Jephael's Radical Ninja Turtle Web-Site
Jephael's Radical Ninja Turtle Web-Site

This caricature was drawn in 1999 by a representative of
The Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts


UPDATED June 8, 2017: If you've been around the last few days or so, you've noticed the contact and social network icons have all been updated. My main reason for this is I've started a new Facebook profile, and gone back to a previous URL. My TMNT Inventory has also been updated, with recently purchased comic book issues added.

3 MONTHS DOWN THE ROAD: Despite the fact that San Diego Comic Con is approaching, hence we'll be getting all sorts of new information on the future of the TMNT, I don't plan on updating the site again until the end of the summer. Although there is no tentative date, I'm guessing it'll be done around Labor Day weekend in early September, which means I'll be switching to the Halloween theme.

By then, I hope to have added some stuff to My Turtle Roots and both cast lists on the Cartoon Season Showcase; until next time, have an awesome summer, dudes and dudettes!!!

It was confirmed a while back that Nickelodeon's CGI cartoon, which started five years ago, will be coming to an end and the current season (aptly titled Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) will act as the series finale. This is very bittersweet news indeed, though it was to be expected as show-runner and developer Ciro Neili had stated in the past that he only had plans for five seasons.

Nickelodeon is currently working on plans for a new 2D animated reboot titled Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. From the sounds of it, they may be taking the Teen Titans Go! approach Cartoon Network did with that franchise and have the same voice cast and character models from the 2012 show carry over into this new re-imagining. Please don't quote me on that, as it's merely just speculation on my part. That all being said, I would like to take a moment and wish the best of luck to Nickelodeon and whoever takes on the next animated iteration of the TMNT. I'm sure the following generation of young fans will appreciate whatever you bring to the table, just as kids of today enjoyed the previous series!

Fan Fiction - Take a journey into the imagination with some amazing stories! Please note that there are some non-TMNT related tales as well.

TMNT Art Gallery + Fan Films Theater - Lots of awesome drawings and manipped images of those radical reptiles! This page is definitely not recommended for anyone using dial-up, as it has several large images, as well an embedded YouTube playlist showcasing many of my favorite Ninja Turtle videos made by fellow fans!

My Turtle Roots - How I became, and why I still am a fan!

My Favorite Turtle - An essay about Michaelangelo!
NOTE: Includes audio snippet of dialogue. Please keep volume turned down.

My TMNT Inventory - An extensive list of every officially licensed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles product I currently own.

TMNT Canon - Short discussions on the different iterations of the green teens.

TMNT Cartoon Season Showcase - A retrospective look back on the classic animated series and the 4Kids era, as well as a look ahead at the Nickelodeon series.
NOTE: Includes audio snippet of dialogue. Please keep volume turned down.

Ninja Turtle Drinking Game - A fun way to watch the original cartoon!

Fred Wolf TMNT Season 4 + 5 DVD Episode Guides - This is for those fans who've driven themselves crazy looking for their favorite episodes in these two boxsets.

Ninja Turtle References - A look back at various moments in television where the boys in green have been mentioned, seen or parodied!

TMNT at Disney-MGM Studios - Take a trip back in time to the theme park that was once a totally awesome place to meet our heroes in a half-shell!

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