Parallel Point of View
Parallel Point of View

story by Jephael

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story takes place twenty-five years after the events of
The Summer I was Young Again.

TEEN TITANS (Elseworld T); Planet Tamaran - October 4TH, 2027

    Starfire was nervous as she paced around her bedroom. She looked over to her husband who was brushing his teeth. "Why am I having these feelings of doubt, Robin?"
  "It's just butterflies, Star. You'll do great out there. Besides, we have Jephael and Michaelangelo attending the ceremony."
  "Yes, it was very nice of them to join us in Raven and Beast Boy's absence. I hope they are enjoying the accommodations."
  That same moment in another part of the castle, Jeph and Mikey were sparring with wooden replicas of battle weapons.
  "Dude, this is so awesome! I wonder if we could enter a gladiator competition while we're here!"
  "I gotta be honest, Michaelangelo. I never really liked the idea of being in combat. I'm always afraid I'll go too far and seriously hurt somebody!!!"
  "Yea, I know whatcha mean. Sometimes we don't know our own strength. Remember that one time I accidentally gave Raphael a black eye?"
  "Eh, it could've been worse. I wonder how he and Mona Lisa are doing in Smallville."
  "Yea, they must be having a bodacious time, considering it's Christmas there!" Mikey commented.

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Smallville, KS - December 21ST, 2025

  "What is it about segues?" Tribble commented as she munched on a chocolate chip cookie, while watching television. "It's like these dudes are just going on doing their thing and then someone says Gee, I wonder how Steve's doing, and it cuts to some other scene!"
  "That's how transitions work." Beast Boy replied. "It happens all the time in literature. Mmm, these cookies turned out great, Mrs. K!"
  "Well, I had a little help from Mona Lisa here."
  "Aw, it was my pleasure, Martha! Sorry Raphael keeps eating the dough though."
  "Hey, atleast I wash my hands afterwards!" the smart-alecky turtle spoke as he went into the living room to join Beast Boy and Tribble. "So, is there anything good on?"
  "Just a silly episode of That 70s Show."
  "Huh, I'm surprised they have that here in this dimension."
  "Yea, I've seen this episode a couple times already with Cyborg. I'm gonna go out to the barn and check on Raven and the others." Beast Boy said as he put on his purple parka.
  "Here, take some of these fresh baked cookies for them." Mona Lisa said as she handed him a plate.
  "It'll be my pleasure!"
  "And don't eat any on the way!" Martha said sternly.
    "No problemo." Beast Boy replied as he ran as quickly as he could without being spotted. He had gotten so used to the Kent Farm, having visited several times with Raven that it felt like a home away from home. Just as he got to the barn he shouted "Hey dudes, I got some of Ma Kent's famous cookies for ya!"
  "That is very nice of you, Garfield." Splinter said as he and Lois Lane came up to the changeling.
  "So like, how's it going with Lex?"
  "There's still a lot of negative energy in his soul. Raven's been having a really hard time purging it. She came close to tears several times this evening." the wise rodent said.
  "Oh. Uh well, I don't wanna be in the way. I'd better go back to the house." Beast Boy spoke.
  "Actually, we were hoping you would stay and be here for Raven." Clark said as he emerged from the loft along with Renet.
  "Rifting through Lex's psyche is really draining her emotionally." the timestress spoke.
  "I know, she warned me it would. She doesn't like it when I worry about her, so I decided to-"
  Splinter put his hand on Beast Boy's shoulder "She is merely trying to protect you. She fears seeing too much darkness in another one's soul will dampen your wonderful carefree nature."
  "Really? I just figured she's trying not to come off needy." Lois quipped, though quickly regretted making the remark when she noticed the look on Clark's face. "God I suck at breaking the ice." she said nervously just as a cold wind came through the window up in the loft. "Brr! Why the heck did they have to wait until this time of year to do a spiritual cleanse on Lex?!"
  "Renet says that the winter solstice is the best time of year for these since it's a time for reflecting on the past and celebrating the future." the Kryptonian exclaimed.
  "I'm starting to think Renet was a bad fortune teller in a past life!" Lois joked.
  "You just can't keep your foot in your mouth can you?" Clark said with a grin.
  "I blame you, Smallville. You just have that effect on me!" Lois said as she passionately kissed him.

Battle Nexus (Dimension <Null>)

    Leonardo was in awe as he found himself in the Battle Nexus. He felt bad not telling his brothers what he was up to, but he couldn't resist after receiving the invitation. "Oh boy, I sure am nervous." he said as he looked at three familiar looking statues.
  "I know, Mikey's silly grin can be a little intimidating." a familiar voice spoke.
  "Hey, 4Kids me!" Leonardo said excitedly as he shook hands with his doppleganger.
  "I take it you got the invitation?"
  "Yea, but I'm still curious as to why I wasn't allowed to bring Donatello, Raphael or Michaelangelo."
  "I know, I was given the exact same order. I did tell my Master Splinter about it though, and he said if he doesn't hear back from me in three days, he'd send my bros, April and Casey." 4Kids Leo exclaimed.
  "Huh, I didn't think about doing that. To be honest, we're not even supposed to be interacting with you or any other versions of us. Nobody from my world even knows I'm here. I kinda wish I had brought Lotus Blossom along."
  "Who's Lotus Blossom?"
  Before Leonardo could talk about his lady friend back home, the specter known as Gyoji appeared, accompanied by Daimyo and his son. "Ah, Leonardo... and Leonardo! It's good to see you both again!"
  Both blue masked Ninja Turtles bowed to their hosts.
  "It's good to see you too." 4Kids Leo said as he patted the former Ultimate Ninja on the head. "I am however curious as to why you invited me and my counterpart here."
    "I am sorry for the secrecy, but the Battle Nexus Championship has been losing steam over the last few years. My son here had the genius idea of bringing in several incarnations of you and your brothers here. However, the Nexus can only handle so many dopplegangers at once, so we decided to just go with his favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!"
  "That and we figured an arena full of Michelangelos or Raphaels would be just too crazy." Gyoji added.
  "I can imagine!" both Leos said at the same time.

Jephaelverse Earth (Dimension J); Hershey, Pa. - June 17TH, 2017

  For the first time in ages, Lana Lang felt at peace as she floated in a wave pool. It didn't even bother her that hundreds of people were around her, so long as nobody recognized her.
  "Can you believe how well these holographic projecting watches are working?" Donatello said as he popped up from behind her. "Pretty cool how they allow us to see each other. Kinda like a Quantum Leap sorta thing."
  "Yea, that's pretty cool. Sorta funny that it doesn't effect our clothes though."
  "Oh, well it only works on organic material. To everybody around us, we look like young versions of some old family friends known as Paul and Sharon. Paul was always a free spirited kinda type, God rest his soul... hence why I can get away with wearing my purple bandana. I just hope nobody mistakes it for a gay pride thing."
  Lana chuckled. "I'm having a really good day with you, Donnie!"
  "Aw, so am I... with you I mean, heh. Come on, lets get out and grab a bite to eat. I'm a little hungry."
  "I could go for some pizza myself!"
  "Really? I'm more in the mood for a hoagie." the Turtle joked as they left the water park section of Hershey Park. Ten minutes later they neared the main exit, when Donatello looked down at the holographic watch. "Uh oh, we'd better hurry. The battery life on these things doesn't last more than about 5 hours."
  "It's a good thing we didn't stop to change back into our clothes." Lana commented just as they went through the gate.
  "Oh my God, is that one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?" someone in a group of high school kids said.
  "Hey yea, that's Donatello! Heya, Donnie!"
  "Isn't that the chick from Beauty and the Beast with him?"
  Before long, several teenagers were snapping pictures with their iPhones.
  "So much for staying incognito." Lana said.
  "Oh well, atleast they're fans!" Don said as the pair posed for a few photos.

artwork by Beejay Hawn

    "Well, this has been fun and all, but we really don't wanna cause a scene." Donatello said when he noticed a couple security guards approaching. "Come on, Lana." he said as he grabbed his friend by the hand and ran off towards the parking lot. "Boy that was close. I didn't want to have to try explaining that you're actually another individual from a fictional reality." the Turtle exclaimed as he got out they keys to the Turtle Van.
  "I'm kinda glad that one kid brought up Kristen Kruek's more recent work instead of me. There're a lot of Lana haters out there."
  Don was taken aback from the statement. "Oh, now why would anyone hate on such a pretty girl like you?"
  "Aw, thanks." Lana said as she gave him a peck on the cheek.

TEEN TITANS (Elseworld T); Planet Tamaran - October 5TH, 2027

    Grand Ruler Galfore approached Starfire and Robin's chambers. "My friends, it is soon time for the ceremony."
  "That is nice." Starfire said in a melancholy tone.
  "Is something the matter, my little bumgorf"
  "Not at all, my K'norfka. It's just... I miss the Titans. I have not seen them in so long, and was hoping they'd be here." Starfire started to shed a few tears as her husband patted her on the shoulder.
  "I wish they were here too, Star. It's just not the same without them."
  "Be careful whatcha wish for, dawg?" a familiar voice said as three familiar shadows came into the room.
  Starfire was overcome with joy as Beast Boy ran up to her in the form of a green kitty cat.
  "But I thought you guys were all busy with your own stuff." Robin said.
  "Nah, we just told ya that to make it a surprise. Even Jeff and Michaelangelo were in on the act!" Cyborg said.
  "There was a chance I wouldn't have made it, but thankfully Renet and I managed to crack Luthor's psyche in time." Raven mentioned.
  "I haven't seen her this happy since we rescued Wildfire from the Gordanians!" Galfore said to Robin.
  "Oh, this is the best surprise ever!" Starfire said happily as she hugged Raven and Cyborg. "So does that mean Jeff and Michaelangelo went back home to Dimension J?"
  "Actually, they're in Smallville, hanging out with Master Splinter, Raphael's family and the Kents." Beast Boy answered as he changed back to his human form.
  "I hope Jeffrey likes the surprise Lois and I set up for him." Raven said with a sly grin.

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Smallville, KS - December 24TH, 2025

  Lex Luthor awoke to find himself in the Kents' living room couch. "Oh, my head..."
  Clark handed him a glass of water. "They said you'd experience some nausea upon regaining consciousness."
  "How... how long was I out?"
  "We found you lying comatose in the ruins of the Luthor mansion two years ago."
    "Two years? Oh wait, now I remember... I remember a hell of a lot." Lex's hands trembled as he tried to catch his breath. "My God, Clark. After all these years, you still did everything you could to salvage what little good is left in me. You have no idea how..." Lex began to feel woozy again.
  "Why dontcha lie down, Lex? Master Splinter is making us some soup."
  "Master Splinter... as in the Ninja Turtles' sensei?"
  "Yes. Infact he helped a great deal in eliminating your evil side." Martha spoke as approached them from the foyer.
  "Mrs. Kent. It's good to see you." Lex said softly as she kissed him on the forehead.
  "Likewise. Merry Christmas, young man."
  "I gotta admit, I sorta wish Mr. Kent was here. The last time we exchanged words, they weren't very pleasant. I'm still ashamed of my father for what he did that night, even if he had good intentions..."
  "Hey now, that's all in the past. Besides, my dad's still around in one way or another." Clark exclaimed with a grin.
  "Kinda like your space dad." Lex added with a chuckle.
  "Well, if you boys just want to chill out here and reconnect, I'm going to go out into town and check on Lois and our mutant guests." Martha said.
  "Be safe out there, Mom." Clark said as he hugged her.
    Meanwhile in the town square, Raphael and Michaelangelo were having a snowball fight with Mona Lisa and Tribble, while Jeff was checking out an antique shop. He was entranced by an ancient looking puppet of Warrior Angel, when from out of nowhere he felt a hand gently rubbing the back of his neck. "Very funny, Trib." Jeff said as he turned, though was in shock when he realized who had been touching him. "Courtney Whitmore?"
  "Hey, handsome, I was told you'd be here. It's been a while!"
  "Yea, it... it sure has." Jeff replied nervously. "You look great!"
  "Thanks, so do you!" the young woman said sweetly as she gave him a kiss. "Wanna go grab a bite to eat somewhere? My treat!"
    Lois smiled as she watched the pair leave the store. Love sure is grand! she thought to herself as she looked down at her phone to see a text from Clark that said "He's awake, and really wants to meet the new Mrs. Kent!" Lois couldn't help but shed a tear of joy as she replied "On my way now, Smalville!!!"

Battle Nexus (Dimension <Null>)

    The Daimyo and his son both smiled with excitement as they saw to a small gathering of Leonardos from across the multiverse. Among them were Leonardo of the original Mirage comics, the Archie comics and Next Mutation. They were all debriefed together, just as Jephaelverse and 4Kids Leo had been previously.
  "Master, are you certain this event will not upset the dimensional balance?" Gyoji asked. "You remember what happened last time when we had that large gathering of Green Lanterns dueling here."
  "Yes, I remember. Trust me though, this time I have things under control." the Daimyo said as he stood up to address his guests. "Attention, my green gladiators! Before we begin, I just want to state how glad I am that you all could make it."
  The congregation of Leonardos all bowed to him as 4Kids Leo said "On behalf of my counterparts and I, it is an honor!"
  "Thank you. Now before we begin this tournament, I'd like to set down a few ground rules. First, I-"
  "Stop right there, my good man!" a loud voice yelled from in the sky as a giant head formed. "I must object to this at once."
  The Daimyo chuckled as he looked up. "Why Lord Simultaneous. What brings you here?"
    "What brings me here is that you disobeyed my order!" The time lord spoke angrily as his glowing head form popped in a brilliant flash of light. Lord Simultaneous took on his true form in the stadium amongst the Leos. "I thought I told you that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of Dimension J are not to make contact with any of their counterparts. Why did you invite Leonardo of that world?"
  "For one thing, the reality he originally comes from has become too unstable."
  "Hey, I can't help it that maniac Shredder screwed everything up! All this dimension hopping causes nothing but chaos!"
  Jephaelverse Leonardo raised his hand "Lord Simultaneous, I'm sorry this happened, but please don't be mad at the Daimyo. If you don't wish for me to be here, I'll forfeit."
  4Kids Leo put his hand on his counterpart's shoulder and spoke "If you're out, then so am I!"
  "Same here!" Mirage and Archie Leo both spoke.
  One by one, each Leonardo bowed in unison.
  "I meant for this tournament to bring peace to all reality... bring everyone together, not tear it apart!" Daimyo said.
  Lord Simultaneous let out a sigh. "I know you mean well, sir, but this is very dangerous! I'm sending these guys back to their respective continuities."
  "So be it. I am sorry, my friends. Please feel free to tell your brothers of your short experience here."
  "Oh no, I'm wiping their memories of this whole ordeal!"
    "The hell you are!!!" Mirage Leo said angrily as he held his sword up to Lord Simultaneous' throat. "Just because you have control over time and space doesn't give you the right to manipulate us! Send us back if you wish, but if you even think of messing with our minds, so help me-"
  "Leonardo of Dimension Turtle Prime, please cease this hostile threat!" Gyoji spoke. "While we do not agree with Lord Simultaneous on the matter, we must obey his wishes."
  One by one, each Leonardo was zapped back to his rightful place.
  4Kids Leo was the last to be sent, though before he did, he sneered at Lord Simultaneous. "Renet is right... you are a tyrant!"

Jephaelverse Earth (Dimension J); Harleysville, Pa. - June 20TH, 2017

    Leonardo awoke in his bed, feeling rather strange. He looked at the time and date on the clock. "Man, how long have I been out?" he said to himself as he went into the kitchen where he smelled food cooking. "Hey Donnie, what's up?"
  "Leo, I didn't see you come in." Donatello said nervously. "Where've you been the last couple of days?"
  "I've been... somewhere." Leo sighed. "It's the damndest thing. I don't know where I've been."
  "Well, let me finish cooking breakfast for Lana and I'll run a test on your biorhythms."
  "Hold on a second, and back up! Those eggs are for Lana?"
  "Oh yea. We had a really great time in Hershey over the weekend. I gotta admit, I never knew how fun it is to have a female companion!"
  "Just keep in mind, bro, that's Clark's ex who you're palling around with there." Leonardo boasted, just as Lana showed up in a bath robe. "Oh uh, morning, Miss Lang."
  "Morning, Leo. Nice to see you." she said sweetly as she gave him a hug before walking over to Donatello and noticed the giant omelette he was preparing. "Whoa, move over, Guy Fieri!"
  Don chuckled as he blushed. "Aw, shucks. Didja enjoy the shower?"
  "Oh very. Gotta be honest, I was hoping you'd come and join me!" she said with a giggle.
  Donatello's cheeks turned bright red.
  Leonardo made a small cough. "Well, I'm gonna go out back for a little while and practice my katas."
  "Oh Leo, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable." Lana said.
  "No, it's fine. I get it. Donnie, let me know when you're ready to run that test." Leo said as he went out the back door.
  "Don't worry about him, Lana. I think something happened to him, but his memory got wiped." Donatello exclaimed as he served her breakfast at the table.
  "Oh, that old chestnut." Lana said.
  "You know, I had actually thought about serving you this in bed, but then I felt that's a little too old fashioned... not to mention messy."
  "Oh well, it's the thought that counts." Lana said as she smiled at the turtle before kissing him on the beak. "Thanks for such a wonderful weekend."
  "You're welcome, honey!"

TEEN TITANS Earth (Elseworld T); Jump City, CA - October 6TH, 2027

  Beast Boy was the first to jump out of the T-Ship after landing back on Earth. "Aw man, it is great to be back home!!!"
  "You said it, B. Though to be honest, I haven't considered Jump City home in a long-ass time!" Cyborg admitted.
  "Neither have we." Robin said as he escorted his wife out of the ship.
  "Be it ever so humble, there's no place like..." Before Raven could finish, she was overcome with a very negative vibe. "Uh oh."
  "You okay, Mama?"
  "I'm fine, Gar, It's just... I thought I felt-"
  Just then the alarm went off.
  "Guys, my scanners are picking up a tear in the dimensional fabric right in our old living room!" Cyborg said.
  "Come on!" Robin said as he lead the Titans into the tower.
  All five young heroes stopped in horror as they saw the dead body of Lord Simultaneous.

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Smallville, KS - December 25TH, 2025

    That same moment at the Kent Farm, Jeff was in the barn pacing back and forth, when Master Splinter approached him. "My pupil, Mrs. Kent is serving breakfa- Is something troubling you?"
  "Uh, sorta."
  "Would you care to confide in me?"
  "Of course, sensei!"
  "Please proceed then."
    "I had a really vivid dream last night about this girl... a girl I never met before. She was incredibly beautiful and she was calling out to me on a computer screen."
  The wise, elderly rat made a smirk. "Do you feel this might have anything to do with your impromptu rendezvous the other night."
  "It may've triggered something. Splinter. As cool as Stargirl is, the idea of her and I having any kind of relationship is just unfeasible."
  "And the girl in your dream?"
  "I feel like I know her, but not from this plain of reality."
  "Perhaps we should consult with Raven about this once we've returned to our world."
  "Sounds good to me. So what'd Ma Kent make us for breakfast?"
  "Fried eggs, I belie..." Splinter's face suddenly went blank as an all too familiar tune could be heard. Without warning, dozens of rodents entered the barn.
  "Oh rats!" Jephael stated as he mutated into his turtle form.
  "Rats indeed, my boy!" the Rat King said as he entered the barn.
  "You've got a lot of nerve showing up here on Christmas Day of all days!"
    "To be fair, it's only Christmas here in this world, whereas it's springtime in ours! Control Freak sends his regards. He'll be joining us as soon as he's tied up some lose ends. In the meantime, I thought it'd be nice to have a little fun!" Rat King began to cackle when a plate full of eggs hit him in the back of the head.
  "Hey, bozo! Didn't anybody ever tell you it's rude to interrupt a meal?!" Raphael shouted as he and Michaelangelo stood behind him.
  Rat King snapped his fingers and at that very moment Splinter tackled Jephael. "You foolish Turtles dare to intervene?!"
  "We're not alone, dude!" Mikey said just as Clark flew in from the window of the loft and pushed Splinter off of Jephael.
  "Are you okay?" the Kryptonian asked.
  "Better than ever."
  "You won't be saying that much longer. Once Stockman has done away with the real Jeffrey Eric Oughton, this entire universe will be ours to rule!!!"
  "I wouldn't count on that, jerk!" Raven said as she and the Titans appeared.
  "Attack, my furry follo-" before Rat King could finish, Raphael slammed him head first into a wall, knocking him out.
  Jeff and Michaelangelo checked on Splinter who was coming to, while Cyborg, Robin and Starfire helped Clark and Raphael round up the rats.
  "Raven, you're back sooner than expected." Mona Lisa said as she showed up with Tribble.
  "Unfortunately so. I'll explain once we've gone back to Dimension J."

The 79TH Level of Null-Time (Dimension <Null>)

    Renet winced as she put a damp washcloth to her temple. She barely had the chance to sit down when a portal opened right behind her. Renet tensed up before realizing who was emerging. "Raven... Lana. What-what brings you here?"
  "We have grave news to bring regarding... oh my God! What happened to your eye?" Lana asked.
    The time mistress let out a deep sigh. "I was attacked by that maniac Control Freak less than an hour ago. At first I thought it was Lord Simultaneous, but then I thought he'd never strike me or anybody else in such a manner, no matter how angry he was."
  "Why would Lord Simultaneous be angry with you... besides the obvious?" Raven asked.
    "He's been on the warpath for a while now, especially with The Daimyo. To be honest, I've just about had it with his bullcrap! Soon as Lord Simultaneous gets back, I'm going to tell him to-" Renet stopped short when she noticed Raven holding her mentor's blood stained Time Master helmet. "Wh-where'd you get that?"
  "He showed up in Titans Tower with a dagger in his chest." Raven explained
  Renet's lip began to quiver as it started to sink in that Lord Simultaneous was no more. "Why?"
  "No idea, unfortunately. Though after that encounter with Rat King in Smallville and what he said Control Freak has planned, I've got a good idea."
  "They couldn't have gotten far though, unless... uh, where's the scepter?" Lana asked.
  "Shit!" Renet said as she ran to the mystical view screen. "We are in deep trouble!!!"
  "I could've told you that." Raven responded.
  "So what do we do?" Lana asked.
  "I've got a plan, but without the scepter we're going to need all the help we can get!"

Earth (Dimension <Null>); Ocean City, MD - July 30TH, 2014

  "Are you sure these holographic projecting watches are working, Donnie?" Michaelangelo asked as he and Don emerged in the middle of a public restroom.
  "Of course they are. I even pre-programmed these especially for you and I. Check out your reflection in the mirror over there."
  Mikey was amazed as he saw the handsome human reflection looking back at him. "Whoa, I'm adorable!"
  "I based your avatar off of the middle child from that old Disney movie Swiss Family Robinson."
  "Sweet. So who's the hunk you're avatar resembles?"
  "Oh, I'm a young Dean Stockwell, ya know, the guy who went on to play Al on Quantum Leap."
  "The hologram dude? Far out! He could give James Dean a run for his money! By the way, I heard you and Lana have been having some fun together while we were in Smallville!" Mikey said with a sly grin.
  "It was definitely a new experience for me!" Donatello said bashfully as they left the restroom and ventured out to the boardwalk.
  Right away, Michaelangelo spotted this world's Rick and Linda. "Who dude, check it out! It's Ma and Pa Oughton! Lets go ask them where we can find Jeffrey!"
  "Uh Mikey, there's atleast two problems with that plan." Don responded as he grabbed his brother by the shoulder.
  "Oh yea, what's that?"
  "For one thing, we're in disguise here. Also we can't just go up to them and say we're friends of their son's. To them we're just two random strangers who might look weirdly familiar, considering we resemble child actors from the 1950s!"
  "Okay, so what do you suggest we do?"
  "That's a good question. I didn't have time to calibrate my porta-tracker. Though I do have another idea." Donatello said as he ran towards Jeff's parents.
  "Wait, I thought you said we couldn't-"
  "Shh! Just follow my lead, okay? Uh excuse me, sir. Would you mind if I borrowed your phone for just a minute? Mine died, and we need to locate our uncle."
  "Sure. What's his number?" Mr. Oughton asked.
  "Oh, he never answers unknown calls. It'd be easier to use GPS tracking. Do you have Google Maps on there?"
  "I think so." Rick answered as he handed Donatello the phone.
  "So where are you guys from?" Linda asked Mikey.
  "Quahog, Rhode Island. Well, actually I'm originally from Springfield, Massachusetts, but-"
  "Okay, I pinpointed Je- I mean Uncle Rodney's location. We'd better get going. Come on, Ernest!" Don said as he handed Mr. Oughton's phone back to him right before pulling Michaelangelo away. "You couldn't have come up with a better backstory?!" Don said under his breath.
  "Oh, mellow out, dude! You didn't do so hot coming up with those names yourself. So where'd it say Jeff is?"
  "He's not far from the Ripley's Believe It Or Not exhibit up the street aways."
  "Oh far out! Might as well buy ourselves a couple tickets."
  "Didja bring any money with you?" Donatello asked.
  "Uh no. Did you?" Mikey replied.
  "Just my Univest credit card, which I'm pretty sure isn't valid in this dimension. Besides, we're in luck. I found our buddy Jeffrey. He's exiting the exhibit hall with a friend."
  "Whoa, that's Patrick Murphy, the kid our Jeff met at Wellspring Clubhouse!"
  "Really? Huh, I guess they met under similar circumstances here. Anyway, we'd better keep an eye out for them and watch out for Control Freak or anybody else who might try to attack them?"
  "But how long do our holo watches last?"
  "They should have a good hour or so of battery life in them. Now come on!"
    Before long they were nearing an amusement park area. "Oh great, how're we gonna keep track of them now? We can't afford tickets!" Michaelangelo griped.
  "I don't think that's going to be a problem. I found our would-be assailant!" Don said as he pointed towards a cloaked figure brandishing the scepter.
  Both Turtles leapt into action and tackled the figure who dropped the scepter. "I surrrrrender!"
  "Hey, I recognize that voice!" Mikey said as he removed the hood. "Stockman! Why in the world did Control Freak send you of all people?"
    "Why it'szzz very simple, my dimwitted reptilian friend. I'm a decoy! Rat King lead everyone to believe we were plotting to kill this world's Jeff to throw you all off the trail. Control Freak has the real scepter, which I helped take from Renet when we stormed the Palisade."
  "Come on, lets get this creep back to Dimension J." Donatello said as he took out his Turtle Comm. "Lana, we got him."
  "Good work, Turtle Dove. Raven and I are on our way to retrieve you."
  Michaelangelo let out a chuckle. "Turtle Dove? That's her pet name for you?"
  "Oh shut up!"

TEEN TITANS Earth (Elseworld T); Jump City, CA - October 6TH, 2027

  Cyborg stood triumphantly over the unconscious Dr. Light. "Well, that's one more evildoer we've got rounded up!"
  "I gotta say though, this fight wasn't much of a challenge as I expected." Robin admitted.
  "Are you serious, dude?!" Beast Boy snapped. "Dr. Light practically blinded me earlier right after shoving Starfire into that street lamp!"
  "True, though Robin does make a point." Starfire replied. "It seems as though our enemies are merely getting our attention as if they are just a diversion keeping us from finding the Control Freak."
  "Maybe he's not even in this dimension anymore." Cyborg suggested.
  "Then why was Lord Simultaneous' body dumped in the tower?" Robin asked.
  "To throw us off the trail!" Raven answered as she, Mona Lisa, Jephael and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles appeared through a portal.
  "Whoa, where've you dudes been?" Beast Boy asked.
  "It's a long story, but we think we know where Control Freak took the scepter. Come on!" Raphael exclaimed.

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Metropolis, KS - December 26TH, 2025

    Lex Luthor stood in the Watchtower base, hanging his head in shame as he looked at a photo of his long dead half-sister Tess Mercer. "If only I had that moment to do over again..."
  "Lex, now's not the time to be wallowing in regret!" Lois exclaimed. "I just got off the trans-dimensional radio with the Turtles and Titans. Control Freak is here, he's got the scepter and he's heading to the old LuthorCorp geothermal facility where the League got rid of our Doomsday back in the day! Worse yet, I can't reach Clark and he's the only one of us powerful enough to face that psycho beast! I really need you to man up here for me!"
  "To do what, pray tell?"
  "I don't know, unleash some kind of bio-organic creature that can stop him!"
  "Lois, I haven't worked on any projects like that since the Technodrome was in our world! Lord only knows what Control Freak plans to do with that monster though!"
  "If anything happens to Clark or any of our friends... I'm so gonna murder that fat-ass dork with my bare hands!" Lois said just as she noticed Lex make a chuckle. "What?!"
  "Sorry, I just thought about that time Clark said you were like a pit bull in a pant leg. It's one of my favorite moments between you two!"
  "I dunno whether to find it funny or creepy that you know so much about our lives!"
  "Believe me, Raven and I know way more than he does." Renet replied as she entered the building accompanied by Master Splinter.
  "Please tell me you guys have good news." Lois said with a heavy sigh.
  "Yes and no." the elderly rodent said. "Raphael and Leonardo interrogated Rat King, who said that Control Freak plans on taking over all of our dimensions by killing the rulers of Null Time."
  "He's already succeeded in murdering my predecessor, which really wasn't that difficult considering Lord Simultaneous was like mega ancient at this point, and his powers weren't as great as they once were." Renet bowed her head in grief. "Still, he didn't deserve the end he got."
  Splinter placed his hand on Renet's shoulder. "We will bring Control Freak to justice as swiftly as possible."
  "So where does Doomsday fit in with all of this?" Lex asked.
  "Control Freak's next target is someone way more powerful, and bigger, than Lord Simultaneous was." Renet answered. "The Turtles are in the Battle Nexus now, guarding the Daimyo, while the Titans are here in Metropolis attempting to intercept Control Freak."
  "But where's Clark?" Lois asked just as the door opened and in walked her beloved Kryptonian hero donned in his Superman costume. She leapt into his arms and hugged him tightly before giving him a small slap on the cheek. "Where the hell have you been?! I left like 400 messages! You had me worried sick!!!"
  "I had to go to the fortress and find my last Phantom Zone crystal. It may be our last chance at putting Doomsday away. Sorry I couldn't be reached, but-"
  "Mr. Kent, Ms. Lane... while I understand your relationship takes priority. We need to get over to the facility now!" Splinter exclaimed.
  That same moment across town, the Titans were in the midst of an all out battle with several of Control Freak's Foot Soldier robots just outside the facility.
  "There are too may of these things!" Starfire shouted.
  "Yea, and if we don't hurry, it's like the end of the world!" Beast Boy added. "Man it's so cold out here, I can barely fight these things."
  "Then lets turn up the heat!" Robin replied as he took out his retractable staff and beheaded three robots in one blow.
  "Now that's what I'm talkin' about!" Cyborg said as he charged up his sonic canon and blasted five more Foot Soldiers. "BOO YA!!!"
  "This is almost too easy." Raven said as she dismantled the remaining seven androids with her mystic powers.
  "Aw yea! We came, we saw and we kicked badguy butt!!!" Beast Boy said in excitement.
  "Okay, Titans. Lets stop Control Fre-" Robin was caught offguard mid-sentence when there was a loud explosion.
  "Well, well. Looks my final diversion gave me just enough time to complete my mission!" Control Freak said menacingly as he emerged with the menacing alien Doomsday.
  "He has still got the scepter in his possession!" Starfire pointed out.
  "Yea and I now have soiled underpants." Beast Boy remarked.
  "It's amazing how we've been married almost ten years now and you still manage to gross me out at times." Raven commented as she landed.
  "I wouldn't have it any other way, Mama." the changeling said sweetly.
    "Guys, now's not the time!!! We need to take that disgusting thing and his Kryptonian pet down now before they have the chance to cause any harm!" Robin shouted as he ran head first towards the behemoth creature, only to be grabbed by the neck.
  Starfire gasped in fright as she watched Doomsday tighten his grip on her husband's throat. "NOOO!!!" she screamed as she lashed out with several star-bolts. "You will let go of him immediately!!!"
  Doomsday violently threw Robin to the ground and was about to stomp on him when Cyborg blasted at him with his sonic cannon, just as Raven used her powers to whisk Robin to safety.
  "Uh Cy, I think you just made him mad... or at the very least madder than earlier!" Beast Boy commented.
  "Good, that makes two of us!" Cyborg replied as he turned over to Raven. "Is Robin okay?"
  "It's hard to say. Just keep Doomsday back!"
  "You foolish Titans have been a pain in my ass for long enough!" Control Freak said as he raised the scepter in the air. "It's time to- Hey, what the hell?!" he said as he felt somebody pick him up by the belt. "Let me go, damn it!!!"
  "I don't think so." Superman said as he took the scepter from Control Freak's hands and handed it to Renet, who used it to promptly banish Doomsday.
  "Glad that ordeal is over!" Beast Boy said with a sigh. "So where'd you send him?"
  "Entropy, the end of time. It's the same place the mainstream comic book Superman sent his Doomsday once."
  "I guess we won then!" Cyborg said
  "Yes, but at the cost of Robin's well being." Raven said somberly.
  "But you will be able to heal him, yes?" Starfire asked.
  "I don't know that I can. When Doomsday hurled him to the ground, Robin's back was badly broken. His pulse is very weak as well."
  "Let us join my pupils in the Battle Nexus. Perhaps the Daimyo will have some form of remedy that can heal Mr. Grayson." Splinter suggested as he, Lois and Lex approached.
    "Sounds good to me, dawg." Cyborg replied as he shot Control Freak an angry glare. "And if our buddy can't be put back to his old self, I'm gonna personally see to it you suffer a similar fate!"
  "Ooh, I'm so scared. Bring it on, Tin Man!!!" the villian said with a dorky chuckle, prompting Ms. Lane to smack him upside the head.

Battle Nexus (Dimension <Null>)

    As soon as everyone made it to the Battle Nexus, Robin was taken straight to the healer's pavilion. Starfire and Lex Luthor remained at her husband's side, while Clark, Lois, Splinter, Renet and the rest of the Titans joined the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mona Lisa, Lana Lang and Jeff Oughton in the main hall.
  "We're so sorry we couldn't have joined you guys in fighting Doomsday." Donatello said.
  "Yea, I can't believe Robin stood up to that psycho monster!" Lana added.
  "He wouldn't have had to though, if it wasn't for this sadistic asshole!" Beast Boy said, pointing to Control Freak who was now locked inside a small cage.
  "For sure, dudes. I'd suggest banishing him to Dimension X, if it still existed!" Michaelangelo mentioned.
  "I was going to send Doomsday to the Phantom Zone, but maybe I could send Control Freak there instead." Clark spoke.
  "What good would that do though? He'd just find a way back to your Earth like all those other Kryptonian creeps!" Raphael replied.
  "Well, we've got to do something with him. He murdered a time lord for goodness sake!" Mona Lisa said.
  "Actually, I-"
  "Hey, not to change the subject, but where's Leonardo?" Lois asked.
  "He and the Daimyo went for a walk in the champions' pavilion. Apparently something went down here while we were in Smallville with you, celebrating Christmas." Jeff exclaimed.
  "Yea, Leo seemed a little out of it when Lana and I got back from Hershey Park the day before." Donatello mentioned.
  "That reminds me, we really should address the um, elephant in the room!" Mikey said with a chuckle.
  "What, that Donnie and I are in a relationship?" Lana said as she and the brainy turtle held hands.
  "Wouldn't that be considered bestially?" Lois joked.
  "Hey, Raphael and I aren't exactly the same species either." Mona Lisa retorted.
  "Guys, we're getting way off-topic here!" Renet spoke up.
  "She's right. We have to make a decision in regards to Control Freak's punishment." Raven added.
  "What if we all took turns kicking his butt?" Cyborg suggested.
  "Oh yea, I second that idea!" Lois replied with a sly grin.
  "If I might make a suggestion..." a gravely voice spoke as a shadowy figure emerged.
  "Savanti Romero, what the hell are you doing here?!" Renet asked as she clutched the scepter tightly.
  Savanti sneered as he let out a chuckle. "Why I've merely come for what is rightfully mine. After aiding Control Freak in the death of your mentor, I was promised the time scepter!"
  "You... you killed Lord Simultaneous?!"
  "Yes, my dear. You should've seen him begging for me to spare your life! Of course you were out cold, thanks to my chunky friend here."
  Tears began to stream down Renet's face. "You murderer... YOU SADISTIC MURDERER!!!"
  "Pitch a shit-fit all you like, my dear. It won't bring him back, and without him I deem myself the only one capable of ruling over space and time! Now hand me that scepter, or I shall take it forcefully!"
  "I wouldn't count on that, horn-head!" Raphael said as he and Michaelangelo brandished their weapons.
    "Hah, I'm not afraid of you reptilian losers. You're not even half the ninjas your comic book counterparts were back in the day. Hell, they actually killed their enemies! Soon as I have possession of the time scepter, I can easily wipe out the lot of you in one felt swoop! Now give it here before I-"
  "Hold it right there, Savanti!!!" a voice shouted.
    Everyone was surprised to see Leonardo accompanied by his 4Kids counterpart, both with their swords at the ready. "We won't let you desecrate this place with your evil any longer!!!"
  "So, it seems with Simultaneous dead, the Daimyo restored your memories. Such a shame your little Battle of the Leonardos will never happen anyway, once I've wiped you all out of existence!"
  "Battle of the Leonardos? Hey, I'd pay good money to see that!" Mikey remarked.
  "You're not going any farther, Savanti!" Raven said.
  "Is that so, witch?"
  "Wow, I haven't heard that insult before." Raven replied sarcastically. "Now be a good demigod and vacate this dimension!"
  "Oh, and what if I don't? What if I just obliterate all of you one by one right here and n- ow. Ow! OWWW!!!" Before he had the chance to move, Savanti Romero was being hung by his hoofs. "Let me down!"
  "Hey, she warned ya!" Beast Boy stated. "So what do we do with him?"
  "I say send him to the end of time just like Doomsday!" Lois suggested.
  "Better yet, I'm going to banish him where there's no way in hell he can ever cause trouble again!" Renet said as she blasted her mortal enemy away.
  "Whoa, that was epic!!! So like, where'd ya send him?" Mikey asked.
  "It's better that you don't know."
  "My friends, I have glorious news!" Starfire said as she and Lex Luthor showed up with Robin who was up and walking.
  "BRO!!!" Cyborg shouted as he hugged his pal tightly. "I can't believe you're okay."
  "Yea, well... I'm not 100% healed just yet but atleast I'm well enough to go back home."
  "I think it's time we all went back to our respective dimensions." Clark said as he looked over to Donatello and Lana. "Miss Lang, enjoy your new life."
  "Thank you, Superman." Lana said sweetly as she hugged her former lover.
    With that, Renet opened a portal back to Smallville, which Clark, Lois and Lex stepped though. At the same moment Raven opened a portal to the roof of Titans Tower. Starfire and Robin held hands as they stepped through. Cyborg and Beast Boy waved goodbye to the Ninja Turtles and company before jumping through together.
  "So I guess that just leaves us." Raphael said. "Do we go back to Harleysville or..."
  "Actually, my Master Splinter was wondering if you'd all like to visit us at Casey Jones' farmhouse." 4Kids Leo offered.
  "That is most generous of you Leonardo of the 4Kids dimension."
  "May I come to?" Control Freak asked with a sheepish grin.

Jephaelverse Earth (Dimension J); Harleysville, Pa. - July 14TH, 2017

    Patrick Murphy was excited to be hanging out with Jeff and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the 25th anniversary of their arrival in this world. April O' Neil and Lotus Blossom were also there, along with Bebop and Rocksteady. The group watched several of their adventures from over the last 2 and a half decades via a special device Renet had helped Donatello rig up that allowed them to view the past in the comfort of their own living room. "Wow, you've all got to experience some awesome stuff here!"
  "For sure, dude! We've been meaning to write our auto-biography for the last couple of years or so but stuff just keeps coming up." Michaelangelo joked as he took a big bite of Papa John's spinach alfredo pizza.
  "That and it's hard to remember every little thing we've ever experienced." Leonardo added. "I don't exactly recall the time April and Master Splinter were inside my head."
"Oh right, that wasn't exactly a pleasant experience."
  "Atleast you were only in there for an hour or so. I was trapped in there with that crazy witch Tempestra for about five years!" Lotus remarked. "By the way, Splinter, I couldn't help but notice you mentioned you had used your psychic abilities on the Turtles previous times."
  "Yea. Care to elaborate on that, sensei?" Raphael asked with a smirk.
    Splinter blushed as he sighed. "Well, seeing as how it's been nearly thirty years, why not. Remember the dream you four shared in which you were in a world where you never previously existed and Shredder had accomplished conquering Earth?"
  "I always had a feeling that was your doing." Jeff said. "Man I love this past viewing device! It's too bad we didn't have it sooner. Would've saved us a hell of a lot of money on video cameras and VHS tapes."
  "To be honest, I kinda got the idea from my 4Kids counterpart when he told me about April and Casey's future great-grandson who invents something similar." Donatello admitted. "They call it the Time Window. I didn't want this to sound like an obvious rip-off of that concept, so I gave this device a different name."
  "Really, what?" Mona Lisa asked.
  "I call it the Past Blaster!"
  "Hey it can't be any lamer than anything my 2012 Nickelodeon counterpart might come up with!" Mikey joked. "Frankly, I'm surprised we haven't met them yet!"
    "To be honest, I think we're better off. That world makes some really weird changes to the supporting characters. Have you seen Bebop and Rocksteady on there?" Jeff stated. "Besides, they've already met you guys... or atleast some version of your previous reality." At that moment, Jeff's cell phone went off. "Oh excuse me, I gotta take it."
  "Is that your Twitter girlfriend?" Raphael teased.
  "Very funny... and yes."
  "Man, ever since Raven helped Jeff get in touch with that chick from the west coast, he's been getting calls every other week!" Mona Lisa remarked.
  "Yea, it's becoming a real heavy duty relationship!" Michaelangelo added. "How about you, Patrick. Got ay girlfriends?"
  "Not really. I'm good friends with a couple girls here and there, but I'm not really interested in anybody. Besides, I'd really focused on school and my writing at the moment." the young man answered.
  "A very wise choice indeed." Splinter replied. "Why don't we take a break from viewing our past and focus on the now?"
  "Good idea, sensei. Nostalgia is nice, but too much of it can be unhealthy!" Leonardo said.
  "Unless you're listening to the radio." Rocksteady replied.
  "Yea, nothing beats the classic hits that they play on Q102!!!" Bebop added.
  "You boys really need to get out more." Raphael commented, resulted in everyone in the room laughing.


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