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UPDATED November 23, 2019: Well, dang... it took me long enough to get around to putting this Christmas theme up! I've just been so busy with my job and a very sad loss in the family, but life moves on.

Anyways, I've been playing around with the newer images I have uploaded to the domain and added a couple to My TMNT Inventory, which of course has a few new issues of the ongoing IDW comic book that I just picked up the other day. I also had the pleasure of getting some DVDs and my vintage Toon Mike action figure autographed by voice actor Townsend Coleman who I got to see during my trip out west last month, and he's credited as signing them. I can't thank him enough for being so kind to me. Towny, if you're reading this, you rock!!!

NEXT UPDATE: Be sure to check in around early February as I'll be working heavily on my older fan fictions and preparing to complete the final story, which is set to be finished hopefully by May!!!

NEWS 2 ME: Nickelodeon's Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles finally aired the first season's final episode, although from what I hear critics and fans alike don't seem to think much of the show. It certainly has promise, but there's just something off about this particular iteration of the green teens, and there's been a lot of talk about the show being canceled. Season 2 seems to be only premiering on the Nick Toons channel, and evidentially that's where Nickelodeon puts its shows that get poor ratings.

In addition, there's been talk of Netflix taking a crack at some original TMNT content now that the streaming service has partnered with Viacom after splitting with Disney. Even Ciro Neili, the creative mind behind the 2012 CGI cartoon seems interested in coming back and using the opportunity to tie up some lose ends he never got to share in that series. Many fans of that particular version would love to see it happen, as that show was much more true to the comic book roots of the TMNT, which a lot of die-hard fans would prefer to see more of!

Fan Fiction Library - Take a journey into the imagination with some awesome stories I've written over the years!

TMNT Art Gallery - Lots of awesome drawings and manipped images of those radical reptiles!
NOTE: This page is definitely not recommended for anyone using dial-up... though who the shell uses dial-up these days, anyway?!

My Turtle Roots - How I became, and why I still am a fan of the TMNT!!!
NOTE: Includes music track. Please keep volume turned down.

My Favorite Turtle - An essay about Michelangelo
NOTE: Includes audio snippet of dialogue. Please keep volume turned down.

My TMNT Inventory - An extensive list of every officially licensed Ninja Turtles product I currently own, as well as a wish list of things that haven't been made.

TMNT Canon + Casting Call - an indepth look at multiverse theory in regards to the green teens!!!

Ninja Turtle References - A look back at various moments in television where the boys in green have been mentioned, seen or parodied, as well as various moments they've referenced other pop culture icons.

TMNT Cartoon Series Showcase - A retrospective look back on the classic animated series by Fred Wolf Films (1987-1996), the 4Kids era (2003-2009), and the first CGI series produced by Nickelodeon (2012 - 2017) as well as a look ahead on the new 2D cartoon Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2018 - NOW)!!!

TMNT 1987 Cartoon Season 4 + 5 DVD Episode Guides - This is for those fans who've driven themselves crazy looking for their favorite episodes in these two boxsets.

TMNT at Disney-MGM Studios - Take a trip back in time to the theme park that was once a totally awesome place to meet our heroes in a half-shell!

Ninja Turtle Drinking Game - A fun way to watch the original cartoon, and get a little smashed in the process!!!

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