Strange Developments
Strange Developments

story by Jephael

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story takes place eighteen years after the events of
The Summer I was Young Again.

TEEN TITANS Earth (Elseworld T); Blüdhaven, NJ - July 4TH, 2020

  Starfire giggled happily as she shed her clothes before diving into the lake. "Oh, what a glorious evening it is, Robin!!!"
  "Heh, yea. You know, Star... we uh, really should've brought bathing suits." Dick Grayson said nervously as he removed his shirt.
  "You do not wish to observe me in the nude?"
  "It's not that, sweety. It's just that this is a public park and... people look up to us. What would young impressionable kids think if they saw us like that out in the open?"
  "I understand. Please forgive me for being so spontaneous."
  "It's all right, Star. You haven't ruined our night." Robin said as he handed her a towel. "Dry off and get dressed while I set up our picnic."
  Starfire wrapped the towel around herself before kissing her husband sweetly. "I love you, Richard Grayson!"
    "I love you too, Starfire Grayson!" Robin headed over to a nearby table where he had placed the picnic basket a moment earlier. He was about to begin preparing the table when he felt a strange whisper in his ear.
  "What the-?" Robin turned around to see what looked like a dark figure behind a tree.
    "Who's there?!" Robin said sternly as he got into a fighting stance. "Come out where I can see you!" Before he could react a dark purplish cloud enveloped the Boy Wonder. "AUGGH!!!"
  Starfire was just putting on her boots when she heard the scream. "Robin? Robin, are you all-" the Tameranian gasped as she turned to see her loved one standing right in front of her making a strange scowl she hadn't seen him make before. "Robin, why did you scream like that?"
  "Where can I find Control Freak?" Robin asked in a strange voice.
  Starfire was taken aback by this strange question. "The last I heard Cyborg and the Titans East dealt with Control Freak not far from Edge City. But why the sudden desire to find him?"
  "I need him to help me find those wretched shellba- I mean our friends the Ninja Turtles!"
  "Robin, you are not making any sense to me."
  "You are of no use to me, you annoying alien bimbo!" Robin said as he grabbed Starfire by the arm and threw her to the ground.
  "That voice... you-you are not Robin! What have you done with him?!"
  "That's none of your concern, but I warn you... One word of this to the other Titans, and I will see to it your beloved Robin will be no more!"
  Starfire watched in terror as the strange person in Robin's body smashed the picnic table in half with his bare hands, sending hot dogs and condiment packages flying.

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Smallville, KS - May 27TH, 2018

  That same moment at the Kent Farm, Chloe Sullivan-Queen was watching happily as her little boy Jonathan was being given a horseback ride by Lana Lang. "Wow, somebody had a good time didn't he?"
  "He sure did! I showed him the fields where I used to ride."
  "Thank you, Auntie Lana."
  "Aw, you're welcome sweetheart!" Lana said joyfully as she gave the little boy a hug.
  "Why don't you go wash up and get ready for dinner?" Chloe said.
  "Okay, Mom."
  Lana giggled. "He sure takes after Uncle Clark, doesn't he?"
  "In more ways than one. I'm almost afraid to think what might happen if we were to send him to Smallville High."
  "Atleast he wouldn't have to deal with meteor infected kids wreaking havoc." Lana mentioned as she started getting dressed.
  "Yea, we've got John Jones to thank for that. Over the last three years he's managed to round up and incinerate just about every chunk of Kryptonite in Smallville." Chloe explained.
  "Kinda makes me wish I was a teenager again." Lana said with a sigh. "It'd be nice to have a normal high school experience."
  "You know what they say, normal is overrated. Besides, you've come a long way since those days. You and Raven have been going around the universe making changes for the better!"
  "Actually, we kind of temporarily disbanded. Renet didn't approve of the direction her mentor was trying to take our organization."
  "What direction would that be?" Chloe asked.
  "He wanted us to intervene with other time lords who had been corrupting the fabric of reality and wiping out entire civilizations in the process."
  "Whoa, that sounds pretty intense!"
  "I know. It's kinda nice taking a break from it all. Though I gotta admit Lois would've enjoyed our last adventure." Lana said with a laugh.
  "Why, what happened?"
  "Lets just say we had a little encounter with a couple heavy metal rock stars with a time traveling phone booth!"
  "Oh yea, that'd be right up her ally!" Chloe replied with a smirk.
  Just then there was a blinding light not far from the barn, from which Raven appeared. "Oh thank God I found you!"
  "Raven!" Lana said in a shocked manner.
  "Whoa, what's up with the light show?"
  "You'll have to excuse me, Chloe. My powers tend to be a little erratic from time to time, especially when traveling between dimensions."
  "Please tell me Renet and Lord Simultaneous have come to some kind of agreement." Lana said as all three women walked into the house.
  "Nah, those two are still quarreling like an old married couple. But that's not why I'm here. I think our reptilian friends and their loved ones may be in grave danger. We need to warn them. You might want to put something warm on. It's not quite spring yet in the Jephaelverse."
  "Why is it called the Jephaelverse anyway?" Chloe asked.
  "It's better that you don't know. I hate to give you and the munchkin a rain check on dinner, but..."
  "Hey, no problem. I totally get it. Duty calls and all that. Give Master Splinter and the Turtles my regards." Chloe said as she hugged her dear friend.
  Raven smiled as she watched Chloe join her son in the living room. She turned to see Lana wearing her old cheerleading sweater. "Seriously?"
  "I was attending an alumni pep rally last night at the old high school, and I decided to dress up. This was all I could grab at the last second!"
  "Go, team, go." Raven joked before opening the portal.

Jephaelverse Earth (Dimension J); Harrisburg, Pa. - March 20TH, 2010

    Jeff Oughton and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were enjoying a quiet afternoon with their sensei Splinter, long time friend April O' Neil, Raphael's wife Mona Lisa and Tribble - the Last of the Neutrinos. They had just eaten a nice hot dog lunch out near the waterfront and were enjoying a terrific view of the river.
  "Hey, scope it out. There's that paddle boat they got." Michaelangelo said excitedly.
  "Oh yea, the Pride of the Susquehanna. Hey, isn't that where your brother in-law proposed to Holly?" Donatello asked Jeff.
  "No, I don't think so but they have gone out to dinner on that boat a couple of times since their wedding."
  "Speaking of Holly, how's she going with the pregnancy?" Mona Lisa asked.
  "Doing pretty good. She misses eating hot dogs though. Apparently you're not supposed to have them when you're expecting."
  "Man, now I'm glad I never settled down!" April remarked humorously. "So where to next on our tour?"
  "Mr. Oughton mentioned this place that has great soft pretzels smothered in clam sauce!" Splinter said smacking his lips.
  "Wow, of all people in our group, I never expected our wise sensei to bring up food!"
  Leonardo let out a sigh. "It's too bad Jeff's parents weren't up to coming with us. They're way more familiar with this area than we are."
  "We didn't exactly pick the nicest time of the year to come out here!" Raphael commented as he pointed at the cloudy skies.
  "Yea, but look on the bright side. We don't have to worry about being mobbed by crazy Turtle fans." Don said.
  "Actually, I've always wanted to meet all of our die-hard fans!"
  "Have you been online, Mikey? A pretty significant amount of those fans have serious emotional issues!" Jeff stated.
  "I dunno, that Michele Ivey lady who runs Cowabunga Corner seems pretty nice." Mona Lisa mentioned.
  "Ah yes, she was the young woman VH1 made fun of on that Totally Obsessed program a few years back as I recall." Splinter said. "You know it wouldn't hurt to reach out to some of those poor souls and let them know you appreciate their fondness of you. If it weren't for our good friend Jeffrey here, we'd be lost in this reality."
  "Aw, thanks, Sensei!"
  "Wow, what a sweet moment you all are having together. Such a pity I have to cut it short!!!"
  "Baxter Stockman?" Leo asked.
  "Looks like somebody at the funny farm's been sleeping on the job!" Raphael spoke as he whipped out his sai and proceeded to attack the mutant fly, only to be sprayed in the face with a strange substance, which made him break out in hives. "Oh God, what the heck did you hit me with?!"
  "Oh just some venom I exzzz-tracted from a nasty swarm of mosquitos! But nevertheless, Shredder and his cohorts asked me to deliver a message."
"I should've guessed." April replied.
  "What's old tin grin want?" Mikey asked.
  "Oh just the usual... for you all to drop dead!" Stockman cackled as he took out a device that opened a dimensional worm hole. The portal immediately started to act as a vacuum, pulling Tribble, who was the closest to it. Michaelangelo frantically tried to help her, but ended up joining her.
  "Oh no!" Mona Lisa yelled. "Where'd you send them?"
  "That's for me to know and you to drop dead!" Baxter said as he was about to zap at the remaining Turtles with the portal projector, when he was quickly subdued by a black light that engulfed him. "Hey, no fair!"
  "What's not fair is I've got PMS like crazy, yet I still have to deal with maniacs like you all the time!" Raven snapped.
  Donatello and Jeffrey tied Baxter Stockman up, while Mona Lisa and April tended to Raphael.
  "How bad does it look?" the blister ridden turtle asked.
  "Don't worry, baby. We're gonna get some calamine lotion on you pronto!"
  "Sorry we were late. We had to travel through a couple channels so as to avoid being detected by Lord Simultaneous." Lana said as she appeared just behind Raven.
  "Better late than never, I suppose. But what's all this about Lord Simultaneous?" Leo asked.
  "It's better that you don't know. All that matters is Phantom Shredder is back and he's starting things up again!" Raven exclaimed.
  "Where is he?" Splinter asked.
  "According to my intel, he took over the body of my world's Dick Grayson."
  "He's already contacted Control Freak, who's helping him figure out a way to regain his physical form." Lana added.
  "There's a good chance we can stop them, and maybe even manage to do away with Saki once and for all. But our window is pretty small." Raven said.
  "All we can do is pray for the best."
  "Yea, lets go kick some shell!" Raph said.
  "Sorry, Raphael. You're gonna have to stay behind." Leonardo said.
  "What?! Oh come on, it can't look that bad!"
  "Your right eyelid is swelling up, so I'd say it's pretty bad." Splinter stated. "Leonardo, Jeffrey and I will accompany Raven back to her world to deal with Shredder, while the rest of you take Baxter to the authorities and then retrieve Michaelangelo and Tribble."
  "Okay, but it could take a few days to track them down." Donatello said. "That portable portal generator seemed pretty unstable."
  "I'm not surprised, considering who invented it!" April remarked.

TEEN TITANS Earth (Elseworld T); Jump City, CA - July 5TH, 2020

    Just outside Titans Tower Cyborg and Beast Boy were tending to a distraught Starfire who wouldn't stop pacing around.
  "Chill out, Star. Raven said she'll be back with help and then we can go look for Robin... er Knightwing, or whatever the hell Dick likes to call himself now!"
  "Yea, Cy's right. There's no point being worked up over it."
  "I cannot help it. Whoever possessed Robin swore he'd kill him if I told any of you."
  "That explains why you were so quiet when you showed up at Titans East last night." Cyborg mentioned.
  "Raven was already aware something was up by the time you guys showed up. She's funny like that." Beast Boy exclaimed.
  "Did she say when she would be back?" Starfire asked.
  "Uh no. But hey, that doesn't mean we have to stand around here and wait for her. Lets go get a pizza. It'll get our minds off this dilemma!"
  "All right, sounds good to this guy!" Cyborg said as they headed to the garage where the T-Car was.
  A few minutes later they were downtown nearing the pizzeria when they noticed some people running in terror. "That cannot be good." Starfire spoke.
  "It sure isn't. Somebody's attacking those people!" Cyborg exclaimed.
  "Lets scope it out, dudes!" Beast Boy said.
  Cyborg couldn't help but smirk as he looked over to his green friend. "I swear you and that Michaelangelo guy are cut from the same cloth!" he commented as they got out of the T-Car.
  As the three Titans entered the fray, they could see broken street lamps and busted up parking lot meters. "I wish Robin were with us."
  "Oh come on, Star! It's probably just Jonny Rancid with another stupid robot monster, or Kitten having a temper tantrum because Fang dumped her." Beast Boy deduced.
  "Or it could be Knightwing wearing a really badass gauntlet!" Cyborg replied as he pointed to the shadowy figure mere feet in front of them.
  "Robin!!!" Starfire screamed as she flew closer to her husband, who sure enough was now dressed in his Knightwing attire adorned with bladed gauntlets with several spikes sticking out. "Robin, is that you? If you can hear me, I have been so worried about you!"
  "There is no Robin... only Oroku Saki, better known as-"
  "Shredder!" Raven's voice could be heard as she appeared on the opposite side of the street with Leonardo and Jeffrey by her side.
  "Release our friend at once!" Splinter spoke as he walked up to Shredder.
  "I'll release your friend once I've absorbed every last ounce of his life force in order to regain my corporeal form, which - I might add, you took from me, you vial rodent!!!" Shredder attempted to strike Splinter down.
  "If I had to do it again I would." the agile rat said as he quickly dodged Shredder's blows. "My only regret is not getting there in time to prevent you from taking the life of Silver Sentry."
  "Nobody gave a shit about Silver Sentry... atleast nobody outside the 2k3 Ninja Turtle universe!" Control Freak said as he emerged from the shadows.
  "What the- man, my other team and I just locked your nerdy fat ass up last week!"
  "Language, my dear Cyborg. There's a lady present."
  "A lady?" Raven asked peculiarly.
  "Well, I wouldn't consider anyone who consummates a relationship with Beast Boy a lady."
  "That's it, you butt-ugly prick! Nobody talks that way to the mother of my future children!" the changeling said as he morphed into a ferocious lion and pounced Control Freak.
  "It's times like this I envy my counterpart from the Teen Titans Go universe!"
  Shredder picked up Beast Boy by the tail and tossed him aside. "Control Freak, you annoying wimp! How long until I've absorbed enough of Dick Grayson's energy?"
  Starfire gasped as she heard her husband's name. "How do you know his secret identity?"
  "Batman comic books from the real world... Batman TV shows from the real world, Batman movies from-"
  "Shut up, you miserable oaf!" Shredder yelled at Control Freak. "I swear Bebop and Rocksteady weren't half as annoying as you are!"
  "Hey, if it weren't for me, you would never have met the likes of Slade Wilson or Lex Luthor!"
  "I also wouldn't be in this demonic state, having to latch onto another human being like some sort of pathetic parasite!" Shredder snarled as he angrily raised his spike at Control Freak, though just as he was about to strike, Splinter stopped him.
  "Saki, listen to me! Your entire life you have let hatred blind you. It has given you and those around you nothing but misery!"
  "Spare me, you wretched rodent!" Shredder said as he scratched the side of Splinter's face drawing blood.
  Leonardo and Jeffrey were about to jump into action when Raven screamed "Noooo!!!" as she grabbed Shredder by the arms.
  "Let go of me, you bothersome witch!"
  Tears streamed down Raven's face as every ounce of her power swirled around the both of them. "You're going back where you came from, asshole!!!"
  "Master Splinter, are you all right?" Leonardo asked.
  "I should be fine. Shredder merely grazed me a little."
  "What the heck is going on inside that whirlwind Raven started?" Beast Boy asked.
  "Beats the heck outta me, man!" Cyborg replied.
  Just the a powerful beam of energy shot out into space from the spot where Raven was standing with a stark naked Robin lying unconscious on the ground. Beast Boy walked up to his trembling wife who broke down in his arms.
  A few hours later Dick Grayson awoke to find himself wearing his old Robin uniform. "Starfire?"
  "I am here, Robin."
  "We're all here, bro!" Cyborg said.
  "Oh man. How-how'd I get here?"
  "It's a long story, dude." Beast Boy answered.
  "My apologies, Mr. Grayson, but your body was taken over by our life long enemy Oroku Saki." Splinter explained.
  "Better known as Shredder." Leonardo mentioned.
  "Also, Tin-Grin, Chrome-Dome and other similar nick names." Jeff added humorously.
  "The last thing I remember was me and Starfire having a picnic in Blüdhaven. Did I hurt anyone?"
  "Well, you almost killed Control Freak, but then Splinter stopped you." Cyborg mentioned.
  "Then you tried to kill Splinter, but then Raven... uh what did you do exactly?" Beast Boy asked.
  "I did... something I'm not entirely proud of. I used a spell that extracted Shredder from Robin's body, however the spell opened a dimensional nexus between us and other incarnations of Oroku Saki."
  "What does that mean?" Leo asked.
  "To put it simply, Phantom Shredder absorbed the essence of his counterparts from various medias, many of which were long dead to begin with, but the life force from one of the living Shredders gave him a new body."
  "So where'd you send him?" Cyborg asked.
  "Back to the Jephaelverse." Raven answered with a heavy sigh. "I'm not exactly sure where he ended up, but I know he's a good 30 or so miles from the Oughtons' home."
  "Do not be ashamed, Raven. You did what had to be done to save your friend." Splinter said assuring.
  "Actually, I was doing it to save you. Right before we arrived in Jump City, I... I saw-"
  "I know, my dear. I saw it too. In fact I've seen it many times."
  "You've seen what, sensei?" Leonardo asked.
  "My grave."
  "Whoa, dude!" Beast Boy responded.
  "Heavy!" Jeff added.
  "Every time I see that damn tombstone in my dreams, I feel so helpless!" Raven said as she shed a tear. "Why do I have these awful premonitions?"
  "Even all these years after you vanquished your father, he still has a hold on you. I do not see the vision as a negative. I see it as a sign of a life well lived with many loved ones honoring me!"
  Raven smiled as she hugged the wise mutant rat. "Thanks, Splinter."
  "Any time, my child. By the way, were my ears playing tricks on me, or did I not hear Garfield mention something about your future offspring?"
  Raven shot a wicked look at her husband who blushed. "Well, nothing's happened as of yet, but we've been trying."
  "There's a mental picture I'm gonna be having nightmares about for a month!" Cyborg replied. "Anyway, I'd better get back to Steel City. Good luck fighting Phantom Shredder, y'all!"
  "We had best be on our way as well." Splinter admitted.
  "Yea. I just hope Don and the others managed to locate Michaelangelo and Tribble." Leonardo mentioned.
  "They must have by now." Jeff replied.

Jephaelverse Earth (Dimension J); Harleysville, Pa. - March 22ND, 2010

  Raphael sat quietly on the recliner in the living room of the Oughtons' home, as the stereo played an old Monkees CD Jeff's mom had bought a while back. "Would somebody mind turning that off?!"
  "What's got you so upset, honey?" Mona Lisa asked as she turned off the stereo before fluffing her husband's pillow.
  "As much as I love listening to Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones sing their greatest hits, I'm not really in the best of moods. Any word from Donatello?"
  "Not since Jeff, Leo and Master Splinter came back from Titans Tower."
  "If anything bad has happened to Michaelangelo and Tribble, I'm going to give Stockman such a swatting!!!" Raphael said angrily as his forehead started to throb.
  "Take it easy, dear. You still haven't gotten all your strength back. That mosquito venom affected you more on the inside than it did on the outside! Besides, Donny told me it might take a few days to pinpoint where that teleportation beam sent them."
  "But from what Leonardo told me, Phantom Shredder could come looking for us any day now. We've gotta be ready for him!!!"
  "Then get some rest. I'll fix you and the guys some lunch in the meantime."

4Kids TMNT Earth (Dimension E); New New York City, NY - April 20TH, 2108

  Elsewhere, young Cody Jones and his fiance Starlee were enjoying a peaceful picnic lunch on the roof of the O'Neil family penthouse.
  "Something on your mind, honey?"
  "Huh?" Cody asked.
  "You've barely touched your sandwich."
  "Oh, I was just thinking about this entry I was reading in Great-Grandma April's journal. Did you know that-"
  "Pardon the interruption, Master Cody, but I have to ask something." the Jones' robot butler Serling said.
  "What is it?"
  "Have you been tinkering with the Time Window again by any chance?"
  "Of course not! I haven't touched it in months!"
  "Then would you care to explain how our old friend Michelangelo somehow showed up at our doorstep along with a young lady?"
  "What?!" Cody and Starlee ran to the front door where they saw Michaelangelo of the Jephaelverse standing there with Princess Tribble by his side.
  "Yo dudes, uh what's the haps?" Mikey said quietly.
  "Uh Serling, I know you don't care much for the Turtles, but you should know them well enough to be able to tell that isn't Mikey!" Starlee said.
  "Actually, he is... just not the Michelangelo from this world." Cody replied.
  "No duh! I gather this is the year 2105?"
  Cody let out a chuckle. "I'm afraid you're off a little! It's been a couple years since I brought the Ninja Turtles of this world here."
  "Whoa, time sure flies!" Tribble said nervously.
  "Master Cody, what do you mean by him not being from this world?"
  "I was actually about to mention this to Starlee. Not long after you returned to our time, the Turtles in the 21st Century happened upon alternate dimensions in which different versions of them reside."
  "So this Mikey is from another dimension?" Starlee asked.
  "That about sums it up, dudette!" Michaelangelo remarked.
  "As if one quartet of mutant miscreants was bad enough!" Serling remarked. "So who pray tell is the young lady accompanying this Michaelangelo?"
  "I'm Princess Tribble, last of the Neutrinos." the young lady said with a bow.
  "Neutrinos? I've never heard of them. Then again I'm only on the 34th chapter of April and Casey's journal." Cody said. "Is it true there's some kid who got the power to transform into a mutant turtle?"
  "For sure, dude!" Michaelangelo took out his wallet and showed them a group photo of the Jephaelverse Ninja Turtles with Jeff, Mona Lisa and Dori from their trip to the shore.   "That's our amigo Jeffrey. We go way- oh my gosh! Jeff and the others! I totally forgot about them dealing with Baxter Stockman!"
  "Baxter Stockman, as in the brilliant scientist who's been working with President Bishop?" Serling asked.
  "He's not exactly the same Baxter Stockman you know. This Baxter got turned into a half man-half fly several years back!" Tribble explained. "Our Shredder sent him after us in Harrisburg where he zapped at us with some kind of dimensional portal projector! That's how we got here!"
  "So how do we get you guys home then?" Starlee asked.
  "I guess I could recalibrate the Time Window and see if it'd work with inter-dimensional travel. But that could take months to-" Cody's train of thought was interrupted by a sudden sonic blast just outside.
  Michaelangelo and Tribble were more than relieved to see Donatello and Lana arrive in the Turtle Van.
  "Boy, what a lucky break!"
  "Yea, I had a feeling you dudes would show up!"
  "It wasn't easy tracking you two down, Mikey. Infact it took us a few hours to get a fix on your location. Fortunately though, this point in time is so far ahead of the 4Kids Turtles' present, I was able to pinpoint the arrival to mere minutes after you guys showed up." Don exclaimed.
  "We'd better head back ASAP though. Raven and the others must have their hands full with Phantom Shredder!" Lana mentioned.
  "Phantom Shredder? I'd love to see how that turns out!" Cody says.
  "What do ya say, Donny? Think we can bring these future dudes with us to Pennsylvania?" Michaelangelo asked.
  "Eh, what the heck? It's not like we get much use out of the Dimension Hopper these days anyhow!"
  "Out of the question!" Serling remarked. "Master Cody, we just recently managed to do away with half the criminals of New New York, including your uncle! Must we deal with their problems as well?"
  "I wasn't suggesting we get involved with their fight. I just want to see how it turns out! The Time Window only allows me to see into this world's past, so I don't really get to see everything!" Cody exclaimed.
  "Oh very well." Serling said with a sigh.

Jephaelverse Earth (Dimension J); North Wales, Pa. - March 24TH, 2010

artwork by PalfreyMan

    Oroku Saki sneered as he surveyed the landscape. He had trekked through countless miles of forest over the last three days to get where he was. "Oh, I've grown so tired of walking! What I'd give for a module, or even a portal back to Dimension X... if Dimension X still existed. I don't even know where that blasted witch Raven sent me!" It was then he came upon a clearing on the trail and found himself near a park bench where there sat two mutant figures he hadn't seen in years. "I don't believe it!"
  "Hey Rocksteady, what'd you do with the peanut butter?"
  "Sorry, Bebop. I finished it on those last two Ritz crackers."
  "Aw, but I was gonna dip my Hershey bar into it!"
  "You know, we could stand to lay off the snacks. We've been pigging out quite a lot lately!" the mutant rhino mentioned.
  "Well, that's what happens when you've got lots a time on your hands. Plus it's been kinda quiet since we sent Slash to stay with the Punk Frogs in Atlanta." the wart hog added.
  "Still it's no excuse! Heck, look how disciplined Jeff and the Turtles are when it comes to their diet. You know the anniversary of our reforming is coming up in a few months."
  "Gee, you're right. It's been forever since we worked for Shredder."
  "Yea, and in honor of that, I saw we- huh?!" Rocksteady's train of thought was cut short by a familiar hand grabbing him by the ear. "Shredder!!! Bu-but how did you-"
  "Shut up, you sniveling traitor!!! I have a right mind to slit your throats right here and now!"
  "Hey, you ain't the boss of us no more! Now let go of Rocksteady or I'll..." Bebop quickly realized he was no match for Shredder, so he bowed to him.
  "Bebop, are you crazy?!" Rocksteady screamed.
  "We don't have much of a choice now, do we?"
  "That's more like it! Now, you will contact the Turtles and invite them to hang out with you. But don't dare tell them I'm here... or you will share their fate!!!"
  "Uh yea, n-n-no problem." Rocksteady said, in a terrified manner as he took out his cell phone.
  A couple of hours later, the Turtle Van showed up at the park, carrying the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, along with Splinter, April and Mona Lisa.
  "My, isn't this a pleasant surprise... the gang's all here!" Shredder said as he watched them exit the vehicle. "Funny, no sign of that little brat Jeffrey though. No matter, I can always deal with him and his pathetic human friends once I've taken care of the Turtles!"
  "I wouldn't bet on that, Tin Face!" Jeff's voice said from behind Shredder, who turned around to see young Mr. Oughton standing there alongside Cody Jones.
  Shredder looked over to see Bebop and Rocksteady were now standing alongside the Turtles. "You miserable mutant double-crossed me!"
  "That's right, Metal Mouth! These dudes have been on our side for a long time!" Michaelangelo stated proudly.
  "You might as well give up, Shredder. We outnumber you about a dozen to one!" Leonardo remarked.
  "Ah, but I now possess the essence of every Oroku Saki through the 25 year course of your accursed franchise! Every dark, twisted thought and desire they've ever had is now mine. Once I've done away with you freaks, I'll use your van's trans-dimensional apparatus to finish what my Utrom counterpart started not too long ago!"
  "You mean wipe out all reality?!" Donatello replied.
  "Yea, you've definitely gone off the deep end!" Raphael added.
  "Not exactly. You see over the last couple of days I figured out a key to ridding myself of you miserable shellbacks, while maintaining my own existence. I shall go back in time to before Eastman and Laird even came up with the original concept of the Ninja Turtles, and plant a seed in their mind of an anti-heroic incarnation of myself!"
  "So wait, now you wanna be a goodguy?" Mona Lisa asked.
  "What? No, of course not! Haven't you fools ever heard of Deadpool?"
  "If you haven't noticed, we don't really deal with Marvel characters much around here!" Jeff remarked.
  "Even if you were able to achieve such a goal, you cannot truly change the past." Splinter said.
  "Of course I can. I rewound this world's timeline years ago!"
  "True, but this world was never the real world to begin with. You merely created an alternate reality."
  "Bah! I don't have time for your ridiculous hypothesis on reality, old man! Either the lot of you fight me now, or..."
  "Or what?" Leo asked with a sly smirk on his face. "You know we're just going to defeat you. Like I said, we outnumber you-"
  "A dozen to one, I know!!! Blast it." Shredder said in a defeated sigh as he looked around at the Turtles and their allies. "I don't even know why I bother coming back anymore. I should've just... just..."
  Splinter approached Shredder and placed his hand on his shoulder. "Perhaps it is time we moved on from this pointless rivalry."
  "I suppose, then again I'd rather be content on doing away with you!" Shredder said as he lashed out and attempted to stab Splinter, though the rat saw it coming and managed to flip Shredder over his shoulder, causing him to land head first on the ground.
  "You never learn, do you, Saki?"
  That very moment, Lord Simultaneous showed up, looking very pleased. "All right, before this little back and forth goes on any further, I think it's time we did something once and for all with this crazy prick!"
  "Where'd you send him?" Cody asked.
  "Wait, are you saying you... you killed him?" Donatello asked.
  "Not exactly. See all those Shredders were already dead, except for one. I simply eradicated the essence of those Shredders, including Phantom Shredder, and sent the last living incarnation of Oroku Saki back to his rightful continuity... the Archie Comics universe!"
  "So he's now the only Shredder in existence?" Leonardo asked.
  "Yes, and thankfully he'll have no recollection of this occurrence."
  "We appreciate the aid." Splinter said.
  "No problemo. I must admit, I was getting sick of watching you guys deal with your Shredder for so long. He's been nothing but a nuisance to the very fabric of reality, and it was only a matter of time before he'd burn the whole thing down! Unfortunately, I can't undo any of the damage he's already done, but I will allow you all to live your lives peacefully here in this world."
  "Awesome! So like, is Renet's Null Agents division still in effect?" Michaelangelo asked.
  "Oh no, that's been shut down for good! However, seeing as how you and Renet have been seeing a lot of each other, I'm allowing her to still spend time with you, as well as allowing you to see your friends in the Smallville and Teen Titans worlds, just so long as you never meddle with any other reality in creation."
  "What about the 4Kids dimension?" Raphael asked. "I was kinda hoping to give that pompous ass me from that world a good butt kicking!"
  "I don't blame ya, pal. Though I'd prefer it if you guys refrain from interacting with alternate versions of yourselves, and that includes friends of theirs. I've already sent Serling and Starlee back to their world and time, so I'm going to take young Mr. Jones there straight away!"
  "We appreciate all you and your apprentice have done for us." Splinter said as he bowed to Lord Simultaneous, which prompted his reptilian students to do the same.
  "Our pleasure, Master Splinter!"
  "Sorry you couldn't stay longer, dude." Mikey said to Cody as they shook hands.
  "That's okay. It was awesome seeing you have your final face-off with Shredder! Take care of yourselves, everyone!" Cody said as he waved to the group before Lord Simultaneous whisked him away.
  "Come on, everyone. Lets all go home." Jeffrey said.


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