Temporal Chaos
Temporal Chaos

story by Jephael

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This story takes place fifteen years after the events of
The Summer I was Young Again. Clark Kent/Superman and other Smallville characters make their third appearance, as do Beast Boy and Raven, while the other Teen Titans make their first return appearance since "A Hero is Hard to Find".
Massive thanks goes out to
Rob Paulsen for providing his incredible voice over talent!!!

TEEN TITANS Earth (Elseworld T); Jump City, CA - February 14TH, 2015

    Beast Boy and Raven stood patiently on the roof of Titans Tower. "Aw man, when are they going to get here?!" the changeling pouted.
  "Just be patient, Garfield. They should be here any minute."
  "It sure will be nice to see the old gang again. Feels like it's been forever since I kicked Cyborg's butt at video games or tasted Starfire's good old Tameranian cooking! My God, I can't believe I just said I miss her cooking!"
  "You think that's surprising? I actually agree with you." Raven replied with a smirk. "Speaking of Starfire, I wonder what this big surprise is that she and Robin have for us."
  "Heh, I still find it funny he decided to quit being Knightwing!" Beast Boy added.
  "I didn't quit being Knightwing. I just like going back to being Robin from time to time... especially whenever I'm back in town." the Boy Wonder said as he and his Tameranian beau appeared.
  "My friends, it is ever so joyous to see you again!" Starfire said as she hugged Raven tightly.
  "Same here, Star." Raven said as she tried to catch her breath.
  "Yea. So like what's this announcement you guys have?" Beast Boy asked.
  "I was kinda hoping Cyborg would be here already. I really don't want to spoil the surprise until the whole group is back together." Robin explained just as his communicator went off. "Cyborg, is that you?"
  "Who else would it be, man? Listen, I'm downtown and I could really use your he-" Before Cyborg could finish, the communicator flickered and went dead.
  "Cyborg? Cyborg!" Robin tried frantically to resume contact. "Titans, trouble!"
    As the four young heroes left to rescue their friend, a dimensional portal opened, and a dark, mysterious figure emerged with a sinister grin on her face.

Jephaelverse Earth (Dimension J); Quakertown, Pa - May 4TH, 2007

    Raphael sighed as he walked out of the Regal Richland Crossing theater with Mona Lisa, followed shortly by Jeff, Master Splinter and the rest of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  "Is it just me, dudes, or was Spider-Man a little too much of a crybaby?" Michaelangelo said.
  "Yea, and an emo crybaby at that!" Donatello added.
  "I still can't get over the fact that Peter Parker actually hit his girlfriend! In what comic book would a super hero ever do something like that?!" Leonardo griped.
  "It could've been a lot worse, guys. Imagine if they had thrown in a love scene between J. Jonah Jameson and Aunt May or something even more messed up!" Jeff suggested.
  "Maybe they're saving that for the fourth film." Mona Lisa joked.
  "Somehow I highly doubt Sony's gonna let Sam Raimi do another Spidey film after that 2-hour trainwreck!" Don mentioned. "I have to admit though, the kid from That 70's Show pulled off a fairly decent Venom."
  "Lets face it, guys, super hero movies just aren't what they used to be!" Raphael remarked.
  "No duh! Remember that bomb of a Superman flick from last year? I dunno why Warner Bros. doesn't just do a movie with the cast of Smallville!" Mikey added as he unlocked the Turtle Van and climbed into the driver's seat.
  "Well, for one thing, I know Tom Welling doesn't want to wear the suit." Jeff replied as he got into the passenger seat.
  "I can't imagine why. I mean we've actually met that incarnation of Clark Kent in the future, and he looked quite dapper in those iconic tights." Leo remarked.
  "Hey yea, that's right! Lex teamed up with old Shred-head around the time Raphael and I got married." Mona Lisa said.
  "Yea, but that wasn't the first time we met Clark. Remember our team-up with the Teen Titans?" Don mentioned.
  "Oh right, when Shredder was in cahoots with Slade and that pug-ugly Control Freak!" Raphael said. "Boy, I haven't thought about those goons in ages!"
  "You know something majorly disturbing just occurred to me. We never did go back to make sure anymore of Krang's technology was left in Clark's world!" Leonardo said.
  "Yea, and like we also forgot to take Groundchuck and Dirtbag back with us!" Michaelangelo added.
  "I thought Renet took care of those two mutant mooks!" Raphael commented.
  "Actually, Raven did that since Renet was preoccupied with Shredder." Splinter exclaimed.
  "Do you still talk with Raven, Sensei?" Jeff asked.
  "Not as much lately, though I know she has become much more at ease with herself and her powers."
  "You know it probably wouldn't hurt to contact Superman or the Teen Titans and make sure everything is-" Donatello was suddenly interrupted by the trans-dimensional communicator.
  "What's going on?" Leonardo asked.
  "You guys aren't gonna believe this, but we're getting a call from Watchtower!"
  "Huh, what a coincidence!" Mona Lisa replied.
    "This is Superman, contacting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Come in, Turtles!"
  "Hey, Big Blue! How's it shakin'?" Raphael said as he waved to the image of Clark Kent on the view screen in front of the Daily Planet.
  "I don't have much time to explain, but we really need your help! How quick can you guys make it to Metropolis?"
  "Lickity split, Mr. Kent!" Jeff said as he started programming the trans-dimensional teleportation unit. "Okay, Mikey. When I give the word, put the pedal to the metal!"
  "Sure thing, bro! But uh, do you mind if I made a quick stop at-"
  "We are NOT getting pizza, Michaelangelo!!!" Leonardo scolded.
  "Mellow out, dude! I was trying to tell you the gas tank's close to empty and we should fuel up first!"
  "Oh, sorry." Leo replied sheepishly.
  "You know what they say. When you assume, you make an ass out of you and me!" Raphael joked.
  "Where do you come up with that stuff?" Donatello asked.
  "Hey, I just run with what the internet gives me!"
  "That explains why you're always hogging the computer!" Mona Lisa mentioned.

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Metropolis, KS - July 25TH, 2014

  The Turtle Van soon materialized in the middle of a desolate, run down neighborhood.
  "Um, what the heck are we doing in the middle of Bum Town, U.S.A?" Donatello asked.
  "My mistake, guys. I meant for us to appear downtown where the Daily Planet is located, but I goofed up and landed us in the middle of Suicide Slums!" Jeff explained.
  "Oh well, no harm done. Atleast we didn't end up dropping in on the middle of some gang war or something!" Mona Lisa mentioned.
  "Maybe not, but scope that out!" Michaelangelo said as he pointed out the windshield where he noticed some poor old lady getting mugged.
    "We can't let that punk get away!" Leonardo said as he opened the side door to the van and ran out towards the purse snatcher. "You'd better drop that old lady's bag, creep!"
  "Oh yea? Who's gonna make me, freak?!"
  "I am!" Leonardo elbowed the thief in the ribs and grabbed the purse from him. The fearless turtle them proceeded to hand the purse back to the lady. "He shouldn't bother you anymore, ma'am."
  "Oh, thank you dear." she said as she took out a pair of glasses. "If it weren't for you, I'd wouldn't know what I'd do. I can barely see without my-" just as she put the glasses over her eyes, the old lady got a good look at her green skinned, shell-backed hero. "Mu-mu- MONSTER!!!" she screamed.
  "No, no! I'm not a monster. I'm a-" Leonardo tried to explain.
  "Get away from me!" the old lady yelled as she sprayed the turtle in the eyes with a can of mace before running away in terror.
  Jeff and the other Turtles winced as they saw their leader painfully stumble over.
  Just then the mugger came back and prepared to beat Leo with a crowbar. "Now you're gonna get it, ya slimy jerk!"
  Raphael ran out and punched the mugger in the nose before proceeding to twirl him around and shove him into a nearby dumpster. "So much for that asswipe!" he said as he went to check on his brother. "Are you okay, Leo?"
  "Raphael, is that you? I can... I can barely see!"
  "No wonder. That lady had to have given you a lethal dose of that stuff!" Raphael remarked as he assisted Leonardo back into the Turtle Van.
  "Good work, my students! I am extremely proud of the both of you!" Splinter said as he removed Leonardo's bandana.
  "For sure. You really kicked ass there, Raph!" Mikey stated.
  "Yea, all you're missing is your old Green Defender costume!" Jeff added.
  "Green Defender? Man, I haven't thought of that name in years! I gotta admit it would be kinda fun to bring back that old alias." Raphael said with a smirk.
  "Uh oh, I'm picking up on a police car about eight blocks from here, and it's headed this way!" Don said.
  "That old lady must've called 9-1-1 on us." Mona Lisa said.
  "We'd better beat it!" Jeff said.
    About fifteen minutes later the group was now downtown, not far from the Daily Planet, when the van was nearly knocked over by what looked like a young man in a big red suit of armor.
  "Holy guacamole!" Mikey shouted.
  "What the heck was that?" Donatello.
  "Whoever is driving that suit, he certainly seems to have no regard for others' safety." Splinter stated.
  "We'd better go after him then." Leonardo said. "Step on it, Mikey!"
  "You know I'm more than happy to be the dude behind the wheel, but I'd really appreciate it if everyone used the FREAKING MAGIC WORD once in a while!" Michaelangelo shouted in frustration.
  "Jeez, Michaelangelo, you sure have been sensitive lately!" Donatello said.
  "Sorry, guys. I've just been feeling kinda down ever since I found out about Kala's engagement." Michaelangelo's train of thought was quickly interrupted by a blast of energy that hit the side of the van.
  "Aw, for the love of cheese! What now?" Raphael griped.
  "Eep." Jeff muttered as he saw a short looking kid with souped up tech pack on his back headed their way, as well as the earlier guy in the red armored suit. It was then Jeff made a sudden realization. "Hold the phone. I know who these guys are! I've seen them before!"
  "Oh yea, where?" Mona Lisa asked.
  "On Cartoon Network. They're enemies of the Teen Titans!"
  "Are you kidding us?!" Raphael asked.
  "No, I'm serious! That dude in the red mech armor is Adonis, and the little squirt in the jet pack is Gizmo!"
  "Geez, these dudes could tear up this entire city!" Michaelangelo commented. "Where the heck is-"
  Just then a loud crack rang out as Adonis sent a motorcycle flying across the street.
  Michaelangelo parked the van near a phone booth as Splinter, Mona Lisa and the other Turtles got out.
  "It's about time you guys showed up!" Lois Lane said as she showed up with Superman.
  "Sorry, we had a slight detour earlier." Leonardo commented sheepishly as he rubbed his sore eyes. "So what's going on around here?"
  "Apparently that dimensional portal Shredder made for Lex all those years ago has been activated." Clark explained.
  "I kinda figured that out after Jeff mentioned those two badguys are from the Teen Titans' universe." Donatello replied.
  "They're not the only ones here. I just dealt with some blue faced magician who attacked us with bunny rabbits."
  "Mumbo Jumbo!" Jeff replied. "Guys, this is getting bad. We need to find the Titans fast!"
  "Yea, but in the meantime we've got three whack-jobs running loose in Metropolis!" Raphael griped.
  "We also need to locate the dimensional portal and dispose of it, as well as discover who is responsible for this!" Splinter added.
  "I'm already ahead of you there." Lois said. "Dr. Hamilton helped me locate the source of the temporal rift in an old abandoned LuthorCorp facility."
  "Michaelangelo, Mona Lisa and I shall accompany Miss Lane to the facility." Splinter said.
  "Then Donatello and I will go with Jeff to the Titans' world and locate them. Raphael, you and Clark take down those villains!" Leonardo ordered
  "Oh sure, that'll be easy... atleast until I get blinded with pepper spray like you did half an hour ago!" Raph complained.
  "He's right, dudes. If we're gonna be going around this city, we'd better have some disguises." Michaelangelo mentioned.
  "That shouldn't be any problem!" Clark said with a grin.

TEEN TITANS Earth (Elseworld T); Jump City, CA - April 20TH, 2015

  Donatello loosened his grip on the steering wheel of the Turtle Van as it entered this dimension. "Sorry for the bumpy ride."
  "Atleast we got here in one piece." Jeff remarked as they exited the Turtle Van. "Boy, it sure feels weird being back here."
  "I know. It hasn't changed too much though." Don mentioned when he noticed something on the radar. "Hey Leo, how's your vision?"
  "I'm still a little light headed, but I can see pretty clearly now."
  "That's good, because I think we've got something headed this way!"
  Before long a large, disgusting purple ooze creature with dozens of green eyes appeared.
  Jeff gulped. "Of all the badguys to encounter here... it had to be Plasmus!"
    "No matter. We can take him!" Leonardo said as he got out of the van and brandished his katana blades. "Turtles fight with honor!!!" he shouted as he drove his sword into the monster, but Plasmus quickly fought back by spewing acid on the katana blades, causing them to melt.
  "Yea, but look what he fights with." Don remarked.
  Jeff ran out and found a nearby fire hydrant. "Lets hose this goober off!" he said as he used his nunchucks to crack open the hydrant.
  Plasmus was quick to react as he clogged the fire hydrant with the ooze from his arm.
  "Well, so much for that plan." Jeff said.
  "Maybe we can be of some help!" a voice spoke from behind.
  Jeff turned around to see three figures standing near him. "Who the heck are you?"
    "No time to explain ourselves. Come on, Gnarrk!" The young pink haired girl said as she and her caveman looking companion ran towards the monster. The girl changed herself into crystal form shaped like a boomerang, which Gnarrk threw at Plasmus. The force of her diamond shielded body actually stunned the monster long enough for the third individual, a blonde haired young man, to look the monster in the eyes and enter its body and possess it.
  "Good work, Jericho!"
  "Thank you, Kole. I couldn't have done it without you and Gnarrk's help." Jericho said with Plasmus' voice.
  "Are you guys... Titans?" Leonardo asked.
  "We sure are!" Kole said with a grin.
  "But I've never heard of you guys before. Though I'm guessing you guys haven't been introduced yet on the show. I'm only up to the third season."
  "Season?" Kole asked.
  "It's kind of a long story. We're friends of the main Teen Titans." Donatello explained.
  "We know." Jericho replied. "We heard about you Turtles and how you helped defeat Slade and Control Freak years ago. Things have been very peaceful since then... though not much as of late."
  "How come?" Jeff asked.
  "A few weeks ago, someone let loose a bunch of the Titans' old enemies." Kole said. "The original team thought they could handle it themselves, and they did for a while. But then something happened and they haven't been heard from since. Us honorary Titans have been scouting the city looking for them ever since."
  "Lucky thing too. If it weren't for you guys, Plasmus would've creamed our shells!" Leonardo said.
  "There has to be some way to find the Titans!" Jeff exclaimed.
  "I'm way ahead of you!" Donatello said as he got into the Turtle Van. "If I could patch into the surveillance monitors at Titans Tower, there's a chance I could hone in on their bio-rhythms." Sure enough the tracking equipment picked up on something. "I'm getting something! It's faint, and it seems like only three of them are actually together."
  "That's better than none!" Leonardo replied. "Lets haul shell!"
  "I had better take Plasmus to jail. I can only maintain control over his mind for an hour or so." Jericho said.
  "Would you two mind joining us? We could use all the help we can get!" Jeffrey said to Kole and Gnarrk.
  "We were hoping you'd say that!" Kole replied with a grin.
  "Gnarrk!" the caveman added with a smile.
  "I wonder how Master Splinter and the others are doing in Metropolis." Don said as he opened the door to the Turtle Van.
  "I'm sure they're fine. Now come on, we've got some fellow heroes to save!" Leo boasted.

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Metropolis, KS - July 25TH, 2014

    Now donned in a hooded jacket and cape, Raphael climbed up a fire escape of a building and made his way to the rooftop. He stood proudly as he shouted in a low tone "Evildoers, beware... the Green Defender is watching your every move!!!" Raph chuckled at his own corny line. "Boy, Clark sure outdid himself making me this suit. I mean compared to this, the original costume made me look like a dork!!!" The turtle let out a sigh as he looked up into the sky. "Ya know I sure hope Mona Lisa and the others are doing okay. Aw come on, Raphael, this is no time to be a worry-wart! You got badguys to stomp! Besides, I'm sure Jeff and Donatello won't have any trouble tracking down the Teen Titans. I just hope they do it quick, or we could be stuck here a while. Then again, I don't think this a two-part fan fiction... is it?"

drawn by theEyZmaster

  Raph decided to stop the outer monologue as he noticed a couple of graffiti artists making their mark. "Not exactly the epic battle I was waiting for, but it's a start." he said as he took out a grappling hook and used it to swing down heroically. "Hi. You know it's not polite to vandalize other peoples' property."
  The two punks threw their paint cans at the turtle, who easily dodged them.
  "It's also not nice to throw stuff!"
  The taller thug took out a switchblade and attempted to attack, but Raphael was ready as he kicked the knife out of the punk's hand and proceeded to pin him against the wall.
  "Nice try, but no cigar!"
    The shorter thug tried to grab Raphael by the hood of his cape, when Superman showed up and knocked the punk out. "You really need to be more careful, Green Defender. Even low-lives like these two can be a handful."
  "Hey, I had it under control! Besides, this was just a warm up." Raph said.
  Clark grinned at his friend. "I dunno who's cockier, you or Oliver."
  "You know I think we knew an Oliver once... oh no wait, I'm thinking of Oscar, that cab driver I had switched brains with."
  "You got brain switched too huh? I once got brain switched with Lex Luthor's father, while he was in prison."
  "Oh yea, we saw that episode. It's 2007 now in our world so we're just waiting for the seventh season to start."
  Clark made a smirk. "Isn't it weird to think we're somehow the products of peoples' imaginations?"
  "Yea, and considering how lackluster our last films were, I sure hope the next guys who take on our respective likenesses know what the heck they're doing!"
  "I suddenly have this weird image in my head of my Aquaman pretending to be you."
  "Funny, Michaelangelo told me once that he had weird dream where you were one of the secret service guys who was there they day JFK was shot."
  "I could see my actor in a role like that... sure sounds better than being a background character in some cheesy family flick."

TEEN TITANS Earth (Elseworld T); Jump City, CA - April 20TH, 2015

    Donatello's tracking system had lead them to an abandoned shoe factory on the edge of town. "Boy, not much to this place."
  "Yea, I bet finding the Titans will be a snap!"
  "I wouldn't bet on it, Jeffrey." Leonardo replied. "We have no idea who or what we're up against."
  Just then a flood light came on and two giant robots dressed as English sentries emerged and advanced on the group.
  "G-G-G-GNARRK!!!" Gnarrk screamed in fright.
  "Take it easy, big guy. We can handle these bozos!" Don assured their friend just as both androids aimed muskets at them. "Then again..."
  "Come on, gang. We can take em! Turtles fight with honor!!!" Leo yelled as he charged. With lightning-quick reflexes, he managed to take out one of the robots by slicing its legs off.
  Jephael mutated into turtle form as he used his bo staff to clog the other sentry's gun, which blew up in its face causing it to go haywire. "So much these two geeks!"
  "Nicely done, my duckies. But you'll have to do better than that!" a strange voice with an English accent said over an intercom.
  "Who the heck was that?" Donatello asked.
  "You'll find out in a moment." Jeph answered as he lead them into the factory. The place was lit up bright.
  "Well, well, I was wondering when you lot were going to show up."
  "All right, Mad Mod. Enough games! Where are the Titans?" Jephael asked.
  The eccentric evildoer came out of the shadows. "I'm afraid I only have a few of them here with me."
  Don could barely stifle a chuckle at the sight of Mad Mod. "Okay, whoever came up with you must've watched Austin Powers a few times too many!" he said with a laugh.
  "I dunno what you're going on about, but if you're looking for the Titans, look no further." Mad Mod said in a sinister tone as Beast Boy, Starfire and Cyborg came up to them. All three of them had blank expressions and their pupils were barely visible.
  "What did you do to them?" Leonardo asked.
  "It's quite simple, really. Thanks to my new and improved hypnotic device, they do my bidding, and I bid them to do away with you slimy green troublemakers!"
  "Uh oh. This could get pretty hairy, guys!" Kole muttered.
  "Everybody stand your ground. We don't want to hurt them." Leo said just as Cyborg came at him with a powerful punch.
  "Somebody tell him that." Don remarked.
  "We've gotta turn off that hypnotic device!" Jephael exclaimed as he dodged Starfire's star-bolts.
  "But how?" Kole asked as she and Gnarrk barely avoided an attack by Beast Boy in the form of a kangaroo.
  "I have a hunch. Keep the Titans occupied! I'm going after Mad Mod!" Jephael ordered as he ran out of the fray. "All right, free the Titans or else I'm gonna have to get rough with you!" he said as he swirled his nunchucku
    "Oye, that's some fancy weapon you've got there. But there's just one little thing you didn't count on." Mad Mod pressed the diamond shaped top of his cane and five holographic duplicates of him appeared. The six Mad Mods crossed paths with one another as they ran off.
    Jeph closed his eyes and concentrated. After a few seconds he ran off towards a ladder and climbed it onto a platform where three of the Mad Mods were standing.
  "He couldn't know one of us is the real Moddy." all three of them said in disbelief.
  "I do now, dipshit!" Jephael said with a grin.
  "Blimey! How'd you do that?"
  "It's called listening, porridge-brain! I heard the echo of your footsteps as well as the sound of you grunting as you climbed all the way up here."
  All three Mad Mods sneered. "Pretty clever, you little snot-nosed reptile! So how are you gonna figure out which one of us is the real McCoy?"
  "Oh it's simple." Jeph smirked as he started stomping his foot on the metal platform, causing it to vibrate and wobble.
  The two holographic Mad Mods remained still, while the real one struggled to remain standing, resulting in him dropping his cane. "Oh no!!!"
    Jephael jumped off the platform and used his grappling hook to swing down safely back to the floor where he found the cane and smashed the diamond top, which shorted out the hypnotic device.
  "Jeffrey, you did it!" Leonardo said with excitement.
  "Oh, my head." Cyborg groaned as he came to his senses. "What's going on here?"
  "Yea, I feel like I just woke up from a really weird dream, but I can't remember any of it." Beast Boy said.
  "I too feel as if I've had the out-of-body experience." Starfire added.
  "It was Mad Mod. He had you all under some kind of mind control." Donatello explained.
  "Now I remember. I was on my way to meet Robin and the others when I found myself up against Adonis." Cyborg said.
  "I remember as well. Robin and I had just arrived when we received the call from you." Starfire exclaimed.
  "Yea, but by the time we arrived, you were gone and we were up against Gizmo who hit us with some weird beam." Beast Boy added.
  "They couldn't have been working for Mad Mod, could they?" Cyborg asked.
  "I don't think so." Leo replied.
  "What do you mean?" Starfire asked.
  "We don't know how to tell you this, but you've been missing for the last two months." Kole explained.
  "Dude, how is that even possible?!" Beast Boy asked.
  "There's no way Mad Mod could've mustered the technical knowhow to keep all five of us under his control for that long!" Cyborg said.
  "Yea, and if you haven't noticed, there's only three of you original Teen Titans in this room."
  Starfire gasped. "You are right, Donatello. Where are Robin and Raven?"
  "We were hoping you guys would know." Jeff answered as he resumed human form.
  It was then the heroes all looked back at Mad Mod who was sheepishly trying to escape through a backdoor.
  Starfire angrily grabbed Mad Mod by the collar and dragged him back to the center of the room where they were standing.
  "Eh heh. Hello, gov'ner." Mad Mod said sheepishly.
  "Okay, you! Who gave you the technology to incapacitate these guys for so long?" Leonardo asked.
  "I-I honestly don't know. Some mysterious chaps hired me to keep these do-gooders occupied. That little nutter Gizmo helped me set up the new brainwashing device. Lot of good it did me after this here brat went and smashed the control!" Mad Mod said angrily towards Jeffrey.
  "So where're our friends?" Beast Boy asked.
  "I'm afraid I can't help you there, mate."
  "In that case, we might as well go ahead and take you back to jail." Cyborg replied.
  Once Mad Mod was delivered to the authorities, Jeff, Leonardo and Donatello took the Titans back to the tower.
  "We really appreciate you guys saving us."
  "Think nothing of it, Cyborg." Jeff replied.
  "I wish to display my gratitude by playing you a melody on the gorgapipe!" Starfire said as she prepared to play a Tameranian instrument, but was quickly stopped by Beast Boy.
  "So how do we find your other teammates?" Leo asked.
  "I have a feeling they're in Metropolis." Donatello exclaimed.
  "You mean the Metropolis where Raven and I helped you kick that Shredder dude's butt?" Beast Boy asked.
  "One and the same, kid." Jeff answered. "Infact a few of your so-called playmates are in that world right now wreaking havoc. That's why Superman called us to his dimension."
  "Yea, and I have a hunch whoever's behind this is native to that reality!" Don added.
  "But what would they want with Raven and Robin?" Leonardo pondered.
  "I'm sure Splinter and the others are figuring that out. But right now we'd better get back and help Raphael and the Man of Steel deal with those bozos!" Donatello said.
  "If you guys don't mind, Gnarrk and I are going to start heading back home." Kole said.
  "You guys are welcome back anytime!" Cyborg said as he shook hands with them.
  "Later, dudes!" Beast Boy said as he high-fived the two northbound honorary Titans.
  Starfire warmly hugged Kole and Gnarrk each before they left.
  "All right, enough warm-and-fuzzy time. Lets go kick some ass!" Cyborg said with a grin.

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Metropolis, KS - July 25TH, 2014

    While Splinter and Mona Lisa were the first to cautiously enter the abandoned LuthorCorp facility, Michaelangelo was feeling particularly nervous as he brought up the rear with Ms Lane. "Are you sure we're in the right place, Lois?"
  "Come on, Mikey. We've been through way worse."
    "Mona Lisa makes a good point, my son. Besides, there is nothing to fear as long as we stay together." Splinter said as he stopped short near two corridors. "This way I believe." the wise rat said as he pointed towards the right hallway.
  "How do you know?" Lois asked.
  "I sense something... or someone." Splinter soon lead the group to a brightly lit room where the dimensional portal stood.
  "Righteous job, Sensei!" Michaelangelo said.
  "So like, now what?" Lois asked.
  "Now you get to tangle with me, pretty lady!" a figure in a red unitard and headgear said with a thick southern accent.
  "We do not wish to fight. Besides, seeing as there are four of us and merely one of you, I'd say the odds are not in your favor, my young friend." Splinter said.
  "Then lets even things up, bubba!" the man said as he split himself into eight copies of himself.
  "Whoa, neat parlor trick, dude..." Mikey said as he twirled his nunchucks and ran head first towards them. "but you're no match for a Teenage Mutant Ninj- OOF!!!"
  Mona Lisa was at a loss for words as she watched the multiplying menace take down Michaelangelo. "Who are- I mean -is this guy?"
  "Who am I? You sure you wanna know? If somebody said I was just your ordinary, every day run-of-the-mill crook... well, he was blowing smoke up yer keester! Hee!!!"
  "Good one, Billy!"
  "Why thank you, Billy!"
  "If it weren't for those gay tights this clown was wearing, I'd say he was another meteor freak from Smallville!" Lois commented.
  "He's not. He's a metahuman from my world." Robin said as he came up from the other side of the room. "All right, Billy Numerous, this time your number's up for good!"
  "Oh yea? Without your Titan buddies here to help you, you don't stand a ghost of a chance!" Billy said as he and his doubles all started to laugh.
  "Maybe, but I've found some friends here in this world to help lend a hand."
  Sure enough Green Arrow and Black Canary appeared from the shadows.
  "Check it out, Billy. We're about to be stopped by a biker chick and a Nintendo character!"
  "Did he really just say that, Oliver?" Black Canary asked.
  "Yes he did, Dinah, and I for one am insulted." Green Arrow replied as he aimed his arrow and aimed it in the middle of the room.
  "Anybody got an apple?" one of the Billies joked.
  "Canary, go!" Robin ordered.
  "You guys might wanna cover your ears." Lois said to Mona Lisa and Splinter.
  Black Canary let loose a high pitched sonic scream that caused all the Billies to crumple to the ground. One by one they recombined into one Billy Numerous.
  "Green Arrow, fire!" Robin shouted.
  "You're the boss, kid!" Oliver said as he re-directed his shot and hit Billy right in the foot with an electric stun cartridge.
    Michaelangelo got up groggily. Having unfortunately been in the path of Dinah's sonic scream, his ears were ringing as he punched Billy in the face, knocking the villain out cold. "NOT SO TOUGH WITHOUT YOUR LITTLE DOPPLEGANGERS, ARE YA?!" he shouted at the top of his lungs.
  "Whoa, easy, Mikey. We can hear you just fine!" Mona Lisa said.
  "Perhaps, but he might not be able to hear us." Splinter said as he went to check on his pupil.
  "Sorry about that. Sometimes I get a little carried away." Black Canary said in a hoarse voice.
  "Yea, that's why I always pack earplugs when I know we're teaming up!" Green Arrow joked.
  Robin attempted to activate the dimensional portal, but couldn't figure out how. "Does anybody know how to work this thing?"
  "I wish I did." Mona Lisa replied sadly.
  "I've got to get back to my world and save the Titans!"
  "You need not worry, my young friend. Donatello, Leonardo and Jeffrey left for your world not more than a few hours ago. I assure you they'll rescue your teammates." Splinter exclaimed.
  "Besides, we still need to help round up the rest of those badguys downtown!" Michaelangelo replied as he rubbed his ears.
  "I'd love to help, but I have to get back home to my wife and son." Oliver said. "Think you could lend these folks a hand, Dinah?"
  "Oh sure. Give Chloe and Jonathan my best when you get back to Star City."
  "Will do, and give Clark mine!"
  That moment back in downtown Metropolis, Superman and the Green Defender were having quite a time fighting both Gizmo and Adonis.
  "You pipsqueaks are no match for us!" Adonis shouted as he picked up Superman and flung him into the air.
  "Yea, these snot-munching losers are going down!" Gizmo said as he shot a stun ray near Green Defender.
  "Boy, that's quite a potty mouth you've got." Raphael remarked as he threw one of his sais at the pint sized terror.
  "Shut up, ya frog faced freak! Soon as I've turned you into a pile of crud on the sidewalk, I'm gonna find that dillhole Robin and shove that cape so far up his-" Gizmo's rant was suddenly cut short by a starbolt.
  "You will do no such thing!" Starfire shouted as she and Beast Boy ganged up on Gizmo.
  Raphael sighed with relief. "Oh, thank God."
  "What's the matter? Couldn't you handle this twerp by your lonesome?" Leonardo asked as he came up to his brother.
  "No, I was just getting sick of this little brat's trash talk!"
  Just a few blocks over, Cyborg, Jephael and Donatello came to Clark's aide against Adonis.
  "So what do you make of this guy?" Don asked Cyborg.
  "This new suit he's got is made of some synthetic alloy not even the Man of Steel over here can penetrate."
  "I could've told you that!" Superman replied. "So what do we do?"
  "He must have a weak spot somewhere. These mech suits always have one!" Jeph exclaimed.
  "Wherever it is, it's definitely not around the torso area," Clark muttered as he rubbed his sore hands.
    "Well, we'd better figure this out quick!" Donatello said just as he bumped the heel of his right foot against a jagged rock. "Ow! Right in the Achilles tendon. Wait, that's gotta be it! Superman, you and Cyborg distract that goon, while Jephael and I attack from behind!"
    Jeph and Don ran around the block until they were on the opposite side of the intersection they were at with Clark and Cyborg who were busy distracting Adonis.
  "Okay, Jeffrey. You take the left foot and I'll take the right!" Donatello said as they both took out their bo staffs.
  Adonis had both Cyborg and Superman in his clutches and laughed maniacally. "Heh heh! You dweebs are gonna get it good this time!"
  "That's what you think!" Cyborg said as he saw Jephael and Donatello out of the corner of his eye.
  "Now!" Don said as he and Jeph jammed their staffs into the heels. Within seconds, the entire mech suit began to short out.
  "What? No! No, you dickheads can't to this to me!"
  "Watch your mouth, son!" Cyborg said as he freed himself from Adonis' grip and aimed his sonic canon at the enemy's face. "Booya!" he said with a smirk as he fired.
  Adonis crumpled to the ground as his armor began to break apart.
  "Good call with the feet, Donnie!" Jeff said as he changed back to human form.
  "It was just a hunch, really."
    Just then, Michaelangelo, Splinter and Mona Lisa showed up accompanied by Lois, Black Canary and Robin who had Billy Numerous bound and gagged. That same moment, Leonardo, Raphael, Beast Boy and Starfire joined them carrying Gizmo.
  "Oh, how glorious! We are all back together!" Starfire said as she hugged Robin.
  "Yea! Hey wait a minute. Where's Raven?" Beast Boy asked.
  "I thought she was still with you guys." Robin replied.
  "The three of us were put under some kind of mind control by the Mad Mod for two months." Starfire explained. "We were freed not more than a half an hour ago."
  "How'd you end up here anyway?" Cyborg asked Robin.
  "I don't know. I remember waking up in some weird town called Smallville. I tried to radio contact you guys for help. That's how I ended up getting in touch with Green Arrow and his associate Watchtower."
  "Chloe and Oliver knew what was going on?" Lois asked.
  "I'm not too surprised." Clark said with a chuckle. "So how do we find Raven?"
  "Perhaps it would help if we could figure out who is responsible for all of this."
  "Master Splinter's right. It couldn't be Shredder or Krang though. They're long gone!" Leonardo stated.
  "I'm guessing Slade!" Robin said angrily.
  "No way, he's still in jail!" Cyborg replied. "Besides, I got a funny feeling somebody from this world is behind it."
  "I have a feeling I'm going to be paying my old friend Lex a visit." Superman said with a heavy sigh.
  "Michaelangelo, Jeff and I will go with you!" Leonardo said.
  "I shall contact Renet and have her assist us in returning these evildoers to the Titans' world. Perhaps she can also aide us in finding Raven." Splinter said. "The rest of you had better put a stop to that strange magician."
  "Cyborg, you and Beast Boy accompany Splinter and keep and eye on Billy, Gizmo and Adonis!" Robin ordered. "Starfire and I will help Donatello and the others capture Mumbo!"
  "Where are you heading, Lois?" Dinah asked.
  "Back to the Daily Planet to do some research. Even if Lex is involved, I have a strong feeling he's not the mastermind behind this caper!"
  "Sounds like a plan!" Mona Lisa replied as she gawked at her husband's outfit. "Looking sharp, sweetheart!"

The 79TH Level of Null-Time (Dimension <Null>)

  Renet had a look of concern on her face as she combed the multiverse in search of Raven. "I dunno, guys. It looks pretty hopeless."
  "What do you mean? Isn't there anyway you can backtrack her or something?!"
  "That's what I've been doing, Garfield!" Renet said in a short tone.
  Cyborg let out a loud chuckle. "I'm... I'm sorry, B. That was kinda funny."
  Beast Boy let out a sigh as Splinter put a consoling hand on his shoulder. "You and Raven have grown close over the last few years, haven't you?"
  "What makes you say that?"
  "She's not the only one who can sense emotion." The rat said with a grin.
  "Hey guys, I think I'm picking up something!" Renet said excitedly.
  "You found Raven?" Cyborg asked.
  "Sweet! Where is she?" Beast Boy chimed.
  "Actually, it's When is she?" the timestress replied.
  "It would seem Raven never left your dimension, but she did leave your time." Splinter exclaimed.
  "Wait a minute, I... I think I recognize that village!" Cyborg said as he looked at the view screen. Memories of an adventure he had gone on years ago came flooding back.
  "Whoa, that's you!" Beast Boy said as he saw a vision of his buddy fighting along warriors in an epic battle against an army of slime creatures. "Holy cow! How come you never told me about that trip?"
  "It was kind of personal, Gar. I met someone in that time period. Someone very special." Cyborg got choked up as he saw the vision of him having a tender moment with Sarasim.
  "I can send you boys there, but first we need to get Mumbo back to Jump City." Renet explained.
  "I am certain Raphael and the others will manage to take care of him posthaste."
  "I wouldn't be so sure, Splinter. That guy's pretty slippery!" Beast Boy mentioned.

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Metropolis, KS - July 25TH, 2014

    Donatello panted as he fended off several stuffed bunny ninjas. "Geez, I dunno how much longer we can keep dealing with these guys!"
  "Then think of something quick, brainiac!" Raphael shouted as one of the bunny ninjas tore off a huge chunk of his cape in half with its sword. "Hey, I was planning on wearing this to the next San Diego Comic Con!" he said angrily as he thrust his sai into the bunny's chest, causing cotton stuffing to spill out.
  "Don't sweat it, honey. When we get back home I can make you a new one!" Mona Lisa said as she jump-kicked two more bunnies.
  Black Canary used her sonic scream to pulverize several bunny ninjas. "Not much to these Easter decorations!" she quipped.
  "Not a bad one-liner, but when it comes to snappy comebacks, yours truly is a natural!" Raphael said as he ripped the head off the final bunny ninja. "Okay, so now what?"
  "Robin and Starfire chased after Mumbo in that direction." Don said as he pointed down a street.
  "But that takes us back to the point we arrived here... in Suicide Slums!" Mona Lisa said with a gulp.
  "Come on, how dangerous can a place like that be?" Raph asked.
  "Famous last words." Black Canary replied.
  Meanwhile at LexCorp, Lex Luthor sat quietly in his office when he heard a knock at the door. "Come in."
  Clark entered the room wearing his trademark Daily Planet uniform. "Thank you for seeing me at such short notice, Mr. Luthor. I wasn't sure you'd be so welcoming."
  "On the contrary, Mr. Kent. I've been hoping we could get a chance to catch up. I haven't seen you and your lovely wife since that unfortunate explosion in Smallville last month."
  Unknown to Lex, Clark had backup listening in. Michaelangelo was just outside his window, hanging by the suction cups strapped to his hands and knees, while Jeff was on the other side of the doorway dressed as a janitor.
  "That's what I came here to talk to you about, Lex. Apparently that explosion was the by-product of a dimensional portal that some strange individuals from an alternate world came through. What they're doing here remains a mystery, though my wife and I do know the source of the vortex came from one of your facilities."
    "I'm well aware of that, Clark. But I can assure you I had absolutely nothing to do with it. I even have an alibi to back me up." Lex said with a devilish grin as he pressed a button, activating the large monitor up on the wall, which showed video footage of him in Washington, D.C., Gotham and several other major cities. "As you can see, I've been extremely preoccupied with my election campaign. My trusty assistant Otis has even kept a detailed manifest of where I've been over the last few months. I can even fax a copy to the Daily Planet for you."
  Clark frowned. "That's fine, Lex. I'll take your word for it. I'd better be going now. Thanks again for your time."
  "Anytime, Mr. Kent." Lex said with the same devilish smile from before.
  Clark and Jeff met up with Michaelangelo just out front of the building. "Man, that cueball is so full of it!"
  "Truer words were never spoken, Mikey." Clark said as he removed his glasses. "Unfortunately, he was telling the truth."
  "So we did all that snooping for nothing?!" Jeff griped.
  "Not necessarily. Assuming Leonardo hasn't ran into any trouble, we should have some clue as to who's the mastermind behind all this."
  Just a few blocks over they found Leo popping up from a manhole. "Phew, it sure has been a long time since I've done that!"
  "So did you find anything?" Jeff asked.
  "Unfortunately, no. All I could uncover was the original blueprints of the dimensional portal with Shredder's signature."
  "Major bummer! We're not anywhere closer to figuring out who the head honcho is in this caper!" Michaelangelo complained.
  Just then Clark's cell phone ringtone went off. "Hey, Lois. What's up?"
  "Round everyone up and meet me at Watchtower!"
  That same moment in Suicide Slums, Robin and Starfire had Mumbo cornered in an alleyway. "Show's over, Mumbo! You're going back to our world now!"
  "That's what you think!" Mumbo replied as he pointed his wand at Robin. "Mecca lecca hi, mecca henie-"
  "EZEERF!!!" a woman's voice shouted.
  Suddenly Mumbo was immobilized and encased in ice.
  "We are victorious?" Starfire asked.
  A beautiful woman dressed in a tuxedo and a top hat appeared. "I'd say so."
  "Good work, Zatanna." Black Canary said as she showed up with Donatello, Raphael (who was now back in his ordinary wardrobe) and Mona Lisa in the Turtle Van.
  "Anytime, Dinah!"
  "Thanks for the help, everyone. I'll be honest, I wasn't sure Starfire I and I could take down Mumbo by ourselves."
  "Think nothing of it, Robin!" Don replied.
  Just then Mumbo disappeared in a bright flash of light and in his place stood Splinter.
  "Sensei, where'd you come from?" Raphael asked.
  "Renet sent me here to inform you that we've found Raven."
  "Oh how glorious!" Starfire shouted. "But what of the Mumbo?"
  "He is back in your world, as are the others."
  "Why didn't Cyborg and Beast Boy come back here with you?" Robin asked.
  "They wish to go by themselves to rescue Raven. I promised them the Turtles and I would safely return the two of you to your world and wait for them there." Splinter explained.
  "Then we'd better round up Jeff and the others!" Mona Lisa replied.
  "I just got a text from Lois that they're at Watchtower now." Black Canary said.
  "Can we drop you ladies off anywhere before we leave?" Donatello said.
  "That's sweet of you to offer, but I was actually taking care of some business in the area anyway." Zatanna replied. "B.C., would you care to join me? I could use some company."
  "My pleasure. Have a safe trip back, you guys!" Dinah said as she waved back to the Turtles and company.
    Twenty minutes later, Donatello, Raphael, Splinter and Mona Lisa reunited with Leonardo, Michaelangelo and Jeffrey at Watchtower where Lois was revealing some unsettling information. "As it turns out someone from this world was behind this attack on the Teen Titans. I don't suppose any of you would be familiar with Amanda Waller?"
  "Sorry, that name does not ring any bells." Starfire said.
  "I remember Batman mentioning her to me once, but I don't think she'd have any reason to go after any of us Titans."
  "Maybe not in your world, but here she's infatuated with super powered individuals like Starfire and me." Clark said. "Something tells me whatever she's got planned for Raven, it can't be good."
  "We'd better track down Cyborg and Beast Boy to warn them! They have no idea who they're up against."
  "Leonardo is right! As much as I hate to break my promise to them, the other Titans need our help!" Splinter said. "Let us make haste, my students!"
  "This haste we are making... it is some kind of weapon, correct?"
  "You should really consider picking her up a dictionary... or maybe a copy of Hooked on Phonics!" Raphael said to Robin.

TEEN TITANS Earth (Elseworld T); South America - February 12TH, 3000 B.C.

    Cyborg was awestruck as he found himself back in the small village he briefly called home. "Just as I remember it." he said just as he heard his own voice.
  "Dude, how'd you do that?" Beast Boy asked.
  "I didn't. Renet must've goofed up. We weren't supposed to show up until shortly after my younger self left!"
  "Those guys look like they could use some help." Beast Boy said upon overhearing the sound of the battle.
  "Yea, but we can't help them until I'm gone... the other me that is!"
    Just then they witnessed a black hole appear in the sky and a large talon gripped the teenaged Cyborg, plucking him out of the past. The echo of his scream rang across the land.
  The current Cyborg was still somewhat hesitant to join in the fight. "Hold up, B. I wanna see how this turns out."
  Krall, the leader of the battalion of slime creatures sneered at Sarasim. "Ha! What will you do now that your champion is gone?"
  "Even without him, I can still proclaim victory over you, vile traitor!" the female warrior said as she unsheathed her sword and struck with all of her might.
  As Krall lay dying in a pool of goo and blood, his slime monsters began to melt.
  "Huzzah!" Sarasim and her people shouted in victory.
  "Aw yea! Way to go, Sarasim!" Cyborg shouted as he ran up to his friend.
  "Cyborg? What happened to you? I thought the Gods took you away."
  "Naw, that was just my pal Raven. They needed me back home."
  "Yea, we were pretty busy what with Trigon and all." Beast Boy mentioned.
  "Who is your green friend?" Sarasim asked.
  "Sarasim, I'd like you to meet my little buddy Beast Boy!"
  "Pleasure to meet you." Beast Boy said as he reached out his hand.
  "Likewise. Would you both excuse me for a moment while I tend to the wounded?" Sarasim asked.
  "No problem." Cyborg said with a smile.
  "Are you sure she can help us, Cyborg?" Beast Boy asked.
  "I'm sure she can, B!"
  An hour later inside the village Sarasim was cleaning herself up when she heard a knock at the door. "It is open. Please come in."
  "Hey Sarasim, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your help."
  "It is the least I could do after all you've done to help me." the female warrior said with a smile. "I had been wondering. After we rescue your friend, would it be all right if I went back with you to see your home?"
  "I dunno, Sarasim. I mean as much as I'd like to, it might be too much for you to handle. Also, you might find this a little hard to understand, but I'm actually a few years older now than I was the last time I was here."
  "You'd be surprised what I can understand, Cyborg." Sarasim said as she gently touched his cheek.
  "You have no idea how much I've missed you." he said as he was about to kiss her, when...
  "Are you dudes ready?! We've gotta get the lead out!" Beast Boy said impatiently.
  "Chill out, B! We'll find Raven in a snap!" Cyborg exclaimed. "Infact I know the first place to look!"
  A short time later, the three of them were at the cave with the witch Krall had used to summon Cyborg to this time period. "Ah, I've been expecting you young warriors!"
  "Are you sure we can trust this creepy old lady?" Beast Boy said quietly.
  "Appearances can be deceiving, my young green friend." the witch responded. "Besides, you haven't much choice in the matter. I'm your only hope in rescuing the daughter of Trigon."
  "Okay then, lets quit with the chit-chat and cut to the chase. Where's our friend?" Cyborg asked.
  "Patience, young ones. She's easy to find, but saving her will be a challenge!" the witch said as she showed them an image of what looked like a peaceful forest.
  "I know where that is. My tribe used to camp there back when I was a small child!" Sarasim exclaimed. "It's quite a hike from here though. We wouldn't reach there until nighfall."
  "Aw man, I told you we should've had Renet bring back Robin and Starfire!" Beast Boy griped.
  "I know, but I figured the least we could do is let them go home."
  Just as Cyborg lead Beast Boy and Sarasim back to the bottom of the mountain, they saw a bright flash of light and a familiar looking yellow and green vehicle appeared.
  "No way!" Cyborg said as he saw Robin and Starfire emerge from the Turtle Van. "What're you guys doing here?"
  "We came to help rescue Raven from the Man-Waller." Starfire replied.
  "Man-What?!" Beast Boy asked.
  "We found out who the true culprit behind all of this is, and we figured we'd better lend a hand!" Robin explained. "Besides, just because the Teen Titans aren't as close knit as they used to be, it doesn't mean we turn our backs on each other!"
  "You're right, Robin." Cyborg said.
  "Yea, Titans together!" Beast Boy said excitedly as they entered the Turtle Van.
  "Ahem!" Raphael coughed.
  "Oh yea, with a little help from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!"
  That moment in the forest Raven awoke to find herself tied to a stake. "Wh-where am I? How'd I get here?"
  "Calm yourself, my dear. You're perfectly safe... for the moment." a dark female figure said in a foreboding tone.
  "I know you. You're the Smallville universe's Amanda Waller!" Raven said as she frantically tried to free herself from her bindings. "Whatever you've got planned, I won't help you one damn bit!"
  "That's quite all right, Miss Raven. Your cooperation isn't necessary for what I have in store." Waller replied. "All I need is your body."
  It was then that Raven noticed a familiar looking device in Waller's hand, and a horrifying realization came to her. "No!"
  "Man, we're making record time, dudes!" Michaelangelo said as held tightly to his seat.
  "Yea, thanks for letting me drive!" Cyborg said. "It may be no T-Car, but it's got some turbo!"
  "I acquired some Nitrous oxide a while back. We've never really gotten into any car chases over the years spent in Pennsylvania, but I always figured it's better to be prepared." Donatello replied.
  "Exactly how fast are we going?" Leonardo asked.
  "Well, if we were in an episode of Looney Tunes, there's a good chance we could catch the Road Runner." Raphael replied.
  "Hell, we could probably catch Sonic the Hedgehog!" Jeff added.
  "So how much farther is this forest?" Beast Boy asked.
  "We should be there very soon." Sarasim answered. "The sun usually begins to set when we are in this part of the land."
    Less than a half hour later they arrived at the outskirts of the forest. Cyborg carefully administered the brakes just as they came near the end of the dirt path.
  "Well, that sure was fun. I don't think I'll be riding any roller coasters at Dorney Park this year!" Mona Lisa remarked.
  As the group trekked through the forest, Starfire trailed behind to talk to Robin. "Once we have saved Raven, I am hoping we can finally reveal our surprise to everyone." she said giddily.
  "Lets not get too ahead of ourselves, Star."
  Cyborg checked the radar built into his arm. "I'm picking up on Raven's biorhythms. She's just a few yards beyond that clearing." he pointed.
  "Then what're we waiting for? Lets go!" Beast Boy said eagerly.
  "My friends, there is something you should know about this place." Sarasim said.
  "Can't it wait, lady? We're kind of in the middle of a search and rescue mission here!"
  "Raphael, do not be so rude!" Splinter scolded.
  "Haha! That's what you get for being a smart-mouth!" Mona Lisa teased her husband.
  "Sorry, but it's been a long day and I was really looking forward to getting home and watching an episode of House M.D. that I recorded on the DVR!" Raph griped.
  "Well, it'll be there when we get back... Unless Mrs. Oughton's deleted it already." Leonardo replied.
  "Geez, Leo, you've been living with my parents and I for a decade and a half now. You don't have to be so formal!" Jeff insisted.
  "Then why do you always call Dori's parents by their last name?" Mikey teased.
  "Oh, shut up!" Suddenly, Jeff was startled by the sound of a ferocious growl. "Uh, Sarasim, what was it you were trying to tell us?"
  "This forest is where my tribe goes to hunt for food, and most of our prey is consisted of wild-" Before she could finish, several wild feline creatures emerged from the bushes.
  "Tigers?" Don said in surprise.
  "Yea, and they look pretty hungry!" Mona Lisa replied.
  "Uh oh, looks like it's time to haul shell!" Leonardo ordered.
  The group ran as fast as they could from the pack, though fortunately the tigers didn't seem all that fast.
  "Where's the Lion King when you really need him?!" Michaelangelo quipped just as he saw a nearby stream next to what looked like a ten foot tall straw hut. "Uh, dudes..."
  "Strange. I certainly don't remember this structure being here before." Sarasim said.
  "That's because it's not. According to my tracking gear that's a holographic illusion, and it's-" Cyborg explained.
  "Sweet!" Beast Boy said as he ran towards it, only to be given a major shock to the system.
  "I was about to mention that holographic illusion is covering what appears to be an electromagnetic force field."
  "So how do we break through without frying ourselves?" Robin asked.
  "Hey I think I see steam coming out of the top of that fake hut!" Raphael said.
  "Whoever designed this force field probably gave it a hole at the dead center for ventilation." Donatello said.
  "Too bad Superman didn't come along with us. He could've easily flown one of us up there." Jeff said.
  "I can do that!" Starfire replied as she picked up Robin and flew up in the air with him.
    Sure enough there was a hole at the top of the force field, which Robin could see through with the help of infrared lenses built into his mask. "I can see Raven and Waller, and it looks as if-"
  Suddenly a bullet rang out, narrowly missing them. Stafire lost her grip on Robin, though luckily he managed to fall right through the hole of the force field and land in the dead center of the room.
  "I had a feeling you Titans would come looking for me."
  "It's over, Waller! Whatever you've got planned, I won't let you get away with it!"
  "You won't have much luck once I'm done here." Waller said as she showed him the device in her hand.
  Robin's gasped. "Puppet King's transference control. How'd you get that?"
  "The villains in your world have some remarkable resilience, however when it comes to keeping after their inventions, they can be pretty absent-minded. I was planning to switch bodies with your friend here so I could use her powers to take control over the universe, but I've gotten a much better idea!" she said menacingly as she aimed the device at Robin. "With your incredible fighting skills, I shall be unstoppable."
  Just then Beast Boy came through the roof in the form of a possum and bit her hand.
  Robin took the opportunity to grab the Puppet King's device and break it in half. He then proceeded to smash the force field generator.
  Waller angrily took out her gun and prepared to shoot Beast Boy, when Cyborg used his sonic canon to knock her senseless.
  "That'll teach you not to mess with the Titans!"
  Leonardo and Raphael helped Splinter free Raven, who was just coming to her senses.
  "My friend, are you all right?"
  "I think so, Yoshi. How did you all get here?"
  "It's a pretty long story." Don answered.
  "Do you think you can send her back where she belongs?" Leo asked as he pointed towards Waller.
  "Try and stop me!" Raven said with a grin.

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Metropolis, KS - July 25TH, 2014

    A sudden flash of light washed over Amanda Waller and before she knew it she found herself back in the LuthorCorp facility where the now destroyed dimensional portal generator stood. "What?! No! How did..."
  "Lets just say nobody around here will be doing anymore dimension hopping." Superman said as he stood triumphantly over her.
  "I was just trying to make the universe a better place! You of all people should-"
  "Your definition of a better place is even more warped than Luthor's, but atleast I can see to it you get the help you need!" Superman exclaimed.
  With no other option, Amanda Waller admitted defeat as the Metropolis Police escorted her out of the building.

TEEN TITANS Earth (Elseworld T); Jump City, CA - April 20TH, 2015

    After spending weeks in the clutches of their enemies, it felt good for the Titans to finally be back in their tower. Raven especially was glad the ordeal was over. "I can't tell you Turtles how much I appreciate your help, not just for saving us, but restoring order to the multi-verse."
  "Oh, it was our pleasure, dudes... and dudettes!" Michaelangelo said cheerfully.
  "Yea, though you really should thank Clark Kent. If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't even have known what was going on." Donatello mentioned.
  "I still find it odd though that Waller singled out the Teen Titans of all people. I mean no offense, but you guys are a little under the radar when compared to most major super heroes throughout the DC realm." Mona Lisa said.
  "Maybe that's why she went after them. If she had gone after someone in the Justice League, they would've ganged up on her before she could make a move!" Jeff replied.
  "A most wise theory indeed, my young student." Splinter responded. "However I suggest it'd be best if we left well enough alone and prepared to return to our world."
  "Before you go, I wish you would stay and have some pizza with us." Starfire exclaimed. "Besides, Robin and I have yet gotten the opportunity to reveal our exciting news to everyone!"
  "Hey yea, that's right. Just before we all got captured, you two had some big announcement." Cyborg said. "So what is it?"
  Robin blushed as he took Starfire by the hand. "Well, seeing as how we've been gone two months, I guess our wedding plans are going to be postponed a little."
  "Wedding? You guys are getting married?" Beast Boy said.
  "We sorta already are married. Robin took me to visit my home planet last New Years where he popped the question." Starfire said sweetly. "We had a special Tameranian ceremony shortly afterwards."
  "You sly dawg, it's about time you made an honest lady out of her!" Cyborg said as he gave his friends a hug.
  A couple of hours later the Turtles and company were bidding their final farewells to the Titans.
  Raven was finding it hard to hold back her emotions as she looked at Splinter. "Yoshi, I'm sorry I haven't talked with you lately. Things have been so..."
  "It is all right, child. You need not apologize. You've gotten a good life here." the elderly rat said.
  "But I don't have you. Splinter, you're the closest thing I've ever had to a father... a real father. If Waller had gone through with the body switch, I'd probably be dead right now, and I'd never have another chance to tell you how much I-" tears began to well up in her eyes.
  Splinter calmly placed his hand on Raven's shoulder. "You mustn't be so quick to fear the worst. Besides, even before you met me, you already had people in your life who cared for you. I will always be there for you in the astral plane, but you must learn primarily to rely on those you have here."
  "You mean like Beast Boy?" Raven replied humorously.
  "I am well aware you two have had your ups and downs, but I know kindred spirits when I see them. Garfield loves you deeply. I could sense it when we were searching for you."
  Raven smiled as she looked back at her green skinned friend who was talking with Leonardo and Raphael. "Yea, I guess Gar's the closest thing I've got to a knight in shining armor." she said with a sigh. "Thank you, Splinter. I love you."
  "And I love you, my child." Splinter said as he hugged Raven.
  "Thanks again for helping me juice up the Turtle Van." Donatello said as he high fived Cyborg.
  "Think nothing of it, bro!"
  "Well, guys, it's been fun. Keep in touch, and stay safe!" Raphael said as he and the rest of his family waved goodbye to the Teen Titans before they headed back to their dimension.
  Later that evening Beast Boy and Raven sat quietly outside. "I really appreciate you sticking with me all these years, Garfield."
  "Hey, think nothing of it. I'd probably be getting myself in all sorts of trouble if it weren't for you to keep me on the straight and narrow! God, where did I learn such geek talk?" Beast Boy said.
  Raven chuckled. "That's what I love about you, Beast Boy. You've always been the cutup of the group! Your jokes could still use some work though."
  "Hey Raven, thanks for sticking with me too."
  "No problemo!" Raven replied as she gave her friend a pat on the back before looking him in the eyes and giving him a warm kiss on the cheek.
  Beast Boy smiled and blushed "Uh, thanks."
  "Play your cards right and the next one will be a lip lock!" she said with a devilish grin as she got up.
  Cyborg and Sarasim came out to the roof holding hands. "I really appreciate the tour, Victor, but I must return to my people."
  "Yea, I know. I have to get back to my new digs as well."
  As they warmly embraced one another for the final time, Raven opened a time warp back to Sarasim's home, which she quickly stepped through. She turned and looked back one last time and smiled at Cyborg as the portal closed.
  "You gotta go back already? Aw, but we just got reunited!" Beast Boy groaned.
  "Sorry, B, but after this whole ordeal, Robin's got me doing some major security work with Titans East. You're both welcome to join me out there for a while."
  Beast Boy smiled at his friend. "Yea, I'd like that. What do ya say, Rae?"
  "Sure, but I'm gonna be a little busy helping Renet out."
  "Helping her with what?" Cyborg asked.
  "I can't really say. She's been working on this crazy scheme for a while now and wants to invite Lana onto the project as well."
  "Superman's ex? Why the heck would Renet want her involved?" Beast Boy asked.
  "When I find out, I'll tell you... if I'm allowed to tell you."
  "Well, whatever Renet's got cooking, let her know we'll be more than happy to lend a hand." Cyborg said cheerfully.
  "I'm sure she'll appreciate the sentiment. Hey, if we're taking a road trip, we'd better get packing!"
  "Good idea, Mama! Just let me gather up my video games and some clean underwear, and I'll be ready to go!" Beast Boy said excitedly. "Dudes, this is gonna rock!!!"
  "That it will, Garfield." Raven replied with a sigh.


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