Inter-Dimensional Kinship

story by Jephael

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story takes place seventeen years after the events of
The Summer I was Young Again.

The End of Time (Dimension <Null>); July 25TH, 3689

    Savanti Romero curled his lip in a sneer as he looked over the barren remains of a long since extinguished world, when a shadowy figure approached wearing a cloak. "I was wondering when you'd show up, Luthor."
  "That's Mr. Luthor to you, Savanti. Now this had better be quick. I can only keep my dimensional portal generator on for three minutes."
  "As you know, I was hired to find a way to restore your memory in return for my freedom."
  "That deal was a lifetime ago, and unfortunately both Shredder and Krang are gone now thanks to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." Lex retorted as he pulled his hood back.
  "Wrong, my friend. Only Krang has ceased to be, but Oroku Saki is still out there. Splinter merely disposed of his corporeal form. With the help of a magic relic I can summon him back to your world."
  "I hope this magic relic you're referring to isn't the time scepter, because very attempt to gain possession of it has ended in disaster."
  "No friggin' duh, Luthor!" Savanti said with a snarl. "The scepter is practically worthless to me anyhow, but if I manage to obtain the Daimyo's warstaff, there shall be no problem."
  "It sounds like you've already got your plan. So what do you need me for?"
  "I understand the Turtles are capable of traversing dimensions via a system in their Turtle Van. Bring it to Smallville for me."
  "Why Smallville?"
  "Just do it, Luthor, and I promise you will have your entire memory back."
  "How do I manage that? There's a good chance that wagon of theirs has all sorts of security systems and alarms or something."
  "You're a resourceful individual, Lex. You'll think of something." Savanti said as he went over to a boulder with strange symbols drawn on it.
  Lex looked at his watch and with one last look back at Savanti he yelled out "We'll be in touch!" before running back to the portal he came in from.

Jephaelverse Earth (Dimension J); Plymouth Meeting, Pa - June 17TH, 2009

  That same moment the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were with Jeff, Mona Lisa and Dori in the Plymouth Meeting Mall. "So like how long are we gonna be in Boscov's? This place is totally boring!"
  "Michaelangelo, we're looking for Father's Day gifts." Leonardo explained.
  "Yea, and this is a very special year for us." Donatello added. "It's the 25th anniversary of when Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird created their comic book that our television series was inspired by!"
  "25 years? My, where does the time go?" Raphael quipped.
  "So are you guys buying Father's Day gifts for them?" Dori asked.
  "Yea, if we can find anything they might like." Jeff answered with a sigh. "It's bad enough my mom is pressuring me to find something special for my old man, I gotta help the guys get their surrogate creators something."
  "You know technically they should buy a Father's Day gift for David Wise or Fred Wolf. They're the ones who really got the cartoon off the ground." Mona Lisa suggested.
  "Eh, we considered it, but we figure Eastman and Laird deserve something more. I mean if it weren't for them, we wouldn't even be here!" Leo exclaimed.
  "Yea, pretty gnarly notion." Mikey replied.
  Don checked out a pair of shades. "Hey guys, what do you think? I bet Kevin Eastman would love these."
  "Those look like something one of Mr. Oughton's brothers would wear!" Raphael commented. "Hey Dori, aren't you gonna get your dad anything while we're here?"
  "He likes rock gardening, so I thought I'd get him something at Home Depot this weekend. I just wanted to hang out with my friends for the afternoon. I've been so busy the last few months, and I've been missing you."
  "Aww, that's such a sweet thing to say!" Mona Lisa as she hugged Dori.
  Just then there was a faint squeaking noise. "What the heck?" Jeff said just as a gross furry white rat ran by. "Oh boy, I think we've got ourselves a problem here."
  Screams started emanating from near the entrance to the mall just near the comic book store.

  "Good work, my loyal subjects. Create as much havoc as you possibly can!" a familiar voice echoed from the bottom level.
  "The Rat King? When did that bozo get out of jail?" Michaelangelo asked.
  "Who cares? Lets see to it he gets put back in for good!" Raphael snapped back as the Turtles slid down the escalator.
  "Ah. right on cue." Rat King said under his breath. Little did the Turtles realize, but there was a two-way radio stashed in the Rat King's belt keeping him in contact with Lex Luthor who was outside in the parking lot.
  With everyone running in a panic, Lex had no problem locating the Turtle Van. Using a special cloaking mechanism, he was able to sneak into the vehicle and meddle with the settings to the trans-dimensional teleportation unit. "Done and done." he said as he got out of the van while humming the tune of Two Tickets to Paradise.
  That same moment in the mall the Rat King yelled out "Halt, my furry followers. Our job is done here. Let us retreat."
  "Not so fast, looney!" Michaelangelo said as he swung his nunchucks and smacked the Rat King in the back of the head, knocking him out cold.
  "Way to go, Michaelangelo!" Mona Lisa said as she, Jeff and Dori came downstairs to join the Turtles.
  "Smooth move, bro!" Raphael added, patting Mikey on the back.
  "Gee, thanks."
  Just then Jeff got a call on his cell phone. "Hello? Oh hi, Dad. Sure we can pick you up! Hey Dori, is it all right if we swing by Henning's before taking you back home? His car's in the shop and my mom was gonna pick him up, but she came down with a bad cold."
  "Oh of course." Dori replied.
  Donatello looked over at Leonardo who had a puzzled look on his face. "Is everything okay, Leo?"
  "I dunno, Don. I just feel like defeating him was way too easy."

Battle Nexus (Dimension <Null>)

  Meanwhile in another realm, a transparent specter floated in front of his master. "Sir, I have come to warn you the castle is under attack."
  "I am aware, Gyoji. See to it my son is kept safe. I will deal with the intruder personally." the elderly Tengu said as he rose from his throne and grabbed his golden warstaff and headed to the tournament grounds. "Savanti, you dare to show yourself here?!"
  "Yes I do, Daimyo. I've come for that magic wand of yours, and don't think I won't take no for an answer."
  "You've got a lot of nerve! I have a right mind to banish you to Dimension Z!"
  "Ha! You would make a pathetic threat like that." Savanti Romero remarked as he grabbed the Daimyo by the arm.
  "What? I feel so... so weak." the Daimyo suddenly fainted and dropped the warstaff, which Savanti grabbed.
  "That was far too easy." the monster said as he opened a portal and jumped through it.
  Miraculously, the Daimyo managed to regain his strength and jumped through the portal seconds before it closed.

Jephaelverse Earth (Dimension J); Harleysville, Pa - June 17TH, 2009

  Rick sighed as he puffed on a cigarette. "Boy, what a day this has been." he muttered to himself as a fellow co-worker waved to him just as the Turtle Van showed up.
  "How many have you had to smoke before we got here?" Jeff asked as he opened the side door.
  "Not enough, trust me."
  "You know the rule, Mr. Oughton. Your butt's not allowed in our vehicle until you've disposed of the butt in your mouth!"
  "That didn't sound right at all, Leonardo." Raphael commented.
  "Oh, you know what I meant!"
  Rick nodded as he took one last puff and threw the remains of the cigarette in the trash. "Sorry if I had to cut your outing short."
  "It's cool, dude. The mall trip was kind of a bust when the Rat King showed up." Michaelangelo explained.
  "I'd still like to know how that creep got out of prison!" Mona Lisa added.
  "We can make some calls to the authorities once we've dropped off Dori and gone back home." Donatello said as he put the Turtle Van in gear and started heading down the road. The van was picking up speed rather quickly.
  "Hey, ease up on the gas, Donnie. You're gonna get us pulled over for speeding!" Jeff said.
  "Uh, I've barely got my foot on the pedal." Don said just as the view screen for the trans-dimensional teleportation unit turned on.
  "What the heck is going on?!" Leo asked.
  "You got me, bro!" Raphael replied.
  "Everybody brace yourself!" Mona Lisa yelled as she pulled Rick into a chair and buckled him up.
    As the van reached 50 miles an hour Michaelangelo noticed out of the corner of the windshield what looked like a faint ghostly image, which came closer and closer. "Uh dudes, does... anybody else see...?" Mikey was suddenly overcome with fright as he realized what the phantasm was wearing.

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Smallville, KS - May 12TH, 2017

  Lois Lane was hard at work putting the finishing touch on a birthday cake she had decorated with Clark's family crest in red, yellow and blue frosting. "There, it's finished. What do you think, Martha?"
  "Oh, it looks lovely! I am so proud of you!"
  "Well, I just wanted it to be extra special. It's not every day a hero turns the big 3-0!"
  "I remember when Jonathan turned 30. I made him an apple pie and a huge batch of cookies!" Martha said with a giggle.
  "Sometimes I wish I had met you guys a lot sooner. I would've enjoyed seeing Clark when he first developed his powers."
  "It wasn't easy watching him struggle with his abilities, but we managed to help him as best we could. By the way, when does your father get here?"
  Lois checked her watch. "Oh, in about half an hour if he doesn't get caught up in rush hour traffic."
  Just then there was a faint sonic boom. The two ladies promptly went outside to see the Turtle Van approaching the driveway. "Well, this is certainly unexpected!" Martha said as she walked off the front porch just as the occupants inside the vehicle came out one by one.
  "Hi, Mrs. Kent." Raphael said with a wave.
  "Hello, boys. What brings you here?"
  "We're not really sure to tell you the truth." Leonardo answered.
  "Yea, our dimensional transportation system kinda went haywire on us!" Jeff added.
  "We're really sorry if we showed up at a bad time." Dori said.
  "No, it's okay. Although we are expecting company here shortly." Martha explained just as a familiar red and blue clad figure came soaring through the sky and touched down on the ground.
  "Hey guys, this is a nice surprise! I wasn't expecting party guests." Superman said with a smile.
  "To tell you the truth, neither were we." Lois replied.
    After Jeff briefly explained how they unexpectedly got to Smallville, Clark graciously allowed the Turtles and Mona Lisa to stay in the barn. "You're welcome to hide out in my old loft while General Lane is here. I'll bring over any snacks you'd like."
  "We really appreciate that, Supes." Mona Lisa said with a smile.
  Leonardo meanwhile was getting concerned for their normally happy-go-lucky brother. "Are you okay, Michaelangelo? You've been awfully quiet since we got here."
  "Dudes, you're not gonna believe this, but I saw the craziest thing just before we arrived at the Kent Farm!"
  "Don't tell me, you saw the Wicked Witch of the West!" Raphael joked.
  "No, worse! I saw Shredder! Only he looked like something outta Beetlejuice!"
  "How's that even possible?" Donatello asked.
  "Hey, we've dealt with ghosts before... sort of!" Mona Lisa stated.
  "It's too bad Splinter's not here with us. Maybe he would know what's going on." Leo said.
  "I'm gonna go check on the Turtle Van. I have a funny feeling somebody must've tampered with the Dimension Hopper." Don said as he headed back outside.
  "Dimension Hopper?" Jeff asked.
  "Yea, I felt it was time to give it a shorter name."
  "He couldn't have done that five years ago?" Raphael said sarcastically.
  Meanwhile Rick was about to light up another cigarette when Martha and Lois approached him. "Hey, we don't allow that around here."
  "Oh, sorry, Martha. I was just counting them to see how many I had left."
  "Uh huh, sure you were." Lois said sarcastically. "So what's got you so stressed out?"
  "I had a shitty day at work. I was looking forward to getting home and mowing the lawn, but I guess that plan's bit the dust."
  "Sorry to hear that." Martha replied. "You know whenever my husband had a rough day here at the farm, I'd fix up his favorite meal and then watch football with him."
  Rick smiled. "Lucky him. My wife and I like to cook out on the grill when the weather's nice and then we usually watch American Idol and Dancing With the Stars."
  "Don't tell that to my dad when he gets here. He hates that crap!" Lois said with a chuckle, just as Clark showed up now dressed in blue jeans and a plaid red shirt. "So, how was your day?"
  "It was fine. I'm just glad to be with my loved ones."
  "Hey, where're Jeff and Dori?" Rick asked.
  "They're taking Shelby for a walk." Martha explained. "Clark, dear, could you run out and buy us some extra hot dogs and burger rolls?"
  "I'll be back as soon as I can." Clark said as he sped away.
  "Mr. Oughton, how'd you like to be our griller for the evening?" Lois asked.
  "Sure, I could do that." Rick said with a smile.
    Later that afternoon, Donatello took the Turtle Van out for a road test. He had to use the cloaking mechanism so Lois's dad wouldn't see him. He made his way to the old abandoned Kawatche Caves, which he remembered was where Control Freak had taken control of Clark about ten years earlier. Don parked his car in a secluded spot where nobody would see it and looked around. As soon as he got to the cave he heard voices.
  "Good job re-programming the Turtles' dimensional traveling device or whatever the hell they call it. I must say I am very impressed with how you handled that, Lex."
  "It wasn't easy, Savanti, but I knew I had a reward coming my way if I helped you. Now where's this thing that'll restore my memory?"
  Donatello crept silently through the shadows to get a closer look. He watched in horror and amazement as Savanti Romero raised the warstaff and aimed it at Lex Luthor.
  "By the power in this staff, you shall be whole once more!"
  Donatello took out his bo staff as he rammed into Savanti Romero, interrupting his concentration.
  "You bloody green idiot! You could've made me fry him to a crisp!"
  "I dunno what kind of weirdo you are and what you're doing with Luthor, but it ends here!"
  "Mighty brave talk for such a pathetic little reptile!" Savanti said with a snarl as he blasted a jolt of energy in Don's direction.
  "Boy, you really suck at this, fella." Don said mockingly just as he felt something prick him in the arm. He looked down to see a small syringe with a tranquilizer cartridge in it. "Oh crud." he said as he fainted.
  "Not so cocky now, are ya?" Lex said with a smirk as he wielded a small dart gun. "Shall we continue, Savanti?"
  "Yes, but we missed our chance to cast the spell. I am truly sorry, but I can't restore your memory. However I could give you the memories from a Lex Luthor of another reality."
  "I don't really see the point of that, and I'm starting to wish I hadn't helped you. As much as I wish I could have my memories back, I have a strong feeling won't like what I recall anyway. Although if there is one consolation, we brought back The Shredder. You go look for him. I'm going to take this intriguing specimen with me back to Metropolis."
  Back at the Kent Farm everyone was watching Jeff's dad grill hot dogs. "I must say, Mr. Oughton, in all my days in the military I've never seen somebody do such a great job working a grill!" General Sam Lane said.
  "Thank you. It took years of practice to get this good. My brothers and I used to have cook outs in the summer."
  "How many brothers do you have?"
  "Three. Two of them have actually been in the military."
  "Really? Can you tell me about them?"
  "Boy your dad sure is being chummy." Clark said to Lois as they went into the barn.
  "More like nosey. You'd better warn Jeff not to let his dad say too much about their family. There's a safe bet the General's going to do some cross-checking when he gets back to his base, and if he finds out they're not from around here..."
  "If worse comes to worse, we'll just have Chloe make some false records."
  "Either that or you could bop him on the head with a coconut!" Raphael joked.
  "Good plan, Gilligan!" Lois remarked as she handed Michaelangelo a bag of Doritos. "Here, knock yourself out!"
  "Thanks, dudette! Hey does anybody know where Donnie went?"
  "He said he'd be back shortly after checking on the Dimension Hopper." Leonardo said.
  "Dimension Hopper? How'd he come up with that name?" Clark replied with a chuckle.
  "Well, when you think about it, the vortex that forms around the van kinda looks like the water after you flush the toilet." Mona Lisa figured.
  Michaelangelo was just about to take a bite out of a chip, when his sister in-law's explanation made him lose his appetite. "You know, I think I'll just save these for later."
  "Do you think there's a chance something could've happened to Donatello?" Raphael asked.
  "I sure hope not, but I know he's resourceful." Leonardo replied.
  Just then Jeff and Dori came into the barn with Shelby. "Hey guys, Mrs. Kent just told us dinner's ready."
  Clark looked back at the now concerned mutants. "If Don isn't back by the time we're done eating, I'll take you guys out in the truck to go look for him."
  "Thanks, Clark. We really appreciate that."
  A few minutes later, Clark and Lois were sitting next to Martha and General Lane, while Jeff, Dori and Rick sat on the opposite side of the table.
  "I just want to say thanks to everyone here who came to celebrate my birthday. I really appreciate it." Clark said humbly.
  "Happy Birthday, sweetheart." Martha said as she kissed her son on the cheek.
  "Okay, lets dig in!" Jeff said anxiously as he looked over the plate of hot dogs. Just as he was about to grab one, they were all started by an alarm sound coming from General Lane's pocket.
  "Oh sorry about that. It's my cell phone. I think one of the sergeants at the base wants to talk with me. Uh, would you mind if I took this upstairs?"
  "Oh, by all means." Martha said. as she escorted Sam to the staircase.
  "I wonder what that was about." Dori said.
  Lois shook her head as she got up from the table. "It can't be anything good. Will you excuse me?"
  "Jeff, why are you grabbing five hot dogs?" Rick asked.
  "I'm taking some for the Turtles and Mona Lisa." Jeff said as he put them on a large plate and ran back outside. Just as he got to the barn he saw something he couldn't believe. "What the hell is that guy doing here?!" he said quietly as he followed the large figure into the barn.
  "Weapons at the ready, guys!" Leonardo shouted as he drew out his katana blades.
  "I mean you no harm."
  "Chill out, Leo. That's the Daimyo from the Battle Nexus." Michaelangelo said. "Like what brings you here, dude?"
  "An enemy of your Mirage counterparts has stolen my magic warstaff and used it to open a portal that summoned the Phantom Shredder."
  Raphael couldn't help but chuckle. "Phantom Shredder?"
  That same moment Clark came back into the barn carrying four pairs of jeans and four flannel shirts. "Guys, I overheard Lois's dad talking on the phone with Lex Luthor who was down in the Kawatche Caves and he found some strange green creature with a purple bandana."
  "Raphael and Mona Lisa, stay here with the Daimyo! Jeffrey, you go with Clark to check out the caves and look for Donatello! Michaelangelo and I will patrol the farm." Leonardo ordered.
  Clark was somewhat stunned by the turtle's bold orders. "Is he always this gung ho?"
  "Eh, more or less." Raphael answered.
  Minutes later Clark and Jeff were at the caves, which were now empty, except for a couple of burn marks near the far end of the cave.
  "Looks like there was some kinda battle here." Jeff stated.
  "Smells like tobacco in here." Clark commented as he used his microscopic vision to examine the marks, when he noticed a wooden staff on the ground. "I think Donatello was here. This is his weapon, right?" Clark asked as he picked it up.
    "Oh yea. I'd recognize that bo anywhere." Jeff said as he got out a keychain. "It's a good thing I kept this in my pocket. If Donnie was here, there's a chance the Turtle Van is close by." Jeff pressed a button, activating the van's horn, which played the Ninja Turtles' theme song.
  Clark and Jeff ran back outside and found the Turtle Van just near an old abandoned quarry. As Jeff put the key in the ignition, the tracking device started going off the charts. "Whoa, I'm getting some major ecto-plasmic energy readings."
  "Can you trace the source?" Clark asked.
  "It's not far from your farm. I think I know who tampered with the Dimension Hopper. Come on, lets get back and rally the troops!"
  "Mind if I drive?" Clark asked with a grin.
  "Knock yourself out!"
  That same moment General Lane was gathering his jacket and headed out the front door when Lois and Martha confronted him. "Forgive me, ladies but I have some pressing matters to attend to with Mr. Luthor. Please give my regards to Clark."
  "Can't you wait a few moments until he gets back?" Martha asked.
  "Yea, he just went out to check on the chicken coups." Lois added.
  "No, I've got to leave now." the general said as he stormed out the door. On his way to the car he noticed Rick. "Mr. Oughton, it was a pleasure meeting you." he said as they shook hands.
  "Keep your eye on that boy of yours. He's a nice kid, but could use a little bit of discipline."
  "Thanks. I'll keep that in mind."
  As soon as General Lane's car was out of sight, Jeff deactivated the Turtle Van's cloaking mechanism as Clark pulled up to the barn.
  "What's going on?" Dori asked as she, Mona Lisa and Raphael came out.
  "We're not really sure, but apparently Lex and Savanti teamed up to bring Shredder back."
  "How's that even possible? Splinter vaporized him!" Raphael said.
  "Guys, there's something I found in Donnie's notes you might want to read." Jeff said.
  "What's going on?" Leonardo asked as he and Michaelangelo came back.
  "Apparently the temporal energy in Shredder's body caused him to undergo some sort of transformation into a non-corporeal being. Splinter merely sped up the process with the scepter."
  "So that thing I saw when we got here... was Shred-head?"
  "Yea it was, Mikey."
  "But how come he's the only person who saw it?" Mona Lisa asked.
  "Well, if you take into account how upbeat and cheerful Michaelangelo always is, he's basically Shredder's exact polar opposite; One positive, one negative!" Jeff explained.
  "That means he might be the only person here capable of seeing Shredder." Leonardo stated.
  "Not so. I am capable of seeing much." the Daimyo said. "If we can get the warstaff back from Savanti Romero, I can see to it he and Shredder are gone for good!"
  "I'm going to take my dad's old truck and head to Metropolis to find Donatello." Clark asked.
  "I'll go with ya!" Raphael said.
  "Same here!!!" Mona Lisa added.
  "Count me in too." Lois said as she approached the group. "I've got a few choice words to say to old Cue-Ball Luthor about turtle-napping!"
  About a quarter of an hour later Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Jeff, Dori, Rick, Martha and the Daimyo were at Miller's Field in the Turtle Van. "This is where the energy signature stops." Jeff explained.
  "I haven't been here in a long time." Martha said with a sigh as she got out. The sun was just beginning to set as she wandered around until she stopped on the edge of the road. "I still remember the smell of burnt grass where the meteors hit. That's when we saw him. This is where it all began." she said softly.
  "And this is where it shall end for you mortals!" Savanti bellowed menacingly just a few feet away.
  "Relinquish my warstaff immediately!!!" the Daimyo demanded.
  "With pleasure... just as soon as I've used it to regain my human form!"
  Leonardo didn't hesitate as he jumped in and grabbed the war staff, just as a blast of temporal energy shot out. Leo lost his grip on the warstaff as a sharp metallic hand grabbed him by the neck and threw him to the ground.
  "Foolish reptile!"
  "Oh no, it's him! It's Phantom Shredder!" Mikey exclaimed.
  "Where? I don't see him." Rick admitted.
  "Michaelangelo's positive spirit enables him to see more clearly than the rest of us." Jeff explained to his dad. "The only downside to that is he's the only one who can fight old Tin Face!"
  "What about Savanti?" Martha asked.
  "Leave him to me!" the Daimyo replied as he wrestled Savanti for the warstaff.
  "That ugly dude's not giving up." Dori remarked.
  "No kidding. He's got a massive death grip on the staff." Martha remarked.
    "That's not the least of our problems." Jeff said as he pointed at the sky overhead where there was a large glowing vortex. "That energy blast caused a tear in the fabric of space! Come on, we've gotta close it." Jeff said as he lead Dori, Rick and Martha back to the Turtle Van. "Mrs. Kent, I need you to take the wheel. Dori, I need your help with the Dimension Hopper. Dad, light up one of your cigarettes."
  Having mustered up his courage, Michaelangelo took out his nunchucks and began to fight Shredder. "All right, Tin Grin! It's time for maximum payback."
  "Die, you wretched reptile!!!" Shredder's voice boomed through his metal mask as he lashed out at Mikey, who easily dodged the attacks.
    Leonardo groaned as he came to his senses. From his point of view, all he could see was his brother swinging his nunchucks at a mound of smoke. He looked over to see Savanti Romero who now had the Daimyo pinned to the ground. "Oh no." Leo said under his breath as he ran to the Daimyo's aide.
  "Take one step closer, reptile, and I shall reduce the old fart to..." Savanti's train of thought when he started to smell the air. "What is that intoxicating odor?"
      Leonardo and Michaelangelo both started to smell it as well, just as they saw the Daimyo take the opportunity to punch Savanti in the face. That same moment the Turtle Van came blaring into the field at 50 miles an hour.
  "I'm really getting too old for this!" Dori exclaimed.
  "You're telling me?" Martha responded.
    The cosmic energy emanating from the Dimension Hopper triggered the warstaff, which shot a blast of energy at the hole in the sky, which opened a warp that enveloped everyone in the area.

Jephaelverse Earth (Dimension J); Lansdale, Pa - June 17TH, 2009

  As the rift closed, Michaelangelo caught a glimpse of Phantom Shredder screaming as he was sucked into the void. They were back home, and more precisely they were in front of North Penn High School. "Like, how'd we get here, Leo?"
  "I have my suspicions." the fearless leader remarked.
  "Believe me, this was not my doing." Savanti replied as he noticed the warstaff was back in the Daimyo's hand. "Give that back!"
  "I shall do no such thing!" the Daimyo said as he grabbed the demon by the throat. "You dared to threaten me and my family?! For that you shall spend the rest of your miserable existence in my dungeons!!!"
  Martha pulled the Turtle Van up as Jeff and Dori got out just in time to see the Daimyo and Savanti vanish.
  "Guys, thank goodness you're okay!" Dori said as she hugged Leo and Mikey.
  "We're fine, only how'd we end up back home?" Leonardo asked.
  "It wasn't easy. I utilized the Dimension Hopper to take control of the warstaff, and recalibrating that rip in space just above us to bring us all back here."
  "All of us? You mean Shredder is here as well?"
  "No, I was actually able to reverse what Savanti and Lex did to bring Shredder to Smallville in the process of returning us home."
  "Way to go, bro!" Mikey said as he high fived Jeffrey.
  "Yea, but there's just one problem. I came here in place of three of your friends." Martha Kent mentioned.
  "We'll take you back just as soon as we've dropped Dori off at her parents' house." Leonardo said.
  As Michaelangelo opened the back door to the van, he caught a whiff of tobacco. "Oh gross! I thought I smelled something just before that rift opened." he said as he and Leo gave Mr. Oughton a look of disapproval.
  "Jeff told me to light up."
  "While I was with Clark in the cave, he smelled tobacco. I figured Savanti had a thing for smoking. As potent as that stuff is, I figured it was worth a shot."
  "Hey Jeff, the Dimension Hopper is acting kinda strange." Dori said.
  Jeff climbed into the passenger seat and looked at the console. "Jeez, it must've overloaded from tapping into the warstaff. It'll take hours to reboot!"
  "I guess we can't help Raphael and Mona Lisa save Donatello." Leonardo said somberly.
  "Major bummer." Michaelangelo commented.
  "They've got Clark and Lois with them. I'm sure they'll know what to do." Martha said reassuringly.

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Metropolis, KS - May 12TH, 2017

  Donatello awoke to find himself lying face up on a surgical table. He wasn't tied up, however he could barely move. His entire body was numb.
  "How long will the drug last, Dr. Groll?" Lex asked.
  "It's hard to say. I've never administered it to any reptilian lifeforms, let alone mutants."
  "Then you'd better begin working. My contacts will be here within the hour, and I expect results." Lex took one last look at the turtle before exiting the room.
  Don winced as he felt a sharp needle go into his carapace. Now I know how a pin cushion feels! he thought to himself.
  "Just relax, my friend. I promise you won't be harmed." Dr. Groll said.
  Yea, that's what they all say! Donatello remarked in his head as he rolled his eyes, which were the only part of his body he could move.
  Dr. Groll barely managed to get one vial of the turtle's blood when he was grabbed by a green hand. "Wha- what on Earth?!"
  "Just what the hell do you think you're doing to my brother there?!" Raphael said angrily.
  "N-nothing. Mr. Luthor hired me to take DNA samples of this specimen."
  "This specimen here is responsible for saving the life of our friend Lana Lang, who you infused dangerous alien DNA into." Mona Lisa said as she and Lois Lane entered the room.
  "Miss Lang volunteered for that experiment of her own free will, knowing fully well of the possible consequences."
  "Yea? Well, it doesn't look like our green bud here did the same." Lois remarked as she removed the syringe from Donatello's side. "I know Lex is blackmailing you, Dr. Groll. He has information on you that could send you and your family up the river, but we can help you, so long as you allow us to get our friend out of here safely."
  Raphael tightened his grip on the scientist as he smirked and twirled his sai. "You'd better do what the lady says, or else I'm gonna get sarcastic!"

  That same moment outside the facility Clark was now donned in his Superman uniform as he encountered Lex. "I hear you've been dimension hopping again, Luthor."
  "You never cease to amuse me, Kal-El. Uh, you don't mind if I call you that, do you?"
  "To be honest, I prefer Boy Scout. Why did you tamper with the Ninja Turtles' vehicle?! You could've sent them God knows where!!!"
  "I knew what I was doing. A friend wanted to help me regain my long lost memories in exchange for aiding him in his endeavors."
  "A friend who just so happened to be some grotesque creature from another world! He could've caused our entire reality to be wiped out, but all you give a damn about is your precious lost memories!!!" Superman said angrily.
  "Why are you so hellbent on seeing to it the first three decades of my life are forever erased?! What right do you have of denying me that?!"
  "Believe me, Lex. You're better off not remembering those days. I will say this though; If I could restore just one small portion of your life... it would be a time when you had friends." Kal-El said solemnly as he flew off into the night sky just as an army transport pulled up.
  "General Lane, I'm glad you could make it." Lex said.
  "This had better be important, Mr. Luthor. I had to bail on my son in-law's birthday party."
  "I'm sure Mr. Kent will understand once I've revealed to the world what I have in my possession." Lex replied confidently as he lead the General into the compound, however there was nowhere in sight. Even the mutant lifeform he had abducted was gone. "Damn you, Groll!"he said under his breath.
  Later at Watchtower, Donatello was slowly coming around as the tranquilizer was finally wearing off. "Thanks for the rescue, guys."
  "Hey, you've done the same for us!" Raphael replied, patting his brother on the shoulder.
  "I just got off the trans-dimensional radio with Leo. Mikey and Jeff are gonna bring Martha back here to Metropolis and take us back home." Mona Lisa exclaimed.
  "Well, I guess that means everything's a-okay." Lois said with a sigh.
    "I wouldn't say that just yet." Clark replied. "According to Emil, whatever Lex and Savanti did to free Phantom Shredder from the dimensional rift he was trapped in caused a temporal influx. Even if Jeff managed to reverse the effects, there's a chance there could've been some damage done to the fabric of space-time that we don't know about."
  "I'll run some tests as soon as we get back to our world." Donatello said as he got to his feet, though nearly lost his balance. "On second thought, maybe I'll take a nap first."
  "After today, we're all gonna need some rest!" Raphael remarked.
  "I'm sure Mikey's already caught 40 winks. His snores were so loud, Leo could barely hear me?" Mona Lisa mentioned.
  "Is that what that noise was? I thought somebody was carving a turkey somewhere with an industrial strength chainsaw!" Lois joked.

Jephaelverse Earth (Dimension J); Lansdale, Pa - June 17TH, 2009

  "Come on, Mikey. We gotta get back in the Turtle Van."
  "No, Sensei. I don't wanna go to school."
  Leonardo shook his head and sighed as he carried a half-asleep Michaelangelo off the couch.
  "We really appreciate you letting us stop here for a breather, Carol." Jeff said as he hugged his friend's mom.
  "Yes, and thank you for the lemonade." Rick added.
  "Oh it was my pleasure. Thank you for bringing Dori back home."
  "We would've gotten here a lot sooner, but we... ran into some trouble." Martha exclaimed.
  "I hope it wasn't as bad as what happened that time in Philadelphia."
  "Actually, Mom, it wasn't near as intense as I thought it would be" Dori mentioned.
  "At any rate, we'd better get back on the road." Leo said while straining to keep Mikey from collapsing again.
  Martha offered to help carry the tired Turtle out to the van. "Do you think coming into contact with Phantom Shredder took it out of him?" she asked.
  "I was thinking the same thing, Mrs. Kent. Come on, we'll drop my dad and Sleeping Beauty here off at my house before we take you back to your world." Jeff exclaimed.
  "Have Mona Lisa call me when you bring her, Donnie and Raphael back." Dori said as she gave Jeff a hug before going back into her home.
  "Will do!"
  "I sure hope we don't run into anymore surprises on our way back to Metropolis!" Leonardo said as he drove the Turtle Van back down the road.
  "Don't worry, Leo. According to the Dimension Hopper's readings, it should be smooth sailing at this point."
  "What about that Phantom Shredder guy?" Rick asked.
  Jeff shrugged. "He shouldn't be causing us anymore trouble... atleast for now."


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