Torn Spirits
Torn Spirits

story by Jephael

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This story takes place seventeen years after the events of
The Summer I was Young Again.

    It was a late Sunday night in early July of 2009 as Raphael and Mona Lisa exited a movie theater in Plymouth Meeting, along with Jeffrey and his college friend Jenny.
  "I gotta admit that was pretty good for a Jack Black film." Mona Lisa said.
  "Since when don't you like Jack Black?" Jeff asked.
  "Since she found Nacho Libre offensive." Raphael exclaimed.
  "What movie isn't these days?" Jenny commented.
  "Good point. Boy, Harold Ramis hasn't aged too well. Could you imagine if they finally did make a Ghostbusters 3?" Jeff mentioned.
  "Knowing Hollywood, that film's still going to be in developmental hell long after all four of those guys are put into a retirement home." Mona Lisa remarked.
  "So what do you guys do all day besides watch movies?" Jenny asked as she and Jeff got into the back of the Turtle Van.
  "Oh, ya know, video games... between meal snacks... occasionally saving the world. Hey, no fooling around back there!" Raphael joked as he buckled himself into the driver's seat.
  "Trust me, Raph, we've been down that road. It would never work between Jeff and I."
  "Aw, that's too bad. Donny and I both think you two would make a cute couple." Mona Lisa commented.
  "That's what Splinter and April said about me and Dori." Jeff remarked.
  "What's she been up to lately?"
  "Beats the heck outta me! Last I heard she's been dating some dude. I barely hear from her anymore."
  "Well, people get busy. Heck, my job at the TV station has me going all sorts of crazy hours!" Jenny mentioned.
  "Ya know, now that I think about it, I haven't heard from Leonardo much lately." Raphael said as he started up the van and proceeded to head them home.
  "Me neither. I guess he and Lotus Blossom are really enjoying the peace and quiet up in the Poconos." Jeff replied.
  "Geez, do all of you Turtles got lady friends?" Jenny asked.
    "Well, Donatello's always been partial to April, and of course you know Mrs. Hamato Raphael." Jeff said gesturing to Mona Lisa. "Michaelangelo used to have a thing with Kala, one of our Neutrino friends from Dimension X... but that kinda went south a few years back."
  "Yea, they always had a hard time handling the whole long distance thing. Then one day out of the blue she sent Mikey a video message saying she met a new guy and that was that." Mona Lisa explained.
  "Aw, poor guy." Jenny said. "I almost wanna set him up with my friend Jessie's cousin."
  "Why don't ya set me up with Jessie's cousin?" Jeff remarked.
  As they were getting closer to Montgomeryville, the dimensional tracker started picking up some strange energy readings. "Hey Raph, head towards the shopping center where Best Buy is."
  "Isn't it a little late to go DVD impulse shopping?" Mona Lisa asked.
  "I can't explain, but some temporal rift is about to pop open close to that area!"
  Sure enough a bright yellow light was flashing up in the clouds. The stores were just starting to close up and people heading to their cars, seemingly oblivious to what was going on.
  "Why is everyone outside so calm?" Jenny asked.
  "Because that glowing portal isn't visible outside. The Turtle Van's windshield acts as a picture tube that shows inter-stellar activity that can't be seen by the naked eye." Mona Lisa answered.
  "Nice use of the word naked, honey. Now Jeff's mind is most likely in the gutter." Raphael joked.
    "Guys, we'd better get Donatello on the Turtle Comm! Whatever that hole is, it seems to be fallout from some kind of galactic implosion." No sooner did Jeff say it than the portal erupted, spewing out two figures before violently collapsing on itself.
  Jeff and Raphael got out of the van to see the two figures lying in the parking lot. The taller figure was instantly recognizable.
  "Vernon Fenwick?" Raphael said in surprise.
  "I don't... I don't believe it. Thank heavens! Princess Tribble, we're alive!!!"
  "Princes Trib-?!" Jeff looked over in shock to see a now teenaged Tribble dressed in robes and a tiara. "Holy shit, man, it is Tribble!" he said as he helped the young Neutrino to her feet.
  "Thank you." she spoke softly as she began to weep.
  "Hey hey, is everything okay?" Raphael asked as he pulled her into a hug.
  "I'm afraid not. Apparently Krang had one trick left up his slimy tentacles."
  "You'd better explain as soon as we head back to my parents' house." Jeff said. "Hey Jenny, would you mind hanging out with us a little longer?"
  "I guess not. I'm not that tired."
  Twenty minutes later they made it back to Harleysville. Michaelangelo had already gone to bed, but Donatello was wide awake, and he couldn't believe it when his brothers told him the news. "Oh my God. Krang had a doomsday device?"
  "That's what Vernon told us." Raphael replied.
  "I used the Dimension Hopper and attempted to hone in on Dimension X. There was nothing. It's all just an empty void." Jeff said.
  "But how did Vernon and Tribble manage to escape through a portal?" Don asked.
  "Somebody warned Kala, Dask and Zak about 10 minutes before the doomsday device wiped out their world. There was barely enough time to warm up the dimensional portal." Vernon exclaimed in a fit of grief.
  "Man, I've never seen Vern like this!" Raphael said.
  "The Neutrinos became his family over the years, just as the Oughtons became ours." Donatello said.
  Meanwhile, Mona Lisa and Jenny were tending to Tribble in the kitchen, getting her food and talking to her. The Oughtons' family pet Rusty nuzzled up to Tribble.
  "Aw, he likes you!"
  "He looks like a Grybyx." Tribble said tearfully with a smile.
  "Hey, it's going to be okay." Jenny said.
  "You're not the same human girl I met before." Tribble said as she took out the photo she had of Mona Lisa with Dori.
  "Oh my God. I remember that trip!" Mona Lisa said, getting a little choked up. "Dori is Jeff's high school friend. I'm sure she'll come around and visit at some point. In the meantime, this is Jeff's college friend Jenny."
  "Why does Jeff know so many girls?" Tribble asked.
  "He's got a lot of female cousins, so he's very comfortable around women." the mutant lizard explained.
  "Yea, though sometimes he can get a little carried away!" Jenny added.
  "Oh, I see. Why are only two of the Ninja Turtles here?" Tribble asked.
  "Actually, Michaelangelo is here as well. He's asleep down in the basement."
  "Kala told me a lot about him." Tribble said somberly. "I'm very tired. I didn't get a lot of sleep today."
  "Raphael and I can put you to bed in Holly's room."
  "Holly? Who's Holly?"
  "Jeff's sister. I haven't met her." Jenny said.
  "Oh you should. She's a real character!" Mona Lisa said.
  "Hey, Donatello and I are gonna take Jenny home and run a quick errand." Jeff said.
  "Ya know I was thinking I'd stay the night with Tribble and Mona Lisa, if that's okay." Jenny said. "I have off tomorrow, so I don't have anywhere important to be."
  "Oh that's cool. We'll see you ladies in the morning."
    About eight hours later Michaelangelo awoke, completely unaware of what had been going on since he went to bed the other night. "Oh boy, did I get some z's or what? Time for some much needed breakfast!" he said as he stretched before getting up off the couch and headed upstairs.
  "Hey, Sleeping Beauty!" Raphael said as he greeted Mikey with a big hug.
  "Hey bro, I'm glad to see you too! How was the movie last night."
  "Uh, it was good. Listen, there's something I need to fill you in on. It's about Kala..."
  "As well as Dask and Zak."
  "What's up with those dudes?" Mikey suddenly noticed a somber look in Raphael's face. "They're not..."
  Raphael gulped back a sob as he nodded.
  Michaelangelo began to break down. "How... how did they..."
  "Krang! That bastard brain had a doomsday device that took out all of Dimension X." Raphael grumbled.
  "Did anyone survive?"
  "Yea. Vernon Fenwick and Princess Tribble."
  Michaelangelo took a deep breath. "I-I need a second here."
  "Take all the time you need, pal. I'm right here."
    Mikey walked straight through the kitchen and out onto the patio before heading to the tree nearby. With a deep breath and let out a loud blood curdling scream as he punched the tree's trunk several times in a row until his knuckles bled. Unbeknownst to the turtle, Jenny could see and hear him from the upstairs bathroom window as she was getting out of the shower.
  An hour later Donatello and Jeff were back with Leonardo, as well as Clark Kent from the Smallville dimension. "We really appreciate you doing this for us."
  "Think nothing of it. I've got a soft spot for children, especially ones orphaned after the loss of their entire world."
  Leonardo was the first to enter the house where he was greeted with a hug from Raphael. "Hey, good to see you! How's married life been treating ya?"
  "Lotus and I aren't getting married." Leo exclaimed.
  "What? Come on, you'd better make an honest woman outta her!" Raph joked.
  "Very funny. Hey Mi... Mikey." Leo was shocked to see the depressed look on Michaelangelo's face.
  "Yea, he didn't take the news too well when we told him."
  "I don't blame him. When Donatello and Jeffrey informed me, I was in utter shock. I..." Leo quickly noticed the bandages on Mikey's fingers. "What did he do?"
  "I went ape-shit on the tree just near the patio. I imagined it was Krang in his old robot body. How could that dickhead do this?!"
  "We didn't see it coming." Jeff replied.
  "But we should've. I feel we failed the Neutrinos." Leonardo said as the Ninja Turtles (including Jephael) hung their head in shame.
  "Do not blame yourselves, my sons." Splinter said as he entered the living room. "It is hard enough alone to take on the burden of one world's problems, but to take on that of an entire universe is beyond any being can do."
  "Splinter's right. For years I blamed myself for what went on in Smallville. All the pain and suffering people were going through around me, and I felt it was all my fault. I soon learned that one man alone can't possibly protect the entire galaxy."
  "That is basically what I just said, Mr. Kent." Splinter remarked.
  "Yea, besides we didn't bring you here to speak with us." Donatello said.
  Clark nodded as his super hearing picked up Tribble weeping. He slowly headed upstairs to the pink room where the young teenaged alien girl sat on the bed. "Princess Tribble?"
  "My name's Clark Kent. Mind if I sit with you?"
  Jenny left the room and headed back downstairs to join Jeff and the TMNT, while Mona Lisa remained in the hallway between Jeff and Holly's bedrooms.
  "So I hear you're the sole survivor of your world."
  Tribble quivered as she nodded. "I'm all that's left."
    "You know there was once a planet called Krypton. It held wonders nobody in the universe could possibly imagine! Sadly civil war literally ripped the planet apart. There was a scientist by the name Jor-El who sent his only son Kal-El to Earth-not this Earth, mind you, Earth of another dimension." Clark said with a chuckle. "So the baby Kal-El was found by a kind-hearted young farmer and his wife, who raised him to be a mild mannered citizen. However, being from another world, Kal-El exhibited extraordinary powers. He was faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! He used these abilities to do good in the world... the only world he knew."
  "You forgot about your cousin, Kara Zor-El." Tribble said with a grin on her face.
  "I see you're familiar with my history." Clark replied with a smile.
  "I read a lot of Earth comics. Guess I'll be doing a lot of that here on Earth."
  "You know there are four young reptiles here to take good care of you."
  "But I don't want to be a burden on them."
  "You won't be a burden, sweety. You're our family now." Mona Lisa said with a smile. "Sorry, I couldn't help but listen in."
  "Thank you for coming to see me, Kal-El." Tribble said as she gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
  Mona Lisa couldn't help but get misty eyed.
  Splinter patted his daughter in-law's arm as he came into the doorway. "Mr. Kent, I hope you can stay and visit with us a little bit."
  "I wish I could, but my team is having a meeting this afternoon at Watchtower to discuss some dire matters going on in my world... namely Lex Luthor's election campaign."
  "Oh dang. I wouldn't want him ruling this country, or even a townhouse!" Mona Lisa commented. She shook hands with Clark and joined Tribble, as Splinter escorted Clark back downstairs.
  "Thanks for the visit, Mr. Kent."
  "Any time, Mr. Oughton." Clark said, shaking hands with Jeffrey.
  "Are you sure that portal Lex and Shredder created is safe to use?" Leonardo asked.
  "Oh, it's no longer a portal. Emil and Martian Manhunter turned it into a matter transporter." Donatello explained to his brothers before turning to Clark. "Before you go though, there's something else we need to discuss."
  "We think we discovered who warned the Neutrinos of the doomsday device, and there's a pretty good chance it's somebody you used to know." Jeff exclaimed.
  "Somebody that I used to know?"
  "Boy, that would make a good title for a break-up song." Raphael commented with a chuckle.
  "I know the spirit of my human father has been aiding Lana and Raven in some quests for Renet, though last I heard-"
  "It wasn't Jonathan Kent. The energy signature matches the frequency of your dimensional, but the brainwave patterns apparently suggest somebody who passed away at an early adolescent age."
  "How the hell is it possible for somebody to come back from the damn dead anyway?!"
  "Watch your language, Michaelangelo!!!" Splinter scolded his pupil.
  "Sorry, sensei." Mikey said tearfully as got up quietly and went out the front door.
  "Is he all right?" Clark asked.
  "He'll be fine. One of the Neutrinos that died happened to be his ex-girlfriend, so he's taking it a little hard." Leonardo replied quietly.
  "I'm familiar with that scenario." Clark said with a sigh.
  "We'll look into this mystery ghost kid and keep ya updated." Jeff said.
  "Thanks. I really appreciate that." Clark said just as a button on his communicator wrist watch began to blink. "Well, I guess that's my ride home. See you later." Clark said as he was suddenly enveloped in a bright white light and vanished.
  "Hey, if anybody is hungry, I'm gonna break out the waffle iron!"
  "Good call, Jeffy. My stomach's been grumbling since we got back from picking up Leonardo." Donatello said,
  Splinter looked over to Jenny and asked "Will you be joining us?"
  "Yea, why not? I'd better call my mom and make sure she isn't expecting me to get back home."
  Raphael went upstairs to check on Mona Lisa and Tribble who were looking out the window. "Hey, ladies. What's going on?"
  "Oh, I was just showing Trib here the clouds in the sky and how people tend to see them as different things."
  "Well, our Kryptonian friend just left and Jeff's making everybody breakfast if anybody's hungry."
    Michaelangelo meanwhile decided to go pay a visit to cousin Missy who was now married with two little girls living in a small cottage right on the dirt path between the Oughtons' house and the next door neighbor. "Thanks for letting me stay for a little bit."
  "It's always nice to see you, Michaelangelo. I'm sorry to hear about your friends being killed."
    "Yea, the Neutrinos were awesome amigos! It sucks what Krang did to them." the turtle said somberly as he took a swig of soda. "Now I know how my Dimension E counterpart felt when we witnessed Shredder murder that Sentry dude." he mentioned just as cute little kitty cat rubbed up against his leg, which cheered him up. "It's too bad Rusty doesn't care for cats. I almost wanna take a couple of these furry little dudes over to show Tribble."
  "Why don't you bring her over here?" Missy's asked. "The girls would love to have a new friend to play with!"
  "I dunno, dudette. Your family's cool and all but you can be a little intense sometimes. By the way, how's your brother Joey doing?"
  Missy shook her head sadly. "He's had better days."
  "Haven't we all?" Mikey replied with a sigh. "Well, I guess I'd better split. I need to apologize to Master Splinter, Jeff and my bros for flipping out earlier. You dudes take it easy." he spoke as he finished his drink and headed back home.
  Raphael opened the front door and greeted his brother. "Hey, buddy. Didja have a good sulk?"
  "I went over to see Cousin Missy's family. She's got herself a pretty cozy life, considering..."
  "As a wise man once said, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence!" Splinter said with a smile as he approached the doorway.
  "Hey Sensei. I hope you and the others can forgive me for my behavior earlier."
  "Of course we forgive you. We all know how much you loved Kala, even after she broke up with you." Splinter said as he put an assuring hand on his son's shoulder "But you mustn't let the grief get the better of your judgement."
  Michaelangelo bowed to his sensei before re-entering the Oughtons' home. The smell of waffles emanating from the kitchen into the living room immediately distracted him as he licked his lips.
  Leonardo turned his head to see Mikey and jumped out of his seat at the table to give his brother a hug. "Hey, I barely got the chance to see you!"
  "Yea, it's good to see ya, Leo. Too bad it's not under better circumstances."
  "I know. Listen, Lotus and I are going on a trip up to Maine next month. Why don't you come with us?"
  "Whoa, that sounds totally cool! What about Donny and Raphael?"
  "Actually I'm taking Donatello with me down to Virginia to visit my cousin Sonya. She's been kinda down in the dumps so we thought we'd go see her." Jeff exclaimed.
  "Perhaps one of your parties should take Tribble somewhere." Splinter said.
  "Interesting you suggest that, Sensei." Mona Lisa spoke with a grin. "Raph and I are taking Tribble here on a trip to Seaside Heights."
  "Yea, though if we run into Snooki or any of those other Jersey Shore nitwits, we're cutting the trip short!" Raphael added.
  "What about you, Jenny? Any plans for the summer?" Donatello asked.
  "Oh I already went on vacation in Florida lasr spring with my mom and sisters!"
  "Boy, we haven't been there since my step-granddad passed away." Jeff mentioned.
  "That reminds me, we really need to send Napoleon and Genghis a greeting card!" Michaelangelo interjected.
  "Or better yet, lets give them a call." Mona Lisa responded.
  "A very good idea, indeed." Splinter said as she approached Tribble. "My child, I wish to give you my deepest sympathies for the loss of your people."
  "Thank you, sir. I really appreciate it." Tribble said as she bowed to the wise rodent.
  After breakfast, Jeff fired up the X-Box in his room to play a round of TMNT: Battle Nexus with Jenny, Michaelangelo and Tribble. "I call dibs on 4Kids Mikey!"
  "You always do, dude. Oh well, guess I'll go with 4Kids Casey Jones."
  "Wait, why would you play a Ninja Turtle game and not want to be a Ninja Turtle?" Jenny asked.
  "They're just the main cast, Jen. Heck, this game just represents the 2003 interpretation of the Turtles. If you take into account every incarnation ever done, their notable supporting cast outnumbers them about 5 to 1. Trust me, I did the math!" Jeff said with a grin.
  "Were Kala, Dask and Zak among that cast?" Tribble asked in a curious manner.
  Jeff patted the last Neutrino kindly on the shoulder. "Sweety, they were at the top of the list!" he paused for a moment and rebutted himself with "Well, okay they were in the top 10."
  "You didn't count that lame Carter dude from the Red Sky era, did you?" Mikey mentioned.
  "Oh no... God no! Hell, I'm surprised you were even aware of that character, considering your reality ended 3 seasons before he would show up."
  "Renet showed me that era on our date last weekend."
  "Wait, Jeff told me you were single." Jenny said.
  "I kinda am still, but the timestress and I got to talking one evening and somehow one thing lead to another..." the turtle remarked bashfully. "Hey Jeff, you oughta give Stargirl a call and see if she'd be up for a double date!"
  Jeff shook his head and chuckled. "I dunno, we've both been down that road before. Inter-dimensional relationships almost never work out."
  "Thanks for the vote of confidence, dude." Mikey griped.
  That moment Vernon came upstairs. "Excuse me, your highness."
  "Hey, Uncle Vernon. What's up?"
  "Pardon the interruption, but Donatello would like a word with you."
  "Oh allright. I'll be down in a moment. I have to use the bathroom."
A few minutes later Tribble was in the basement with Donny, Leo, Raphael and Mona Lisa.
  "So what's the deal, brainiac?" the smart-aleck turtle asked.
    "I'm a little concerned about Tribble's genetic stability. Ordinarily, Neutrinos age a lot slower than humans do. Tribble was still a toddler when Krang killed her parents back in 2006,. However within a significantly short amount of time she's already reached her teen years."
  "Come to think of it, Vernon also looks much older than he should be." Mona Lisa mentioned.
  "You're right. It's almost as if they went through some kind of time warp." Leonardo remarked.
  "More like a time-pull!" Donatello added.
  "Whoa, are you saying that the same device Shredder and Krang used to rewind this world by seven years was used to destroy the Neutrinos?"
  "There's no doubt about it, Raphael. Krang must've re-programmed the time-pull generator to fast forward all of Dimension X into pre-mature extinction."
  Over the next couple of minutes Donatello and Mona Lisa ran tests on both Vernon and Tribble, while Leonardo and Raphael informed Jeff and the others of Donny's theory.
  Michaelangelo was absolutely livid by the news. "I dunno what's worse... hearing that Krang killed three of our closest amigos and their entire race, or that he did it by making them go through their golden years in an instant!"
  "I know it is an upsetting thing to learn, my student, but we must remain strong for Tribble. She is the last of her people, and will most likely spend the remainder of her life here with us." Splinter said.
  "Is she going to be okay?" Jenny asked.
  "We've only seen what the time-pull does when used in reverse. I can't say we've had much experience with the opposite effect." Leo explained just as Mona Lisa came upstairs.
  "How're the patients, honey?" Raphael asked.
  "Aw, I love it when you call me that!!!" the mutant lizard gushed as she kissed her husband. "The good news is they're both physically stable. No chance of any temporal residue, though apparently they did age quite a substantial amount. Don is contacting Renet and see if she can help shed some light on this situation."
  Mikey started to get a little nervous. "Hey, uh if she asks, I'm outta town."
  Jeff smirked as he smacked his green bro on the shell. "Oh come on, how bad could that date have gone?"
  "Wait, you went on a date with Renet?" Raphael asked in surprise.
  "I don't wanna talk about it, dudes. Just... just give me some space!" Michaelangelo said as he stormed outside again.
  Jeff was about to run after Mikey, when Splinter held him back. "Let Michaelangelo be for now. He's had a very emotional day. I'll keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't cause a ruckus." Splinter said as he headed out the front door.
  Mere seconds later, Renet materialized in the living room. "Hey gang, I got here as soon as I could. The Palisade has been a real mess lately and I was doing some cleaning when I got Jeffrey's message."
  "I didn't send a message... yet."
  "Oh, well I guess I'm early then." Renet exclaimed with a chuckle. "So what's the 411?"
  "It's a pretty long story. We'll fill you in as best we can."
  For a quarter of an hour Jeff, Jenny, Leonardo, Mona Lisa and Raphael listened to Vernon and Tribble tell Renet the story of their narrow escape from Dimension X before it was obliterated. Donatello chimed in the part about the time-pull generator being the cause of the destruction.
  Renet hung her head in shame. "I feel so guilty. I should've been able to sense it happening, but I've been so preoccupied with other issues. I'm sorry for your loss, Princess Trib."
  "But you're a time traveler, right? Can't you just go back to when the device or whatever went off?"
  "If only it was that easy, Jenny." Jeff replied.
    "See the time-pull device not only warps time, but space itself. When Shredder used it in the real world, he actually created a pocket dimension we know as Dimension J. When Shredder made contact with the Teen Titans' enemies, that world became permanently connected to Dimension J, as did the Smallville universe when Starfire and I went there." Donatello explained. "Dimension X however was a slightly different story. Originally it was connected to our cartoon world, which inadvertently was wiped out into an empty void. So when Krang programmed the time-pull, he basically sent all life in Dimension X to the same fate."
  "Hey, where's Michaelangelo?" Tribble asked.
  "He went outside to sulk... again!" Raphael commented when he gave Renet a look. "Speaking of which, what was the deal with this date you had?"
  Renet blushed. "Oh, that. Um, it really didn't go so well. I took him to the 4Kids universe where we ran into the Ninja Turtles of that world. Raph was a little tipsy that night, and he lit into your Mikey, who he mistook for the Michelangelo of the wacky cartoon world they dealt with originally. Next thing you know those two are having a fist fight. Casey Jones tries to break up the fight, only to get punched in the eye by Mikey."
  "Ouch! No wonder he's been so somber lately." Jeff remarked.
  "Boy, that 2K3 me is a real asswipe!" Raphael stated. "I'm almost afraid to find out what my Nickelodeon counterpart's gonna be like."
  "I wouldn't worry too much about it. Something tells me we won't be visiting that world any time soon."
  "Princess Tribble, where do you think you're you going?" Vernon said sternly.
  "I wanna talk to Mikey!"
  "I'll go with her." Mona Lisa said as she took Tribble by the hand and lead her upstairs.
  "You know after all these years there's still one thing I don't quite get." Leonardo said. "How come only a select few people from our previous lives are still around, yet everyone is basically just wiped from existence? Irma, Zach, half of the Punk Frogs, just... gone."
  "I've been wrestling with the same thing for a while." Donatello replied. "It almost feels like the cosmos saw them as a waste of space for some sad reason."
  "The universe is a complex thing, boys. Even Lord Simultaneous has trouble keeping things in order."
  "Are you guys still at odds with each other?" Jeff asked.
  "Somewhat. He still disapproves of what I was doing with Raven and Lana. Speaking of which, I've got to get to Titans Tower and meet up with them! Ciao for now."
  "Be sure to say hi to them for us" Leonardo said just as Renet vanished in a flash of light. Her voice echoed behind, "Will do, bro!"
  Meanwhile, Splinter found Michaelangelo in the back yard kicking the same tree he was beating before. "My son, you must calm yourself! Let us help you get through this turmoil you are facing."
  "Please, sensei. I don't want to talk. I just want Kala back. Damn you, Krang." Mikey's eyes started it to well up as he screamed at the top of his throat "DAMN YOU, DAMN YOU, DAMN YOU!!!"
  Splinter smacked Mikey upside the head. "That is enough! I am through tolerating your behavior!" he said sternly.
  "You don't understand, Master Splinter. I-I never forgave Kala for breaking up with me. Last time we were in Dimension X, I barely spoke a word to her. I was too angry. Now she's gone and I'll never have the chance to..." Michaelangelo started to break down in sobs and fell to his knees.
  Splinter pulled his son into a tight hug just as Mona Lisa and Tribble came outside. The young Neutrino ran to Michaelangelo and wrapped her arms around him, kissing him on the cheek. "It's gonna be okay."
  That same moment Raphael came out to the patio to talk to his wife. "Hey M.L., Jeff and Jenny are inviting us to lunch at Baja Fresh and- whoa, what the heck?"
  "I think whatever was bothering Mikey finally hit the boiling point." Mona Lisa said as she held Raphael's hand.
  "Guess we're gonna have to take a rain check on Baja Fresh for now, huh?"
  "No, we can still go. Besides, I wanna go over to Jenny's house and see her pets! Besides, I think Michaelangelo's gonna be fine with our new housemate."
  "You sure have a soft spot for kids, don't you?" Raphael commented happily. "You thinking what I'm thinking?"
  "No. What?"
  "What if we adopted Tribble, and made her our daughter?"
  "Aw, that's a wonderful idea!" Mona Lisa said tearfully as she looked back at Michaelangelo was now smiling again as he and Tribble ran around the yard together. "We've got ourselves a wonderful family!"

        Later that evening, Master Splinter, Jeff and the Turtles held a silent memorial service for the Neutrinos as well as all inhabitants of Dimension X that perished. Michaelangelo held Tribble tightly as he shed tears for her people. Raphael even offered Vernon a hug, knowing this was the closest the former camera man had ever come to facing certain demise.
  "In time our wounds will heal..." Splinter spoke softly. "But we shall never forget our fallen loved ones."


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