Jephael's Radical TMNT Fan Site
Jephael's Radical TMNT Fan Site


UPDATED December 20, 2022: Sorry for the delay in updating the site, but I've been preoccupied with my video projects among other things. I gave My Reptilian Roots a renovation a while back and I've added a couple new items to My TMNT Collection.

Since I ended up doing the Christmas theme version of this page later than planned, I'm going to leave it this way throughout the entire month of January. I'll have the normal version of this page back up shortly after Groundhog Day.

DOWN THE ROAD: I wasn't happy with what I wrote for "Quitting the News", so I'm going to start all over with it, and am hoping to have it finished by early March; My JEO Productions videos are still a work in progress, but I plan to have them completed in April; The two final Jephaelverse stories are on hold until I have time to develop them, though I hope to finally get started on them by early 2024

AWESOME MOVIE NEWS [October 7, 2022]: Back in August it was revealed that Seth Rogen's film reboot, now sub-titled
Mutant Mayhem will be getting released in theaters early next August! Whenever the trailer finally drops, I'll be sure to post it here!

Fan Fiction Library - Take a journey into the imagination with some awesome stories I've written about the TMNT, as well as some of my other favorite fictitious characters!

TMNT Art Gallery - Lots of awesome drawings and manipped images of those radical reptiles!
NOTE: This page is definitely not recommended for anyone using dial-up... though who uses dial-up these days, anyway?

Ninja Turtle Theater - In the mood to watch some awesome TMNT videos made by fellow fans? I gotcha covered!

Fun Ninja Turtle Games + Downloads - a drinking game, a personality quiz, some desktop wallpaper and a few interesting artifacts I've managed to salvage from the cyber graveyard!
NOTE: Includes music track. Please keep volume turned down.

My Reptilian Roots - An ongoing blog about how I became, and why I still am a fan of the TMNT!!!

My Favorite Turtle - An old college essay I wrote about Michelangelo.
NOTE: Includes audio snippet of dialogue. Please keep volume turned down.

Ninja Turtle Nitpicks - A humorous account of plot points I've thought about over the years!

TMNT Canon + Casting Call - An indepth look at the multiverse theory and who I would love to see play the Ninja Turtles and other supporting characters.

My TMNT Collection - An extensive list of every officially licensed Ninja Turtles product I own, as well as a wish list of things that haven't been made!

TMNT Cartoon Series Showcase - A retrospective look back on all of the animated shows that've come out over the years!

Ninja Turtle References + Trivia - A look back at various moments in television where the boys in green have been mentioned, seen or parodied, as well as various moments they've referenced other pop culture icons.
NOTE: Includes audio snippet of dialogue. Please keep volume turned down.

TMNT at Disney World's MGM Studios - Take a trip back to the theme park that was once a totally awesome place to meet our heroes in a half-shell!

Link to Me - Take a free banner!!!

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