." Don said.
        As the group ran over to see where Donatello was trying to finish freeing Jeff, they all received a severe shock. Jeff's arms and legs had become bright green, just like the Turtles, and the outlining of plastron and a shell could be seen under his shirt. The boy had become a mutant turtle.
  "Jeff, is that you?" James asked.
  "Yeah, why?" the boy asked, scratching the hair that remained on his head. It was then that he noticed that his hand only had three fingers. "Hey, that thing didn't fry off my fingers, did it?"
  "Uhh, not exactly." Donatello replied, staring at the boy's green face. "Ugh, I can't get this last strap off!"
  "Let me try it." Jeff tensed himself up as best he could and struggled to break free from the last bond, when suddenly the concentration in his body created a strange pulse of energy making him glow as he turned back into a human. "Darn it!"
  "Oh wow! Did you guys see that?" April said.
  "It seems like Jeff's been bombarded with some of me and Michaelangelo's mutated genes, giving him some strange power."
  "Truly gnarly!" Jeff responded with a Californian accent, much like Michaelangelo's.
        After dropping the News Van off, April, the Turtles and the kids headed back to the lair where Donatello ran a quick DNA test to see how much mutant turtle genes had been fused into Jeff from the transmutation beam. "Okay Jeff, see if you can try mutating again!"
  "Uh, I don't know how it happened."
  "Just tense up your muscles like you did before when you tried to break free from those chair straps."
  Jeff nodded as he thrusted his gut and clenched his fists to the point it looked like he was about to erupt, when he started mutating back into a turtle. "Man, that's pretty funky!"
  "Yeah, I know. But it seems like you would probably have the ability to control the change better than a regular mutant would."
  "That's pretty neat." James exclaimed. "I bet a power like that would be pretty useful."
  "For sure, dude!" Jeff said excitedly as he removed the suction cords from his body. "Is there anything else I might have gotten from picking up some of your genetic chromosomes?"
  "What the heck is a genetic chromosome?" Jillian asked
  "You got me, dudette." Jeff replied.
  "From what I figured, you may have also picked up some of me and Michaelangelo's own mental and physical skills. Though, I get the feeling you may have gotten more of his than mine, because the path of the beam went all the way up to his shoulders, whereas for me they only went up my elbows."
  "They were? Gee I couldn't notice because I was being blinded from all of that weird light!"
  "Hey Jeff, didn't you get quoted in our senior yearbook that you wished you could be a Ninja Turtle?" Jillian asked.
  "As a matter of fact, I did! Looks like I got my wish then!" Jeff said with a laugh.
  "So I guess this makes Jeff our new Fifth Turtle!" Michaelangelo boasted.
  "What about Zach?"
  "He decided to quit when he started going to high school. You see, even though the time loop we're in keeps us as teenagers, everyone else continues to get older." Leonardo mentioned.
  "Boy, talk about your inconsistencies!" Jeff remarked.
  "Yeah, but when you think about it, most of our show was inconsistent." Raphael replied. "Blame the writing."
  "My Turtles, I believe it is time we prepared for our journey to the Technodrome." Splinter spoke softly as he entered the room. He rubbed his eyes as he noticed the extra mutant turtle standing before him. "Donatello, have you been messing with your cloning device again?"
  "No, Master Splinter. That's Jeff. He had a little run-in with Shred-head's mutation beam. Fortunately though, he still has the ability to change back into a human."
  "This is most peculiar."
  "Truly!" Jeff and Mikey said simultaneously. The two exchanged glances and grinned at one another.
    Not long afterwards, the Turtles were busy loading up the Turtle Van with supplies and weapons. They didn't know what to expect, but wanted to be ready for anything this time.
  "So let me get this straight. We're going to dive the van into the river, and it'll turn into a submarine that we can take to the Technodrome?"
  "That's it in a nutshell, James. Donatello's got this van rigged pretty well. The only thing he hasn't been able to do though is hover convert it." Leonardo explained.
  "In my opinion though, I think that it's kind of a good thing he hasn't!" Raphael joked.
  "Very funny!" Don huffed from behind, carrying a handful of equipment.
  "Hey has anyone seen Jeff, or Michaelangelo?"
  "No, but Splinter and Jillian don't seem to be around here either."
  "I'm over here, guys!" Jillian said, startling James and the three turtles as she entered the garage from Donatello's lab door.
  "Don't you kids knock anymore?!"
  "Sorry, Raphael. I just wanted to show you guys what Jeff and Mikey are up to! Come with me to the living room."
    The Turtles and James followed Jillian through the lab and back into the living room where Michaelangelo and Splinter were standing besides Jeff who was once again in human form. He also appeared to be dressed in light brown shorts as well as a belt buckle on with nunchucks strapped to his back. He had on a light green mask, as well as a small red bandana tied over his forehead right below his hair line.
  "Looking good, Jeff!" James said in amusement.
  "Thanks, pal! It was mostly Splinter's idea, but Mike decided to give me his last remaining pair of chucks."
  "Why doesn't your belt have a J on it, like the Turtles' initials for their belts?"
  "We figured that would look kinda weird since I'm not always a turtle. Infact, while we were going through the spare uniforms, I turned back again without even flexing a muscle. Do ya suppose the mutation wears off after awhile?"
  "It probably does, considering it's your adrenaline that powers it." Donatello answered. "Another theory I had was that it could wear off whenever you fall asleep, or get knocked out somehow."
  "But what if he's a human when he falls asleep?" Michaelangelo asked.
  "Then nothing happens because it's my normal form!"
  "Oh yeah, duh!"
    Splinter sighed as he looked at his four pupils and the three children before him. He knew that he couldn't let them all go by themselves to the Technodrome to deal with his deranged archenemy and whatever he had planned for them. "My Turtles, I believe this shall be the most important battle we ever have! We must be fully emotionally prepared for this fight! Let us hope the best for our young friends as soon as they've returned home. But most importantly, let us work as a team!"
  "Yes, Master Splinter. We won't lose this time!" Leonardo responded.
        Moments later, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, their sensei, James, Jeff and Jillian headed back to the docks in the Turtle Van. They were all set to head for the Technodrome. Donatello readied the van as he set the auto-conversion controls to submarine mode. "Okay guys, wish us luck. We're gonna need it!"
  "So, we're just gonna dive right in? We don't have anything to lower us into the river?" James asked, sounding abit nervous.
  "Don't worry, we'll be fine!" Jillian said, assuring her friend.
  "Yeah, sure! Of course."
    As Donatello put his foot on the gas pedal, some of the others became just as nervous. Sweat poured down Raphael's forehead, as did Leonardo's palms. Jeff and Michaelangelo on the other hand were excited as they watched from the back seat. "Here it comes, dudes!" they yelled. The van sped across the dock, making clanking sounds as the tires hit each individual wooden plank. When it made the jump, the van's tires were concealed by green slabs that covered them as an airlock was made inside the van just as it splashed down into the water and submerged itself.
  "Sub-water level. Kelp, flounders, and the Technodrome!" Raphael joked.
        Everyone remained silent as the submarine continued to drift down through the ocean. As soon as the Technodrome came into view, the kids were in awe of how it looked. The exterior had been gathering seaweed while potholes from some old battles started rusting through. When they got close enough, Leonardo pointed to one of the openings that the modules would come out of. "There's our entry point, guys!"
  "As soon as we're inside, I'll have to put the van back to it's normal form so we can become more mobile." Donatello said quietly while he used a remote override to open the module door.
  "Kinda creepy, isn't it?" Jillian spoke as the van entered the hollow tunnel.
  "Yes, almost like the inside of a whale's intestines." Splinter replied, which astonished the others.
  "I didn't know you had a fear of whales." Raphael said.
  "That's why I never let you four watch Pinocchio as kids. I was worried it would give you nightmares like me."
    A moment later, the van arrived inside the Technodrome's main control room where Shredder and Krang were there to greet the goodguys with another small army of Foot Soldiers ready for battle. "So, you wretched reptiles are back for more, huh?" Shredder bellowed.
  "Well, yea! Only this time, we've come to stop you once and for all!"
  "Do your worst, you disgusting freaks!" Krang teased. "In the end, it will all be for nothing! Once we've sent the Technodrome to the 3-Dimensional world, we will be able to invade it!"
  "But you're forgetting just one thing, egghead!" Donatello intercepted. "If we're here in the Technodrome when that happens, we'll go along with you guys, and still be able to keep you from taking over their universe!"
  "Blast it! He has a point!" Shredder complained.
  "Quit whining, you fool!"
  "I'll whine whenever I want to, so there!"
  "Um, maybe you guys can bicker like a pair of old hens after we've won and sent your sorry butts back to Dimension X!" Raphael scoffed.
  "That tears it! Foot Soldiers, attack the Turtles!"
    After mutating into a turtle again, Jeff jumped out to join the Ninja Turtles who took out their weapons.
  "Looks like this is it. Everyone ready?" Leo looked to his brothers and Jeff who all nodded. "Turtles fight with honor!" all five of them yelled as they headrushed the robots.
  While the green team was busy making quick work out of the Foot, Splinter took Jillian and James with them to the portal in order to try and reverse the time-pull. "We must hurry if we are going to stop Shredder and Krang from turning your world back as it was in 1992!"
  "Wrong again, Hamato Yoshi! You will never stop us!" Shredder shrieked, pulling Splinter into his grasp. "I'm going to enjoy finishing you off once and for all!"
  "Think again, Oroku Saki!" the rat retaliated as he sucker punched Shredder in the face. "You think a man such as you would be able to construct a mask from a much stronger alloy than tin foil!"
  "It's iron, you sniveling rodent!"
  "I've been wondering how he's able to breath through that thing without air holes." James said.
  "You annoying brats won't be breathing for long!" Krang said from behind.
    The insane alien grabbed James and Jillian and headed for the module chutes when Donatello flung his bo at the brain's android circuits from behind, causing the robot not only to drop the kids, but to start sputtering out of control. Leonardo jumped up and hacked the android's head clean off its shoulders. "I never liked that guy's face! It always creeped me out!"
    While fighting, Shredder had Splinter pinned to the ground via a dagger. As the rat struggled to free himself, the evil ninja proceeded to contact Bebop and Rocksteady. "Have you two seen to it that we arrive at our desired location?"
  "Yeah, boss. You're gonna appear in dat big field at this high school called Noth Pend."
  "It's called North Penn, stupid!"
  "That's what I said, bozo!"
  "Quiet, the both of you! I'm bringing you back here while I prepare the Technodrome for temporal displacement." Shredder bellowed, as he opened a portal to where Bebop and Rocksteady stood.
  "Now's our chance, bro!" Michaelangelo whispered.
  "You help Splinter, and I'll tackle Shred-head!"
  Just as Shredder opened the portal, Raph grabbed hold of him while Mikey helped Splinter up. "Guys, hurry up and get over here!"
  "You'll pay for that, you annoying amphibian!"
  "For the 50th time, they're reptiles!" Jeff snapped.
  Donatello began to stabilize the 3-D universe. "Oh good, we're in luck. They only reversed the timeline by about three hours, but it's still moving backwards at an incredibly fast rate."
  "Hey, you know what that means?" James asked.
  "Yeah, we got to go see Austin Powers for free!" Jeff joked.
  As soon as Bebop and Rocksteady arrived, the two were tied up by grappling hooks. "Aww, no fair!"
  "We better send you two back home." Donatello addressed both James and Jillian. "As soon as you've been returned, I should be able to make the timeline move normally again."
  "What about Jeff?"
  "Don't worry, he'll be fine. I need him here so once he's sent back, the mutation will be permanently undone when he gets changed back into a teenager."
  "Good luck then." James said as he waved before he jumped into the portal.
  "See you back in Pennsylvania!" Jillian gave Jeff a hug before leaving.

* * *

        The wormhole ride was much quicker this time, and even once Jillian and James found themselves back at the Pizza Hut, they were still being progressed to their proper age. "Hey James, I think we're teens again."
  James ran to the car's rear view mirror, only to be relieved that he was 18 again. "Thank God! I don't want to go through puberty a second time!"
  "Lets hope Jeff doesn't have to either."

* * *

        Back in the Technodrome, the Turtles had Shredder and the goons locked up in a forcefield while Krang was forced to help Donatello who was having a hard time undoing the damage Shredder had already done to the timeline. "You'd better tell me how to fix this fast, or else I'm banishing you back to Dimension X, only this time you'll be left without your tentacles."
  "Then it looks like you'll just have to rip them off yourself, you overgrown shellback!"
  Don had all he could take and threw the brain into the forcefield, who wound up bouncing off Shredder's helmet and landed on Rocksteady's nose. "Oh, hi Krang. Thanks for dropping in."
  "Oh shut up!"
  "Guys, we're in big trouble. If I can't fix this thing, then I don't know who can!"
  "Then let me assist you, my son." Splinter went over to the console which he began to study. "That clock appears to be going backwards."
  "Yeah, and if it picks up anymore speed, we're sunk."
  "What about these two buttons?" Jeff asked, pointing to the switches.
  "Those must be frequency settings. I'm not to sure if it's set at the right frequency, but it's safe to say that even if we couldn't stop the time-pull, the Technodrome would remain in the Atlantic Ocean."
  "Yes, but then it would be in the 3-D universe. We must stop this!" Splinter insisted.
  "Master, would you do the honors?"
  "If you wish, my son." Splinter said humbly. The wise rat meditated on it briefly, trying to figure which one was the right switch to choose. One would undo the entire mess, but the other would change things drastically!


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