The Mysterious Vanishing Turtle
The Mysterious Vanishing Turtle

story by Jephael

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This story is actually a rewrite of "The Invisible Dude", a fan fiction I had written ten years ago, only it's been revised to fit plot-wise with
Seven Shredders, which this story takes place a couple months after. The tale is told entirely from Michaelangelo's perspective.

    It was just a rainy day in late March, only two days before Leonardo's birthday so I decided to go out and find get him a most bodacious gift! That evening I went to a novelty shop, which looked pretty deserted. I was stirring around when a cold, clammy hand caught me by the arm. "Yikes!!! Oh, please don't ever do that dude!"
  The tall dude was wearing a fuzzy looking brown lab coat and had a bandage over his forehead for some weird reason. "Sorry to scare you sir. Let me introduce myself. The name's Professor Mark Impta. Are you looking for anything?"
  I nodded to him and answered "Yea, I'm looking for a present to give my bro."
  "Come with me."
  I was taken to a strange little laboratory in the basement and shown a funny looking compound. At first it looked like an ice cube but then I realized that it was sitting in a mug, which became invisible. "Whoa, that must be pretty hard to drink out of."
  "It's sort of a vanishing juice. I like to whip this up from time to time. It's safe to drink too, I mix it with Snapple. You can take some if you like."
  I thought it over for a sec. "Yeah sure, why not? I'm sure it'll make a neat ninja trick for Leo to use!" I went back into the shop area with a Snapple bottle full of the stuff and got it pretty cheap.
  Just as I left the doc said "Oh just remember, the potion wears off after about fifteen minutes."
    I thanked the dude for the tip and walked off. After I got back out to the street, it occurred to me that this stuff could be pretty dangerous in the wrong hands. Then again, you could have a lot of fun with it, like Steve Guttenberg did in The Man Who Wasn't There. Of course I wasn't thinking about spying on cute college co-eds in the shower or anything naughty like that. Even if I wanted to, I've got a reputation as a crime-fighter to uphold!
  Later on I bought myself a slice of pizza and decided to try some of the potion on it. "Hmm, not bad. Tastes a lot like mango!" By the time my pizza was finished I was at the Channel 6 building where April wanted to throw Leo's party. The guard who I've become good pals with politely let me in and asked "You guys getting much sun down there?"
  "No, no not really, dude."
    I reached April's office and took off my jacket when I realized I had somehow become incredibly pale. I set the bottle down on April's desk and looked in the mirror to find that my reflection was totally gone. My belt and orange cloths seemed to be floating in mid-air. "Whoa, that is gnarly!" Just then I heard someone coming. I removed my uniform and shoved it into the closet when Vernon and Irma came in. "I can't believe they're allowing April to throw a party for one of those disgusting Turtles! Why if Burne Thompson were still running this place, he'd have a fit at just the notion of-"
  "Will you shut up?! It wasn't too long ago the Turtles finally got Shredder and Krang to agree that they never set foot on Earth ever again!" Good old Irma, always there to back us up. I think she even had the hots for Donatello. "I've gotta go check on April and Julie. You stay here and don't cause any trouble!"
  As Irma left, a really funny idea quickly came to mind. I tiptoed over to Vernon and gave him a gentle tap on the shoulder.
  "Huh? Who's there?"
  I grinned as I took it a step further and poked him on the back of the head.
  "Ow! What in heaven's name?"
  I couldn't help but laugh now, which really spooked Vernon.
  "Who-who's there?"
  "Turn around, dude."
  Vernon was standing right in front of me, but all he could see was one of my nunchucks, which I was twirling around. "MAMAAAA!!!" he screamed as he went running out of April's office.
  "That'll teach him!" I set my nunchucks down on April's desk, where I had left the Snapple bottle, only to notice it was now gone. "Oh no, Irma must've grabbed it when I wasn't looking!" I ran for the news room hoping I'd find her in time.
  "Hey April I found this bottle of Snapple in your office. You want it?"
  April shook her head while readying a young blonde haired intern the station had just hired to be the new weather girl. Man, was she ever cute?
  "Okay, you ready Julie?"
  "Yes, Miss O'Neil." she answered sweetly as the camera began rolling, when I noticed that somehow the silhouette of my shell appeared in a window. It seemed my fifteen minutes were just about up. I quick ran behind the camera before anyone else had seen it.
  As the girl started delivering her forecast, a purse snatcher just outside the building caught my eye who was mugging some poor innocent lady who had her baby in a stroller. Thinking fast, I grabbed the Snapple bottle and drank the rest of the potion and threw it into a trash can.
  "What the heck?!" April shouted.
  As I got back to the lobby I found Vernon still unnerved from my little trick. I almost hated having to swing the front door open and spook him again, but I had no other choice. As I got outside I saw the lady was holding her baby, which was sobbing like crazy.
  "Which way'd that creep go?!" I asked.
  "Down the street. He has my inhaler. It was in my purse!" the lady said. I could tell she was having trouble breathing, so I ran after the jerk as fast as I could.
    As I chased the purse snatcher, I noticed a hot dog truck. I grabbed a bottle of ketchup and flung it at the dude. "All right, bullseye!!!" I shouted as I tackled him to the ground, landing the both of us in a puddle of mud. Even though I still had a good ten minutes left before the potion wore off, the mud splattered all over my chest and my face must've made me look pretty weird, because the mugger was about as spooked as Vernon was a little bit earlier.
  "Who-what the heck are you?"
  "I'm your worst nightmare, dude!" I said in a corny impression of Sylvester Stallone as I punched him in the face and took the purse back to the lady. "Sorry about the mud, ma'am."
  "It's no problem." She said as she unzipped her purse and took out her inhaler. "I never knew you Turtles were able to turn invisible like that."
  "Oh, not usually. This was just a special occasion. Aw shoot, I used up the rest of that potion to stop that jerk! It was supposed to be a birthday present for Leonardo!"
  "I'll be more than happy to reimburse you." the lady said.
  "Oh no, I couldn't possibly take rewards like that." Geez, I've really been turning into a boy scout these days! "Just get yourself home and take care of that little one!" I called back as I went back into the Channel 6 building where I saw April and Irma standing with Vernon who immediately fainted at the sight of me.
  "Michaelangelo, is that you?"
  "Yep, it's me."
  Irma scratched her head, unsure of what to make out of this. "But how come you're not all there?"
  "Oh, the potion I took should wear off any minute now."
  "What potion?" April asked.
  "The potion I bought at that new novelty shop. It was in that Snapple bottle Irma found in your office."
  "That explains an awful lot! Hold on a second. Are you talking about the novelty shop owned by Thomas Impta?"
  "Yeah, he was majorly cool! Wait, I thought his name was Mark."
  "Michaelangelo, Professor Mark Impta was a scientist who died in a lab explosion twenty years ago. His son Tom runs the novelty shop. Irma's always had kind of a thing for him, even though he's a little eccentric." April explained. "Around the time I became friends with you and the other Turtles, I had heard about Professor Impta's attempt at creating an invisibility formula, so I thought I'd do some investigating."
  "So like do you suppose Tom finished his dad's formula or something?"
  "Who knows? Here, let me get you a washcloth so you can clean up and get your uniform back on. Then we can go over to that novelty shop and see if we can get some answers from Mr. Impta."
  "Sounds good to me, April!"
  "Just for the record, I only had a crush on Tom because he reminded me of a young Dean Stockwell!" Irma boasted.
  Later that evening, April and I went back to the novelty shop. Even though I sorta missed being invisible, I was glad to not be totally naked anymore. Besides, I was sure Mr. Impta would be happy to give me more of that formula. Unfortunately, I wasn't expecting to see the dude being placed in an ambulance and taken away. "Whoa, what happened?" I asked one of the paramedics.
  "Brain aneurysm. He's still alive, though it seems he's lost a lot of blood."
  "Does he have any family?" I asked.
  "Mark Impta's ex-wife ran off to France just a few weeks after Tom was born. His father, the professor, was all he had."
  "That explains why he was playing make-believe." April said in a melancholy tone.
  "What about that invisibility potion?" I asked.
  "Mikey, I don't think it's a good idea to give that stuff to Leonardo as a birthday gift."
  "Yea, I guess you're right." I said with a sigh. "Still, it is a bit of a bummer he didn't get the chance to try it."
  "Well, you didn't have to take all of it!"
    Two days later we were back at April's office along with Donnie and Raph, while Splinter lead Leo down the hall blind folded. "Quick, turn the lights off!" April whispered.
  The lights were shut off, and we could hear Leo complaining about having to wear his mask like a blindfold.
  We all shouted "Surprise!!!" Leonardo was so happy to see what we did for him, he gave everyone a big hug. "Thanks everybody!"
  Later when we gave him our presents I was the first to give mine- a glass case. "Oh wow, thanks! What gave you that neat idea?"
  "Oh, lets just say I had a bit of clarity the other night!"
  "Well, that's a first!" Raphael joked.


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