Split City
Split City

story by Jephael

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story takes place in 2018, twenty-six years after the events of
The Summer I was Young Again. My friend Lisardo from the old TMNT fandom has a special cameo

Jephaelverse Earth (Dimension J); Harleysville. Pa. - May 4TH, 2018

  Michaelangelo groaned as he shut off the Nintendo Wii. "Damn, that's a tough race track to beat!"
  "Mike, will you stop playing Mario Kart and get ready to go? Donatello and Lana will be back from visiting Kerma on Shellrelah any minute to take us to Smallville and I don't want to be late!" Leonardo griped.
  "Late for what, dude? Mr. Kent's ceremony isn't for another twenty-four hours. Besides, I wanted to wait and hear from Jeff and see how his job interview with the radio station went!"
  "He'll tell you when we get back! Besides, he's gonna be hanging out with Patrick and Jenny tonight. I think Bebop and Rocksteady might be joining them as well, but I'm not sure."
  "Aw man, talk about lousy timing!"

The Halls of Lost Legends (Dimension <Null>)

    A bitter looking Whitney Fordman watched helplessly as his former flame Lana and her current beau Donatello of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles spoke with Jonathan Kent. Lionel Luthor approached the emotional former jock.
  "Son, you must stop lamenting over the past. It does you no good." Lionel said as he tried to put a hand on the young man's shoulder.
  "I'm not your son, jerk-ass! I'm nobody's son. My dad wasn't even real. I was just a pawn in someone else's story."
    "I know it's hard to accept, but you must learn to stop letting your feelings for Miss Lang over-power you. Everybody has moved on. Even your old school chums who became meteor freaks are happy with their new existence here. Have you seen your old teammate Sean Kelvin? He and his girlfriend Jenna have been thriving since they reunited here, and he froze her to death in the shower! Even I wouldn't have pulled something so heartless back when I was evil, and I admit I was a demented nutcase... even after Jor-El took me on as his vessel! That reminds me, I believe Jonathan Kent would like to have a word with me soon as Lana and her reptilian beau have left. I'll check up on you later." Lionel said with a grin. "Well, I must say, this has been quite a long time coming."
  "Sorry I haven't given you the time of day since that night in the barn, but I guess even as a ghost I've remained somewhat bitter of what happened to me. Losing my life like that wasn't very fun."
  "You have no idea how much I regret angering you. If I had known you were going to lash out like that, I never would have pulled such pretentious theatrics on you. I hope you can forgive me."
  "Well, if our sons can bury the hatchet, so can we. Besides, I've got a lot going for me now. I'm about to become a time apprentice!"
  "Oh, that's great! Pardon my crudeness, but whose rear end did you have to kiss for that gig anyway?"
  Jonahthan couldn't help but let out a chuckle. "To be honest, I was originally meant to be trained by Lord Simultaneous, but after he died Renet decided she would take me on."
  "Being trained by someone who was trained by the person who died before they had the chance to train you? If I'm not mistaken that's exactly how Darth Vader started out. I know well because he talks about it every May 5th! Even Padme herself has grown tired of his constant meandering on the matter."
  "From what I saw earlier, it looks like you've got your hands full with Whitney."
    "I think he's still angry he wasn't treated more respectfully during his short existence in Smallville. The sad thing is he was the first of many prominent deaths in the course of Clark's journey to becoming the hero he was destined to be in our world. Infact that very night I was trying to explain my new role to you, I was originally going to take you with me to the Fortress and have Jor-El cure your heart of its weakened state just as Clark's ship did Martha's womb a few years earlier."
  "Oh well, it's the thought that counts. But wait, then if I hadn't died, and Clark had already asked Jor-El to spare Lana..."
  "It was actually Pete Ross who was ultimately meant to meet his tragic end that evening, but um... it's best we not get into that."
  "I agree, though I must say it would've been nice to have been there for Clark a few more years, and I would've loved to have gotten to meet Oliver Queen and your daughter Tess. That Henry James Olsen kid was a riot. Bet I would've had fun trying to keep Clark's secret from him!"
  Lionel laughed. "I can just imagine you dressing up like the Red-Blue Blur! Oh speaking of Lutessa, I'm supposed to meet with her at the Cathedral in a few minutes. She and the 1968 film version of Romeo and Juliet are having a little luncheon with the classic 70s film version of our boys."
  "Too bad the 1996 version of Romeo and Juliet are such pompous yuppies."
    "What do you expect? They were played by the boy from Titanic and the girl from My So Called Life! Hell, I've always assumed William Shakespeare himself was probably rolling in his grave with disgust over the idea of Hollywood modernizing it like that! Even when that kid from Home Improvement played Tom Sawyer around the same time, atleast they kept Mark Twain's masterpiece in the era it was originally meant to be in."
  "Hey, you know me. I'm all about good old Mark Twain! I always wanted to team up with Huckleberry Finn and help him duke it out with Injun Joe!"
  "I'd pay just about every dollar I ever owned in our previous life to witness that, my friend. We are friends now, aren't we?"
  "Of course. Besides, after I saw John Glover in that crazy Gremlins movie, I started seeing you in a whole different light. You were never the villain of our story, nor was Lex."
  "It was greed that was the villain."
  "Well, I was going to pin it on Zod, but okay. Take care of yourself, old timer!"
    Meanwhile, Whitney trudged around monuments to long forgotten characters from various DC properties of the past, such as the cast of Superboy, Batman Beyond, Static Shock, and even the short-lived Birds of Prey. "I didn't even get to be a hero in my own right like most of these guys! I was nothing more but-"
  "A pawn?"
  Whitney turned around to see a cloaked figure standing behind him. "Who the hell are you?!"
  "Just a lowly man lamenting how unfair the universe can be, same as you. They call me Mowdin, but you can call me a friend."
  "I'm not exactly in the mood for making new friends. Besides, given my track record... whenever I do, I end up either breaking the law or dying a grizzly death... either way it always ends in heartache for the woman I love!"
  "Been there plenty of times, my good man. Trust me, you get over them. Even Biff Tannen himself finally realized he was better off without that bitch Lorraine."
  "Who the hell do you think you are, creep?!"
  "A creep am I... like the cueballed millionaire and the super hero farmer who got to make love to Lana while your corpse was rotting in the Smallville cemetery? Those pretty boys never deserved her and you know it!"
  "This is your final warning, asshole... Leave me alone!!!"
  "Suit yourself, if you wanna continue being just another nobody here in the Hall of Forgotten Losers, as they should call this loathsome place!"
  "Okay, clearly you can't take a hint. When somebody tells you to leave them alone you-"
    Mowdin flashed a strange looking amulet into Whitney's face. "I really hate having to do that, but clearly I lack the natural charisma to persuade others to do my bidding. Of course I've been told many a time that I have too much of an overblown ego to accept that. I'll show those misguided fools who blindly follow the likes of Geoff Johns or anyone else would dare bastardize the Green Lanterns and the rest of the DC Universe! But first, I must avenge the memory of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... the real ones, and to do that we may need a little more muscle to help us!"

Jephaelverse Shellrelah (Dimension J); Turtleoid City - May 4TH, 2018

    The leader of the Turtleoids smiled happily as he shook hands with Donatello. "It was so wonderful of you both to come see me."
  "Well, it's been some time before we saw you and I just wanted to see how things were going."
  "You're always welcome to visit Earth when you have the chance." Lana mentioned.
    "Oh my, that would be wonderful! I-" Kerma looked in horror as he saw several of his kin being brutally sliced and dismembered by an angry looking figure wielding a giant axe. "What... WHAT IS HAPPENING?!"
  Lana couldn't believe her eyes when she recognized the person doing the violent act. "It can't be... Wh-Whitney?!"
    "Stay with Kerma. I'll handle this!" Donatello said as he took out his bo and used it to trip Whitney, causing the axe to go spinning into the air and land on the shell of an already dead Turtleoid. "You're gonna be sorry for what you just did!!!"
    Whitney struggled to break free of Don's grasp when Lana and Kerma ran up to them. Upon seeing his high school sweetheart in the flesh, the hypnotic spell he was put under subsided. "Lana. I... I didn't mean to- Oh God, where'd he go?"
  "Where'd who go?!" Don said, growing angrier as he looked over at Kerma who was in tears standing over his dead friends.
  "I was being mind controlled by some asshole who called himself Mowdin."
  "Mowdin? What the heck kind of name is-"
  "Look... there he is!" Kerma said with a shaky voice as he was choking back sobs.
  "What's he doing?" Lana asked as the cloaked figure dropped a large glowing orb into the ground which started burrowing into the planet's crust.
    Donatello and Kerma ran towards Mowdin who vanished through a warp in space, leaving nothing behind but a large gaping hole and a badge with a lanyard attached to it, which Kerma picked up.
  Just then, Shellrelah began to quiver and shake. "Oh no." Donatello said as he and Kerma ran back to Lana and Whitney. "We've gotta get out of here. Whatever that Mowdin creep dropped into the ground must be some doomsday device meant to blow up a planet."
  "My people... I failed them." Kerma said sadly, still clutching the ID badge Mowdin left behind.
  Don picked up his friend and the took one quick last look at Turtleoid City before Lana used their portable portal generator to escape the planet's demise.

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Smallville, KS - October 24TH, 2026

  "Ohio Wassabi!!!" Splinter shouted as he cleaved a block of wood in half.
  "Go, Master Splinter!" Mona Lisa said as she and Raphael clapped and cheered him on.
  "Yea, you could get yourself work as a lumberjack, Sensei!"
  "Thank you, my pupils. We should wash up. Lois and Clark will be back soon from Metropolis and we need to help them get the loft ready for tomorrow's ceremony."

artwork by Ty-Chou

  "We might as well wait until Donatello and Lana get back from-" Mona Lisa's train of thought was cut off by the loud bang of a dimensional warp spitting out the couple in question, along with Kerma and Whitney.
  "Huh, speak of the devil." Raphael said with a chuckle, though before he could give his brother a heartfelt hug, he noticed the look of pain in their eyes. "Hey whoa, what's going on?"
  "Shellrelah's been destroyed, Raphael. All of it's... gone."
  Mona Lisa broke down in tears as she hugged a crestfallen Kerma. "I'm so sorry, sweetie."
    "Thank you, my friend. Oh heavens, I just realized I don't have a gold machine. They've all been destroyed along with..." Kerma began to break down in tears again.
    Lana looked over at her ex-boyfriend and punched him in the arm. "How in the hell did you get mixed up in this?! I thought Lionel Luthor was keeping an eye on... please don't tell me that bastard's behind all of this."
  "It wouldn't make sense. Lionel died a goodguy... or at the very least neutral. Besides, before we left the Halls of Lost Legends, Mr. Kent assured us that before he gets to become a time apprentice the two of them would have to make amends."
  "I dunno, Donatello. You know how these villainous types can be." Raphael stated, just as they saw Clark's truck pull up.
  Lois got out and ran up to hug Kerma. "I'm so sorry, baby!"
  "I heard the portal open just as we were passing my old high school and I overheard the coversation." Clark said to Don and Raph before looking over at Whitney. "I can't believe this is happening."
  "Hey I'm not proud of what I did, but it's not like I had much of a choice. Whoever this Mowdin is, he said some pretty creepy shit to me before pulling whatever Jedi mind-trick he did to make me do his bidding!"
  "So how do we know you're not still under his control?" Mona Lisa asked.
  "Because seeing me snapped him out of the trance." Lana said, shaking her head. "After all this time, you're still in love with me?"
  "No... I mean, come on you dumped me via video message right before I got blown to bits, and then that shape shifting bitch you were friends with desecrated my memory by pretending to be me!"
  "Hey, Jock-in-a-Box, now's not the time for your little pity party! Thanks to you our friend here is the last of his kind!" Raphael said sternly.
  "Piss off, freak!!!"
  That was the last straw for Donatello who smacked Whitney across the face. "That's it, I'm sending your pathetic, undead ass back to The Halls of Lost Legends right now!"
  "Donatello, perhaps it would be prudent to allow Mr. Fordman the chance for some closure with his old life here in this realm." Splinter suggested.
  "Fine, I'm giving him one hour to talk things out with Lana and Clark before-"
  Just then another portal flashed just near the Kent house and out popped too familiar looking heroes...
  "1960's Adam West Batman?" Mona Lisa said.
  "Along with The Flash... well, some version of him from another plain of existence." Clark commented.
  "Who invited these guys over?" Raphael asked.
  "I believe the same person who sent Whitney to harm the Turtleoids." Splinter replied.
  Batman immediately started fighting with Donatello and Raphael, while The Flash tried to punch out Clark.
  "Mona Lisa, do you have Donatello's hologram projector with you?" Splinter asked.
  "Yea, I left it in the barn."
  "Bring it to me at once!"
  Donatello and Raphael were starting to tire from fighting the caped crusader. "How is this hippie dark knight barely fatigued?"
  "Maybe the hypnotic trance cancels out need for sleep." Donatello figured.
    Mona Lisa handed the holo-projector to Splinter who set it to project a life-like hologram of Burt Ward as Robin just as Raphael managed to get Batman in an arm lock.
    The moment Batman saw the image of his sidekick, the hypnotic trance wore off. "Gadzooks, Robin! Why am I fighting two giant turtles, Robin? Uh, Robin?" Batman waved his hand in front of the hologram's blank face just as it vanished "Robin!!! What did you do to him?!"
  "Calm down, sir. Look you were under a hypnotic trance by...  by an enemy of ours." Lana explained.
  "Yea, kinda weird to think we've yet to meet said enemy." Raphael stated.
  "What is this place? It looks... very down to Earth." Batman commented.
  Just then Renet appeared. "Mr. Wayne, I apologize for this strange occurrence. I'm here to send you back to your homeworld."
  "My homeworld?"
  "Don't worry. Your memory of this encounter will be as if it was all just a dream."
  "How do you know my name?" Batman asked before being teleported back to his world.
  "That was pretty good timing, Renet!" Lois stated.
  "Thankfully, this Mowdin person managed to leave some breadcrumbs behind. First thing's first. We need to send Wally West back to Justice League Unlimited!"
  "Clark!!!" Lois shouted. "Wherever you are... if you can hear me, lure him back to the barn."
  Almost half a mile away, Clark got the message and attempted to grab The Flash by the collar and brought him back to the Kent Farm.
  Mona Lisa activated the hologram projector to show an image of the JLU version of Green Lantern.
  "Jon? How, how did I... Where are we? What the heck happened?"
  "Kinda weird hearing Lex's voice come out of him like that." Lois commented.
  "Lex?" Wally asked before being beamed away by Renet.
  "Okay, well that crisis is averted."
    "Not quite, Raphael. As I was saying earlier, Mowdin left a trail behind in the Halls of Lost Legends." Renet explained. "The device he used to travel between realities is extremely ancient and when overused leaves temporary holes behind in the fabric of space and time. That's how I was so easily able to pinpoint where he got Batman and The Flash from. However, before arriving here, I sensed another pair of rips opening in Metropolis."
  "Why do I get the feeling he's doing this to keep us distracted?" Donatello remarked.
  "Distraction or not, he's most likely sent two more unwilling super heroes from other dimensions here and we've got to send them back where they belong!" Splinter insisted.
  "In the meantime how do we find out more about this Mowdin guy?" Lana asked.
  "I think I have a clue. He dropped this in Shellrelah before exiting through a portal." Kerma handed the ID badge to Donatello.
  "Hey I recognize that logo. This is an Emerald City Comic Con badge. We were invited by the Ivey sisters to attend a few years back but we couldn't make it!"
  "So does the badge belong to either of them?"
  "Uh no, it belonged to a Lisa Weisert. I'm going to have Splinter take this back to Carlisle in our world. Maybe Leonardo and Michaelangelo can do some research, while we're dealing with... whoever we have to deal with in Metropolis!"

Jephaelverse Earth (Dimension J); Seattle, WA - May 4TH, 2018

    A couple of hours later Leonardo and Michaelangelo were in the Turtle Blimp heading towards Seattle. "I still can't believe what Splinter told us... Shellrelah, completely destroyed by some madman!"
    "Yea, it's a major bummer. I contacted Michele Ivey's older sister Miki to ask what she knows about this Mowdin fella. Turns out he's a real freakazoid from that old NTML fan mail group from back in the day. Miki suggested we talk to this Lisa Weisert girl here in Seattle. She was the last person from the fandom to talk to him before he disappeared."
  "That would explain why he had that Emerald City badge with her name on it. So where'd Lisa tell you she'd meet us?"
  "She and her boyfriend BJ are gonna meet up with us at this tulip garden just north of the city."
  Before long they touched down onto a grassy field near the garden. "How will we know who they are?" Leonardo asked in a concerned tone.
  "Yoo hoo!" a female voice said.
  Leo and Mikey looked down to see a woman in a blue sweater accompanied by a bearded fellow in a black jacket and blue baseball cap.
  "Hey there, thanks for meeting us." Leonardo said as shook hands with Lisa's boyfriend right before Lisa gave Leo a big hug.
  "Sorry, I've just always been a big fan of you in particular."
  "Oh, that's flattering. Thank you for agreeing to speak with us."

    "For sure. We're in a real bind no thanks to this Mowdin creep!" Mikey replied. "Michele Ivey is our usual liaison to the fandom, but unfortunately she and her family have been dealing with a lot of health issues, so her sister recommended we come to you, especially since you apparently knew Mowdin personally." Michaelangelo said as he activated the blimp's cloaking mechanism.
  Lisa nodded solemnly as they walked towards the garden. "Well, my history with him isn't something I like to discuss, but I'll fill you in on how his behavior has impacted the fandom. Bottom line, he hates you guys... the OS Turtles that is."
  "Old show... or original series... or as Mowdin condescendingly calls it, the children's show Turtles."
  "I'm starting to get the picture here." Leo replied. "So does he prefer the live action movies."
  "No, he compares the movies to miles of shit."
  "Don't you mean piles of shit?" Mikey asked.
  "His analogies go way beyond mere insults, especially when it comes to the cartoons and movies. I tried getting him interested in the 2003 series since it was closer in tone to the original comics, but he considered it a bastardization of the source material."
  "So I take it he's more a fan of the original Mirage comics by Eastman and Laird?"
  "Oh yea, he puts it way up on a pedestal. He will admit he liked the Archie comics for what they were worth."
  "This guy sure sounds like a piece of work. Is he by any chance into any other comic book property or whatever?" Leo asked.
  "Well, he's really into Green Lantern, though I'm more of a Batman fan myself... specifically the 90's cartoon. During our short-lived friendship he got me interested in Highlander."
  "You mean that crazy intense movie about immortal people who fight to the death and chop each other's heads off?" Mikey asked.
  "Yea, but I'll admit I was more into the lore of the characters outliving loved ones over the centuries." Lisa replied, feeling somewhat embarrassed.
  "That's all very interesting, but it doesn't explain how he managed to make his way to the Halls of Lost Legends, or what his motive is." Leonardo said.
    "I kind of have an idea what he may be up to." BJ said. "When Lisa and I first started dating, Mowdin was doing this YouTube series that was a knock off of Robot Chicken, but centered around the DC Universe, mainly Green Lantern. Needless to say it's a pretty heavy duty series and I remembered one time he did a video of Green Lantern burning down San Diego Comic Con simply because he doesn't like the way Jeph Johns handles the comics. He was also working on a Ninja Turtle fan comic set in the Volume 3 era. He even tried to talk Mirage Studios into publishing it."
  "So he wants the original comic book versions of us returned to their roots, as they were prior to Eastman and Laird's falling out."
  "Yea, and it's clear his My Way or the Highway attitude is the reason he's using some kind of mind control thing on people." Mikey commented.
  "I always said the guy was like Peter Pan... the sadistic one from the books not the cute cartoony one from Disney." Lisa remarked.
  "Uh yea. Hey thanks again for all your help filling us in." Leonardo said.
  "For sure. If there's anything we can do to pay you back... let us know."
  "It's a deal!" Lisa said as she high fived Leonardo and Michaelangelo.

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Metropolis, KS - October 24TH, 2026

    Superman, Donatello and Raphael arrived at the Daily Planet where Jimmy Olsen was taking photos of the wildness going on. "Oh Superman, thank heaven's you showed up! We got some weird stuff going on and... um who are those two green dudes."
  "Oh those are friends of mine from an alternate Earth. I'll explain it to you later, okay?"
  "I'll hold you to it, Big Blue! Mind if I snap some photos in the meantime?"
    "I'd rather you didn't. These two beings, whoever they are, they mean no harm. They're under the influence of a strange form of mind control." Superman says as he and the Turtles left towards the ensuing chaos across the street where they quickly saw a rock creature and a man in blue flinging cars around.
  "I don't believe this. It's... Captain America!" Donatello stated.
  "Yea, the Marvel Cinematic version, and his companion is Ben Grimm from Fantastic 4. Huh, I guess Mowdin decided to check out DC's competition." Raphael joked.
  "Well, it shouldn't be too hard to break the trance like we did on Batman and The Flash." Donatello said as he pressed some buttons on his hologram projector, which suddenly made a beeping noise. "Uh oh."
  "What is it, Don?" Superman asked.
  "The battery on this thing is down to 10%... that's barely enough to project one 3 dimensional hologram for more than 20 seconds!"
  That moment, Raphael saw fire erupting from and exploding gas truck just behind Captain America, which made something click. "Wait, maybe we only need the one. Don't you remember what The Avengers and Fantastic 4 had in common?"
  "Chris Evans... of course. If Ben Grimm were to get a good look at Steve Rogers, he'd think he's seeing his version of The Human Torch!!!" Don exclaimed.
  "Then we'd better snap the Cap out of it first."
  "I'm way ahead of you on that one, brother."
  "Clark, think you can keep The Thing preoccupied in the meantime?"
  "That shouldn't be too much of a problem. Just try to make it quick. I want to keep damage to the city at a minimum." Superman said before speeding off.
    "We really need to show him Man of Steel at some point." Raphael commented before springing into action and pouncing Captain America from behind. "Easy there, Stars and Stripes! We're here to break the spell!" he said as he looked over towards Don. "Now, while I got him pinned!"
    Donatello frantically prepared the hologram projector, which was down to 7% "This better work, or we are sunk!" he said as he pressed the button and a ten foot life like hologram of Marvel's Peggy Carter appeared right in front of them. "Whoops, I didn't mean to make it that big!!!"
  The hologram flickered for a few seconds and Raphael barely managed to turn Captain America's head to see.
    Steve Rogers froze in place for a few seconds, his mouth gaped open as he saw what looked like the love of his life smiling down... as if her very spirit came down from the heavens to free his soul. What only lasted about 20 seconds felt like a lifetime. "Peggy..." he said softly as the image vanished.
  Donatello sighed as the hologram projector went dead. "Thank God that worked."
  "I tell ya Don, you always were a softy for romance!" Raphael said, patting his brother on the shell.
  "Thanks, I think. Um, Captain Rogers? I'm sorry for that little trick we pulled, but we had no choice. You were in a deep hypnotic trance and the only way to reverse it was-"
  "Say no more. My colleagues and I have had our fair share of weirdness. Who exactly are you guys, anyway?"
  "The less you know, the better. But we do need your help." Raphael said as he pointed to Superman fighting The Thing "See that red caped fellow in the blue tights fighting the rock creature across the street?"
  "Ah. You need me to help beat that thing?"
  "Well, in a way. See you happen to resemble a friend of the rock creature's from his world, so seeing your face should reverse the hypnotic effect the same way that image of Agent Carter did for you." Donatello explained.
  "So that's all I have to do, is say hello to the rock monster? If only it had been that easy to beat Thanos!" he said as he ran across the street just in time to see Superman flung against a wall. Captain America helped the caped hero to his feet and smiled. "I'll take it from here, my friend."
  "Uh, thanks." Superman said as he caught his breath just as Donatello and Raphael joined him to watch.
  Ben Grimm let out a mighty roar just as Steve Rogers removed his mask and smiled at him. "Impressive... though I know somebody back home who'd give you a run for your money."
    Ben's eyes went wide as they zeroed in on what he thought was the face of his best friend back home. Flashes of the events that forged the Fantastic 4 in their world came flooding to his mind. "Johnny? Oh man, Johnny, am I glad to see you!" he said as he hugged Captain America. "This weirdo in a hoodie showed up at the Baxter Building and attacked Reed, so I went and..." Ben was taken aback when he noticed his friend's rippling pecks. "You been working out or something, Storm? How the hell did your hair grow?"
  "I'm not who you think I am, sir. I was told I merely look like this Johnny person."
  "Yea, now that I got a better look at you, there's no way you could be The Human Torch!!!"
  "The Human Torch?"
    Before the two confused heroes could continue their awkward and confused conversation, a bright beam of light engulfed them and they vanished, replaced by Renet. "Donatello, Raphael... your brothers need you right away! They are heading to Mirage Studios, where they have reason to believe Mowdin may strike next."
  "What? Why?" Raphael asked.
  "I'm sure Leonardo and Michaelangelo will fill us in as soon as we get there. Hold on, what about Kerma? Is he all right? I don't want to just leave him here in Smallville in his current state."
  "It'll be all right, Donatello. Lana Lang and Mona Lisa took the liberty of taking him to Clark's fortress."
  "I'll check on them up there after I've repaired some of the damage from the fight I had with that Ben Grimm guy." Clark said.
  "Thanks, Big Blue. We'll be back as soon as we possibly can!" Raphael said just as Renet beamed the two Turtles away.

Jephaelverse Earth (Dimension J); Northampton, MA - May 4TH, 2018

    Donatello and Raphael found themselves in front of the entrance to Mirage Studios just as their brothers showed up, having parked the blimp just atop the building.
  "Hey bros, glad you could make it!" Michaelangelo stated. "Man, you guys would love Seattle!"
  "Sorry we couldn't make it sooner, but we got held up dealing with some craziness in Metropolis." Raphael mentioned.
  "Renet filled us in. Anyway that Lisa girl we met with in Seattle tells us this Mowdin character is totally obsessed with the original comic book versions of us." Leonardo explained.
  "So that's why you had us meet here, because you think Peter Laird could be the next target!" Donatello stated.
  "Whoa, hold on a second. What if it's Kevin Eastman? I mean he's more actively involved with the current iterations of us than old Pete!" Raphael said.
  "Well, they both played a hand in creating us... that is our comic book counterparts." Mikey chimed in.
  "It doesn't matter which one of them he's gone after. Odds are he's going to turn up here since this place holds all the archives of the comics."
  Just then the front door opened and a familiar face peeked out. "Hey guys, what brings you all here?"
  "Oh, it's just Dan Berger." Michaelangelo said with a sigh of relief.
  "Hey Danny, um would it be okay if we came in and looked around for a moment?" Raphael asked politely.
  "Oh by all means. Peter's not in today though. He's out with his wife and daughter."
    "That's good. We just wanted to make sure nothing crazy has been happening here as of late." Donatello said as he and the other Turtles entered the office and walked through the corridors. Once they made it to the archive, they could hear a strange humming sound.
  Leonardo shushed his brothers as they crept into the room and turned on the light.
  Raphael was the first to find where the source of the buzzing was coming from. "It's just a flickering light, nothing to be concerned abou-"
  Suddenly a powerful blast of energy erupted and a portal opened in the dead center of the room.
  "Donatello, any idea where that vortex goes?" Leo asked.
  "I'm analyzing it now. It's definitely a one-dimensional reality from these readings I'm getting."
  All of a sudden the wormhole began to glow even brighter.
  "Uh dudes, you get the feeling our presence somehow triggered that rip or something?"
  "It's a strong possibility, Michaelangelo." Don answered just as the portal started so suck in air. "Guys, something tells me whoever opened this portal wants us to enter!"
  "Then we better do it before the vibrations from it do any serious damage to this place!" Leonardo said as he beckoned the others.
  One after another, the Turtles jumped through the portal, which closed up like a zipper.
  Dan Berger opened the door to see what was going on. "Everything okay in here? Uh, hello?" Dan let out a sigh. "Oh well, I gotta get back to my commissions."

Mirage TMNT Earth (Turtle Prime); New York City, NY - May 17TH, 1989

  The Turtles fell in heap atop a tall skyscraper. "Oh man, that was a way rougher ride that usual." Michaelangelo remarked.
  "No kidding!" Raphael replied as he rubbed his neck. "I think I might've gotten a bit of whiplash from it!"
  "Guys, look!" Leonardo pointed to four very familiar figures standing perfectly still near the ledge of the building.
  "It's us... I mean them. It's the original comic book Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

  "It's us... I mean them. It's the original comic book Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."
  "Indeed they are... and you four rainbow bandana faced children's show turtles have a lot of nerve showing up here!!!"
  "Mowdin, I presume?" Leonardo inquired with a smirk.
    The man removed the hood from his cloak and he looked directly at them. "I had hoped those heroes I picked would have finished you, especially Adam West's Batman. I figured it'd be a fitting meet up considering he is to the Dark Knight what you animated shit stains are to these marvelous pieces of art!" he said as he gestured to the still frozen Mirage TMNT.
  "Dude, you really need to check your privilege." Mikey stated. "Besides, we're not even technically that version of the series anymore. Ever since we ended up living with our friend Jeffrey and his family, the cartoon reality we came from ceased to exist!"
    Mowdin rolled his eyes. "I don't give a frog's fat ass what plain of existence you work on! All I care for is the source material, the wellspring of the Ninja Turtles." he said as he pulled out a tattered copy of Volume 1 #21! "This issue was a defining moment for the real Turtles! While you idiotic Turtles were skateboarding in the sewers and fighting mutant rhinos and wart hogs or whatever other ridiculous characters Fred Wolf's writers pulled out of their rear ends, these four had their defining moment with Shredder!"
  "Forgive me if I'm wrong but wasn't that just a clone of Shredder?" Raphael stated.
  "Made out of worms no less." Leonardo added. "You call our series wacky and unrealistic but lets face it. This reality you prefer is just as weird and absurd!"
  "No matter which version of us you prefer, gritty or lighthearted, we're still a quartet of mutated talking turtles trained in martial arts." Donatello exclaimed. "Now why don't you be a good little megalomaniac and break those Turtles out of their trance?"
  "They're not hypnotized. Believe me I was all set to do so, but as you can see they are pretty much immobile."
    "I think I figured out why too. You said it yourself that this moment in their life was a crucial turning point by taking out the clone of Shredder." Donatello spoke. "Defining moments such as that are forever set in stone and therefore can't be changed or altered. By all intents and purposes we're merely in a comic book panel, a split second frozen in time. If you had picked a less significant moment in their lives like say..."
  "Ugh, don't give him any ideas. Remember what this prick did to Kerma's people?!" Raphael stated.
  "Yea, like what did those little dudes ever do to you?!" Michaelangelo asked angrily.
  "To be honest they weren't my first target. Thanks to your Krang, Dimension X and the Neutrinos are long dead, otherwise I would have set my sights on them first. But this isn't all about the Ninja Turtles."
  "Yea, Miss Weisert told us about your feelings towards Green Lantern. Who were you going to go after next... Ryan Reynolds?" Leonardo said with a sly smirk.
  "I hadn't really thought that far ahead just yet. You Turtles were my first priority. Seeing as how you haven't been around near as long as DC or Marvel, I figure changing the course of your history would be much easier."
  "If you hadn't noticed, you're not the only person who loves us Ninja Turtles and trying to bend any version of us to your will is just selfish!!!" Donatello argued.
  "I'm sorry I wasn't listening. All I heard is COWA-FREAKING-BUNGA, DUDES... LETS EAT A STUPID PIZZA!!!" Mowdin shouted in a fit.
  "Wow, and I thought our Shredder acted like a big baby!" Raphael commented.
  "It's pretty clear there's no reasoning with him, guys. He's as obsessive and intent on controlling everyone as Shredder and Krang were." Leonardo stated.
  "For sure. Besides, his plans have obviously backfired on him." Michaelangelo mentioned. "I mean we're just stuck between comic book panels here or whatever, right?"
  "Yes, but if he were to concentrate on a less pivotal story in the comics, like say one of their Northampton adventures..."
  "Better yet, what if we made him focus on multiple stories all at once?" Raphael suggested.
    "That would most likely result in a temporal overload, which could end all of time and creation as we currently know it." a voice said from behind them. The Turtles turned around to see a young teenage blonde standing before them.
  Donatello was the first to recognize who the person was. "Jonathan Kent! What are you doing here, and how do you look so young again?"
  "Yea, like you look even younger than John Schneider was when he got cast as Bo Duke!"
  "I was sent to look for you guys after you went missing for about two days!"
  "What? We've only been here a few minutes talking to..." Leonardo looked over towards the Mirage Turtles, still frozen in place, yet no sign of Mowdin.
  "Oh great, where'd that creep run off to now?!" Raphael griped.
  "It's okay. He's being dealt with in the Halls of Lost Legends. Even though we had to postpone the ceremony I still have my new celestial form, which as Michaelangelo so nicely put it, makes me look like my actor in his adolescent years. Anyway, I'm here to take you to see Kerma at the Fortress."

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Arctic Circle - October 27TH, 2026

    Kerma took a deep breath as he looked up at the several gold crystals providing him with energy.
  Clark's cousin Supergirl was the only other person present in the fortress. "How do you feel?"
  "Much better, Kara. Thank you for providing me with all of this gold to keep my strength up!" he answered as he sat up.
    "Luckily Oliver Queen has a stockpile of gold. Kal-El and I are just glad it's gold originated from Earth and not Krypton, otherwise our powers could be permanently stripped from us!"
  "Ah, that would be quite unfortunate." Donatello commented as he came rushing into the fortress accompanied by Lana Lang. "I am so glad to see you're okay, Kerma!"
    "It is good to see you too, my friend." the last of the Turtleoids said with a smile. "I take it you and your brothers managed to take down that Mowdin fiend?"
  "Oh trust me, he's getting his just desserts. Unfortunately there's nothing we can do to bring back your home planet or your people."
  "As long as I have you in my life, Donatello, I shall be all right."
  "Well, I guess I can make room for you in my lab in the basement back home." Don said with a chuckle as he noticed the gold fixtures. "Hey, that's some impressive lighting!"
  "Clark and I spent hours setting them up before he and Lois had to go back to work at the Daily Planet."
  "I shouldn't have any trouble hauling them with... oh, the Turtle Blimp! We left it at Mirage Studios!"
  "Don't worry, Donnie. Mona Lisa flew it back home to Harleysville when Mr. Kent went to search for you." Lana exclaimed. "The Turtle Van's still at the farm where you and Raphael left it."
  Donatello let out a sigh of relief. "I think we all need to take a break from dimension hopping for a while!"
  "If I had $10 for every time Raven said that during our time as Null-Time agents."
  "Ever think about getting back into that line of work?" Don asked.
  "Only if I had a good partner to join me." Lana said sweetly as he wrapped her arms around Don and gave him a peck on the cheek.
  Kerma smiled at the sight. "Well, I hate to break up this tender moment, but shouldn't we be going?"
  "Yea, and I have plans to meet up with Chloe and Oliver in Central City." Supergirl mentioned.
  "Oh tell them I said hello!" Lana said.
  "Will do." Supergirl turned and shook Kerma's hand. "It was an honor to stay by your side, my friend."
  "Thank you, Miss Kent!" Kerma bowed to the Kryptonian girl.
  Donatello and Lana waved as Kara flew off out of the fortress.

The 79TH Level of Null-Time (Dimension <Null>)

  Meanwhile in the Palisade, an angry Tess Mercer looked menacingly at Mowdin. "You, my friend, are in a lot of trouble."
  "Is that so?"
  "It's bad enough using the mind control tech you stole from Lex-Corp to manipulate super heroes throughout time and space, but to destroy an entire planet with life on it using Kryptonian technology is even worse!!!"
  "What does it matter to you... Miss Luthor? You're no longer alive in the Smallville reality anyway."
    "Yet here I am with the opportunity to not only redeem myself, but my father as well. But because of what you did with Whitney Fordman, Lionel Luthor has been denied eligibility to become a time apprentice and is forever doomed to be but another ghost wandering the Halls of Lost Legends!!!" Tess shouted tearfully as she slapped Mowdin in the face.
  "Save your breath on him, honey." Renet said. "From what the Turtles told me, this chump's a more stubborn jackass than Shredder!"
  "Strong words coming from one of my favorite people in the Mirage realm."
  Renet knelt down and looked Mowdin directly in the face. "The Mirage universe had its chance... and it isn't your place to give it a second one, or to dictate what becomes of any other incarnation of the Ninja Turtles!"
  "No... their fate now lies in the hands of a pathetic children's network helmed by a talking sea sponge!"
  "Atleast the people at Nickelodeon understand what the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have always been about... and it saddens me that there aren't more people like the Turtles' friend Jeffrey Oughton who understand that!"
  "Oh yes their famous fifth member... pretty much a real life version of Zach from the cartoon except with the power to turn into a mutant turtle like Bruce Banner becomes the Incredible Hulk! Seriously, I feel like we're living in an 18 year-old fangirl's DeviantArt fan fiction!!!"
  Renet let out an exasperated sigh just as Raven of the Teen Titans showed up. "Well, this has been fun, but you've got an appointment with my reality warping friend here, who's going to turn your brain into fondue before we let you go home! T-T-F-N. Ta ta for now!"
  "Did you really just quote Tigger from Winny the Pooh?" Raven asked with a giggle.
  "Hey, we all have our role models, Miss Pretty, Pretty Pegasus!" Renet said with a laugh. "Try not to damage this guy's brain too much like you did to the last dude."
  "How was I to know Hannibal Lecter had such a soft head?"

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Smallville, KS - October 31ST, 2026

    A few days later the Ninja Turtles were back at the Kent Farm where they had the ceremony for Jonathan Kent's new life as a time apprentice.
  Raphael went to the loft to speak with Superman who seemed a little melancholy. "You okay, Clark?"
  "Yea, it's just... it's kind of weird seeing my adoptive father so young looking now. Plus I guess it just saddens me a little that even though he's alive again, he no longer belongs here in Smallville."
  "Well, atleast you have him back. Michaelangelo still gets bummed thinking about the Neutrinos and what happened to Dimension X all of those years ago... and April misses her old co-worker Irma. Heck, I think Vernon even misses Burne Thompson sometimes. Jeffrey lost touch with most of his friends from high school... even Lana's look-alike Dori!"
  "Guess we all have to learn to move on, don't we?" Clark said with a sigh as they went back to the house.
  "Hey son, glad you could make it!" Jonathan said. "Your mom's making my favorite tonight to mark this special occasion and I was worried you might have to miss it!"
  A huge smile came over Clark's face. "I wouldn't miss this for the world, Dad." he said as he hugged his parents.


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