Seven Shredders

story by IcyKali and Jephael

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This story takes place in 1997, one year after the final episode of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, but the tone is more like the earlier seasons of the show. While Jephael has offered to finish the story started by IcyKali, some plot points she intended to use later on have been maintained in the second act.
DISCLAIMER: IcyKali is in no way connected to Kali Gargoyle, a fellow member of the TMNT fandom who you may remember had her own Ninja Turtle fan site on GeoCities several years ago.

ACT 1 by IcyKali; edited by Jephael

      It had been a slow time for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Lord Dregg was long gone, and now the normal criminal activity in the Big Apple just didn't seem like enough to test their newfound skills. All they had to do on a summer night was wait for a news report from their friend April, hoping for a crime they could stop, or consign themselves to watching Killer Artichokes from Outer Space for the fifth time.
  “In other news, researchers everywhere are still puzzled by the mysterious multi-colored lights sighted over our city last evening.”
  “Aw man, I'm sick of old news! When’s April’s live broadcast gonna be on?”
  “Raphael, don't you think that unexplained stellar phenomena are fascinating? Why, if I were a researcher…” before he could finish, Donatello was smacked in the face by a pillow.
  Suddenly, Michaelangelo came out of the kitchen. “Dudes, come taste my new pizza recipe! You guys are going to love it!”
  “What is it, Michaelangelo?” asked Leonardo, who had been attempting to meditate on the floor.
  “I call it Meta-Pizza! It’s a pizza with smaller pizzas on top like pepperoni! I would have put even smaller pizzas on those, but I can't find small enough pizzas. Hey, maybe you could invent a pizza-shrinking ray, Donatello!”
  “Oh, let it go, Michaelangelo! April’s live news report is finally on!” said Donatello.
  Indeed, there on the TV was April, and she looked nervous. The Turtles knew it had to be bad, considering that she always said that danger was her middle name.
  “This is April O' Neil reporting! No-one can believe their eyes, because on top of the Scientific Research Center building, not just one, but two Shredders have been sighted fighting with each other! That’s right, everyone, the old public enemy number one is back, twice! We can only sit and hope that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can help us in our time of need!” Then she added "That means you, guys!”
  “I don't believe it! How can this be?” Leonardo leapt to his feet.
  “I feel the same way, dude,” said Michaelangelo. ”I thought April stopped breaking the fourth wall like that ages ago!”
  Splinter had been watching the report as well. “It appears that the Shredder has learned an ancient Ninjitsu image-splitting technique, my sons. It will be difficult to stop him!” he said, gravely.
  “What I'm wondering is, how did he get back from Dimension X?” said Donatello.
  “Oh, boy, this is just the sort of insanity we needed,” said Raphael. “I've got a feeling that this'll be a long fan fiction.”
  “Now isn't the time for sarcasm, Raphael,” said Leonardo. “To the Turtle Van!”
  The Turtles ran out of the lair. They piled into the van, and off they went to the Scientific Research Center. Thankfully, there wasn't much traffic. In fact, the road they were on had no cars on it at all, when they saw a certain someone in metal gauntlets run across the road.
  “Shredder!” they said in unison.
  “How did he get here from the top of the building so quickly?” asked Leonardo. “Oh well, let’s get him!”
  Unfortunately for the Turtles, before they could do anything, Shredder threw a handful of makibishi from out of nowhere at their van’s wheels! They careened out of control and had to stop. Shredder escaped.
  “Major bummer, dudes!” said Mikey.
  “There could still be another Shredder on the loose,” said Leo. “Let’s head to the building on foot.”
  They got out of the van and started running towards their goal. “Hey, guys,” said Donatello, “did that Shredder seem off-color to any of you?”
  “Shredder’s always off-color.” Raphael replied.
  “I mean he looked... bluer than normal. Eh, maybe I'm just imagining it.”
  The Turtles made it to the building sometime later. They saw the Shredders fighting on the building like in the news report.
  “There’s no way that the Shredder we saw on the streets could be either of the Shredders from the report!” said Leo.
  “You know, dudes, we really should have taken the Turtle Blimp.” Mikey commented.
  The Turtles entered, and ran up the stairs to the roof. What they saw on top of the building shocked them! There were indeed two Shredders fighting, but not only that, one seemed to be tinted red, and the other orange! Bebop and Rocksteady were on the roof as well, but they seemed to be lying on the ground in pain.
  “Alright guys,” said Leonardo quietly. “We have the element of surprise. Let’s sneak up on-“
  “Take this, frying-pan face!” yelled Raph, leaping on the red Shredder. Shredder blocked him with his gauntlets, but fell over onto his back. He then threw Raphael over his head by using his knees as a springboard.
  “So much for strategy,” mumbled Don.
  The remaining three Turtles then went to defeat the red Shredder with their sheer numbers. He started to run, but was easily trapped by Mikey’s grappling hook. Raph got up, and the four of them surrounded the now tied up red Shredder. By that time, however, the orange Shredder was nowhere to be seen.
  “You imbeciles!” red Shredder yelled. “You let the orange one get away! Don't you know that's he's dangerous?”
  “We can deal with him on his own,” said Leo. “Now, tell us all you know!”
  “Fine,” said red Shredder. “If I explain everything, I'm sure you'll see things my way.”
  “Fat chance,” mumbled Raphael.
  “Oh man, dudes,” said Mikey. “Does this mean we'll have to have a ton of exposition dialogue?”
  “Don't worry about it. I have a flashback handy….”

* * *

Earlier that day in Dimension X…

  “Shredder! Get over here, we're going to be going on a little field trip to Earth.”
  “But Krang, I thought we finally gave up on Earth. Anyway, I like being on vacation from conquering that accursed planet.”
        The Technodrome may have been abandoned a long time ago, but the Turtles’ nemeses were far from done with their evil ways. They had moved to another fortress with the help of the Rock Warriors. Oddly enough, in Dimension X, a place full of monsters and general galactic scum, Krang and Shredder were more successful at being evil overlords there than on Earth, since they didn't have the Ninja Turtles to worry about. Offstage villainy is weird that way.
  “Honestly, Shredder." said Krang. He wondered why he always surrounded himself with complete morons at times like these. “We aren't trying to take over Earth, we're only going on a short mission to retrieve alien technology.”
  “Alien technology? I'm from the Earth, therefore it isn't alien to me.”
  “No, you fool! Not technology from your planet! Oh, whatever, just look at this viewscreen.” Krang said as he gestured to a screen similar to radar. It showed an object that looked like a meteoroid. “This is a piece of technology from an ancient civilization of the Sirius system.”
  “Really? What does it do? How is it of any use to us?”
  “You don't even know anything about your own universe, do you?”
  “Dammit, Krang, I'm a ninja master, not an astronomer! If I had known I'd be working with an alien from another dimension, maybe I would have studied!”
  “Oh, stop complaining. Get Bebop and Rocksteady. We're going to New York City.”
  “New York City? Don't you know I have a lot of painful memories of that place?”
  “I can't control where alien technology lands.”
  Eventually, after quite a bit more bickering, Krang, Shredder, and their two bumbling mutants finally took the dimensional transporter to Earth. It turned out that, conveniently, the alien technology would be landing in an out-of-the-way junkyard.
  Even so, Shredder was less than happy about the excursion. “Krang, don't you know that we'll be caught by those blasted Turtles if we try this?”
  “All we're doing is taking a piece of space junk to study. How would that get their attention?”
  “It’s their story, you know! They'll show up to thwart us somehow!”
  “You're much too paranoid, Shredder. Whatever happened to the you that would leap into danger no matter how idiotic of an idea it was?”
  “Oh, I'm sure he’s in here somewhere.” Shredder grumbled.
  Meanwhile, Bebop and Rocksteady were playing Space Invaders with their laser-blasters.
  “Ooh, ooh,” said Rocksteady. “Enemy Blaardornians sighted at 2 o'clock!”
  “Let’s blast em’!” shouted Bebop.
  Shredder turned around to yell at them. “Stop doing that! Those aren't toys! Don't you know that you could put someone’s eye out?”
  “Duh, sorry, Boss,” said Bebop.
        They eventually located the technology. It was very strange looking; it looked like a small meteorite, but it contained crystals. Not just any crystals, however. They appeared to be many different colors, which suggested that it was more than just any random meteorite: it looked a piece of technology that had been assembled from many different crystals, not like a naturally occurring meteoroid. Krang looked pretty delighted at finding it, but before he got look at it closely, a red laser blast shot past him, ricocheting off the reflective surfaces of different pieces of junk. Then, it hit the technology, causing the crystals to glow and vibrate!
  “You malcontented mutants! What did you do?” said Krang.
  “Duh, my finger slipped... honest!” said Bebop.
  With no warning, a giant white stream of light shot from the technology! It blasted Shredder in the chest, and he screamed in agony. There was a flash, and when the light dimmed, there was not one Shredder, but seven, each tinted a different color of the rainbow.
  “You idiot,” said Krang to Bebop. “Look what you did! We had an episode like this already!”
  “Well,” interjected blue Shredder, “we should make the best of this situation. It will be easier for us to rule different planets with more forces.”
  “We will rule?” said purple Shredder. “You mean I will rule! I'm better than every one of you! I deserve to rule.”
  “You shouldn't be so cocky! I'll wipe that smile off your face with my sword!” yelled orange Shredder.
  “I'd like to see you try.”
  “Stop quarreling, you cretins!” blue Shredder tried to get the attention of the others. “We shall each attempt to take over this city. Whoever manages to come the closest to that goal will be crowned the best one of all of us.”
  The yellow Shredder jumped up at this. "Ooh,that sounds like fun! I just love competition!" he said.
  Most of the other Shredders seemed to agree that this contest was reasonable. They stopped fighting among themselves, and left the junkyard, each in a different direction. The only ones who remained were the red and green Shredders.
  “So,” said Krang, “you two are the only ones with any loyalty?”
  “L-loyalty?” said green Shredder, “I just don't want to try to take over the city. I'll just fail and humiliate myself!” he curled up into a little ball on the ground. Red Shredder didn't even bother saying anything.
  “Stop dilly-dallying, you two!" Krang commanded. "Go round up the others.”
  Red Shredder immediately took Bebop and Rocksteady with him to fetch the other Shredders, but the green Shredder was too afraid to do anything useful and just stayed on the ground, shaking.
  “Great,” muttered Krang. “Now I'm forced to babysit!”

* * *

  “Whoa dudes, that was a mondo freaky flashback!" Michaelangelo was glad that it was over, and he was back on the rooftop again. Flashbacks had always felt like out-of-body experiences to him.
  “Now that we're done wasting time, will you accursed shell-backs help me capture the other Shredders, or what?” Red Shredder was really starting to lose his patience.
  “It doesn't look like we have much choice,” said Leonardo. “We can't let them destroy our city!”
  “But how can we trust this guy, Leonardo?” asked Raph.
  “Well,” said Donatello, “I, for one, think we can. I've got an idea of what’s going on here.”
  “Oh great,” said Raphael. “Is this a saves the entire world sort of idea of yours, or a blows up your latest invention sort of idea?”
  “Well, if we can't trust our own brother, who can we trust?” Michaelangelo said as he untied red Shredder.
  Then the Turtles and red Shredder turned to Bebop and Rocksteady, who were getting up with groans of pain.
  “Dat orange guy is mean!” said Bebop.
  “That’s why you miserable mutants are going to work with us to capture him!” said Raphael.
  “We'll get right to it!“ said red Shredder. “Wait, what did you call them?" He grabbed Raphael by the shoulders and roughly shook him. "Only I get to call them names like that!”
  “Sheesh, I'm just trying to be funny! No need to get so uncharacteristically defensive!”
  Red Shredder let Raphael go but glared at him. He called Bebop and Rocksteady to follow him, and they began to hurry down from the roof.
  “Donatello, why do you think that he won't cause any damage?” asked Leonardo.
  But before he could get an answer out of him, they heard an explosion from the street below! The Turtles ran to the edge of the rooftop, and they saw yet another Shredder skipping through the streets disturbing the peace. They also saw a shattered store-front still in flames.
  “Well, that explains the explosion,” said Donatello.
  “No time to chat, dudes!” Mikey said.
  The Shredder in the streets scaring people away was the yellow Shredder, and he was carrying glittering objects in his arms. He looked quite happy and carefree... atleast until the Turtles announced themselves.
  Leo drew one of his katanas and said, “Come quietly with us, and we won't have to hurt you!”
  Yellow Shredder just blinked at them, surprised. Then his eyes smiled. “Well, I'd love to come with you,” he said. “But it’s hard to walk with all these shiny things I'm holding!”
  “Shiny things?” asked Leo,
  “Yes, these!” He held up a handful of jewelry! The store-front he had blown up was a jewelry store.
  “You shouldn't take things that aren't yours.” said Leonardo. “Now, put them back, and don't be any more trouble!”
    “Oh, I'm afraid I can't do that, my reptilian friends, “but I hope you four have a blast!” With that, the yellow Shredder threw a shuriken onto the sidewalk in front of them. The Turtles leapt away just in time before it exploded! Yellow Shredder started running in the other direction making a happy squeal of glee. “Explosions are just the best!” he exclaimed. However, his giddiness didn't last for long. Donatello threw a bo staff at his back, and yellow Shredder dropped to the ground. When he tried to get back up and run, Leonardo and Raphael stopped him. “Aw, but things were just starting to get interesting!”
  “Be a good sport and put back that jewelry!” Raph demanded.
  “Okay, fine! Wait, I don't see it.” The five of them looked at the ground where the jewelry had been scattered, and it was gone!
  “Looking for me?” they heard a familiar voice say. In the direction it had come from, farther down the sidewalk, they saw purple Shredder wearing a sparkling necklace and rings. “Someone as impressive as me deserves only the finest in fashion accessories!” he said as he ran off.
  “Oh, this is just wonderful!” Raphael griped.
  “Well, this yellow guy wasn't too hard to deal with, so he shouldn't be either, right?” said Mikey.
  “I don't know about that, Michaelangelo,” said Don. “I think we got lucky this time. Anyway, how are we going to get rid of this yellow Shredder now?”
  “I'll handle that.” They heard yet another Shredder say from behind them. The Turtles turned around, and they were glad to see it was red Shredder, not another one they had to fight. “Um, good work, you four. I should have given you this,” he said, and gave Leonardo a communicator.
  “Can we use this to contact Krang?” asked Leo.
  “Yes. You can have him open a portal to send the Shredders to where we can detain them, until we have all of them.”
  As if on cue, a glowing blue portal opened in front of them. Red Shredder tossed yellow Shredder into it, and it closed.
  “Bebop, Rocksteady and I will go hunt for other Shredders separately from you four.” Red Shredder ran off in the other direction down the street to find his hench-mutants.
  “I don't trust these guys,” said Raphael when red Shredder was out of earshot. “We shouldn't be working with them! Also, this red one sounds way too reasonable to be Shredder.”
  “I don't feel right doing this either,” said Leonardo, “but we don't have the technology to deal with all these Shredders even after we round them up.”
  “Guys,” said Don. “Don't worry about it! Don't you see that this is a great opportunity?”
  “Yeah,” said Raphael, “an opportunity to get into great trouble!”
  “Just hear me out! Haven't you noticed how each Shredder is behaving radically different?”
  “Go on,” said Leo.
  “Well, I think that each different-colored Shredder is representative of another part of his normal personality!”
  “Uh, what was that, exactly?” Mikey asked.
  “I mean, the yellow Shredder seems to represent his happiness and silliness, for instance.”
  “So how does that make this a great opportunity?” asked Raph.
  “Well, think of how Shredder’s evil behavior has caused us all this grief for so many years.” Donatello explained. “In fact, evil is so ingrained in him, there must be a colored Shredder that represents it!”
  “So you're saying that all we would have to do is take that Shredder and get rid of him, and then Shredder wouldn't want to be evil anymore?” asked Leo, surprised.
  “That’s right! When Krang puts him back together somehow, with that one part of his personality missing, Shredder will act like a whole new man!”
  “Whoa, whoa! Wait a minute!” said Michaelangelo. “To do that, you mean we'd have to take that evil Shredder and k-kill him?”
  “Hey, I don't think it would be like killing him or anything,” said Raph. “It would be more like personality therapy!”
  “This sounds like a good plan, Donatello,” said Leo, “but we'd better hurry and locate that Shredder, and get that stolen jewelry back, too. It’s getting pretty late.”
  As his brothers ran on ahead, Michaelangelo stayed behind for just a few seconds longer. “This just doesn't sit right with me somehow, dudes,” he said quietly.
  Red Shredder was laying low in an alleyway, trying to think of an idea to capture the other Shredders without getting caught by the authorities. As far as he could tell, he would have to wait until one of the Shredders did something destructive. It was then he got an idea. “Bebop, Rocksteady, we're going to the Channel 6 building.”
  “Oh, but we're getting sick of runnin’ around the city so much.” Rocksteady griped.
  “Uh, we're gonna capture that April chick again?” asked Bebop.
  “We aren't going to capture her, we're going to protect her! Don't worry, this plan is foolproof.” Red Shredder slunk out of the alley and stealthily started making his way to the building.
  “Red Boss has really lost his marbles!” said Rocksteady.
  “Duh, yeah,” Bebop replied.
        When the cameras were no longer rolling, April O’ Neil didn't have a reason to keep a smile plastered to her face. Knowing that multiple Shredders, were on the loose, she felt nervous. April was no longer used to a life rife with danger. I really should contact the Turtles personally, she thought, looking out of her office window, but she knew somehow that calling them would just increase the likely-hood of her getting into trouble, and she had no desire to live a life like that anymore. “It’s moments like these that I really wish I had taken some martial arts lessons with Splinter when I had the chance.” she said, depressed.
      Suddenly, a Shredder busted through her door! He seemed to be tinted orange. April screamed as he lifted his clawed gauntlet. He reached out and harshly grabbed her wrist. “I hate you, you snooping reporter! I should stab you right through the heart as a message to those wretched reptiles, and for all those times you humiliated me!” Then something made orange Shredder leap up and turn around—something had startled him. April looked past him, and there was red Shredder, as well as Bebop and Rocksteady, who were carrying laser-cannons! Red Shredder whipped out something that looked like a gun, but when he pulled the trigger, it fired an electrified lasso. It wrapped around orange Shredder, pulling him away from April, shocking him in the process. He thrashed around a bit, but then red Shredder opened a dimensional portal and tossed him into it.
  “W-what’s going on here?” stammered April. “Saved by a Shredder?”
  “Don't expect this sort of thing to happen often, Miss O’ Neil.” said red Shredder. “I'm in charge of collecting the other versions of myself, and you make lovely bait!”
  “Gee, what a compliment.” muttered April.

ACT 2 by Jephael

  Meanwhile, the Turtles were back in the Turtle Van and on the hunt for the purple Shredder who made off with the stolen jewelry earlier.
  "It's no use, dudes. We'll never find that cocky Shred-head at this rate!"
  "We can't give up now, Michaelangelo. The fate of the entire city depends on us capturing them!" Leonardo boasted.
  "Hey I've got an idea." Donatello said as he took out Shredder's communicator. "This is Donatello calling Krang. Come in, Krang!"
  "To what do I owe this pleasure, you bothersome shellbacks?!"
  "Hey, we're trying to help you gather up these tooty-fruity Shredders!" Raphael shot back.
  "I'm well aware of that, but it doesn't mean I'm going to be all buddy-buddy with you! Now what do you want? My time is valuable!" Krang said sharply.
  "Listen, is there any way you can use the alien technology to locate the different Shredders?" Donatello asked.
  "Hmm, not a bad idea. I'm surprised I didn't think of it earlier. Very well. Give me about ten minutes and I'll call you back." Krang said as he hung up.
  "Lets see if there's anything on the news." Leonardo said as he tuned into Channel 6.
    "This Vernon Fenwick here at the Lofty Estate, speaking with Donald J. Lofty Jr., son of the late, great entrepreneur who has made a most generous donation to the local children's hospital. Tell us, sir, what compelled you to give a third of your inheritance to such a noble cause?"
    "Well, when I was a boy I had a friend named Terry who was very sick. I'd visit him every day at the hospital, but by the time I entered junior high, poor Terry was so terminally ill, I knew he wouldn't last. So I made a promise to myself that I'd do whatever I could to ensure kids like him would have a fighting chance!"
  "Aw, that's so touching!" Michaelangelo said as he wiped a tear from his eye.
  Just then the screen flickered and a loud boom could be heard.
  "What the heck's going on?" Donatello asked.
  "Mr. Lofty, I have a proposition for you!" an all too familiar voice said just as the screen went to static.
  "Oh no, it's another Shredder!" Leonardo said. "Quick, Raphael, get us to the Lofty Estate, and fast!"
  "With pleasure, fearless leader!"
  Within a matter of minutes the Turtles arrived at the Lofty Estate.
  "Scope it out, dudes, the Channel 6 news van is still here!" Michaelangelo said.
  "I hope we're not too late." Leo boasted as they ran in. "All right, Shredder, get ready to... what the?!"
  The Turtles were at a loss as they saw the blue Shredder having tea and scones with both Donald Lofty Jr. and Vernon.
  "Um, did we stop by at a bad time?" Raphael asked.
  "Not a bad time at all, Turtles." Blue Shredder replied. "I was merely expressing to Mr. Lofty here my interest in bio-mechanics and how my expertise in that field could help the hospital. All I ask in return is a position in your late father's board of directors."
  "While I am flattered, sir, I'm afraid I can't help you as my uncle inherited Lofty Enterprises, and he runs a pretty tight ship. I highly doubt he'd want a renown criminal working for him."
  "Such a shame. I was so hoping we could work out a deal." With that the blue Shredder sighed as he got up from the table. "My apologies again for the damage done to your front door."
  "That was just too weird, dudes!" Michaelangelo said.
  "There are ways of becoming a successful leader without stooping to ruthless, underhanded behavior, my green friends." Blue Shredder said as he came up to the Turtles.
  "And that hole you put through Lofty's door wasn't ruthless, underhanded behavior?" Raphael rebutted.
  "A mere accident, I assure you. I was attempting to use an old device of Krang's that's supposed to unlock any door, but apparently it had a few screws loose."
  "Hey, don't sweat it. It happens to the best of us." Donatello replied.
  "Listen, we could really use your help rounding up the other Shredders." Leonardo said politely.
    "I'd love to assist you, but I'm afraid I have a pressing engagement at City Hall with the mayor." With that the blue Shredder headed for the doorway. However, as he looked back to wave goodbye to the Turtles as he was running, he failed to see the portal opening, which he ran right into.
  Just then the communicator went off. "Turtles, I've located the purple Shredder. He's at the construction sight of the new Channel 6 building. You'd better hurry! He's making a complete spectacle of himself!"
  "Thanks, Krang." Donatello said as he hung up. "I can't believe I just thanked Krang."
  "This sure is turning out to be a strange day!" Michaelangelo said as they ran outside and piled back into the Turtle Van.
  "Tell me about it. I don't think it could get any weirder!" Raphael added.
    Moments later they were at the Channel 6 construction sight, which was just across the street from the original Channel 6 building that Shredder had blown up a few years ago.
  "Man, we haven't been around this spot in ages!" Donatello stated as they exited the van.
  "I know, and it definitely hasn't improved over time!" Leonardo mentioned as he noticed several potholes surrounding the now empty foundation. Just then loud rock music could be heard.
  "Whoa, where's that righteous tune coming from?" Michaelangelo asked.
  "Up there, on the top of that elevator shaft!" Donatello pointed towards the barely finished framework of the future Channel 6 News building, where sure enough the purple Shredder was singing and dancing to music playing on a boom box.
  Raphael couldn't help but chuckle. "Is it just me or are we getting all the wacky Shredders?"
  "Hey don't sweat it, bro. I can handle this dude in a snap!" Michaelangelo said as he swung around his grappling hook and used it to climb up the side of the elevator shaft. "All right, you heavy metal maniac! Get ready for a beatdown of epic proportions!"
  "You're just jealous you don't have any rhythm like I do!" Purple Shredder said.
  "Oh yea? Well, why don't you crank up the volume and we'll see who's got the best moves?"
  "Very well." As purple Shredder reached for the boom box, a portal opened right infront of him. "What?"
  Michaelangelo grabbed the purple Shredder by the arm and flung him over his shell, tossing him into the portal.
  "Way to go, Michaelangelo!" Leonardo yelled to his brother.
  "Thanks, dudes. So like how many have we got down so far?"
  "I just got off the comlink with Krang who's doing a head count." Raphael answered. "We took care of the yellow, blue and purple Shredders, red Shredder took care of orange Shredder and the green Shredder's been with Krang this whole time."
  "That just leaves the indigo Shredder, and it's a safe bet that he's the one who represents Tin-Grin's evil tendencies!" Donatello exclaimed.
  "Then there's no time to loose!" Leonardo stated as they piled into the Turtle Van once again.
  "You know, dudes, we haven't checked in with April lately."
  "Good idea, Michaelangelo!" Raphael said as he took out his turtle-comm. "April, come in. Are you okay?"
  "April here, and I'm fine! Where are you guys though?"
  "We've been busy rounding up all of these multi-colored Shredders, but there's still one left, and we're pretty sure he's the most dangerous! You'd better get somewhere safe in the meantime."
  "Thanks for the heads up, Raphael!" the news reporter said as she hung up her turtle-comm.
  "Thank you for not informing the Turtles of our presence, Miss O' Neil." Red Shredder said. "I am certain they wouldn't appreciate me using you to lure my final counterpart here."
  "Gee, Boss, are you sure you wanna face this indigo Shredder by yourself?" Rocksteady asked.
  "Uh yea. That toitle said he'd be the most dangerous!" Bebop mentioned.
  "Oh calm yourselves! I'm certain I can handle my evil side single-handedly."
  "I wouldn't be so sure about that, my conspicuous counterpart!"
  Bebop and Rocksteady trembled with fright at the sight of the indigo Shredder, while April found this as an opportunity to get some footage of the confrontation.
  "Listen to me, Shredder. It is imperative that we reunite with our other selves and bring back the real Oroku Saki!" Red Shredder said pleadingly as he clashed swords with the indigo Shredder.
  "I'd rather not, you red-faced brown-noser! You're the reason I spent all those years groveling towards that vile blob of brains! As soon as I've rid myself of you, he shall be next!"
  "Turtles, you'd better hurry to Channel 6." Krang said as he and the five other Shredders watched the battle from the view screen.
  "But we just left Channel 6." Michaelangelo commented.
  "Not that Channel 6, you fool! The current Channel 6 two blocks away!"
  "Burn rubber, Leonardo!" Donatello shouted.
  April, Rocksteady and Bebop watched with baited breath as the red and indigo Shredder continued to duel.
    Indigo Shredder chuckled maniacally. "I've been studying you and the other Shredders closely, you know! While physically we are evenly matched, we each represent different components of Shredder's mentality. I can tell by the look in your eyes you are becoming increasingly tired!"
  Red Shredder panted. "On the contrary, my devious doppleganger! I'm just... just getting warmed up."
  Just then the Turtles barged into the building. "Turtle Power!!!"
  Red Shredder looked over his shoulder just as the indigo Shredder struck him in the side of the ribs with his sword. Both Shredders yelled in pain as they violently landed on the ground.
  "What the heck?!" Leonardo said.
  Donatello went over to examine the two Shredders, who each now had identical scars on their abdomens.
  Just then the communicator went off, which Leonardo answered. "Yes, Krang?"
  "Turtles, what's happening? The five Shredders here in Dimension X have just collapsed, and they're all bleeding from the exact same point on their bodies."
  "Tell Krang to open the portal. We're bringing these two in!" Donatello ordered.
  Within seconds the portal opened. Bebop helped Raphael and Michaelangelo drag the red Shredder through, while Rocksteady assisted Leonardo and Donatello with the indigo Shredder.
  "It's about time! We must hurry and get all seven Shredders together." Krang ordered.
    As soon as the seven Shredders were all lined up, Krang aimed a laser device with the alien crystal in it. A bright light zapped all seven Shredders who slowly remerged with themselves. Shredder was himself once again, and wound on his side was already healing. "Oh, what happened to me? I feel so strange." he said weakly.
  "It's gonna be okay, Boss." Rocksteady said as he helped Shredder to his feet.
  "Ow! Why does my side hurt so much?"
  "It's kind of a long story." Bebop answered.
  "Well, Turtles, while it's against my better judgement, I'd like to express my appreciation for your assistance in gathering up the seven Shredders."
  "No thanks necessary. All we ask is that you leave Earth alone once and for all!" Leonardo said.
  "Yea, as in don't come back ever again!" Michaelangelo added.
  "Fine by me! Ta ta, Turtles." Krang said as he re-opened the portal.
  An hour later the Turtles were back in the lair enjoying a well deserved salami and guacamole pizza as they watched April deliver the news report.
  "And so with Shredder back to normal, he and Krang have promised to leave Earth alone once and for all, thanks to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! April O' Neil for Channel 6 News!"
  "Hey Donatello, how come when the indigo Shredder cut the red Shredder, it caused all seven of him to bleed?" Raphael asked.
  "I guess even though they each represented a different part of his personality, they were all connected by Shredder's body chemistry."
  "That means if we had gone through with our plan to kill Shredder's evil side, we would've killed him entirely!" Leonardo mentioned.
  "Now aren't you glad we didn't go through with it, dudes?" Michaelangelo said proudly.
  "I'll admit it's ashame we weren't able to change Shredder's personality for the better, but I guess as long as Krang keeps his promise to never attempt invading Earth again, it doesn't really matter." Donatello replied.
  "Do you think Krang will really keep his word?" Leonardo asked.
  "I hope so. I don't think I can take another season of running around the city, fighting Shredder and his goons!" Raphael remarked.
  "I dunno, dudes. I'm kinda going to miss having adventures like that all the time." Michaelangelo said.
  Just then Splinter came into the living room. "Turtles, I have just gotten word that Leatherhead is on top of the Empire State Building, and he's threatening to throw people off the building if you don't show up to fight him!"
  "Boy, a turtle's work is never done!" Raphael said as he and the other Turtles got up from the sofa and ran out of the lair.


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