Rightful Ruler of Dimension X

story by Jephael

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This story takes place fourteen years after the events of
The Summer I was Young Again. Similarities between this tale and the events of IDW's ongoing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic (specifically issues #18, #19 and #20) are purely coincidental.

      It was a beautiful Memorial Day weekend in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Fortunately for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it was the weekend they picked to go on a little vacation to the shore. Leonardo decided to invite their friend Dori on the trip with them. They hadn't seen her too much since she came back home from her year-long trip to Thailand last fall, and Leo knew Jeff had missed Dori an awful lot.
  "Like are you sure this is the best spot on the beach, Donatello?" Michaelangelo asked.
  "Of course! When have I ever steered us wrong?"
  "Oh I can think of a few times." Raphael replied with a smirk.
  "Wow, it's such a great day!" Mona Lisa said. "Way better than last year. Remember?"
  "Don't remind me!" Jeff replied. "I dunno which was worse, the weather or the company! I've still got Aunt Karen's whiny voice stuck in my head!"
  "I'm just glad your mom promised they wouldn't invite her on vacation with us ever again!" Mikey mentioned.
  "Come on now, that's no way to talk about a family member! She can't help it she's got problems!" Leonardo said.
  "This coming from the guy who snapped at Uncle Dave for snoring!" Raph replied.
  "For three nights straight?! Heck, I was hoping you'd be the one to snap at him so I wouldn't have to make a scene like that!"
  "It certainly put a damper on that card game we were playing." Donatello added.
  "Oh well, at least we've got better company this time around!" Jeff said with a smile as he put his arm around Dori's shoulder. "So how do you like being back at a good old American beach?"
  "It feels great! You know as much as I enjoyed living in Thailand, I've really missed hanging out with you guys."
  "We were thinking about going out there to visit you, especially after that tsunami hit!" Mona Lisa mentioned.
  "Yea, but Master Splinter was worried our presence might upset the natives." Michaelangelo added. "Besides I'd rather take a trip to Jamaica and meet Bob Marley's kids or something!"
  "There's a mental picture!" Raph replied with a chuckle. "Okay, Donatello. Where the heck are you leading us?"
  "Just a bit further. I want to have a nice view of the ferris wheel at the end of the pier!" Don exclaimed as he pointed towards the far end of the boardwalk.
  It was then that they noticed dozens of beach patrons running and screaming. "What the heck's gotten into those people?" Jeff asked.
  "Something tells me we're about to find out!" Leonardo answered.
  Moments later the Turtles and company saw what sent these of beachgoers running in terror, and it was an all too familiar sight.
  "Aw man, what a time for a squad of Foot Soldiers to show up!" Raphael griped.
  "Jeffrey, take Dori to the boardwalk where she'll be safe!" Leo ordered.
  "You don't have to tell me twice!" Jeff replied as he took Dori by the hand and lead her away.
      The Turtles took out their weapons and prepared for battle. Raphael was the first to jump into action as he thrust his sai into the chest of a Foot Soldier, which quickly short circuited. Michaelangelo followed suit as he used his nunchucks to bash two other robots' heads in. Leonardo began slicing limbs left and right, while Donatello began kicking android asses. Mona Lisa was able to hold her own as she managed to take out a couple more Foot Soldiers. Within about five minutes nearly all the Foot Soldiers were destroyed, though six remained that were prepared to rush the Turtles. The awesome foursome lined up and prepared to finish them off when from out of nowhere there was a bright flash of light that engulfed them.
  Donatello lost his balance and fell to the ground just as the light subsided.
  Leonardo noticed the six remaining Foot Soldiers were now lying on the ground, but that wasn't the worst of their problems. The sky was now red and beach was nowhere to be seen. They definitely weren't in New Jersey anymore!
  "What the hell just happened?!" Mona Lisa asked.
  "I dunno, sweetheart." Raphael replied.
  Michaelangelo helped Don back to his feet. "You okay, bro?"
  "Yea, I... I think so." the brainy turtle said as he rubbed his eyes.
  "Does anybody have any idea what's going on?" Leo asked.
  "It looks like we're in Dimension X. That bright light must've been some kind of matter transporter."
  "That's exactly what it was!" The Turtles turned to see Jeff and Dori accompanied by their old pals Kala, Dask and Zak.
  "The Neutrinos! Hey dudes, what's happening?" Mikey said happily.
  "Nothing good, I'm afraid." Kala answered. "We beamed you guys here because we seriously need your help!"
  "Yea, the Neutrino Capitol is overrun with Foot Soldiers! A bunch of them followed us to Earth when we went to find you." Zak explained.
  "Lucky for us Jeff and his girlfriend were the first two earthlings we encountered when we showed up!" Dask added.
  Jeff blushed and chuckled. "Actually, Dori's not really my... Look, we're more than happy to help, but you kinda caught us by surprise."
  "Yea, we're not exactly prepared for a battle like this."
  "Michaelangelo's right. Most of our Foot fighting gear is back home in Harleysville." Raphael added.
  "We're really sorry, but we didn't have time to call ahead! The Foot ambushed us about three hours ago and they haven't stopped attacking the city!" Kala said.
  "Then what're we doing just standing around here? Lets haul shell!" Leonardo said as he beckoned his brothers towards the city.
  As they entered the capitol, they came across dozens of battle-worn Neutrinos who were more than happy to see the Turtles.
  "Why do these guys look like they belong in Santa's workshop?" Dori asked Jeff quietly.
  "Trust me, they're about as human a race as you can get in this galaxy! Besides they've got a lot more in common with the cast of Grease than Christmas elves!" Jeff explained.
  "Thanks for the compliment, Daddio!" Zak replied with a big grin.
  "Oh thank goodness you guys are here!" an all too familiar voice said.
  "Vernon, what're you doing here? I thought I told you to keep an eye on Zenter and his family!" Zak said.
  "I was, but then this enormous monster showed up!" he said as he quivered with fright.
  "When did Vernon's voice go back to its normal whiny pitch?" Leonardo asked.
  "About six years ago when you guys brought Shredder and Krang back here in their vegetative states." Kala answered.
  "Right after that whole ordeal in Superman's world." Donatello figured. It was then a horrible thought crossed his mind. "Oh my gosh! Come on, we've gotta get to Zenter's home!"
  "Why?" Raphael asked as the entire group went running through the streets.
  "Because I think I know who's behind all of this!"
  Soon as they reached the building where the Neutrino leaders lived, Jeff and the Turtles immediately swung into action, while Dori and Mona Lisa stayed behind with Kala, Dask and Zak.
  "Quit leaving us in suspense, dude!" Michaelangelo said eagerly.
  "Yea, who's the asshole terrorizing the Neutrinos?!" Raphael added.
  "Think about it, guys. Shredder's dead and the only person who could access the Technodrome and activate the Foot Soldiers would be-"
  Donatello was quickly interrupted by a horrible blood curdling scream.
  "It came from the living quarters!" Jeff said.
  "Come on!" Leonardo ordered as they raced through the hallway.
  Once they got to the living room they received a terrifying shock as they saw Zenter and Gisla pinned to a wall by a hideous scaly-skinned eight foot creature, while their young daughter Tribble sat on the floor in tears.
  "Let my mommy and daddy go, you big ugly booger!" she said between sobs.
  "Shut up, you annoying little brat!"
  "Don't talk that way to our little girl, Krang!" Zenter shouted.
  "Krang?!" Jeff, Leo, Mikey and Raph all said in unison.
  "I knew it was you, Krang! You've regenerated your original body somehow!" Don said.
    Krang turned and faced them. He maintained the same old ugly face, but his voice was much deeper now that he had a larynx again. "Curse you, Turtles! I don't know how you got involved, but you will not stop me from my destiny to conquer this universe and its pathetic inhabitants!" he said with a growl as he flexed his razor sharp neon claws and plunged two of them through Zenter and Gisla's chests.
  "T-Turtles, p-please... save our Tribble!" Gisla said as she drew her last breath.
  "Now it's your turn, princess!" Krang said as he threw Zenter and Gisla's bodies across the room and prepared to deliver the same killing blow to Tribble.
    "No!" Jeff said as he snapped into action. He made a mad dash towards Tribble and drove the blunt end of his bo staff into Krang's finger just seconds before it could penetrate Tribble's head. Jeff then proceeded to pick the child up in his arms and ran off into another room with her.
  Krang screamed in pain. "You puny, annoying, worthless earthlings!" he said as he took the staff and snapped it in half. "You can't stop me! Not now, not ever! I shall send more Foot Soldiers to bring the Neutrinos to their knees, and you shall bow alongside them!" Krang took a deep breath as he punched a large hole in the wall of the building, which he promptly crawled through.
  "He's getting away, dudes!"
  "Let him go, Michaelangelo." Leo said solemnly as he lead his brothers across the room where Zenter and Gisla's bodies had landed.
  It was that moment that Mona Lisa, Kala, Dask and Zak entered along with several other Neutrinos. Everyone was grief stricken. Many began to break into tears. Even Raphael couldn't stop himself from bawling as he hugged his wife tightly.
  "Who could've done such a ghastly thing?" one elderly Neutrino asked.
  "It was Krang. And I swear on our honor we'll see to it your leaders are avenged!" Leonardo said as he brandished his katana blades.
  Back outside the Turtles found Jeff with Dori who was cradling poor Tribble.
  "Is she okay?"
  "That all depends on your definition of the word, Donnie." Jeff replied. "Atleast she's still alive."
  "Thanks to you, Jeffrey." Dask said.
  "We owe you a great debt for putting your life on the line for her." Kala added.
  "Well, someone had to do it."
    Later that evening the Neutrinos held a funeral for Zenter and Gisla. The two were placed together in a special double-wide coffin and laid to rest in the middle of a large garden at south end of the city. Jeff, Dask and the Turtles all agreed to be pallbearers.
      Zak delivered a special eulogy. "Zenter was my cousin and I have a lot of fond memories hanging out with him when I was a kid. I remember how excited we all were for him when he was elected leader of our fine civilization. But that was nothing compared to the day he married the love of his life, or the day she gave birth to their adorable little girl. For years Zenter and Gisla did their best to keep our city safe from the forces of evil. Heck, for a while it looked like we had no forces of evil to worry about! But we were sadly mistaken. That arch-fiend Krang returned with a vengeance! Now because of him, two of the coolest cats in the galaxy are gone. But lets not remember Zenter and Gisla for how they died. Lets remember them for how they lived. I know that's what they would want all of us to do. Thank you." Zak said as he stepped down from the podium.
  "You guys never told us Zak and Zenter were cousins!" Raphael said to Dask and Kala.
  "He never told us." Dask replied.
  "Yea, Zak used to brag that he knew Zenter growing up, but he never said anything about being related to him." Kala added. "Why would he keep that from us?"
  "Because Zenter made me promise not to tell anybody." Zak answered. "Our grandpa and I were the only family Zenter had, and he was always afraid Krang or some other bogus creepazoid would come after me to get back at him!"
  "Why do I get the funny feeling there's more to this story that you're not telling us?" Mona Lisa asked.
  "Zenter confided in me about a lot of top secret stuff, and I was sworn to secrecy."
  "Wait a minute. That time General Traag and his companion were chasing us and we flew through that dimensional portal that sent us to Earth, was there any chance they didn't know who you were?" Dask asked in an upset tone.
  "Definitely not, man! Zenter made sure to keep all records about our family bloodline confidential."
  "Come on, dudes. What say we quit the interrogation, huh? This is a wake for our friends." Michaelangelo said.
  "He's right. We're sorry for your loss." Mona Lisa said as she and Raphael hugged Zak.
  Jeff decided to join Dori who was sitting quietly on a park bench with Tribble curled up in her lap. "Never a dull moment when you hang out with me and the Turtles, right?"
  "You can say that again!" Dori replied as she looked down at the little Neutrino child. "Poor thing. She's an orphan now. What's going to happen to her?"
  "I wouldn't worry about it. The Turtles and I are going to see to it Krang is brought to justice!"
  "Are you sure you can beat him? I caught a glimpse of him when he came bursting out of that building and running through the streets. I still can't believe you had the courage to stand up to that maniac!"
  "It wasn't easy. But hey you've told me about some of the stuff you had to deal with in Thailand after that horrible tidal wave!"
  "That's certainly not something I'd want to relive."
  "You know, Dori, I-"
  "Hey Jeff, I hate to interrupt, but Leonardo wanted me to come get you." Michaelangelo said as he walked up to them. "We're working on a plan to stop Krang once and for all!"
  A few hours later Leo and Don were headed towards the Technodrome with the Neutrinos.
  "Are you sure you guys want to go through with this?"
  "It's the only way to stop Krang once and for all, Donatello!" Dask replied.
  Just then Zak noticed something happening on the ground. "Dig it, cats! There goes another squad of Foot Soldiers in that Techno-Rover!"
  "According to the scanner there's only about twenty of them in there. I'm sure Michaelangelo and the others can handle them!"
  "I sure hope you're right, Kala." Leonardo said.
  "Besides, soon as we fry the Technodrome's circuits to a crisp, we won't need to worry about the bogus Foot Clan ever again!" Dask chimed.
  "Easier said than done." Donatello remarked.
  Back in the Neutrino Capitol, Mona Lisa was singing Tribble a lullaby. "Isn't she an angel, Raphael?"
  "You can say that again! I'm just glad she no longer has those psychokinetic powers!"
  "Still, I would've loved seeing her as a baby!"
  "Come on, we see babies all the time!" Raphael griped. "Remember when Jeff's cousin Jordan was still little?"
  "Yea, but I hardly got the chance to hold him, especially around Nana Naomi. She kept looking at me funny."
  "So what? Nana Naomi looks funny at a bag of ranch flavored Doritos! Besides, according to Donatello her mind is beginning to slip anyway!"
  "That's not the point, Raph! I don't remember a lot about my life before I was mutated, but I do know I always looked forward to the day I'd meet that special someone, settle down and start a family."
  Raphael sighed. "Wow, you never told me that before."
  "I was waiting for the right time to tell you."
  That moment Dori came in. "Hey Raphael, Jeff and Mikey are waiting for you."
  Raphael kissed Mona Lisa on the cheek and patted Tribble on the head before leaving.
  Back outside Michaelangelo was swinging his nunchucks around. "Hey Jeff, what were you about to tell Dori earlier?"
  "Oh nothing... just that I've been thinking about her a lot."
  "That's an understatement, dude! So do you think you're in love with her?"
  "I'm not sure entirely." Jeff replied. "I'll admit she is beautiful, and she's got way more personality than any of those vapid bimbos I've met in college. I'd kinda like to get to know her a little better first. Speaking of girls, how about you and Kala? Think you're gonna try to hook back up with her while we're here?"
  Mikey shook his head. "Nah, it's been too long. Besides I think she's moved on. She's still a bodacious friend though."
  "That's how they all start, Mikey." Raphael remarked as he joined them.
  "It's about time you showed up! We got word from Donatello that the Foot Soldiers are due to show up any minute." Jeff exclaimed.
  "Come on, relax! How bad can it be?" Just then they heard the sound of the Techno-Rover heading up the street. Fifteen Foot Soldiers all jumped out while the other five remained in the cockpit of the tank. "I had to ask." Raph said sheepishly.
  That moment in the Technodrome Leo, Don and the Neutrinos busted their way into the fortress and headed towards the control room. Dask and Donatello quickly got to work as they inserted a CD into the system's mainframe computer.
  "Snap it up, hip cats! The star cruiser's sensors are telling me that square Krang is very close." Kala said.
  "Chill out, babe. I got our secret weapon ready and able!" Zak said as he took out a bag of Doritos and a very hungry looking grybyx. "Take it easy, little dude! You'll get to chow down soon enough!"
  "Consider it his last meal, puny Neutrino!" Krang said as he came in. "You annoying Neutrinos and bothersome mutants have meddled in my plans for the last time!"
  "We have names, you know!" Donatello griped.
  "Like I give two shits about your names! All I've ever cared about is total domination of the universe and beyond! If it weren't for Luthor kid Shredder found, I'd still be nothing but a blob of brains."
  "Lex Luthor? What does he have to do with all of this?" Leonardo asked,
    "It was his genetic experiments that enabled me to regrow my original body! Unfortunately the process took so long, I had to go into a comatose state for a few years as my DNA reverted back to a younger state. It was a pleasant nap, though my only regret is I wasn't around to witness Shredder's demise!" Krang let out a sigh. "Alas, poor Saki. I loathed him, and yet he was an allie. He proved to me just how pathetic and incompetent humans really are, but at the same time he showed me how selfish and ruthless they can be as well!"
  "You know, I've always wanted to see a flashback about how those two met." Don said quietly to Leo.
  "Enough talk! It's time I finished you freaks once and for all!"
  "Think again, you cube!" Zak said as he ripped open the bag of Doritos and fed them to the grybyx. Within seconds the cute, furry creature was a monster nearly the same size as Krang.
  "Ha! This is your last resort?! Truly pathetic! I have a special mechanism in place that cancels out the grybyx's psychokinetic powers, making him utterly useless!" Before Krang had a chance to gloat, the grybyx punched him hard in the chest.
  "Yea, that's why we brought along Earth food." Kala replied.
  "Solid! The virus is fully uploaded!" Dask said.
  "As Michaelangelo would say, totally tubular, dude!" Donatello said as he high-fived Dask.
  "Uh guys, I think we have a little problem." Kala said.
  Just then they noticed the grybyx started dragging Krang into a corridor.
  "This can't be good!" Zak said. "That hallway leads to the main power generator."
  "If we don't stop him quick, he could cause the Technodrome to prematurely explode!" Donatello mentioned.
"We'd better stop him fast!" Leonardo stated as they gathered several water balloons and headed into the other room. "Get ready to fire, guys!"
  Just as they reached the room they witnessed as the grybyx tosses Krang around like a ragdoll.
  "Somebody stop this freak!" Krang said as the grybyx aimed him towards the power generator. "Oh no."
  "Quick, guys!" Leonardo said as he tossed his water balloon at the grybyx.
  The grybyx angrily threw Krang into the generator as he turned around to face several water balloons flying in his direction. Within minutes the creature was soaked, which caused him to shrink back to ordinary size.
  Kala picked up her pet and cuddled it just as the generator began to overreact.
  "Uh oh, some of the water must've gotten into the wiring." Zak said just as they witnessed thousand volts of electricity fry Krang to a crisp.
  "Ouch." Dask commented.
  "We'd better get out of here. The Technodrome's gonna blow up at any second!" Don said.
  Meanwhile back in the Neutrino capitol Jeff and Mikey were each fending off three Foot Soldiers, while Raphael went to deal with the ones piloting the Techno-Rover. Raph was just about to deliver a powerful blow with his sai when the Foot Soldiers all collapsed.
  "Huh, that was a little anti-climatic." Jeff remarked just as a loud boom was heard, followed by the ground shaking.
  "Whoa, where'd those gnarly vibes come from?"
  "Take a wild guess, Michaelangelo!"
  "Are you guys okay?" Raphael asked as he exited the vehicle.
  "We've been through way worse!" Jeff answered just as the star cruiser returned with Leonardo, Donatello, Kala, Dask and Zak. "Hey guys, how'd it go."
  "The good news is Krang can no longer cause any mayhem and destruction ever again!" Leo stated triumphantly.
  "The bad news is the Technodrome is totaled."
  "How is that bad news, Donnie?" Raphael asked.
  "I was sorta hoping I could reprogram it, then take it back to Shellrelah. I know the Turtleoids really appreciated having it there."
  "Well, we sure appreciated your help!" Kala remarked.
  "Yea, in fact we thought we'd let you hip cats take home another star cruiser!" Zak mentioned. "It's the least we could do."
  "That's okay, dudes. We barely do any flying around these days. Heck, we haven't even used the Turtle Blimp in over three years!" Mikey replied.
  A couple of hours later, Jeff and the Turtles were given special awards for defeating Krang and saving the Neutrinos, as Kala, Dask and Zak were proclaimed guardians of Tribble who was now leader of the Neutrinos.
  "We'd just like to say thanks for the hospitality, and if you ever need us, we're just a portal away!" Raphael said to the cheering crowd.
    For the next few hours the Neutrinos celebrated with the Turtles and their friends. Even Vernon joined in on the festivities. As the party winded down Leonardo announced to Jeff and the other Turtles that it was time for them to head back.
  "I'll miss you guys." Tribble said to Dori and Mona Lisa as she gave both of them a hug.
  "Aw, we'll miss you too." Dori replied.
  "Yea, take care of yourself."
  "Here, let me get a picture of you two Tribble can remember you by." Kala said as she aimed her camera at Dori and Mona Lisa.

  "Well, this sure was fun, but it'll be nice to enjoy the rest of our vacation in Seaside Heights!" Jeff stated.
  "For sure. I haven't even got to catch any awesome waves yet!"
  "You guys do know it's 7:30 in the evening on Earth." Donatello said as he pointed to his watch.
  "Aw bummer! Now we gotta wait until tomorrow to go to the beach!"
  "Yea, but we'll be back just in time to cruise the boardwalk a little!" Mona Lisa mentioned.
  "Well, you know what they say: When God closes down the ocean he opens up the shops!" Raphael joked.
  Jeff, Don, and Mikey all groaned at the lame pun.
  As soon as they were back on Earth, Dori suggested they check out the local candy shop before browsing some clothing stores.
  "Do you think we'll ever hear from the Neutrinos again?"
  "I'm not sure, Mona Lisa. The inter-dimensional energy balance has gotten way more unstable as of late." Donatello explained. "Besides it's not like they need our help much anymore now that Krang's gone for good!"
  "Boy it sure is weird knowing both our arch-enemies are now dead!" Raphael commented.
  "For sure. Though you gotta admit, it'll be way quieter now that we no longer have old Bucket-Breath and Mucus Mouth to worry about anymore!" Michaelangelo remarked.
  "I wouldn't say that just yet. You never know who... or what we might find ourselves up against down the road."
  "Leonardo's right. Keep in mind there's a whole multi-verse of badguys out there and any one of them could stumble upon our world at any time." Jeff said.
  "Lets just hope they aren't from the 4Kids dimension."
  "Aw come on, Raphael. I kinda dug that world, even if your counterpart was a bit of a jerk!" Don said.
  "I have to admit I'd kinda like to visit the Mirage dimension and meet our comic book counterparts." Leo mentioned.
  "Lots a luck there, dude. Your chances of surviving a trip to that world are 3 to 1, and those are only the odds for us since we're the title characters!" Michaelangelo remarked.
  "What're you guys talking about?"
  "It's better that you don't know, Dori." Mona Lisa answered their friend as they headed into the candy shop.


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