The World as They Didn't Know It

story by Jephael

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This story takes place twenty-three years after the events of
The Summer I was Young Again. Major thanks goes out to Townsend Coleman for providing his awesome voice talent!
Leatherhead and Mondo Gecko are depicted several years after the events of "Return of the Mighty Mutanimals".

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Metropolis, KS - April 24TH, 2024

    It was a quiet evening at the Daily Planet as Lois Lane typed on her computer. Not much was going on, aside of looking at her cousin Chloe posting pics of little Jonathan Queen at a softball game. She was about to sign off and call it a day when the all too familiar sound of a whoosh was heard just outside her door. "Just in time to clock out, Smallville!"
  "Sorry it took so long, but the mayor of Keystone City just wouldn't stop yapping. Then it was Bart's turn to accept the key to the city and you know how inflated his ego gets!" Clark exclaimed.
  "You'd think coming back from the speed force, or whatever they hell they call it, would straighten him out a little!"
  "I don't think anything short of getting shot in the kneecap would stop Bart from being so impulsive." Clark said with a smirk. "Hey, I'm gonna head over the Oliver's penthouse and see how our guests are doing. You want me to get anything on the way?"
  "I could use a new pair of night vision goggles. The ones Bruce Wayne gave me last Christmas broke during that Eiffel Tower incident last month." Lois said with a sheepish grin.
  "I'll have Emil get on it." Clark said with a sigh as he clocked out before heading to the roof of the Daily Planet where he shed his mild-mannered citizen disguise, revealing his Superman outfit as he flew off towards Queen Tower. "Michaelangelo? Renet?"
  "Yo, dude, we caught ya on the news! Awesome job taking down that crazy monkey thing!" Mikey said from his seat on the couch with the scepter clutched in his hand. He was looking rather nervous. "Oh uh, Re-Renet's in the bathroom."
  "I know, I can hear the showerhead running."
  "Okay, but you didn't... you know." Michaelangelo said as he pointed to his eyes.
  "No, of course not. You know I never invade peoples' privacy with my x-ray vision, especially good friends like you!"
  "Oh right. So are we still on for the monster truck thing tonight?"
  "Soon as I get the text from Lois, we can head on over!"
  "Awesome! Listen, um, there's something I need to tell you. When Renet and I got here earlier this afternoon, we came across this little blue clump of... something."
  "A blue clump?"
  "Yea, it was like right there near the window. We weren't sure exactly what it was, so I poked it with the scepter. The next thing we knew..."
    "Ahhh!!! Water too cold!" a very familiar voice shouted from the bathroom as Renet came out wearing denim shorts and a blue tank top, accompanied by a figure Clark wasn't expecting to see... himself. "Blonde lady need to go easy with the soap. it stings Bizarro eyes."
  "Bizarro Clark?! You brought Bizarro Clark back to life?!"
  "We're really sorry you had to find out this way." Renet said.
  Clark shook his head as he looked over his phantom double, who for some reason retained his pale white stonish complexion from head to toe, despite there being no sunlight.
  "You Superman?"
  "Yes, I am."
  "Me Bizarro." the copy said in a docile manner as he attempted to shake hands with Superman, who didn't feel the desire to reciprocate.
    A quarter of an hour later they were at Watchtower with Emil Hamilton who ran some tests on Bizarro. "Evidently the scepter was only able to reconstitute Bizarro's physical and mental structure just so much." he exclaimed. "There're still some traces of blue Kryptonite in Bizarro's system, leaving him very unstable, similar to how Clark is during solar flares. At the moment he has no powers whatsoever, but that could quickly change."
  "I guess that's a good thing." Renet figured.
  "Yea, maybe he won't be such a homicidal maniac this time around." Clark commented sarcastically.
  "Clark, I know your phantom double made life difficult back then, but-"
  "But nothing!" Clark angrily interrupted Dr. Hamilton. "He tried to kill me, he wrecked half of Smallville and nearly ruined my life!"
  "Don't forget how he boinked Lana and made a pass at Lois." Michaelangelo mentioned, prompting Renet to make a facepalm.
  "He did save Chloe Sullivan and Henry James Olsen though." Emil added.
  "That doesn't put him off the hook! I don't care how different he is now, I-"
  "What's gotten you so riled up, man?!" Renet asked. "That was a lifetime ago, before you even put on that cape and spandex!"
  Clark quickly started to calm down. "You-you're right. Sorry, I've been having all these crazy flashbacks to my teen years over the last few weeks, and they've been... playing heck with my emotions!"
  "You don't think our being here has anything to do with it, do you?" Mikey asked.
  "No, it shouldn't, especially since we've only been here a couple days." Renet said. "Besides, the scepter has to be in direct contact with somebody in order to do something like that, like Biza- huh?"
  Everybody looked over to the spot Bizarro had been sitting, only to see he was gone.
  "Uh oh, I think he might've heard what you said, dude." Mikey exclaimed to Clark.
  "We'd better go find him quick!" Emil stated.
  Moments later Renet and Michaelangelo were outside the Daily Planet with Lois Lane. "Any luck finding him?" the feisty reporter asked.
  "Emil's still checking uptown, and Clark's in Suicide Slums." the timestress exclaimed.
    "Man, I sure hope we find Bizarro quick. I hate for tonight to end up a wild goose chase!" the Ninja Turtle commented when a cold, clammy hand grabbed him by the shoulder. "AHHH!!!" he screamed as he twirled around and yanked his nunchucks out from his coat pocket. He was relieved though when he realized who had greeted him. "Bizarro. Haw, dude are we happy to see you! Hey, are you... have you been crying?"
  "Superman angry at Bizarro for bad stuff did many years before... like killing people and boinking Lana."
  "Don't forget grabbing my ass!" Lois remarked with a grin, though she quickly regretted the comment when Bizarro started bawling. "Hey hey, it's okay."
  "It am not okay! Bizarro am ashamed of himself."
  "It's never too late to turn yourself around, man." Renet said. "Besides, Clark didn't mean to go off on you. He just-" before the timestress could finish, a shot rang out. She looked down at her abdomen in horror to see she had been shot.
  Before anyone could react, a smoke bomb went off. Lois grabbed Michaelangelo by the arm and dragged him back towards the Daily Planet. "Bizarro, get Renet back to Watchtower and tell Emil to contact Mikey's family!"
  Bizarro did as he was told, and carefully picked up Renet. Unfortunately, nobody stopped for a moment to realize the scepter was now missing.
    That same moment in Suicide Slums, Superman had gotten a tip that there were some LexCorp people snooping around a burned out warehouse. "Hello?" the Kryptonian said as he searched the place. He couldn't help but feel there was something familiar about it. It was then he noticed a portable DVD player that was running various clips of Smallville, the very show this reality was made from.
  "Interesting, isn't it, Mr. Kent?" a voice said.
  Clark turned around in horror to see Lex Luthor, looking more sadistic than ever. "Lex, have you... have you been watching this?"
  "In a manner of speaking. It's amazing what I learned from seeing it. I learned so much, not only about myself, but about you... about what a pathetic man-child you were back then! Lying to everyone you considered a friend, pining over the girl next door, allowing my cold-hearted father to abuse his power and so on!"
  "Lex, I did everything I could to do the right thing, but I- wait a minute. That's why I've been having all these bad thoughts and memories bubbling up to the surface. You somehow broadcast them into my brainwaves."
  "Oh come now, don't be silly! Although I must admit, the same thing has been happening to me as well. Watching those 10 years of our lived unfold like some sort of melodramatic TV drama gave me the strangest sense of de ja vue."
  "You regained your memories." Superman said in a terrified voice.
  "Yes indeed. Having Toyman get me the complete series at the mall in your reptilian friends' world was the best idea I ever had!"
  "You've done a foolish thing, Lex. You're messing with our very existence!"
  "No, I'm merely trying to set things right. Only I need your help in order for my plan to work."
  "If you think I'm going to..." Superman felt something cold on the back of his neck, and the all too familiar pain from a certain green rock hit him, causing him to tumble to the ground.
  "You never learn, do you, Clark?" Lex said as he knelt down. "Now lets get back to Smallville, shall we?"

Jephaelverse Earth (Dimension J); Hershey, Pa. - September 18TH, 2015

    It was a warm Friday evening in central Pennsylvania as Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael, Mona Lisa, Jeff Oughton and his adorable nephew Landon who was just a few days away from turning five were leaving the parking lot of Hershey Park after a long afternoon at Chocolate World.
  "We sure had fun today, didn't we?" Mona Lisa said sweetly to the little boy as she buckled him into his seat.
  "Yea, Mom and Dad really appreciated us coming out to spend time with Landon." Jeff said.
  "Hey, spending time with the kids is the least we could do after your folks gave us the deed to the house back in Harleysville two years ago before moving to Carlisle!" Don commented.
  "Too bad Michaelangelo wasn't here for this." Leonardo mentioned with a sigh.
  "Eh, you know Mikey. He marches to the beat of his own drum!" Raphael remarked.
  "He's been in Metropolis with Renet for quite some time. You'd think he would check in with us at some point." Mona Lisa said.
  "I'm sure he'll get around to contacting us. Hell, I haven't heard from Dori since my last birthday, and I didn't find out until recently that she got married last summer!" Jeff said.
  "Dori got married?!" Donatello said in shock.
  "Yep. There's a picture of her on Facebook in a lovely white blouse lockin' lips with some lucky fella!" Raphael said.
  "Aw, we should be happy for her!" Mona Lisa remarked. "Though it would've been nice if she had invited us to be guests of honor or something."
  "I kinda got the feeling a while back that Dori prefers having a normal life amongst humans." Jeff said.
  "Do you ever feel that way, Jeffrey?" Leonardo asked as he started the engine.
    "Once in a while, though I can't complain about spending time with you guys. Besides, there's the young writers group at Wellspring Clubhouse that Bebop and Rocksteady introduced me to a while back, so I'd say my quota of quality time with humans is pretty well filled!"
  "Hey that reminds me. How's our buddy Patrick doing with his courses at MCCC?" Don asked.
  "I haven't had the chance to chat with him lately, though I know a lot of our writing projects are on indefinite hold for the next few months."
  "That's too bad. I got a kick out of the last couple scripts he showed me!" Raphael said with a smirk.
  Mona Lisa let out a chuckle. "Raph keeps going over those silly Twilight parody notes for that video game story!"
  "What's Twilight?" Landon asked.
  "It's basically a story about two idiots who fall in love despite the fact that they do every wrong thing you could do in a relationship. Oh, and the dude's a vampire!"
  "Summed it up pretty good there, Donatello!" Jeff said just as the trans-dimensional radio went off. "Hello?"
  "Dudes, you gotta come to Smallville ASAP!!!" Michaelangelo appeared looking flushed and panicky.
  "Mikey? Whoa, calm your shell, bro! What's going on?"
  Lois Lane pulled the distraught Turtle aside and came onscreen. "Guys, we have reason to believe Lex Luthor might've kidnapped Clark and taken the scepter. Renet was shot outside the Daily Planet!"
  "Oh my God!!!" Mona Lisa said in horror.
  "Thanks for the heads up. We'll be right there!" Leonardo said as he revved the engine.
  "Uh Leo, you don't have to speed up yet. It's gonna take me atleast a minute to program the Dimension Hopper." Don mentioned.
  Raphael looked back to see Jeff tending to Landon. "Of course we've got a member of Jeff's immediate family with us!"
  "I'm sure Holly won't be upset with us for taking him along... just so long as we're back in time for his birthday party!" Jeff replied.

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Smallville, KS - April 25TH, 2024

  Michaelangelo couldn't stop pacing about Clark's loft at the Kent Farm.
  "Would ya chill out, man? You're making me nervous as hell!" Lois remarked as she clutched one of her husband's old football jerseys.
  "Sorry, I've... just been kicking myself ever since last night! I can't believe some jackass up and shot Renet right in front of us!"
  "She'll be okay. We've all been through way worse!" Lois said assuring just as Emil came up the staircase with Bizarro alongside him. "How's the patient, doc?"
  "The gunshot wound is healing fairly well. However, Renet seems to have lost much of her mystical powers, most likely as a result of being separated from the scepter. Unless we recover it in time, she could become permanently mortal."
  "That's not the worse that could happen, Dr. Hamilton!" Jeff spoke as he showed up with his little nephew.
  "Dude, when did you guys get here... and why'd you bring Landon with you?" Mikey asked.
  "Hey, you know it's not an adventure unless we have to bring along one of my friends or family members. In this case, it's sorta both!" Jeff said happily as he patted Landon on the head. "Where're the other Turtles?"
  "They're already out looking for the scepter. There're some really strong energy readings emanating all around town. We already checked out the remnants of the Luthor Mansion before splitting up. Raphael and Mona Lisa said they were gonna check out Crater Lake, while Leo and Don would look around Loeb Bridge. There's one other area where some strong energy readings are coming from."
  "So like why aren't you there already?" Michaelangelo asked.
  "Because I came to get you, bro!"
  "Oh right."
  "Bizarro watch little boy for you." Clark's doppleganger said as he smiled at Landon.
  "Why's your face all cracked? Do you have Eczema?" Landon asked.
  Lois giggled as she took Landon and Bizarro by the hand. "Why don't we show him around the high school?"
  "Well, I guess I'd better look for Clark. It sure would be easy if he was still covered in that tracking radiation Luthor used on him back in the day."
  "Wait, that still happened?" Jeff asked.
  "Yea, according to Renet the only three things in the season 11 comic that didn't happen in this world were Tess Mercer's consciousness coming back, Metallo attacking Lana, and the whole thing with the anti-monitors coming to wipe out reality."
  Meanwhile at Crater Lake, Mona Lisa was still vainly looking for the scepter, while Raphael was goofing around in the water.
  "Come on, sweetheart, we've searched this whole place. Lets just cut our losses and have ourselves a little Blue Lagoon style fun!"
  "Keep it in your shell, honey. We're here to help our friends, not fool around in the water like a pair of horny teenagers!"
    Raph smirked at his wife when he noticed something just below his feet giving off a strange blue glow. He submerged his head into the water to get a better look and was astonished to see what looked like a boy and a teenaged girl. He resurfaced and yelled out to Mona Lisa "Hey, come here quick! You're not gonna believe wha-" before he could finish talking, the Turtle was overcome by a strange sensation and began to sink back underwater.
  "What now, Ra-" Mona Lisa turned around just in time to see her husband's green hand limply make a splash. "RAPHAEL?!" she screamed as she dropped her turtle comm before running across the dock and leaping into the water.
    That same moment at Loeb Bridge Donatello was watching with baited breath as Leonardo leaped into Elbow River below, having noticed what looked like a body dressed in a Green Arrow costume. Don headed towards the bank of the river just in time to see Leo with the figure, which turned out to be nothing more than a mannequin.
  "All that heroic effort for a dummy?"
  "I could've sworn I heard a moan from him!" No sooner did the fearless leader say it than a moaning sound came from the mannequin's chest cavity.
  "I've got a theory." Donnie said as he ripped open the tattered green leather jacket, revealing a speaker box wired to a tape recorder. "You get the feeling we've been set up?"
    Just then the head of the mannequin exploded, and a noxious gas emanated from the dummie's neck. The two Turtles coughed and sputtered. They could barely see a thing as their eyes were filled with smoke, which made them easy targets for the two dark figures up on the bridge.
  "Excellent work, Deadshot. Now, lets not foul this one up like we did last night."
  "I done learned my lesson, Toyman. Gas 'em first, then shoot!"
  "I don't think so, bro-ham!!!" a voice spoke from behind.
  Toyman and Deadshot barely had a chance to react to the sight of a humanoid lizard dressed like a teen punk and an alligator dressed as a cajun, both of which hit the would-be assailants in the head with a rock.
  "Ut! Boy Screwloose is right. Throwing them things at people is a lot of fun!" the gator man said.
  "Lets not get cocky, Jess. We're here on business! You go check on the Turtles, while I tie these two turd-burglars up!"
  The smoke had just finished clearing as Leonardo and Donatello regained their composure to see a familiar form heading their way.
  "Leatherhead?! How the heck is that even possible? He was wiped out of existence!"
  "Our Leatherhead was wiped out of existence, Leo. Clearly, that's Leatherhead from another reality. Judging from the attire, I'm assuming he's the Archie comics incarnation."
  "I'll take your word for it. Although last I checked, he and the other Mutanimals were dead." Leo stated.
  "We were, but then we came back." Leatherhead exclaimed. "It's a long story, though sadly we don't have time to tell it. We have dire news to tell, but we have to share it with all of you, including that Jephael kid."
  "How do you know about Jeffrey?" Don asked.
  "Dur, you've met Cherubae before... and she comes from our version of Dimension X!" Mondo Gecko chimed in.
  "Oh right, I forgot about that."
  "Donatello, you take these two back to the Kent Farm. I'm gonna go find Raphael and Mona Lisa." Leonardo ordered.

  Not far from there, Jeff and Michaelangelo were scoping out Riley Field. "Aw dude, how're we ever gonna find Renet's scepter here in this crazy cornfield?!"
  "Hey, that's where the energy signature lead us. Although keep in mind this isn't just any cornfield. This is where Lex Luthor got hit with Kryptonite back in '89."
  "Oh yea. Wait, wasn't it also where Lana's jock boyfriend tied up Clark?"
  "Oh yea it was, right over where that scarecrow- wait a minute. That scarecrow's wearing Superman's costume!"
  "Wh-whoa, be careful, Jeffrey! I got a mondo bad feeling about this!"
  "Oh relax, Michaelangelo. What's the worst that could happen?!"
  "Ha-huh. Famous last words, dude!"
    Jeff smirked as he cautiously climbed up the wooden pole and untied the scarecrow, which fell to the ground. Jeff started pulling the scarecrow apart, though made sure to keep the Superman costume intact.
  "Hey that can't be Superman's modern suit! It's got the red trunks! If anything it looks more like the suit Christopher Reeves wore in the Richard Donner movies."
    "I'm well aware of that, Mikey! Still, it can't be a coincidence. Somebody wanted us to find this... and I think I know who!" Jeff said when he noticed an old newspaper clipping on the ground. "Come on, we gotta get back to the barn!" he said as he gathered the Superman suit and took it back to the Turtle Van.
  Aside of the hay scattered all around the base of the cross, all that now remained of the scarecrow was a pair of white gloves and the head with a bad wig on it, which Michaelangelo promptly picked up. "No sense letting this stuff go to waste!"
    A short time later, they were back at the Kent Farm. Michaelangelo showed the Superman costume to Landon and Bizarro, while Jeff showed the newspaper clipping to Lois and Emil.
  "This is from when Lana was engaged to Lex." Lois said as she noticed a photo of the Kent family with a noose drawn around Jonathan's head in marker. "Okay, that's just messed up!"
  "I'd call that an understatement!" Emil replied. "So I'd gather it's pretty safe to assume Lex is behind all this. Why now though?"
  "Because he's regained his memory." Lois answered in a solemn tone.
  Just then Donatello came into the barn accompanied by Leatherhead. "Hey, sorry it took so long to get back. It was getting a little tricky to stay out of sight."
  "I suppose it probably would've made more sense to stick together instead of splitting up." Jeff mentioned. "So um, what brings Jess Harley here? Uh, that is the human turned Leatherhead from the Archie comics, right?"
  "No doubt. He even said Ut when he greeted us. Apparently Cudley the Cowlick sent him and Mondo Gecko here to deliver a message, but all of us need to be present to hear the news."
  "Mondo's here too? Boy, I bet he and Mikey will have a blast!"
  "Can it wait until we've rescued my husband?!" Lois said in an agitated tone.
  "Bizarro Superman find brother Kal-El!" Bizarro said as he stepped into the barn wearing the suit that the scarecrow had been dressed in earlier.
  "Oh good grief!" Lois said in frustration.
  "Hey fellas, I'm picking up some freaky energy signatures from about a mile down the road... in that direction." Emil said as he pointed out the window of the loft.
  "Lana's house?" Bizarro said.
  "Duh, it's so obvious! Lex gets his memory back, so of course he's gonna be thinking about the woman who came between him and Clark!" Jeff exclaimed. "We'd better get over there!"
  "No, I'm going by myself!" Lois said sternly. "I've been sitting here on my ass all day worrying about Smallville!"
  As soon as Lois was out of ear-shot, Leatherhead whispered to Donatello "Should we go after her, or..."
  "She's a tough cookie. I'm sure she can handle Luthor!" Emil replied.
        Lex maintained a stoic look as he played a clip from the series pilot of Smallville, specifically the famous scene where he was driving down Loeb Bridge and hit Clark head on, causing them both to plunge into the water. "It's funny looking back on that day over twenty years later with the knowledge that our lives here were no more than just a product of some comic book fans." Lex began to make a menacing stare as he looked over to Superman, who was now bound in chains made of Kryptonite. "You know what the truly ironic thing is? The only reason it took you so damn long to embrace your destiny was because Tom Welling, the actor who played you, was willing to play a young Clark Kent... but vowed he wouldn't be caught dead wearing those silly tights you now dress in. On the flip side, Michael Rosenbaum was willing to spend the better part of his roaring thirties totally bald! There's even a short portion on the season 3 featurette where they discuss how it was done. I watched it a good three or four times over."
  "Maybe Mr. Welling was worried he couldn't do such an iconic character justice!" Clark said weakly.
  "Well, it was either that or he was afraid the role would doom him to suffer the same fate as it did some of the great men who portrayed the role in previous incarnations. Remember your old pal Virgil Swann? There's a reason he was in that wheelchair. In another reality there was a man named Christopher Reeve who was paralyzed after a fateful horse riding accident in 1995."
  "I already know, Lex! The Ninja Turtles told me the whole story a while back. Reeve was the actor who played me on the big screen in the late 70s... and some people speculate the accident was God's way of punishing him for portraying a so-called false idol. What you probably didn't bother to learn was that he spent the last two decades of his life being an advocate for people who've suffered similar traumas!"
  "Ever the martyr." Lex remarked as he picked up a long duffle bag and pulled out the time scepter. "None of it really matters at this point, my dear old friend. Once I'm finished rewriting history, the story of Superman will be nothing but a footnote in the legacy of Lex Luthor!"
  "Don't bet on it, numb-nuts!" a young male voice spoke from behind, though when Lex turned around he was quickly greeted by a green fist punching him in the face. "You're safe now." the voice said to Clark, who was seconds away from passing out from the effects of the Kryptonite.
  He looked up to see Raphael and Mona Lisa freeing him. "You guys got here just in time! I think the meteor rock might've effected my hearing though. You sounded different there for a second. In fact your voice sounded kinda like somebody I-"
  Raphael put his hand on Superman's shoulder and pulled him in for a hug as he said "I remember you being a bit taller."
  Clark's eyes widened as he realized whose voice was coming from Raphael's mouth. "Ryan?" Before he could react he saw Mona Lisa holding the scepter, which she handed to Raphael before emitting a familiar green glow from her body, which enveloped all three of them.
  That very second Lois Lane came running into the house. "Don't worry, Smallville. I'm coming to kick Luthor's hairless ass all the way to Tim Buck... Two." She looked down to see the villain had already been incapacitated and quietly exited.
    That same moment back at the Kent Farm Leonardo just arrived. "Guys, we've got a problem!" he said short of breath. "I went back to Crater Lake, but Raphael and Mona Lisa were nowhere to be found. I think they might've been-" the Turtle's sentence was cut short by a bright green flash of light, which Clark, Raphael and Mona Lisa appeared from.
  "Whoa, epic entrance!!!" Mondo Gecko said.
  "Took the words right outta my mouth!" Emil replied.
  "Yea, except that couldn't have been the scepter's doing."
  "Donnie's right. The scepter usually gives off a bright blue energy field, not lime green!" Jeff stated.
  "It wasn't the scepter. It was Alicia." Clark said as he pointed to Mona Lisa and Raphael. "She and Ryan saved us."
  "Ut... you kinda lost us there, pal." Leatherhead said.
  "Somehow the spirits of Ryan James and Alicia Baker took over their bodies!"
  "Hold on, aren't those the names of two meteor freaks you had personal relationships with back in the day?" Jeff asked.
  "We are indeed," Mona Lisa said in Alicia's voice. "though I would appreciate it if you didn't use that term."
  "Like how is that even possible?" Mikey asked.
  "We can explain just as soon as we've gotten the scepter back to-" Before Ryan/Raphael could finish, the scepter emitted a powerful flash that enveloped everyone.
  Once again Lois showed up just in time to miss the fireworks. "Good grief! What is this, Ditch Lois Day?!"
  "Don't worry, Lois. We haven't forgot ya." Lana Lang said as she and Splinter appeared, accompanied by Raven and Beast Boy.
  "I really need a vacation after all this is over." Lois said with a sigh.
  "That's funny, we were thinking the same thing just last week!" the green skinned shape shifter stated.
  "No time for jokes, Garfield. We need to act fast! Where is Renet?" the rodent ninja master asked.
  "She's in Mr. and Mrs. Kent's old room." Lois answered.
  "Thank goodness, because I did not feel like teleporting all the way to Metropolis!" Raven remarked.

Jephaelverse Earth (Dimension J); Carlisle, Pa. - September 20TH, 2015

  Emil could hardly believe his eyes as he and the others now found themselves on a quiet neighborhood street. Off in the distance was a huge mountain. "Wow, that was... incredible!"
  "Eh, you kinda get used to it after a few dozen times." Jeff stated.
  "But what is this place?" Clark asked.
  "We're at Jeff's parents' new home. They relocated here two years ago after Mr. Oughton got a new job in Carlisle." Leonardo exclaimed.
  "Are Grammy and Grampy home?" Landon asked.
  "Lets go find out, kiddo!" Michaelangelo said as he took the little boy by the hand and walked up to the porch.
  Bizarro followed closely. "May I?" he said as he pointed to the doorbell.
  "Go ahead, dude!" Mondo Gecko said.
  It suddenly dawned on Clark that there were now a mutant lizard and alligator in the group. "Um, where'd these guys come from?" he asked Donatello.
  "It's kind of a long story. We'll explain when we get inside."
  Just as Bizarro rang the doorbell, Rick opened the front door. "Clark? What's with the funny makeup?"
  "That's Bizarro, Grampy!" Landon exclaimed.
  "Sorry about the sudden drop in, Dad." Jeff said as he hugged his father.
  "Oh, you guys are always welcome here!" Mr. Oughton said as he allowed everybody in through the door. "It's the least your mom and I could do after you guys bought our old house! How's it been in Harleysville anyway?"
  "Oh, same old same-old." Donatello answered as he helped himself to a glass of milk.
  After everyone found themselves a seat, Leonardo turned to Leatherhead and asked "So what're you and Mondo Gecko here to tell us?"
  "It's sorta hard to explain, but after your Dimension X was destroyed, our Dimension X fell apart as well. Cudley and Cherubae are the only beings from that world left alive."
  "Whoa, that's pretty major!" Mikey responded.
  "It gets deeper than that, bros." Mondo Gecko replied. "The world you originally came from is in some weird state."
  "Our Donatello told us that with every new incarnation of the Ninja Turtles, Superman and so on... previous incarnations tend to have their continuities altered."
  "Huh, no kidding." Jeff said as he and Mikey made a knowing glance.
  "So what does that mean for these Turtles... and us for that matter?" Emil asked.
  "Ut... we're not sure. According to Donnie, there's always a chance we could all be wiped out by some cosmic force at any given second!"
  "That's exactly what Lex was planning." Ryan said as he and Alicia vacated Raphael and Mona Lisa's bodies. "He was going to eradicate all of you by going back in time and changing the past similar to what Phantom Shredder did!"
  Clark looked over the ghostly faces of his friends who he could see clear as day. "As happy as I am to see you guys again, I'm a little curious as to how you guys managed to show up from the great beyond."
  "Lets just say we've been hanging around with your old man in the Smallville cemetery for a while."
  "My dad?"
  "Yes. Infact we were all recruited by the same beings who once welcomed the Mutanimals into the afterlife and gave them purpose." Alicia exclaimed. "Our first mission didn't go over so well as we weren't able to save Tribble's people from their demise."
  "Wait, it was you guys who alerted the Neutrinos about Dimension X's destruction?" Jeff said.
  Ryan nodded.
  "This whole thing is getting weirder and weirder by the minute!" Leonardo stated.
  "Easy for you to say. You didn't spend the last three hours being possessed by some kid who could read minds! Do you have any idea what it's like being telepathic?!" Raphael griped.
  "Sorry about that, but we had no choice. Our celestial forms only last so long here, and sometimes we have to rely on taking over peoples' bodies."
  "Hey, it's no biggie. I actually kind of enjoyed it." Mona Lisa said with a funny grin.
  "Okay, before this gets any stranger, we'd better get the scepter back to Renet and-" Donatello looked around for a moment. "Um, where's the scepter?"
  "Beats the heck outta me, bro." Jeff answered. "For that matter, where're Landon and Bizarro?"
  Leonardo was the first to notice them up on the loft playing with the scepter like it was a toy weapon. "Oh no, we've gotta stop them before something bad happens!"
  "I'm on it!" Raphael said as he ran upstairs. "Landon, buddy, you don't wanna be playing with that thing. It's very dangerous!"
  Bizarro heard the turtle's plea and obediently stopped playing, though the little boy continued horsing around and whacked Clark's clone in the butt. "Ouch!!! Buddy Landon play too rough!"
  "Since when is any Kryptonian vulnerable like that?" Donatello asked.
  "His molecules must still be unstable. However the scepter could restore him to how he was originally." Dr. Hamilton exclaimed.
  "You mean just physically, right?" Superman asked.
  "I can't guarantee that, unfortunately."
  Sure enough a cosmic beam shot out from the scepter and blasted Bizarro. Seconds later, his skin was no longer the pasty rock like tone from before but now identical to Clark.
  "Uh oh, he's got the scepter!"
  "I'm well aware of that, Donatello!" Raphael shouted as he calmly walked over to Bizarro. "Hey big guy, lets not do anything crazy now with that thing, okay? In fact, why dontcha hand it over to me?"
  "Sure, right after I've returned the favor!" the phantom double said as he aimed the scepter straight at Landon and zapped him with a concentrated dose of temporal energy.
    "NO!!!" Jeff shouted as he ran upstairs, followed shortly by Superman.
    As the Kryptonian superhero grabbed the scepter from his phantom double, Raphael and Jeff checked on Landon. While no physical change had been done, the rays from the scepter definitely seemed to have an odd effect on the little boy's mind.
  "Is he okay?" Donatello asked.
  "I think he's in some kinda trance." Raphael commented as he noticed the odd expression on the catatonic child's face.
    "We'd better contact Raven fast!" Jeff said as he looked at a his little nephew now cradled in his arms. "Hang in there, little buddy."
  Just then Renet appeared in the middle of the loft, looking much older and now dressed in her time lord robes, as she took the little boy into her arms. She then took ahold of the scepter, which began to glow brighter than ever. In a brilliant flash of light, everyone in the house suddenly vanished!

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Smallville, KS - April 25TH, 2024

  Once again, everyone, was back at the Kent Farm, along with Mr. Oughton. "What on Earth just happened?"
  "What do ya think just happened, Rick?" Raphael remarked sarcastically.
  Leonardo was surprised to be greeted by their sensei. "Oh, Master Splinter?! I thought you were still meditating up in the Poconos."
  "Actually, Miss Lang and I were both in Jump City visiting the Titans here when we were alerted of the current circumstances going on here in Smallville, so we figured we had better investigate."
  "It's a good thing we did. I can't believe you guys left Renet here all alone! She could've died without the scepter to maintain her youth!" Raven said angrily.
  "That wasn't our fault though. The scepter just randomly sent us to my parents' house for some odd reason!" Jeff exclaimed.
  "Funny, it's almost like that happened just so we could pick up your dad." Donatello stated.
  "It's all good now though, right, dudes?" Michaelangelo asked.
  "Not exactly. This little boy has been struck with a tremendous amount of temporal energy. His little mind cannot handle it." Renet said as she places her hand over Landon's forehead.
  Clark angrily tightened his grip on Bizarro and shoved him out into the sunlight. "I should've known having you back would lead to trouble!"
Bizarro chuckled menacingly. "You're welcome."
  "What's that supposed to mean, ya chalk faced jerk?!" Mona Lisa snapped.
  "When the kid zapped me with the scepter, I saw into the future... his future! I learned what's to become of Landon in his adult years. He's already a bright kid, but I realized he needed a little boast to help him gain some potential."
  "That's why you zapped him back?! You... you could've sent him to God knows where in time and space! Or worse, the blast could've ripped him apart molecule by molecule!" Donatello said in an upset tone.
  "I was well aware of the risk, but something... or someone told me I had to do it." Bizarro said as he looked over towards the two ghostly forms and a third form appearing between them.
  Clark couldn't believe his eyes as he saw the spirit of his adoptive father, Jonathan Kent.
  "I'm proud of you guys. You really came through for my son."
  "We couldn't have done it without a little help." Ryan said.
  "I dunno about you, but I'm ready to go back to the Halls of Lost Legends!" Alicia added.
  Pa Kent let out a chuckle and smiled. "Okay, but first we need to take a pit stop in Seattle."
  The three ghosts turned back to Superman and smiled at him before vanishing once and for all.
  Lois put her arm around Clark, while Lana stood happily beside them.
  "You know, I think it's time we got back ourselves." Mondo said to Leatherhead.
  "Ut, you're right my friend. Though I don't see any sign of Cudley."
  "Please, allow me." Raven said as she opened a portal to the Archie Ninja Turtle universe.
  "Thanks, babe!"
  "Hey, watch how you talk to my wife!" Beast Boy snapped.
  "Oh calm yourself, Gar!"
  The two Mutanimals waved goodbye as they stepped through the portal.
    Over the next half an hour, Leonardo and Michaelangelo sat patiently in the living room of the Kents' house, accompanied by Beast Boy and Master Splinter, while Jeff, Mr. Oughton, Donatello, Raphael, Mona Lisa, Raven and Renet all watched over Landon, awaiting him to wake up.
  Meanwhile outside, Emil was speaking with Bizarro and Lana. "So you guys are getting back together?" Dr. Hamilton asked.
  "No, we're just discussing the idea of a team up." Clark's phantom double said. "It's pretty clear Kal-El still doesn't trust me. I can't say I blame him... or anyone else for that matter."
  "Well, you weren't exactly honest with me when you were pretending to be Clark back in the day!" Lana said sternly before changing her tune. "Still, I know better than anyone that everybody deserves a second chance. Being without powers leaves me feeling pretty vulnerable, so it'd be nice to have somebody watching my back, as well as helping to take care of those kids."
  "If you guys think you can make it work..." Emil said awkwardly just as Lois and Clark joined them.
  Clark looked Bizarro in the eye and gave him a pat on the shoulder. "I forgive you... for everything."
  Bizarro Clark chuckled. "Too bad Chloe's not here to make some witty remark!"
  "Oh, I'm sure she'll have a billion when she reads the text I sent her a minute ago!" Lois said with a smirk before giving Lana a hug. "You guys be careful out there... and no hanky panky, especially around those little ones!"
  "You got your work cut out for ya!" Bizarro said to Superman with a grin before picking up Lana in his arms and flying off.
  That very moment Landon opened his eyes. "Jeffy? Wh-where's Jeffy?" he said.
  "I'm right here, micro-dude! You okay?"
  "I-I had a really bad dream about you. You were in the 8th grade, and a bunch of kids were picking on you, calling you mean names. One even held you upside down."
  "That sounds awful! But it was just a dream, buddy!"
  "Not exactly, Jeff." Raven said. "That dream he just described actually did happen to you... in another timeline."
  "Another time- you mean the timeline as it was before Shredder's time-pull device rewound our world!"
  "So that's what Bizarro meant. Landon's mind can now tap into alternate pasts!" Donatello said.
  "Which would explain how that older version of him knew what Shredder was planning ten years ago!" Mona Lisa added.
  "But what about that bike he used... er, will use to go back in time?" Raphael asked.
  "Oh that's easy. Donnie and I build it at some point and teach him how to use it!" Jeff answered as he hugged his nephew. "At any rate, lets get our butts back home. We've got this little fella's 5th birthday to celebrate!"


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