Universal Balance
Universal Balance

story by Jephael

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This story takes place twelve years after the events of
The Summer I was Young Again. Members of my sister's family play a special part. The 4Kids TMNT characters are depicted a week after the events of Turtles Forever. The entire tale is written in script form.

Jephaelverse Earth (Dimension J); Harleysville, Pa - May 30TH, 2004

Mona Lisa, Splinter and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are setting up the patio of the Oughtons' house for a barbecue.

LEONARDO: "I sure hope Rick and Linda don't mind us having Bebop and Rocksteady over."
DONATELLO: "Oh, I'm sure they won't care. Besides those two former goons have been outstanding citizens for the better part of a decade now!"
RAPHAEL: "Call me the odd turtle out, but I have to admit I find it hard to believe Bebop and Rocksteady have actually gone good like that."
MICHAELANGELO: "Come on, dude! You should see the way they've been helping people out around here. They even volunteer with me at the Wellspring Clubhouse in Sellersville like two days a week!"
MONA LISA: (Slaps Raphael on the shell.) "If I didn't know any better, Raphie, I'd say you actually miss having Rocksteady and Bebop for enemies."
SPLINTER: "Mona Lisa brings up a rather interesting point, my students. Even though our former adversaries have found a better life here, we still see them as the savage beasts they were before. The only way to truly accept what has changed is to witness it with our own eyes."
LEONARDO: "Master Splinter's right. We should be happy for the way Rocksteady and Bebop have bettered themselves! As soon as they get here, lets welcome them with open arms!"
RAPHAEL: "Okay, but if either of those two have body odor, I'm issuing a restraining order!"

Half an hour later Bebop and Rocksteady arrive with Slash. Michaelangelo has hot dogs cooking on the grill.

MICHAELANGELO: "To bad you can't do this with pizza. That'd be totally radical!"
DONATELLO: "Boy, you really can't go ten minutes without thinking about pizza, can you?"
MICHAELANGELO: "I tried, dude. I couldn't even get past ten seconds!"
BEBOP: "Hey Toitles, what's cookin'? I hope you guys don't mind that we brought Slash with us. We can't leave this guy alone for a minute!"
RAPHAEL: "I can't tell you how much irony is in that statement!"
SPLINTER: (Gives Raphael a cautious glance.) "Now, now. Remember what we discussed earlier." (Steps off the patio and shakes hands with the guests.) "We appreciate you accepting our invitation."
LEONARDO: "Yes, and we're sorry it was such short notice."
ROCKSTEADY: "Aw, it's okay. We really had nothing better to do. So where's Jeffrey?"
MONA LISA: "He and his folks went out to visit Holly and her husband in Carlisle."
BEBOP: "Oh yea, that's right. Holly got married to that tall guy a couple years ago! Wasn't there something about him that Mrs. Oughton didn't like?"
DONATELLO: "Nothing really. Steve Lubart is a very nice young man, and his family is just so well mannered! Infact we went with his mom and step-dad to Hershey Park just last December."
MICHAELANGELO: "Yea, I love Iris. She's such a cool lady! Anyway the hot dogs are just about ready if you dudes would like to pull up a chair! Oh and we got some Dr. Peppers in the cooler here, so help yourselves!"
ROCKSTEADY: "Don't mind if we do, kind sir!"
LEONARDO: "Hey Slash, would you like to help me set up the volleyball net?"
SLASH: "I guess I could do that."

Leonardo and Slash start walking towards the middle of the yard just a few feet away from the large oak tree when from out of nowhere a motorcycle appears, nearly running over Leonardo and Slash. The driver swerves to the right and hits the brakes. Master Splinter and Bebop jump off the patio and run to Leonardo and Slash.

SPLINTER: "Are you hurt, my student?"
LEONARDO: "No, sensei. I'm fine."
BEBOP: "You okay, Slash?"
SLASH: "I think I crapped my shell."

Raphael and Mona Lisa walk over to the biker who is in a daze.

RAPHAEL: "What kind of numbskull heads right into someone's picnic?!"
BIKER: "Give me a break, Raph! I didn't know Leo and Slash were going to appear right in front of me!" (Removes his helmet.)
MONA LISA: "Do we know you?"
BIKER: "Uh yea, since I was born! Hell, you guys were there for my delivery! We used to watch that video like every year until I was 8 and... wait a minute. What year is this?"
RAPHAEL: "Sounds like a question we should be asking you!"
MONA LISA: "It's 2004, and we're having a Memorial Day barbecue."

The young man's eyes widen as he runs back over to the bike and looks at the console.

BIKER: "Oh shit!"
RAPHAEL: "Is everything okay, kid?"
BIKER: "Yea. I just... I could use a soda right about now."

Mona Lisa and Raphael walk the boy up to the patio.

MICHAELANGELO: "The dude looks pretty shook up!"
DONATELLO: "He should be the way he nearly wiped out!"
ROCKSTEADY: "You know what they say. Any crash you can walk away from is a good one!"
MICHAELANGELO: "True that, Rocksteady!"
SPLINTER: "What is your name, young man?"
BIKER: "Landon. Landon Conner Lu- uh, just call me Landon."
SPLINTER: "Pleasure to meet you, Landon." (Shakes Landon's hand.) "As you may know I am Hamato Yoshi, though most people call me Splinter. Please tell us what brings you here."
LANDON: "It was kind of an accident. You see I'm... I'm not exactly from around here. I'm from the future."
LEONARDO: "That explains the strange sonic boom I heard when you appeared."
LANDON: "Well, my bike works similar to how the Turtle Van's dimensional transportation unit works. It's just that because the motorcycle is much smaller, the temporal distortion isn't as extreme. This isn't the first time I've traveled through time, though it is the first time I've gone alone. Usually someone is with me."
DONATELLO: "You're not a runaway, are you?"
LANDON: "Of course not! I came here for a reason. The existence of our world is in danger because-"

Suddenly there's a bright blast of light and a familiar looking blonde woman comes flying out of a portal and lands face down in the dirt. Her left leg and right arm have slash marks.

RAPHAEL: "What the heck?!"
MONA LISA: "Oh my God!!!" (Runs over to Renet.) "Renet, are you allright? Who did this to you?"

Blood gushes from Renet's nose as she tries to stand up.

RENET: "Sh...Shredder... did this to me. He's vowed revenge on you!"
MICHAELANGELO: "Shredder? But I thought he turned into an old geezer!"
RENET: "Somehow... the aging process was rev-reversed. I tried to stop him but... he overpowered me! He took off with the scepter and... and..."
SPLINTER: "That is enough, my friend! You need no longer explain."
RAPHAEL: (Turns to Landon.) "Okay, buddy. How'd you just happen to show up right before Renet appeared all bloody and bruised?!"
LANDON: "I can't explain, but we need to act fast! If we don't stop Shredder from killing the Oughton family-"
LANDON: "Yes. He's gone back in time to murder them!"
MICHAELANGELO: "What're we waiting for, dudes? Lets haul shell!!!" (Throws down the grill tongs and pulls off his cook apron.)

Landon, Mona Lisa and the Turtles run towards the Turtle Van as fast as they can.

RAPHAEL: "Come on, lets stop that tin-faced asshole once and for all!"
MONA LISA: "There's just one problem. How do we know where in the past Shredder is?"

After climbing into the front passenger seat, Landon closes his eyes for a moment, going through some sort of trance. He places his hands on the control panel.

LANDON: "I've honed in him."
DONATELLO: "How'd you do that?"
LANDON: "It's a long story!"

Earth (Dimension <Null>); Sarasota, FL - July 12TH, 1997

The Turtle Van appears on an empty highway.

MICHAELANGELO: "Like where are we?"
DONATELLO:"According to the temporal data read-out, we're in Sarasota, Florida circa 1997."
RAPHAEL: "Florida in '97? I don't remember the Oughtons or any of us going down here in '97!"
LEONARDO: "Nevertheless, Shredder came here looking for them. So we'd better find him before he does any damage!" Leonardo stated.
DONATELLO: "I'm picking up some temporal energy readings a few miles down the road right around Plantation Grove."
MONA LISA: "You mean the retirement neighborhood Rick's mom and step-dad live in?"
MICHAELANGELO: "Like how many Plantation Groves do you know of?"
LANDON: "I've got some weird vibes about this timeline."
RAPHAEL: "Yea? Well, I'm getting some weird vibes from you, kid!"

Ten minutes later they arrived in the retirement villa. Immediately they spot the Oughtons taking an evening dip in the community pool.

LEONARDO: "Thank goodness they're all right."
MICHAELANGELO: "For sure! Hey uh, you notice something funny about Jeff?"
DONATELLO: "Yea, you're right. He looks sort of pudgy, kinda like how James looked when we met him."
RAPHAEL: "But Jeff didn't look like that in 1997."
LANDON: "Not in your 1997."
DONATELLO: "Oh my gosh! I just figured it out!"
MICHAELANGELO: "Figured what out?"
DONATELLO: "We're in the real world two years before Shredder's time-pull rewinds it back to 1992, which means we're supposed to be long forgotten fictional characters."
RAPHAEL: "Oh that's just great! You wouldn't happened to have created a cloaking shield for the Turtle Van, would you?"
DONATELLO: "I did, but it drains the van's energy pretty fast, so I have it set on a time limit."
LEONARDO: "Well, you'd better activate it because the Oughtons are coming out of the pool!"

Donatello flips a switch on the Turtle Van's console, A bright green light engulfs the van and turns it invisible from the outside.

DONATELLO: "There, now nobody can see us for the next 12 minutes."

The Turtles trail the Oughtons for about half a block when the portly young version of Jeffrey stops in his tracks.

PAST JEFF: "Aw man, I left my Goofy hat back at the hot tub! I'm gonna go back and get it!
PAST HOLLY: "Be careful, Jeffrey."

MICHAELANGELO: "Uh oh. Like how do we keep watch over Jeff and the rest of the family if they split up?"
LEONARDO: "By splitting up ourselves!" (Puts van in park and unbuckles his seat belt.) "Donatello, you take the wheel and follow Jeff's sister and parents! Mikey and I will trail Jeffrey."

Leonardo and Michaelangelo exit the van and run behind the bushes.

PAST LINDA: "Did you hear something, Rick?"
PAST RICK: "Probably just some big lizerts!"
RAPHAEL: (Chuckles.) "Even in this timeline he teases her about her bad grammar!" (Notices Landon jumping out of the passenger door.) "Hey, kid, come back here!"

Landon runs as fast as he can to catch up with Leonardo and Michaelangelo.

LANDON: "Guys, hurry! Shredder's going to attack Uncle Jeff!"

There's a sudden flash of light and Shredder appears fully suited and angry as ever. Wielding the time scepter he zaps young Jeffrey, causing him to freeze in his tracks.

SHREDDER: "Now I shall seal your fate, you wretched reptiles!"
LEONARDO: "Not so fast, Tin-Grin!"
SHREDDER: "The Turtles?! How in blazes did you find me?!"
MICHAELANGELO: "Lets just say a little birdy told us you'd be here!"

Leonardo thrusts his sword against Shredder's bladed gauntlet as Michaelangelo whacks his nunchucks against Shredder's mask. Shredder manages to freeze Leonardo with the time scepter before kicking Michaelangelo in the stomach.

SHREDDER: "Defeat after defeat! Why do you miserable mutants defy me?!"
LANDON: "Because you selfishly try to gain control over the world like some damn dictator! But the sad truth is you're a pathetic shell of a man who doesn't care for anybody but himself!"
SHREDDER: "Who asked you, you annoying brat?!"

Landon angrily kicks Shredder in the stomach and grabs the scepter.

LANDON: "No more time hopping for you, asshole!"
SHREDDER: "Give that back you-"

Shredder grabs the scepter, which goes off in a bright light. Shredder and Landon both disappear while both Leonardo and Jeffrey come to their senses.

LEONARDO: "What... what just happened?" (Sees Michaelangelo clutching his aching stomach.) "Are you all right?"
MICHAELANGELO: "I'm just dandy, dude. We better split before someone sees us."
LEONARDO: "But where're Shredder and Landon?"
MICHAELANGELO: "I'll fill you and the others in on the details soon as we get back on the road."

Just then the Turtle Van pulls up.

DONATELLO: "The porta-tracker just went haywire! What the heck happened?"
LEONARDO: "It's a long story. But for now we need to make tracks!"

Leonardo helps Michaelangelo into the Turtle Van and Donatello heads back on the highway heading towards Orlando.

MONA LISA: "Well, what's the scoop?"
RAPHAEL: "Yea, fill us in!"
MICHAELANGELO: "Well, the good news is we stopped Shred-head from hurting our Oughton buds. But the bad news is he took off with Landon!"
RAPHAEL: "I knew that kid was up to something!"
MICHAELANGELO: "No, he was trying to stop Shredder from messing around with the scepter, but it like went off and zapped the both of them outta here!"
MONA LISA: "So how do we find them?"
DONATELLO: "Oh that's easy. The dimensional teleportation unit picked up on temporal particles left behind by the scepter, so it shouldn't be too hard to trace where it took then."
RAPHAEL: "That's great and all, but I still don't understand what that kid's deal is."
LEONARDO: "There's something else you guys should know. Just before we tangled with Shredder, Landon called Jeff his uncle."
MONA LISA: "That kinda makes sense. I couldn't help but notice he resembles some of Linda's brothers. He must be Holly's future son!"
MICHAELANGELO: "Holy guacamole! Then that means he's family! We gotta save him!"
DONATELLO: "Hold your horses, Mikey! I have to recalibrate the transdimensional alignment first. Otherwise we could end up somewhere we're not supposed to be."
RAPHAEL: "Like we're not already somewhere we shouldn't be?!"
MONA LISA: "Raph, don't be such a grump!"

4Kids TMNT Earth (Dimension E); New York City, NY - July 30TH, 2009

That same moment in an alternate reality the 4Kids Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stand vigilantly in an alleyway.

4KIDS MIKEY: "Raph, don't be such a grump!"
4KIDS RAPH: "I'll be grumpy all I want until we get these dang mutants put away!"
4KIDS DON: "According to Leatherhead, we've rounded up nearly every mutant that Utrom Shredder and Karai created, but there are still a few out there... including Hun!"
4KIDS LEO: "Then what're we waiting for?"
4KIDS MIKEY: "Last I checked we were waiting for Casey and April to get the lead out of their pants!"
4KIDS RAPH: "You got it wrong, Mikey. We're waiting for Casey to get out of April's-"
4KIDS APRIL: "Ahem!"

The 4Kids TMNT turn around to see their companions April O' Neil and Casey Jones.

CASEY: "You mind rephrasing that statement, pal?"
4KIDS RAPH: "I was just saying... what I meant was... aw forget it!"
4KIDS APRIL: "Listen, I just got off the comlink with the Justice Force. Silver Sentry and Nobody said they've located several mutants not far from the Foot Headquarters."
4KIDS LEO: "Shredder's old stomping ground? How appropriate!"

4Kids April, Casey and the 4Kids Ninja Turtles pile into a van similar to the Turtle Van. Moments later they arrive on the scene to find a mutant wolf and snapping turtle tearing up street lamps and mail boxes.

4KIDS MIKEY: (Gulps.) "Okay s-so how do we stop em?"
4KIDS RAPH: "The same way we stopped all the others!"

Just then there's a flash of light and a second Turtle Van appears carrying the Dimension J Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Mona Lisa.

MICHAELANGELO: "What the heck?!"
RAPHAEL: "This isn't... is that another Turtle Van?"
LEONARDO: "Where'd we end up, Donatello?"
DONATELLO: "I-I don't know! Though judging from the dimensional shift, it looks like- Ahh!"

Suddenly the ground shakes and both groups of Turtles and their allies exit their respective vehicles.

RAPHAEL: "Okay, it's official! We are in the Twilight Zone!"

Just then the two mutant monsters emerge from across the street.

DONATELLO: "Is that wolf and snapping turtle?"
MONA LISA: "Well it sure as hell isn't a moose and squirrel!"
MICHAELANGELO: "Dudes, can we discuss this later? Because it looks like Tokka and Rahzar aren't alone!"

Michaelangelo points out three more mutant monsters emerging from the street.

4KIDS APRIL: "Don, do you have the stun grenade ready?"
4KIDS DON: "As ready as they'll ever be."
4KIDS LEO: "Then we all know what to do!"
4KIDS TURTLES: "It's ninja time!"

MICHAELANGELO: (Looks back at Raphael.) "And you always say our catchphrases are corny!"

Nobody and Silver Sentry show up just in time to help Casey and 4Kids Mikey make short work of the wolf and snapping turtle. 4Kids Leo, Raph and Don take out a large mutant tiger. 4Kids Raph does a double-take when he sees the Dimension J TMNT standing there in front of their Turtle Van.

4KIDS RAPH: "Oh great! What the shell are you doofuses doing here?! We got enough of a mess to deal with thanks to that mutagen gunk you guys had on you during your first unwelcome visit!"
RAPHAEL: "Hey! Hey! Three things, buddy! First of all, we've never been here before! Second of all, I don't appreciate being called a doofus! Third and foremost, why the heck are you an entire foot taller than me?"
4KIDS RAPH: "Damn it, Don! Why'd you have to go screwing around with that stupid dimensional portal-stick?!"
DONATELLO: "Dimensional Portal Stick?"

4Kids Don reaches into his backpack and pulls out a large green cylinder device.

MONA LISA: "Whoa, gnarly looking flashlight!"
4KIDS DON: "Uh Raph, I don't think they're the same Turtles we met before."
4KIDS RAPH: "I don't care! They still got the same lame belt buckle initials and pudgy faces! Just looking at them makes me wanna-"
4KIDS LEO: (To the Dimension J TMNT) "Don't mind him. He's been in a rotten mood since this whole mess started."
LEONARDO: "I wish we could help, but we have a little situation of our own. We have reason to believe our Shredder is here via Renet's time scepter."
4KIDS LEO: "You know Renet?"
RAPHAEL: "Of course we do! Doesn't everybody?"
MONA LISA: (Pokes Raphael in the ribs.) "Maybe there's some way we could help each other out. How exactly did these mutants come to exist?"
4KIDS LEO: "Our Shredder and his faithful servant Karai created these abominations with the mutagen that came from a different dimension."
4KIDS DON: "Dimension C to be exact! Here, I'll show you."

4Kids Donatello activates the portal stick and projects the reality that the Jephaelverse Ninja Turtles once called home.

4KIDS DON: "There's definitely something off about this world. Every three minutes the exact same people cross that busy intersection, almost as if they're in a loop!"
MICHAELANGELO: "Holy guacamole, dudes! There's Irma!"
RAPHAEL: "Am I going nuts or did I just see a human version of Rocksteady and Bebop walk by? What kinda screwed up dimension is that?!"
DONATELLO: "From what I gather, this seems to be some sort of alternate reality in which our world was recreated by some unknown force, only it's a vague photocopied imitation. One interesting thing I noticed is it seems to be in a specific time loop around the year 1988, unlike our world, which was stuck in the year 1992."
MONA LISA: "Hey I just had an idea! Why don't we go to that world and get some of that mutagen? Maybe there's some way to counteract it!"
DONATELLO: "Uh yea, there's just one tiny problem. Our presence there could cause a paradox."
4KIDS LEO: "What do you mean our presence?"
4KIDS DON: "Yea, we were there only a month ago and nothing bad happened!"
DONATELLO: "That's because genetically you Turtles are different enough from the Dimension C Ninja Turtles that you can come into direct contact with them. However we Dimension J Ninja Turtles happen to have the same molecular chemistry."
4KIDS RAPH: "I don't like where this is going!"
4KIDS LEO: "So we have to return there and get that mutagen."
4KIDS RAPH: "Oh no, count me out! I am not going back to that whack-bag dimension again!"
4KIDS DON: "Well, we don't all have to go there."

4Kids April and Casey walk up to their friends.

CASEY: "Go where? You dudes taking a trip?"
4KIDS RAPH: "No, we were just about to tell our goofball counterparts to take a damn hike back to Wacky World!"
RAPHAEL: "My good sir, would you mind telling me just how pointy that stick up your ass is?!"
MICHAELANGELO: "Whoa, like lets just chill out here a minute!"
LEONARDO: (Sighs.) "We don't have time for this. We've got to find Shredder and Landon!"
DONATELLO: "And we'd better find them quick!"
4KIDS LEO: "Don, take April and Casey with you to Dimension C. Raph and I will help these guys locate their Shredder. Mikey... Hey wait a minute. Where's Michelangelo?"
4KIDS APRIL: "He ran off with the Justice Force. They said there was a disturbance in Central Park!"

Mona Lisa and Raphael escort 4Kids Leo and Raph into the Turtle Van.

MONA LISA: "You'll have to excuse the mess back here. We were in kind of a hurry."
4KIDS RAPH: "So who're you supposed to be, these guys' maid or something?"
RAPHAEL: "Hey, that's my wife you're addressing!"

4Kids Raph's eyes widen and 4Kids Leo bursts out laughing.

Fred Wolf TMNT Earth (Dimension C); New York City, NY - July 25TH, 1988

As usual it's broad daylight in this light-hearted world when the Party Wagon appears on the street driven by 4Kids Don accompanied by 4Kids April and Casey.

4KIDS APRIL: "Whoa, you weren't kidding, Donnie. This place is totally weird!!"
4KIDS DON: "I gave you guys a fair warning!"
CASEY: "So how do we find those noogy inducing party animals?"
4KIDS DON: "I've got one idea. The Turtles of this world told us they gotta save April... that is their April twice a day."
CASEY: "Oh yea! So like we're going to attack her?"
4KIDS DON: "No, lamebrain! We're going to rescue her before the Turtles of this world show up to!"
4KIDS APRIL: "Hey, don't call my husband a lamebrain! Only I get to do that!"
4KIDS DON: "Sorry, April."

Several blocks away in Midtown this world's April is filming outside a small baked goods shop.

CLASSIC TOON APRIL: "This is April O' Neil for Channel 6 News reporting at Kimmy's Bakery, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary today. With me is the owner of the establishment, 45 year-old Kimberly Watson."
KIMBERLY: "42 actually."
CLASSIC TOON APRIL: "Tell us how you started this business in your recently divorced mother's basement back when you were a junior in high school!"
KIMBERLY: "That's pretty much what I was going to tell the audience, Miss O' Neil. Though I did originally start the business to pay for my college tuition."

Just then a large mutant apple pie comes bursting through the front door. Kimberly and most of the Channel 6 News crew go running for their lives, but April is quickly grabbed by the mutant pie.

CLASSIC TOON APRIL: "How do I always get myself into these messes?"
CLASSIC TOON LEONARDO: "Don't worry, April! We'll save you!" a voice yelled out.
CLASSIC TOON APRIL: "Oh, Turtles! Thank goodness!"

The native Ninja Turtles of this world show up and make short work of the mutant pie just as the Party Wagon arrives.

CLASSIC TOON MICHAELANGELO: "Hey guys, look! The Party Wagon is back!"
CLASSIC TOON RAPHAEL: "The Party Wagon? I knew something was missing!"

All four of the Classic Toon Turtles start laughing at the lame joke.'

CASEY: "Hey dudes, uh... long time no see!"
CLASSIC TOON LEONARDO: "Not really. We just saw you yesterday. So what brings you back?"
4KIDS DON: "We're having some problems with those mutants our Shredder created and a friend... of a friend sort of suggested we come back here and borrow some of that mutagen you guys took from Shredder."
CLASSIC TOON MICHAELANGELO: "Like how does that help?"
CLASSIC TOON DONATELLO: "I think I know how. Infact I was planning to return to your world via the Utrom-Renovated Technodrome to give you guys the retro-mutagen ray I invented. It's designed to undo mutations that were made specifically from that batch of mutagen. The only problem is that particular batch has a twenty day shelf life."
CASEY: "Um, how long is that in our world?" 4Kids Mikey asked.
4KIDS APRIL: "Twenty days, lamebrain!"

4Kids TMNT Earth (Dimension E); New York City, NY - July 30TH, 2009

The Jephaelverse Ninja Turtles, Mona Lisa, 4 Kids Leo and Raph head towards the south end of New York in the Turtle Van.

MICHAELANGELO: "I'll say one thing about your dimension's Big Apple, and that's it is truly awesome!"
4KIDS LEO: "Thank you. I'm sorry to hear what happened to your world."
LEONARDO: "Well, it was an unfortunate loss, but luckily we wound up living with a very nice family in the suburbs of Philadelphia."
4KIDS RAPH: "Just don't go telling me the rest of you are also married like the honeymooners over here!"
DONATELLO: (Chuckles.) "No, none of us are married. Just Raphael and Mona Lisa. Although the last time Michaelangelo and I were in Dimension X he asked his girlfriend Kala if she'd move to our world so they could go out."
MICHAELANGELO: (Shows 4Kids Leo and Raph a photo of him with Kala) "She said she'd think about it, but it's been like four years and I haven't heard back from her."
4KIDS RAPH: "She's cute. Hey don't give up, man! It took my bud Casey about three years to luck out with our April."
4KIDS LEO: "It took him another three years to finally work up the guts to propose!"
RAPHAEL: "Okay guys, are we gonna chit-chat while sight-seeing all evening or what?! Lets find Landon and Metal-Mouth so we can go home!"
4KIDS RAPH: "Geez, what crawled up your shell all of the sudden?"
MONA LISA: "Yea, sweetheart, you're really starting to worry me."
RAPHAEL: (Takes a deep breath.) "I'm sorry, honey. I guess I'm just frustrated because we've got to save the world from that dipshit Shredder for the millionth time! Can't that jerk take the hint already?"
4KIDS RAPH: "Hey, you guys have it easy! You've only got one Shredder to deal with! Over the past six years we've had like three different Shredders to fight, and I'll bet your Shredder's a push-over compared to any of ours!"
4KIDS LEO: "Raph, I think you might be getting their Shredder confused with the Dimension C Shredder. For all we know their Shredder could be atleast as bad as Cyber Shredder!"
MICHAELANGELO: "I have to admit I've only watched like the first two seasons of your show. I got kind of tired of how goofy my counterpart acted. It made me feel a little self-conscious for a while."
4KIDS LEO: "What do you mean our show?"
DONATELLO: "Uh, it's sort of complicated. Hey, I think I'm getting a fix on Shredder and Landon! They're on the outskirts of Ground Zero!"
4KIDS LEO: "Ground Zero?"
MONA LISA: "You know, where the World Trade Center used to be before... oh my gosh!"
MICHAELANGELO: "Dude, no way!"

The Jephaelverse Ninja Turtles are shocked to see a run down seven story hotel complex standing across the street from an old fashioned diner, both where the Twin Towers once stood in the real world.

4KIDS RAPH: "You know a hot dog stand would really clean up in a place like this!"
LEONARDO: "How long have these buildings been here?"
4KIDS LEO: "I'm not sure. We've never been in this part of town."

Mona Lisa and the Raphael exit the Turtle Van and take a closer look at the hotel while Michaelangelo and 4Kids Raph scope out the diner.

4KIDS RAPH: (Reads a plaque on the front door of the hotel.) "Debbie's Diner, established 1955. Huh, I should try coming here sometime."
RAPHAEL: (Reads a plaque on the hotel door and contacts Leonardo over the Turtle Comm) "This place has been here since the 40s."
DONATELLO: "It's possible because of what happened in our world a few years ago the creators of this show decided to simply erase the World Trade Center from existence."
4KIDS LEO: "What events?"
LEONARDO: "It's better you don't know, Leo."

Leonardo parks the Turtle Van in the parking lot of the vacant restaurant, while Raphael and Mona Lisa cross the road to join the others when from out of nowhere a monstrous mutant turtle three times their size leaps in from out of the shadows and tackles 4Kids Raph.

MONA LISA: "What the hell?!"
RAPHAEL: "Oh good grief! What now?"
4KIDS LEO: "Hun, no!"
HUN: (Growls.) "You pathetic Turtles think you can get the better of me? Well, I'm about to show you how wrong you are!"

Hun throws 4Kids Raph against a neon sign, causing electric sparks to fly all over. He proceeds to grab Michaelangelo by the neck.

MICHAELANGELO: (Choking.) "Hey, easy on the... on the..."
RAPHAEL: "Hey, meathead, let go of my bro!"

Raphael leaps into action and pokes Hun in the eye with the handle of his sai. Hun screams in pain, causing him to drop Michaelangelo. Just then Silver Sentry and Nobody arrive on the scene along with 4Kids Mikey in his Turtle Titan costume.

4KIDS MIKEY: "Never fear, citizens! The Justice Force is here!"

4Kids Mikey takes out his shell-shield and pelts Hun in the arm.

4Kids MIKEY: "Haha, you're no match for Turtle Titan!"

Hun grabs 4Kids Mikey by the collar of his costume and rips it down the front.

4KIDS MIKEY: "Eh heh."
HUN: "Say that again, twerp!"
SILVER SENTRY: "Unhand him, you hooligan!"

Silver Sentry attempts to sucker punch Hun, but Hun's reptilian hide proves to be too thick for even Silver Sentry to penetrate. Just as Hun grabs Silver Sentry by the arm, there is a flash of light and when the light subsides, Hun is motionless. Everyone turns to see Landon holding the magic time scepter.

MONA LISA: "Where did you come from?"
LANDON: "Believe it or not I was just a few blocks away. I managed to get the scepter away from Shredder, so I quick hi-tailed it!"
MICHAELANGELO: "It's a good thing you did, dude! This roid-raging reptile here was about to make mince-meat out of us!"
RAPHAEL: "Yea, and now that you're back we can go home!"
LEONARDO: "Not so fast, Raphael! We can't just leave Shredder running loose in this dimension!"
SILVER SENTRY: "Perhaps I could be of service!"
DONATELLO: "That's okay, uh sir. I'm sure we'll be able to track down Shredder in no time."
NOBODY: "He's right, Sentry. Besides we've got enough to deal with at the moment with those last few monsters running around Central Park!"
4KIDS MIKEY: (Looks up at Hun's frozen face.) "Uh guys, could we maybe continue this conversation someplace else?"
4KIDS RAPH: "Would you relax, Mikey? He's totally immobilized! See?" (Slaps Hun on the wrist repeatedly.) "Not so tough now are ya?" (Chuckles.)
4KIDS LEO: "Raph, cut that out!"
4KIDS RAPH: "What, can't a guy have a little fun?"
LEONARDO: "He might still be able to feel what you're doing to him."
LANDON: "Besides, I have no clue how long he'll remain in that frozen state."
4KIDS LEO: "Mikey, why don't you and Sentry go with these Turtles and help them find their Shredder while Raph, Nobody and I take care of the remaining mutants?"
4KIDS MIKEY: "Um okay!" (Shakes Michaelangelo's hand.) "Hey, it's good to see me again!"
MICHAELANGELO: "Uh yea, good to... meet ya!" (Pokes Donatello on the shoulder.) "Lets find Shredder and get outta here quick!"

4Kids Mikey, Silver Sentry, Landon, Mona Lisa and the Dimension J Ninja Turtles enter the Turtle Van while 4Kids Leo, 4Kids Raph and Nobody run through the alleyways back towards Central Park.

4KIDS RAPH: "Come on, Leo, get the lead out!"
4KIDS LEO: "Boy you sure seem to be in a better mood!"
4KIDS RAPH: "Yea, I guess seeing that other Raphael act so grumpy earlier made me realize I need to chill a little more! You know as soon as this is all over, I'm thinking about taking a vacation!"
4KIDS LEO: "The farm in Northampton?"
4KIDS RAPH: "I was thinking Europe."
4KIDS LEO: (Chuckles.) "Lets just hope Don, April and Casey get back with that antidote for the mutations!"

Jephaelverse Earth (Dimension J); Harleysville, Pa - May 30TH, 2004

Splinter sits quietly in the backyard and meditates while Renet lays out in a beach chair. Bebop and Rocksteady meanwhile decide to play with a Frisbee.

BEBOP: "So like uh, when do you suppose the Toitles will be back?"
RENET: "I really can't say, Bebop. I just hope they've managed to get the time scepter back from Shredder, otherwise the entire multiverse is screwed!"
ROCKSTEADY: "Boy, can you believe how long it's been since we stopped working for-"
SPLINTER: (Wakes up with a jolt and stands up.) "Shredder!!!"

Startled by Splinter's sudden outburst, Bebop tosses the Frisbee, which goes flying into Renet's face.

RENET: "Ouch! Hey, be careful!"
BEBOP: "Oops. Sorry, Renet."
ROCKSTEADY: "You okay, Splinter?"
SPLINTER: "I'm fine, but I fear the Turtles are in grave danger! I must find them immediately!"
RENET: "I'm afraid I'm still too weak though to open a vortex back to the Palisade, Splinter."
SPLINTER: "There must be some other way to reach them!"

Just then there's a flash of light and three figures materialize.

CASEY: "Whoa, I still can't get used to that! Hey, where the heck are we? This isn't New York!"
4KIDS APRIL: "You're right. It looks like we're in the country somewhere."
4KIDS DON: "Sorry, guys. This dimensional portal-stick's acting funny."
BEBOP: "Hey, you're characters from the new Ninja Turtle cartoon on Fox!"
CASEY: "Say what?"
4KIDS DON: (Looks at the dimensional portal-stick) "Huh, that's funny. Somehow we ended up in those other Turtles' world!"
CASEY: "That would explain that giant blimp on the far side of the yard with the word TURTLES in big letters."
SPLINTER: "Donatello, I presume. Do you mean to say my Turtles are in your world?"
4KIDS DON: "Yea, they said they were looking for their Shredder and some kid named Landon."
SPLINTER: "You must return to your world at once and warn my Turtles that Shredder's presence could result in a catastrophe!"
CASEY: "Why don't you just come with us and tell them yourself?"
RENET: "That's not the best idea, Mr. Jones. The more people dimension hop, the more unstable their molecules become. That's why Shredder's body is in the state it's in! He's dimension hopped several times too many!"
4KIDS APRIL: (Brandishes a ray gun in her hands.) "As if we didn't already have enough to deal with!"
4KIDS DON: "Thanks for the heads up, Master Splinter. We'll tell give your Turtles the message!"
SPLINTER: "Go in peace, my friends."

4Kids Don recallibrates the portal-stick, which promptly teleports him, 4Kids April and Casey out of this world.

4Kids TMNT Earth (Dimension E); New York City, NY - July 30TH, 2009

The Dimension J Ninja Turtles and company find themselves at the southernmost end of Manhattan just looking out towards the Statue of Liberty.

MONA LISA: "Any luck getting a fix on Shredder yet, Donatello?"
DONATELLO: "Sorry, but the porta-tracker's acting kinda haywire at the moment. I can't even hone in on our location!"
LANDON: "Is there any chance your super hero friend could get a fix on Shredder, Michelangelo?"
MICHAELANGELO: "What the heck are you talking about, dude?"
RAPHAEL: (Points to 4Kids Mikey) "He meant that Mikey, Mikey."
4KIDS MIKEY: (Takes out his Shell Cell.) "Just give me a sec and I'll contact Silver Sentry. He should be able to find your Shredder in a jiffy!"
LEONARDO: "Actually, that won't be necessary. Look!"

Leonardo parks the Turtle Van near a pier and points out to a small yacht where a group of college kids are having a party. Shredder can be seen climbing onto the boat from the back.

DONATELLO: "Uh oh, we'd better hurry and stop Shredder before he does something desperate!"
LEONARDO: "Mona Lisa, stay here in the Turtle Van with Landon!"

4Kids Mikey and the Dimension J Ninja Turtles get out of the Turtle Van and run towards the yacht.

RAPHAEL: "Uh oh, they're getting ready to cast off! Lets haul shell, guys!"

That same moment uptown near April's 2nd Time Around store, 4Kids Don, 4Kids April and Casey Jones reappear.

CASEY: "Oh thank God! Home sweet home!"
4KIDS DON: "April, you call Mikey! I'll contact Leo and Raph to let them know we're back!"
4KIDS APRIL: (Calls 4Kids Mikey on the Shell Cell.) "Come on, Mikey, pick up!"
4KIDS MIKEY: "Hello?"
4KIDS APRIL: "Mikey, thank goodness! Listen-"
4KIDS MIKEY: "Hey, April! How's it going?"
APRIL: "Listen, you've got to warn those other Turtles to be careful!"
4KIDS MIKEY: "Um, okay."
4KIDS APRIL: "Their Shredder is highly unstable and there's a chance he could cause a major catastrophe!"
4KIDS MIKEY: "Oh will you relax? Their Shredder's a pushover compared to ours!"
4KIDS APRIL: "No, Mikey, you don't understand!"
MICHAELANGELO: "Get off the phone already, dude! We've got a party to crash!"
4KIDS MIKEY: "Sorry, April. I gotta go!" (Hangs up Shell Cell.)
4KIDS APRIL: "What? He hung up on me!"
CASEY: "Great. So what do we do now?"
4KIDS APRIL: "I guess we go help Leo and Raph round up the rest of those mutants... and hope this retro-mutagen gun can change them back!"
4KIDS DON: "Guys, Leo and Raph are in Central Park with Nobody. We'd better get over there fast!"
CASEY: "Good thing I put gas in the van!"

Meanwhile back in the East River 4Kids Mikey and the Dimension J Ninja Turtles try to keep a low profile on the party boat as they search for Shredder.

LEONARDO: "Keep your eyes open and your weapons ready, fellas!"
MICHAELANGELO: "You don't have to tell me twice, dude!"
DONATELLO: "Hey guys, do you smell something funny?"
4KIDS MIKEY: (Sniffs.) "Um, nope. Of course my nose has been a little stuffed up and... ah... ah... ah... ACHOO!!!"
RAPHAEL: "Gesundheit!"
4KIDS MIKEY: "Thanks, Raphael. Boy, you sure are a lot nicer than my Raph!"
MICHAELANGELO: "I wouldn't say that, dude. This Raphael can get pretty grouchy at times too. Hell, you should've seen him earlier while we were driving around with your brothers!"
LEONARDO: "Guys, could you be a little quieter? Someone might hear you!"
RAPHAEL: "Come on, Leonardo. Those kids are probably too blitzed out of their minds to even know there's anyone on this side of the ship!"
LEONARDO: "Even so, there's no telling what could happen!"
4KIDS MIKEY: "Whoa, you sounded just like my Leo for a second there! Man, I hope those guys are doing okay."

That very moment back in Central Park, 4Kids Leo, 4Kids Raph and Nobody are up against three large mutants.

4KIDS LEO: "They better make it back here quick with that de-mutating ray! I don't know how much longer I can stand up against this oversized chipmunk!"
4KIDS RAPH: "You think you got trouble? I got a seven foot cockroach to deal with!"
NOBODY: "Yea? Well, try dealing with a 10 foot antelope!"

Just then Casey and 4Kids April's van pulls up.

4KIDS APRIL: "Looks like we got here in the nick of time!"
4KIDS DON: "Yea, we'd better administer the ray immediately!"

4Kids Don and 4Kids April exit the van and run up to 4Kids Raph.

4KIDS RAPH: "Well... what the shell are you waiting for?!"
4KIDS APRIL: "You could atleast say Please!"

4Kids April aims the retro-mutagen ray at the giant roach and zaps it. The mutant bug reverts back to human form.

4KIDS DON: "All right, it worked!"
4KIDS LEO: "Great! Now how about helping me out?"
4KIDS APRIL: "Boy, Splinter really needs to work on your manners!"

4Kids April zaps the mutant chipmunk, which also turns back into a human.

4KIDS APRIL: "Two down, one to go!"

4Kids April zaps the third and final mutant, changing it back into a human. All three Foot troops are rendered unconscious by a smoke bomb Nobody throws at them.

CASEY: "I'll call the cops and let them know where to find these punks!"
NOBODY: "I'm already on it, Mr. Jones!"
4KIDS APRIL: "We'd better get this ray to Leatherhead so he can use it on the rest of the mutants."
4KIDS LEO: "We appreciate you and the Justice Force's help, Nobody!"
NOBODY: "Anytime, Turtles. I'd better get back to base and let the others know everything's been taken care of."
4KIDS DON: "Wait! Before you go, we need you to contact Silver Sentry and forward a message to Mikey and our doppelgangers!"
4KIDS RAPH: "Yea, tell them they're welcome to take Mikey home with them!" (Laughs.)

Back out at sea the Dimension J Ninja Turtles and 4Kids Mikey are still sneaking around the ship when from out of nowhere a shadowy figure creeps up on them. While 4Kids Mikey lets out a scream, all four Dimension J Turtles whip out their weapons.

SILVER SENTRY: "Easy, fellas. It's just me!"
4KIDS MIKEY: "Oh, Sentry. You scared us!"
RAPHAEL: "What do you mean us?"
SILVER SENTRY: "Sorry to drop in on you but I just got an important call from my colleague Nobody that this world's Donatello was given a warning from your Master Splinter abo- AUGH!!!" (Gives out a gasp of breath.)

The Turtles look on in horror to see the prongs of Shredder's gauntlet rip through Silver Sentry's chest.

4KIDS MIKEY: "No!!!"

Silver Sentry staggers over to the side of the boat and collapses. Tears fall down 4Kids Mikey's cheeks as he cradles Silver Sentry in his arms. Shredder meanwhile cackles menacingly.

DONATELLO: "Oh my God, Shredder! What... what did you just do?!"
SHREDDER: "Something I've been wanting to do for a very, very long time!"
LEONARDO: "Never in my wildest dreams did I think you would ever do such a despicable thing, Shredder!"
SHREDDER: (Begins to glow bright red as he speaks.) "Yes, well, at this point I figure if I'm going to go down I might as well take someone along with me! You see ever since that brat took the scepter from me, I've been feeling increasingly ill. I haven't felt this bad since our last encounter in Metropolis."
DONATELLO: (Takes out porta-tracker.) "Oh no. I should've seen this before. He's becoming unstable!"
RAPHAEL: "I could've told you that! He's gone bat-shit crazy in less than an hour!"
DONATELLO: "No, I mean he's literally unstable! All that dimension hopping has caused his body to reach critical mass! Even out here in the river he could take out an entire chunk of the city, and us with it!"
MICHAELANGELO: "So like what do we do?"
SHREDDER: "You'll all perish with me, that's what you'll do! Ah ha ha ha ha!!!"

Suddenly Splinter appears between Shredder and the Turtles, holding the time scepter.

SPLINTER: "Back away from my sons at once!"
SHREDDER: "I was hoping I'd get to see you one last time, Hamato Yoshi! We have some unfinished business to take care of!"
SPLINTER: "It is you who are finished, Oroku Saki!"

Shredder attempts to strike Splinter just as he struck down Silver Sentry, but his blades go through Splinter like thin air.

SHREDDER: "What in blazes?!"
SPLINTER: "I am in between realities, Shredder. My good friend Raven was kind enough to help me transcend dimensions so that I may put a stop to you once and for all!"

Shredder angrily thrashes at Splinter, who doesn't even flinch. The angrier Shredder becomes, the brighter he glows.

SPLINTER: "You cannot harm me, Shredder, and I shall not allow you to harm anyone ever again!"

Splinter zaps Shredder with the scepter, causing him to age rapidly until there's nothing left but his armor and a pile of bones. Splinter gathers up Shredder's remains, then bows before his pupils and vanishes.

4KIDS MIKEY: (Tearfully) "Sentry. Sentry, can you hear me?"
SILVER SENTRY: "T-Turtle Titan? I don't think I'm going to make it. P-Please tell my wife and son..."
4KIDS MIKEY: "Don't say that, Sentry! I'm gonna get you help!"
SILVER SENTRY: (Coughs up blood.) "No, my friend. It's too late for me! I've cheated death so many times in the past, I knew eventually it'd catch up to me. But listen, I know the world will be in safe hands. It's... it's been an honor fighting evil with you, Mi-Michelangelo!"

With those final words Silver Sentry dies, leaving 4Kids Mikey grief-stricken. It suddenly dawns on the Dimension J Ninja Turtles that the kids on the upper deck have stopped partying as the commotion on the boat has alerted the Coast Guard.

COAST GUARD: "Ahoy there! Please pull up to Liberty Island immediately!"
MICHAELANGELO: "Uh oh, dudes, I think we'd better split!"

Raphael pulls 4Kids Mikey off Silver Sentry and the Turtles jump off the boat and into the water. Twenty minutes later the Dimension J Ninja Turtles and 4Kids Mikey make it back on shore where Mona Lisa and Landon are waiting for them.

MONA LISA: "Guys, what happened out there? Splinter showed up out of nowhere and asked us for the scepter! Did you see him?"
RAPHAEL: "It's kind of a long story, sweetheart. We'll explain later."

Half an hour later the Dimension J Ninja Turtles make it back to 4Kids April's antique shop where they inform the 4Kids Ninja Turtles what happened.

4KIDS APRIL: "Oh my God, poor Silver Sentry! How's Mikey taking it?"
CASEY: "Not well. I just went upstairs to check up on him and he's sobbing like crazy. I gave him some warm milk to calm him down."
MICHAELANGELO: "He really idolized that Sentry dude, didn't he?"
4KIDS LEO: "I don't think anyone loved Silver Sentry more than our Mikey."
4KIDS RAPH: "Yea, knowing him he's probably gonna want to give a three hour eulogy!"
4KIDS SPLINTER: "Raphael, now is not the time for being funny! An allie has perished, and more importantly, your brother has lost a friend!"
4KIDS RAPH: "You're right. I'm sorry, sensei."
LANDON: "It's all my fault. None of this would've happened if I hadn't brought Shredder here!"
4KIDS SPLINTER: "The only person to blame for Silver Sentry's death is The Shredder!"
4KIDS DON: "Master Splinter's right. Besides if you hadn't come here than these Turtles wouldn't have shown up and we'd probably still be dealing with all of those mutants! For that we thank you."
LEONARDO: "Hey, you'd probably do the same for us."
DONATELLO: "I'm having the weirdest sense of de ja vue right now!"

Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael each shake hands with their 4Kids counterparts, while Michaelangelo shakes hands with Casey. Mona Lisa shakes hands with 4Kids April and Landon shakes hands with 4Kids Splinter.

4KIDS LEO: "Take care of yourselves, my brothers."
MICHAELANGELO: "You dudes do the same!"
MONA LISA: "See you around the multiverse!"
4KIDS RAPH: "Hey Raphael!"
4KIDS RAPH: "Come back and visit me some time."
RAPHAEL: (Smirks.) "I'll think about it."

Mona Lisa, Landon and the Dimension J Ninja Turtles pile into the Turtle Van. They head down the street waving goodbye one last time to the 4Kids Ninja Turtles before zapping through the dimensional barrier.

Jephaelverse Earth (Dimension J); Harleysville, Pa - May 30TH, 2004

The Turtle Van materializes on Kriebel Road heading towards the Oughtons' residence.

RAPHAEL: (Sighs.) "It sure feels good to be back!"
MONA LISA: "You can say that again, baby doll! Hey check it out, Jeff and his folks are back. Funny, I didn't expect them to be back until later this evening."

Leonardo parks the Turtle Van in the turnaround, and everyone gets out. Donatello and Michaelangelo lead Landon to the back porch.

DONATELLO: "You'd better lay low, Landon. You don't want to risk saying anything to your uncle and grandparents that might alter the future."
LANDON: "My- How the heck did you figure out I was...?"
MICHAELANGELO: "I heard you call Jeff your uncle, dude! Seeing as how he's only got one sibling, that kinda narrows it down to who your parents are!"
LANDON: (Chuckles.) "The funny thing is he's the one always warning me not to mess around with time travel!"
DONATELLO: "I don't blame him!"

Leonardo, Raphael and Mona Lisa enter the house through the front door.

JEFF: "Hey guys, were you out for a little Sunday drive or something?"
RAPHAEL: "I guess you could say that."
LEONARDO: "We had ourselves a little situation with Shredder so we went to go deal with it!"
JEFF: "Shredder? I can't believe I wasn't there to help out! What was old Tin-Face up to this time?"
MONA LISA: "It doesn't really matter at this point. The important thing is he's gone for good!"

Donatello takes Landon over to the tree where he left his time-travel motorcycle while Michaelangelo goes up to the patio to find Mr. Oughton cleaning up the grill.

MICHAELANGELO: "Hey, Mr. O! What brings you guys back so early?"
RICK: "Oh, Linda wasn't feeling too good and she didn't want to ruin Holly's dinner, so we headed back home! I just wish I didn't have to come back to seeing my grill a total mess!"
MICHAELANGELO: "Oh man, I am so sorry! Like we had an emergency!"
RICK: "It's okay, Mikey. Splinter told me all about what Shredder was up to."
MICHAELANGELO: "Are Bebop, Rocksteady and Slash still here?"
RICK: "No, they left about ten minutes ago. Though your friend Renet asked us if she could help herself to the upstairs bathtub."

That same moment Leonardo goes upstairs.

LEONARDO: "Man I really wish I had brushed my teeth before we left!"

Leonardo opens the door and sees Renet standing in the tub naked, rubbing soap all over herself.

LEONARDO: "Renet?"
RENET: "Oh, hey, Leo!"

Renet's eyes go wide as she looks up to see him and quickly sits back down in the water and covers up her breasts.

RENET: "L-Leo! When did you guys get back?"
LEONARDO: "Just-just a moment ago. I am so sorry! I didn't expect to see you taking a bath!"
RENET: "It's all right, Leo. After everything I've been through I'd rather be seen in the nude by a friend then brutally killed by an enemy!"
LEONARDO: (Chuckles.) "Thanks... I think."

Back outside Donatello finishes tuning up Landon's bike. Raphael and Mona Lisa are standing there watching.

DONATELLO: "Looks like you're all set. Have a safe trip back!"
LANDON: "Thanks, Don. It was really cool meeting you guys in this era."
MONA LISA: "We're really going to miss you, Landon!"
RAPHAEL: "Yea, and I'm really sorry for being so suspicious."
LANDON: "It's all right, Uncle Raph. I'm used to it. You're always going on about what a handful I am!"

Landon takes out a photograph of himself as a baby with his parents, Uncle Jeff and the Turtles.

drawn by Zkarlette; colored by Miapon

LANDON: "Mom's always going on about how lucky she is to have me and my sister, but I always tell her how lucky I feel to have you guys for an extended family! Of course she usually responds by saying I should spend more time with my dad's side of the family!"
MONA LISA: "Sounds like Holly! She never could get used to us. Take care of yourself, sweetheart!" (Hugs Landon.)

Michaelangelo and Leonardo show up accompanied by Splinter.

LEONARDO: (Shakes hands with Landon.) "Take care of yourself, my friend."
MICHAELANGELO: "Yea and like try not to wipe out on your way back!"
LANDON: "Don't worry, Mikey, I won't!"
SPLINTER: "God speed, my child."
LANDON: (Bows.) "Thank you, Master Splinter!"

Landon takes his motorcycle out to the driveway and mounts it. He takes one last look back at the Turtles, Splinter and Mona Lisa just as Rick and Jeff join them. Landon smiles and waves at them before revving the motor and taking off down the road.

4Kids TMNT Earth (Dimension E); New York City, NY - July 30TH, 2009

An old man in a wheelchair wearing a wrinkly super hero costume approaches the front door of the 2nd Time Around Store. Before he has the chance to knock, 4Kids April opens the door with Leo, Don and Raph behind her.

4KIDS APRIL: "We're so glad you could make it, Zippy Lad. We were wondering if you could help us deal with Mikey."
4KIDS DON: "Yea, the guy's been a wreck all night!"
ZIPPY LAD: "Let me tell you youngsters something. Over time I've seen many great teammates perish, and it never gets easier. Oh sure life moves on, but you never quite-"
4KIDS LEO: "Um, maybe you should be giving Mikey this speech."
ZIPPY LAD: "Oh, okay. So where is he?"
4KIDS RAPH: "He's upstairs watching the news. I'll take you to see him."

4Kids Raph leads Zippy Lad to the living room of April's apartment where 4Kids Mikey is sitting in front of the television set with a Silver Sentry action figure clutched in his hand.
4KIDS RAPH: "Hey Mikey, I brought a friend out here to see you."
4KIDS MIKEY: "I don't really feel like talking to anyone at the moment."
ZIPPY LAD: "Not even your old pal ZL?"
4KIDS MIKEY: "I especially can't talk to a member of the Justice Force. Not after what happened tonight."
ZIPPY LAD: "Now son, you can't beat yourself up over it. You couldn't have seen it coming!"
4KIDS MIKEY: "No, but maybe if I had listened to April's warning, Silver Sentry wouldn't have gotten himself caught in the crossfire! If I hadn't been so damn cocky, he'd still be alive!"
4KIDS RAPH: "Hey I would've made the same mistake. When those other Turtles showed up earlier, I assumed they were the same goofball clowns we encountered that last time! Guess the two of us have something in common after all. We both let our egos get the better of us!"
4KIDS MIKEY: "Raph, how many times have I gloated about being Battle Nexus Champion?"
4KIDS RAPH: "As of lately? Not too often."
4KIDS MIKEY: "Right, but back in the day I was shoving it in your face like once every five minutes! Almost got us killed that one time!"
4KIDS RAPH: "We all make mistakes, Mikey. Maybe if I had been more supportive... congratulated you, and told you how proud I was instead of being all jealous..."
4KIDS MIKEY: "Were you proud of me?"
4KIDS RAPH: "Deep down I was."

artwork by Blossombrooks

4Kids Mikey looks up at the news coverage on Silver Sentry's demise and starts to break down as 4Kids Raph tries to console him.

4KIDS MIKEY: (Calms down.) "I don't know if I can do it anymore, Raph. Not after what happened!"
4KIDS RAPH: "Listen, Mikey. Would it make you feel better if the Turtle Titan had a new partner?"
4KIDS MIKEY: (Wipes away his tears.) "You mean you'd join the Justice Force with me?"
4KIDS RAPH: "Of course I would. Anything for my little bro! But listen, I really don't care for that costume you made me, or the name Tortoise Boy! If you could come up with a better super hero name, I'd appreciate it."
4KIDS MIKEY: (Sniffles.) "Maybe Zippy Lad here can help us brainstorm!"
ZIPPY LAD: "Hey I'm more than glad to help any aspiring young heroes! Well, listen fellas, it's been great and all but I really need to get going. I hope to see you both again real soon!"
4KIDS RAPH: "Be sure to drop in again, Zippy, and say hi to Stainless Steve for us!"
ZIPPY LAD: "I will."

Zippy Lad turns his wheelchair around and with one quick motion he speeds away.

4KIDS RAPH: "Come on, Mikey. Lets go get some breakfast."
4KIDS MIKEY: "Sounds good to me! I haven't been eating much."
4KIDS RAPH: "Whoa, you really were down in the dumps!"

Jephaelverse Earth (Dimension J); Carlisle, Pa - October 24TH, 2027

A sonic boom emits as Landon finds himself back in his own time. He makes his way to a quiet neighborhood and parks his bike in the driveway. A lovely young woman in the driveway sees him and comes running up to him.

LANDON: "Alexis?"
ALEXIS: "Landon? Landon!" (Runs up to Landon and gives him a hug.) "Oh, little brother, thank goodness you're back! I was getting so worried!"
LANDON: "Come on, sis. We've been through worse!"
ALEXIS: "I know, but usually we have Uncle Jeff and the Turtles there with us. Were you able to find them?"
LANDON: "By the time I got to Harleysville I discovered they were offworld. I knew I had no way of getting to them, so I had to go back in time and get help from the Turtles of the past!"
ALEXIS: "How far back did you go?"
LANDON: "Just a couple years before you were born."
ALEXIS: "Did you see Pop-Pop or Grandma?"
LANDON: (Chuckles.) "I caught a couple glimpses of them. You should've seen Mom in 1997 though. She looked just like you back then! It was so funny!"
ALEXIS: "I know, I've seen the pictures! So were you able to stop Shredder?"
LANDON: "I'm standing here aren't I? Although the fight did come at a cost. Silver Sentry from the 4Kids universe was killed."
ALEXIS: "Wait, did you go to the 4Kids dimension? Landon, you know you're not supposed to-"
LANDON: "I didn't mean for it to happen, Alexis! It was sort of an accident. Besides the important thing is I'm back and everyone is okay!"
ALEXIS: "Atleast until the next crazy thing happens."
LANDON: "Well, lucky for us that won't happen for a really long time!"


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