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Jephael's Radical TMNT Fan Site

This caricature was drawn in 1999 by a representative of
The Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts


UPDATED April 15, 2018: It took me a while, but I finally finished up "That's Just Ducky". While I didn't quite wrap up any real plot points, the story is just meant to be a cute little Where Are They Now? type story to show what some of the Turtles old friends from their more carefree days have been thriving... take from it what you will!

Ninja Turtle References now has a new entry added to the secondary section pertaining to references the TMNT have made, and My TMNT Inventory has new comic book issues added.

IN 2 MONTHS: I won't be updating the site again until the beginning of the summer as I'll be busy trying to find work, though when I get around to it I plan to have a lot more information on certain voice actors in the Cartoon Season Showcase, and even a link to a video I filmed of myself greeting someone I recently had the pleasure of seeing at an event in Philadelphia last month!!! Also, I plan on bringing back an old segment that once was on the original Mirage website, though I have to double check with Dan Berger to make sure it's cool with him that I do this.

BODACIOUS COMIC BOOK NEWS: It's been announced that just like with the CGI cartoon that ran from 2012 to 2017, the new show Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be getting a comic book spin-off published by IDW!!!

I'm really digging the cast... and I love that Rob Paulsen himself will be the voice director!!!

The designs aren't too bad, though I will admit Donatello looks a bit too much like Frankenstein and Raphael looks like The Incredible Hulk. Also the design for April would probably have passed off as a reimagining of Irma, which ironically is also how I felt about Megan Fox in the film reboot!

Not as charming as Ciro Nieli and Brandon Auman who spear-headed the last series, but I'm willing to give these dudes the benefit of a doubt and see where they take our favorite fab four.

Fan Fiction + Fan Films Theater - Take a journey into the imagination with some awesome stories, music videos and so much more!!!

TMNT Art Gallery - Lots of awesome drawings and manipped images of those radical reptiles!
NOTE: This page is definitely not recommended for anyone using dial-up... though who the shell uses dial-up these days, anyway?!

My Turtle Roots - How I became, and why I still am a fan of the TMNT!!!

My Favorite Turtle - An essay about Michelangelo
NOTE: Includes audio snippet of dialogue. Please keep volume turned down.

My TMNT Inventory - An extensive list of every officially licensed Ninja Turtles product I currently own, as well as a wish list.

TMNT Canon + Casting Call - Short discussions on the different iterations of the green teens.

TMNT Cartoon Season Showcase - A retrospective look back on the classic animated series by Fred Wolf Films (1987-1996), the 4Kids era (2003-2009), and the first CGI series produced by Nickelodeon (2012 - 2017) as well as a look ahead on the new 2D cartoon Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2018 - NOW)!!!

TMNT 1987 Cartoon Season 4 + 5 DVD Episode Guides - This is for those fans who've driven themselves crazy looking for their favorite episodes in these two boxsets.

Ninja Turtle References - A look back at various moments in television where the boys in green have been mentioned, seen or parodied, as well as various moments they've referenced other pop culture icons.
NOTE: Includes audio snippet of dialogue. Please keep volume turned down.

TMNT at Disney-MGM Studios - Take a trip back in time to the theme park that was once a totally awesome place to meet our heroes in a half-shell!

Ninja Turtle Drinking Game - A fun way to watch the original cartoon, and get a little smashed in the process!!!

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