A Hero is Hard to Find
A Hero is Hard to Find

story by Jephael

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This story takes place six years after the events of
The Summer I was Young Again.
The Teen Titans appear as they were depicted on the animated series that ran on Cartoon Network, as well as the comic book spin-off Titans Go!; Clark Kent and other Superman related characters appear as depicted on the WB/CW series Smallville.

Jephaelverse Earth (Dimension J); Lansdale, Pa - May 8TH, 1998

        It was a peaceful Friday afternoon at North Penn High School as Jeff walked into the cafeteria. Familiar faces from different classes and study halls greeted him kindly, including his pals Jillian and Dori who he spotted on the way to the lunch line. After buying himself a hot dog and a bottle of water he made his way across the sea of tables when a voice called out to him.
  "Hey, over here! You got a minute?"
  "Uh, sure... I guess." Jeff responded nervously as he sat down at a table. "Hey, weren't you in my swimming class sophomore year?" he asked.
  "Yea, I was. I remember you mutating into a turtle every time you went into the locker room." the other young man said. "My name's James by the way."
  "Nice to meet you... again!" Jeff said as they shook hands.
    Just then Michaelangelo strolled into the cafeteria, prompting several heads to turn. He had become quite popular by now, being the first cartoon character ever admitted into a school district. He got his usual pizza and sat down at the table with Jillian and Dori. "Yo, dudettes! How's it going?"
  "Really well, Mikey. How was gym class?"
  "Totally fun as usual! Hey, where's Jeffrey?"
  "I saw him sitting down with some guys from the swimming club." Dori answered.
  "Huh, I wonder what made him decide to eat there."
  "I think I know, Michaelangelo. See that kid he's talking to?"
  "No way! Is that... is that James? I hardly recognized him! He looks older now!"
    "Well, we were technically teenagers when we met you guys." Jillian said, reminding Mikey of the time-pull they were involved in nearly six years ago. "Why don't you go over and talk with them?"
  "Nah, I'd just embarrass Jeff. I still feel bad about the time I made a goofball of myself at that assembly back in October."
  "Hey don't beat yourself up like that." Dori said kindly.
    Jillian got up to return her empty lunch tray and proceeded to walk over to the table where Jeff was talking with James. "Hey guys, what's up?"
  "Oh hi, Jillian." James said. "What brings you over here?"
  "I was just talking to Michaelangelo and he was wondering what you two were chatting about."
  "Oh, we were just talking about hanging out some time, maybe going to Applebee's." Jeff exclaimed.
  "You mean like the time we went on your 18th birthday?" Jillian replied.
  "My 18- that's not until December!" Jeff remarked.
  "Jeff, don't you remember what happened the last time the three of us were together?" Jillian said.
    "The three of us? But I've never..." James stared curiously at Jeff and Jillian for a second when a sudden moment in time flashed from out of his memory. "The time-pull."
    Most of the cafeteria had nearly cleared out now as the lunch period was almost over. Dori and Michaelangelo moved over to the table where Jillian was talking with the boys.
  "Wait a minute. Are you telling me James is the other kid who was with us when we met the Ninja Turtles in their world?" Jeff asked Jillian.
  "Yes, he was! I can't believe you still don't remember any of that."
    "I remember waking up one morning thinking I was just having some crazy dream! A few months later I saw that news report that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had somehow come to life! I thought it had to be just a coincidence." James said as he rubbed his forehead.
  "Just take a breath, dude! Listen, why don't you come over for dinner tonight and we can talk about this with my bros." Michaelangelo suggested.
  "Yea, I guess I could do that since I don't have any plans. I'll just have to let my mom know where I'm going to be."
    Three hours later, the final class of the day let out as the buses began shuffling students back to their homes. James found Jeff and Michaelangelo loading their backpacks into the Turtle Van. "Hey guys, I called my parents and they said it's all right to go home with you as long as I get home by 9:00."
  "Oh, no problemo!" Jeff responded as he opened the door for his new friend. "It's nice having company every now and then!"
    Ten minutes later they arrived at the Oughtons' house where they were greeted at the door by Mona Lisa and Raphael. "Hey guys, how was school?" the female salamander asked.
  "Oh, pretty tiring!" Mikey said with a chuckle as he heaved his backpack through the doorway, followed by Jeff and James.
  "Hey, good to meetcha." James said nicely as he shook hands with Raphael.
  "Hi. Jeff, Mike, why didn't you tell us you were bringing a friend over?"
  "Sorry, Raph. It kinda slipped my mind." Michaelangelo answered. "That's James by the way."
  Raphael's eyes went wide as he looked over James. "No way! Are you- are you serious? The same James who went with-"
    "Yea, dude, that's him! Jillian confirmed it at lunch!" Michaelangelo explained as he plopped down on the couch and petted Pumpkin. "I asked her and Dori if they wanted to come over with us, but they both were busy."
  "That's too bad. I'm sure Donatello would like to compare notes!" Raph joked as he shut the door.
    Half an hour later they were all out on the patio with a hot sausage and fish stick pizza sitting on the table. James was hesitant to take a bite, while Jeff and Mikey were devouring their slices.
  "You know James, I was really worried about you until we finally defeated Shredder and Krang." Leonardo said between bites. "I thought for sure they'd try to go after you the same way they went after Jillian."
  "Why-why would they go after me?"
  "Come on, Leonardo. Don't scare poor James like that." Donatello spoke. "It's obvious his memory of the original timeline was wiped clean anyway."
  "I don't think it was completely. A couple of years ago when me and Jeff were in the same swimming class, I kept having these weird visions of us meeting you guys."
  "Why didn't you say anything then?" Jeff asked.
        James was about to answer but he was quickly interrupted by a strange noise that came from the back yard. Jeff and the Turtles immediately stood up and stared at the spot where a swirling yellow portal opened. It lingered for a second until it violently shuddered as a purple skinned woman came flying out of the vortex, which promptly closed behind her.
  Splinter was the first to run out towards the woman. "Whoever she is, she seems to be badly hurt." the rat spoke as he noted several wounds and gashes all along her arms and face.
    Jeff ran up to help the lady to her feet, when he noticed she had dropped something on the ground. "Hey, that's Renet's time scepter!" he said when it suddenly dawned on him who this strange woman was. "You- you're Cherubae, from the Archie comics universe!"
  "In the... burnt flesh." she spoke weakly as she picked up the scepter and cradled it in her right arm.
  "Let us get you inside and bandaged up, my dear." Splinter said as he ushered the boys back inside the house.
    Michaelangelo took the pizza pan back into the kitchen, not wanting to leave the uneaten half of the pie outside. "Might as well put this in the fridge and save it for the weekend."
  Mona Lisa immediately began tending to Cherubae's wounds as she sat on the couch.
  "So what's going on, Cherubae? How'd you get all beat up?" Raphael asked.
  "Yea, and where's Renet?" Donatello asked.
  "They... they took her!"
  "Who took her?" Leonardo asked.
    "I don't know... some masked man! He was accompanied by a Foot Solider of some kind. It looked like one of the super mechanized robots the Turtles of my world once fought!"
  "But that's impossible!" Jeff exclaimed.
      Just then the phone rang, which Michaelangelo picked up. "Oughton residence, home of those lovable Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!" Mikey's smile quickly sunk into a serious frown. "It's the police department. There's been a breakout at the prison Shred-head was being kept."
  "Oh great! What a time for Frying Pan-Face to get loose!" Raph griped.
  "Whatever Shredder is up to is not important at the moment. We must find Renet before something terrible happens to her!" Splinter insisted as he picked up the scepter to examine it.
  "I'll stay here with Cherubae." Mona Lisa said to Raphael as she kissed him. "Good luck."
    "Come on, James. We'll take you back to your house before anything else happens." Jeff said as they walked back out to the back yard and headed towards the shiny blue star cruiser that the Neutrinos had left him over a year ago. "It's going to be a little cramped though with seven of us."
    Moments later, they were airborne. Jeff was in the driver's seat with James and Donatello sitting next to him while Michaelangelo was in the back seat crammed between Leo and Raph. Splinter was sitting on Mikey's lap as he continued to study the scepter.
  "Sensei, why did you bring that along?"
  "Because it may prove useful to us in locating Renet."
    Almost as if reading his thoughts, the scepter began to glow brightly. The bright yellow rays began to glow all over the star cruiser.
  "Geez, I can barely see where I'm going!" Jeff said as he shielded his eyes.
  "Guys, something tells me that scepter is about to take us for a ride!" Raphael said with a gulp.
    Within seconds the star cruiser was enveloped in the scepter's beam, pulling it through a warp as it vanished, leaving behind faint echoes of the passengers' screams.

TEEN TITANS Earth (Elseworld T); Jump City, CA - May 24TH, 2008

    As the light from the vortex subsided, the light-headed Turtles came to their senses. "What the heck was that all about?" Leonardo asked.
  "I dunno, dude. But for some reason the sky looks mondo different." Michaelangelo pointed out.
    Jeff and James looked into the distance as they noticed they were now flying over what appeared to be a city. "Okay, something tells me we're not home anymore."
  "You got that right, Jeff!" James said when he noticed the coastline of the city where there sat a small island that had a huge building shaped like a capital T.
  "Now who would design a building like that?" Donatello remarked sarcastically.
  "Maybe this isn't Earth." Leonardo suggested.
  "This is Earth, just not our Earth." Splinter responded as he took his gaze off the scepter for a moment.
    Jeff flew the star cruiser closer towards the city to observe the civilians. Suddenly, the sound of an explosion several blocks over rattled them. They could hear faint sounds of people screaming and running, cars screeching in the distance. Jeff maneuvered the star cruiser downward towards the chaos. Soon enough the vehicle was landed in front of an appliance store that had been blown into. "Looks like someone's trying to rob the place." Leonardo deduced.
    Jephael and the other Turtles followed the leader while James stayed back with Splinter. They made their way into the building where they spotted a young lady behind a check out counter frightened to death while a tall pale-skinned punk in black was ransacking the place.
  "All right, creepozoid! You'd better leave quietly before we mop the floor with you!" Mikey shouted.
    "I don't know who you freaks are, but noone tells off Jonny Rancid!!!" the man shouted as he took out a laser gun and blasted a hole in the floor just feet in front of the Turtles.
    "Who sent you green dorks anyway?! You're probably friends with that pipsqueak Robin and his band of morons!" Jonny Rancid said viciously as he prepared to fire the gun again when from out of nowhere a green glowing ball of light zapped his arm, causing him to drop the weapon. Then suddenly a bird shaped boomerang flew out and hit him in the face.
  Jeff de-mutated back to his human form as he and the Turtles stared in awe at the five young figures who stood triumphantly in the large gaping hole Jonny had blasted through the building.
  "Yo, nobody talks smack about the Teen Titans and gets away with it!" the young man with cybernetic body parts shouted as his arm shape-shifted into the form of a cannon.
    "You tell him, Cyborg!" the green skinned boy said before morphing into a green deer and running towards Jonny with its head down so the antlers would poke him. But, Jonny was too strong for the changeling as he grabbed the deer by the neck and threw it across the room.
  "Beast Boy!" the red haired girl shouted as she ran over to her friend. "Are you all right?"
  "I'm fine, Starfire."
    "This fighting is utterly pointless." the girl in the blue robes said as she raised her arms into the air. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos." she chanted as her eyes glew a haunting white. Suddenly, a bendable desk lamp was enveloped in a black light as it floated in mid-air and the neck of the lamp wrapped itself around Jonny's legs.
  "Nice job, Raven!" the caped Boy Wonder said to his friend. "Okay, Rancid. The cops'll be here any minute so you might as well tell us what you're up to!"
  "I'm not saying a darn thing, Bird-Boy!"
  "You'd better spill, you two-bit creep!" Cyborg threatened with his arm canon.
  "Fine! I was doing a job for Control Freak. He recently partnered with Slade and some other mysterious figure who calls himself Sledder or something gay like that."
  "Sledder?" Starfire said in a confused tone.
  "Shredder!" the Turtles spoke in unison.
  "Oh my gosh, this is all making sense!" Donatello exclaimed. "Somehow, Shredder's escaped to this world and he's teamed up with a whole new gang of villains!"
  "Whoa, who're you dudes?" Beast Boy asked, having not noticed the Turtles earlier.
  "Oh my gosh, it's... it's you!" Raven said as she floated outside to where Splinter and James stood.
  The other Titans exchanged glances as they and the Turtles followed her outside. They watched in shock as Raven hugged Splinter warmly.
  "I can't believe you're actually here, Hamato Yoshi!" Raven said with glee.
  "How do you know Master Splinter's human name?" Jeff asked.
  "Because we met three years ago. He's told me a lot about you and the Turtles."
    Splinter chuckled as he walked over to his pupils. "You see, my sons, Raven and I crossed paths on an inter-dimensional nexus while meditating. She was taken aback by my appearance, but showed no fear as I reached out to her. Over time we've shared stories with one another."
  "So that's what you do all the time in your room, Raven? You go on some weird voyage to other dimensions and meet up with short rat people?" Beast Boy joked.
  "Oh shut up, Garfield!"
  "Hey, I told you never to call me that in public!" the green boy said in an upset tone.
  "So how'd you dudes become a team of super heroes?" Mikey asked. "Did you like meet up during some kind of crisis or something?"
  "Yea, pretty much. Actually, it all started when Starfire came to our planet." Cyborg said as he was about to tell a short story of their origin. "I was walking around town when-"
  "There'll be time for that later!" Robin interrupted. "According to Jonny Rancid, Slade's back in the picture!"
  "Yes, and he is working with the Control Freak along with this Shredder person you Turtles seem to know." Starfire added.
  "And they've got Renet hostage!" Leonardo added.
  "Renet? Who's Renet?" Cyborg asked.
    "She's the rightful owner of this." Raven answered as she pointed to the scepter still in Splinter's hand. "It's a magic relic used to travel through space, time and pretty much the entire multi-verse! Shredder and Slade must want it for their own evil purposes."
  "We've got to stop them!" Leonardo and Robin said at the exact same time. Raphael and Cyborg exchanged a smirk at this.
  "So how do we find the badguys?" James asked.
  "Attention, Titans!" a voice boomed from out of nowhere.
  "That's coming from the radio in the T-Car." Cyborg said as he ran over to the white and silver automobile and opened the door.
  "That sounded like Control Freak." Beast Boy stated.
    "It is me, you dunderheads!" the voice in the radio shouted. "If you foolish do-gooders wish to meddle in our schemes for world conquest, you better bring your A-game! Meet us in the abandoned carnival where Beast Boy had his heart stomped on back in season 2!"
  "That guy is such a dork!" Raven boasted.
    Moments later the Ninja Turtles and the Teen Titans were making their way across town. Robin zoomed ahead on his R-Cycle, while Cyborg drove the T-Car, which Splinter, Donatello and Raphael decided to ride in. Beast Boy decided to join Jeff, James, Leonardo and Michaelangelo in the star cruiser while Starfire and Raven flew alongside them.
  "What was that nerdy sounding dude talking about when he said you got your heart stepped on?" Mikey asked Beast Boy.
  "Oh, he was talking about Terra. She was... a friend we met. I really liked her and I was hoping we could be more than that, but she wound up turning on us."
  "I'm sorry, micro-dude. That's a real bummer."
    "I got over it, and moved on with my life. Only then I found out she was back, but she seemed to be an entirely different person." the young changeling said.
  "So like were you on a date with her or something at this place we're heading?" James asked.
  "Not a date so much. We were just hanging out." Beast Boy said as he was on the verge of tears, when suddenly his mood changed. "I swear when I see Slade, I'm going to beat the living crap out of him!"
  "Garfield, please do not be so angry. It saddens me." Starfire said as she floated just overhead.
  "What did I say about calling me that in public, Star?!"
  "Forgive me, Beast Boy. I am just worried for you."
  "Starfire's right. We don't want to see you lose your head like last time." Raven added.
  "Thanks for your concern, girls." Beast Boy said as he leaned his arm against the door of the hot rod.
    The sun was beginning to set when the heroes arrived at the rundown, abandoned carnival. Cyborg and Robin parked their vehicles side by side as Jeff landed the star cruiser closer to the entrance of the gate.
  "It's awfully quiet around here." Don stated as he got out of the T-Car.
  "Yea, pretty creepy for an amusement park!" Raphael added.
    "Please stay close to me, James." Splinter spoke as he patted the young man on the arm. "I do not wish to see any harm come to you during any battle that may take place here."
  "Thank you, Splinter." James replied with a smile.
    Jeff walked alongside his friend, while Raven was on the other side walking with Splinter. The other Titans were just ahead of them while the Turtles brought up the rear.
  "Hey, I'm picking up something!" Cyborg said as his sensors went off. "I'm definitely getting some activity over near that ferris wheel."
  "Lets go!" Robin ordered as the group ran quickly through the maze of rides and game booths that were now closed.
  By the time they reached the ferris wheel, the sun had almost completely gone down and the sky was turning a dark shade of blue.
  "Okay, Shredder! You'd better show yourself!" Leonardo yelled.
  "Right, like he's going to do as you command!" Michaelangelo joked, much to his brother's annoyance.
  "Shredder's not here, I'm afraid." a sinister voice echoed from the shadows.
  "Slade!" Robin said through gritted teeth.
  "COME OUT AND FIGHT, YOU BLOODY COWARD!!!" Beast Boy screamed, so loudly it hurt Starfire's ears.
  "Yo, dude! Chill for a second! That's how he wants you to react." Cyborg said to his friend.
  "Very clever of you to deduce that, Cyborg." Slade spoke slyly as he emerged from the shadows. "I've always wondered why you never were appointed leader of that other Titans team."
  "Hey, he's wearing a mask! He's the one who kidnapped Renet!" Jeff shouted.
    "No, he attacked Cherubae. I kidnapped Renet!" Control Freak spoke as he stepped out holding a remote control in his hands. "So, I see you Titans have made some new playmates, which is interesting because we happen to have done the same!" With a push of a button the ferris wheel lit up. Renet was just a couple feet in front, tied to a long slab of wood that stood upright. She was guarded by about ten Foot Soldiers.
  "Now then, I believe you have something I need to complete my mission." Control Freak said as two more Foot Soldiers ran up to Splinter and tackled him while grabbing the scepter. The other robots began to advance on the Turtles.
  "Titans, go!" Robin shouted as he and his teammates ran to attack Slade.
  "Turtles fight with honor!!!" the Turtles said in unison as they began beating up the Foot Soldiers.
  Donatello noticed Control Freak was now in possession of the time scepter. Thinking fast, he ran over to Jeff and said "I need the key to the star cruiser!"
  "What for?"
    "I've got to stop that geek from doing whatever dastardly plan he's got cooked up in his deranged mind! You and James try to free Renet if you can get close enough to her!" the turtle said as Jeff threw him the key.
  "Hey, where's Donatello going?" Mikey asked.
  "I don't know, but it looks like the Titans could use some help against Slade!" Raphael remarked.
  "Michaelangelo and I can handle these Foot Soldiers!" Leo exclaimed as he sliced one's head off with his katana.
    Jeff and James made their way up to the ferris wheel, but they saw that Renet was bound tightly to the plaque. "Man, these knots are almost impossible to unravel!"
  "Don't worry about me!" the Timestress said. "Stop Control Freak before he-"
  But they were too late as she was zapped by the rays of the scepter. Control Freak laughed menacingly as the ferris wheel began spinning wildly and a glowing vortex began to open at the center.
    Starfire caught sight of what was happening and she flew off from the fight with Slade just as Raphael joined in. "Mind if I cut in?" the turtle shouted as he jabbed his sai at Slade. "Boy, you must be really ugly to wear a costume like that!" he joked.
  "That's an ironic statement, coming from a filthy reptile like you!" Slade shouted as he punched Raph in the stomach just as Beast Boy morphed into the form of a lion and pounced Slade ferociously.
  Control Freak grinned maliciously as he fired up the jet pack he had stored on his back and flew up into the air, but was tackled by Starfire. "Hey, get off me!"
  "I will not allow you to hurt my friends or their friends, or anyone else!" she said as she grabbed the scepter.
  "You stupid girl!" he said just as the star cruiser came flying into the air.
  Donatello fired lasers at Control Freak, just as the vortex began picking up speed as it soon became a horizontal whirlwind.
  "Donnie, look out! You're getting too close to it!" Jeff shouted, but there was nothing he could do.
    Don lost control of the wheel as the star cruiser was pulled into the portal. Control Freak went flying in after him. Robin looked up to see his girlfriend holding the scepter in her hand. "STARFIRE!!!" he shouted just as she too was sucked into the warp.
  Raphael and Cyborg managed to tackle Slade to the ground as Cyborg pulled off the evil-doer's mask, revealing him to be nothing more but a one-eyed old man.
  "You've defeated me, Titans. But at what cost?"
  The portal began to shrink and quickly vanish as the ferris wheel slowed down until it stopped spinning.
    Raven used her magic to untie Renet. "You're going to be all right!" the young girl said softly to the Timestress who now had burn marks all over her body. She was still alive, but barely conscious. Leonardo and Michaelangelo managed to get her down from the wooden slab.
  "What are we going to do about Donatello?"
  "I don't know, James." Jeff replied. "I just hope he know what he's gotten himself into!"

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Smallville, KS - May 6TH, 2005

        Donatello held tightly to the wheel of the star cruiser as it passed through the warp. The journey only took about 20 seconds, though it felt more like a half hour to him. "What have I gotten myself into?" he said to himself as the light from the portal dissipated. He found himself hovering for a moment over what looked like a farm-rad area much like back home in Pennsylvania. But something didn't seem right. He could hear the sound of cows mooing and a tractor humming, but Don knew he couldn't be back home. "Why would Control Freak want to come here of all places?" he spoke just as a blast rang out.
    "I'd be more concerned with keeping yourself in one piece, smelly turtle!!!" Control, Freak shouted as he floated in the air, still suspended by his jet pack. "I'll teach you to try and foil my plans!"
  "Oh yeah? You're going to have to do better than that, you fat, bald little... asshole!" Donatello shouted as he fired the laser guns at Control Freak. The two flew around for several minutes. "You've got to be without a doubt the single most geekist villain I've ever seen in my life!"
  "Why thank you for the sentiment. As I know from conversations with Shredder, you Ninja Turtles are quite skilled in the martial arts!"
  "They don't call us Ninja Turtles for nothing, bub!" Don grumbled.
    "Too true. I am curious to see how you would fare in battle, but sadly I promised Shredder that if I got the chance I'd see to it the lot of you were destroyed in a fiery blaze." Control Freak said with a sinister chuckle as he took out what looked like an explosive device with dynamite sticking out of it. "Give my regards to oblivion!" he cackled as the device went floating in the air and headed towards the star cruiser.
  Donatello started flying away, trying to avoid the explosive, but it had locked onto the hot rod. "Oh great, I can't shake this thing off."
    Control Freak watched in glee as his device drew nearer when from out of nowhere a starbolt hit him, causing his jet pack to short out as he fell to the ground. Control Freak got back to his feet as he looked up to see Starfire glaring angrily at him. "Well, if it isn't the pretty princess of Tamaran! Come to take me away?"
  "I have indeed! You will surrender or I'll have to use force."
  "On the other hand, you'd better go and save that turtle that came here with us. I have a feeling he's about to go out... with a bang!"
  Starfire was puzzled for a moment, but then she recalled the moment she saw Donatello being thrown into the warp. "Oh no!" she said as she flew off, leaving Control Freak behind as he strolled off.
        A few miles ahead, Donatello had managed to evade the explosive charge. He could see a sign up ahead. "The Kent Farm? Why does that name sound so familiar?" he said as he flew down the road, when suddenly there was a loud clacking sound. The explosive landed on the car's engine and began ticking. "Oh no!" Don croaked as the bomb went off, causing a chain reaction as the star cruiser crashed to the ground. Donatello was knocked silly as the hot rod was seconds from going up in flames. Don closed his eyes, preparing himself to be blown up when from out of nowhere a pair of arms grabbed him.

artwork by PipingPringle

    The next thing Don heard was the car exploding, but he was twenty feet away and cradled in the arms of a dark haired young man. "What the heck?!" he said as he was put back to his feet.
  "You're safe now."
  "Uh, thanks, mister..."
  "The name's Clark Kent. Welcome to Smallville!"
  The shocked turtle's eyes widened for a second as he looked at the teenage hero's face. He smirked as he shook hands with the boy and exclaimed "Well, I'll be darned!"

TEEN TITANS Earth (Elseworld T); Jump City, CA - May 24TH, 2008

    Back in the Titans' world, Jeff was helping Raphael and Cyborg tie up Slade and place him into the R-Cycle's side car. "Thanks for the help, Raph. We couldn't have beaten Slade without you." Robin said.
  "Oh, it wasn't anything. Beast Boy here was really something with his animal transformations!"
  "Thanks, dude!" the changeling said as he high fived the turtle.
  "Guys, Renet's not looking good." Leonardo said as he carried her towards them.
  "We must get her back to the 79th Level of Null-Time." Splinter explained.
  "But like how do we do that without the scepter?" Michaelangelo asked.
    "I could open a portal to her dimension." Raven exclaimed. "It shouldn't be that difficult, especially if Slade and Control Freak managed to find passage into the Palisade. We might even be able to get a fix on where Starfire and Donatello wound up."
  "I don't think I'm in the mood to do anymore dimension hopping." Leonardo stated.
  "Yea, me neither. I've got a mondo case of the munchies!" Michaelangelo said.
  "We just ate dinner half an hour ago!" Jeff protested.
  "I'll go then." Raphael said eagerly as he took Renet from Leo. "You had your fun when you went to save April! Anybody else coming along?"
  Beast Boy shrugged as he joined Raph, Splinter and Raven. "I guess I'll keep you guys company. See you later, Cyborg. You too, Robin!" he said as he waved.
  "Thanks, Beast Boy. Cyborg, I'll meet you at headquarters once I've taken Slade to jail." the Boy Wonder spoke grimly as he took off.
    Jeff, James and Michaelangelo got into the backseat of the T-Car while Leonardo sat in the front with Cyborg who shrugged. "Something tells me Robin's going to be brooding the entire trip. I almost want to follow him, but I just know he'd give me grief for it. Might as well take you four to Titans Tower." he said as he waved to Raven and the others.
  "Is everyone ready?" Raven asked.
  Raphael nodded as he started to loose his grip on Renet, but he quickly got her back in his arms. "Make it fast, would you? I've always had a hard time carrying damsels in distress."
  "I know. I saw you drop Mona Lisa the other day. She didn't look very happy." Splinter mentioned.
  Raven began muttering a spell which conjured up a bright blue portal. "Go quickly! I can only keep it open for 30 seconds."
  Beast Boy jumped in first screaming "Geronimooooo!!!"
    Raph and Splinter walked through together and Raven was the last to enter as the portal shrank and vanished. All was quiet once more in the now deserted amusement park.

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Smallville, KS - May 6TH, 2005

    Starfire flew around frantically as she called out "Donatello? Donatello? Oh, where is he?" She made her way to the Kent Farm where she spotted the wreckage of the star cruiser and gasped. "Oh no! I am too late." she said as she began to weep, holding tightly to the handle of the scepter.
  "Hey, who're you?" Clark Kent spoke as he walked up to her. "Are you all right?"
  "No, no I am not. I failed to rescue my friend. How will I explain this to his family?" she said as she let out a loud sob.
  Just then another man, much older with blonde hair came up to Clark. "Hey, Son. Our green visitor requested that you bring in any spare parts from the wreck that weren't damaged."
  "Thanks, Dad. By the way it looks like we've got another visitor."
  "We seem to be getting a lot of those tonight!" the father figure said with a laugh. "My name's Jonathan Kent and this is my son Clark."
    "Oh, I am Starfire from Tamaran. Please, forgive me though. Did you say the... person flying this vehicle is alive?"
  "You mean the large talking turtle? He's fine. I saved him just seconds before the explosion." Clark said with a smile.
  "How did you manage to do that?"
  "You see, Starfire, I'm also an alien. I come from the planet Krypton."
  "I have never heard of such a planet. Have you ever heard of mine?"
    "I don't believe I have. But listen, I've got to get this wreckage into the barn before anyone comes along. Why don't you follow my father to the house?"
  Starfire nodded as she quietly walked with Mr. Kent. The man seemed rather rattled. "Something is bothering you?"
    "No, not really. It's just I'm not used to Clark talking openly about his secret. There're people in his life that would love to take advantage of him if they found out. Lex Luthor is one of them. If he shows up, I'd advise you not to be on his radar!"
  "Oh, I am sorry to hear that. Clark seems like such a nice boy. I would hate to see him go through something so terrible like that."
  "You're a sweet girl, Starfire. It's ashame we don't get more people like you around here." Jonathan said with a smile as he showed her up the driveway and into the yellow-walled house.
  "This place is beautiful!" she said as she entered when she caught sight of Donatello who was resting on the couch. "Oh, thank goodness!" she squealed as she wrapped her arms tightly around the turtle's neck, nearly choking him.
  "Starfire, I almost forgot about you! What happened to Control Freak? I owe that bastard a beating after he blew up the star cruiser!"
  "I do not know, Donatello. I was about to stop him when he told me you were in mortal danger. So I left him and came looking for you. Tell me, do you know how to work the scepter?"
  "Not really." the turtle said with a shrug as Mrs. Kent, a lovely red-haired woman entered holding tea cups. "Thank you, ma'am."
  "You're very welcome. And please, call me Martha!"
  Don nodded as Jonathan Kent sat and looked at them. "I'm really grateful for your son, Mr. Kent. Believe it or not, my brothers and I know a lot about him!"
  "I'm happy to hear that. So what planet are you from anyway?" Jonathan asked.
    "Earth, actually. Well, originally I'm from a cartoon like universe that was destroyed when my enemies planned to take over the real world." Donatello thought best not to go any further.
  "So... um, how many brothers do you have?" Martha asked as she sat down near Jonathan.
  "Three of them. Leonardo, Michaelangelo and Raphael. All four of us were named after Renaissance artists by our sensei. We also have a human friend named Jeff who can mutate into a turtle. Boy, I sure hope they're all right!"
  "I'm sure they are fine, Donatello." Starfire said. "I wish Cyborg was here so he could help track down the Control Freak!"
    Back outside Clark had finished putting the remains of the star cruiser into the barn when a car came pulling up to the driveway. His heart skipped a beat as he saw the would-be love of his life step out and walk up to him. "Lana, what're you doing here?"
  "I just had to get out and see you. I haven't seen you since that whole ordeal with Evan. Poor thing lived his whole life in less than a week."
  "He reminded me of Ryan a little!" Clark chuckled, thinking back to his friendship with a young boy who could read minds.
  "They live on in our hearts, you know." Lana said sweetly as she put her hand on his chest. "Mind if we went inside? I'd like to see your folks for a bit."
    Clark quickly remembered the two strange visitors inside the house. "Um, now's not really a good time. They're doing a bit of spring cleaning. Listen, why don't we go down to the Kawatche Caves? I haven't been down there in awhile. It'd be nice to check on that place again."
  "It's a date!" Lana said with a sweet smile. "Can we take your truck? I'm a little low on gas. I meant to go to the station the other day but I just..."
  "Sure thing, Lana. Just let me tell my folks where I'm going first." he said as he ran into the house.
  "What's Lana doing here, son?" Jonathan asked.
  "She wanted to see us but I told her now's not a good time."
  "Did you tell her we had... company?" Martha asked.
  "Uh, no. I lied as usual."
  "Does Lana not know about your identity?" Starfire asked.
  "No, and for good reason. A couple years ago my friend Pete learned my secret and it turned his life upside down! I don't want to do the same thing to her."
  "Clark dear, please call us if you run into any trouble."
  "I will, Mom." Clark waved as he went back out the door.
    "I remember Robin once kept secrets from me and the other Titans, trying to be the hero all by himself." Starfire said as she wiped a tear from her eye. She was starting to become homesick.
  "Aw, don't worry, Starfire. As soon as I get this scepter figured out, we can reunite with my brothers and your teammates!" Donatello stated when his eye came across a lead box. "Hey, what's this thing?"
  "Be careful with that! It contains Kryptonite, meteor fragments of Clark's home planet." Martha explained. "He's vulnerable to it."
  "Oh of course!" the turtle said as he opened the lid and peered at the green rock inside. "That stuff shows up all the time in the movies!"
  "Movies?" Jonathan asked.
    Donatello decided not to say anything else out loud about how this was an alternate reality set in Superman's past, which strangely enough took place in the future as he noticed the date on the calendar. Suddenly he had a sinking feeling. "Oh my gosh, I just realized something!"
  "Your son could be in trouble!" Don said as he stood up holding the scepter as if it was his bo staff.
    Minutes later Clark and Lana arrived at the entrance to the cave. "Feels just like old times, doesn't it?" the girl said.
  Clark nodded when all of a sudden he felt his insides churn and an all too familiar pain shot through him.
  "Lana, get-get out of here! Go... call for help!"
      Lana ran off just as Starfire came floating in the air. She watched as Control Freak placed a long metal bracelet on Clark's arm before tossing away the Kryptonite. "Now, Kal-El, you shall do as I command!" Control Freak pressed a button on his remote and Clark's eyes glew bright red as he stood to his feet in a zombie like motion.
  "You... you fiend!" Starfire shouted. "Donatello had a feeling you'd be trying to go after something powerful to help conquer the planet and he was right. You were after Clark!"
  "How impressive. He must be the smart one of the group to deduce that three minutes before it happened! Kal-El, I command you to take down that girl!"
  Clark leapt into the air and grabbed Starfire by the leg and swung her around, causing her to land head first on the ground.
  "Clark, please don't. I am your friend!"
  "I'm sorry, my dear. Clark can't come to the phone right now. But Kal-El will be more than happy to take a message!" Control Freak cackled as Clark punched Starfire, giving her a bloody nose.
  Just in the nick of time, Jonathan and Martha arrived with Donatello in the Kents' other truck. "Oh no. What's he done to Starfire?" the turtle said as he ran out clutching the scepter.
  Martha gasped as she helped Starfire to her feet. "Are you all right?"
  "I'm fine." the alien girl said weakly.
  "Clark, please. Snap out of it! It's me, your mother!"
  "He can't hear you, Mrs. Kent!" Control Freak said with a cackle.
  "Control Freak, you've got to stop this!" Donatello said. "Your beef with the Titans isn't worth messing around in other dimensions. You could alter these peoples' entire lives for the worse!"
  "That's the whole point of time travel, isn't it? Besides, my beef isn't just with the Titans. It's with all do-gooders. Every last one of you make me want to puke!"
    Just then the time scepter began to rattle and glow as it seemed to be reacting to everyone's emotions. Two beams shot out. One engulfed Control Freak and Clark while the second one zapped Starfire and Martha whose screams echoed as they vanished. Jonathan could hear sirens in the distance just as a third flash of light covered him and Donatello.

The 79TH Level of Null-Time (Dimension <Null>)

    Raphael was awestruck by the peacefulness within the walls of the Palisade. "Boy, give this place a jacuzzi and they'd have the Homestead beat!" he joked as he looked over at Splinter who was tending to Renet. Her limp body lied still on a bed. "Is she going to be okay, sensei?"
  "The magic within this place should heal her wounds shortly." Splinter exclaimed.
  Beast Boy occupied himself by watching Raven as she was quietly standing over a mystical view screen. "Sweet, they got cable here! What're we watching?"
  "We're watching ourselves, Garfield. I'm sorry. I know you hate when I call you that." she said with a chuckle.
    "It's all right, Raven. I didn't mean to get upset earlier about that. It's just that name is very personal to me since that's what my mom and Elasti-Girl called me."
  "That's understandable, Beast Boy. Believe it or not, Cyborg feels the same way about his birth name. You two should talk about it sometime."
  "Yea, maybe. So anyway, what did you mean we're watching ourselves?"
    "Well, I'd better clarify that statement." Raven replied as she cleared her throat. "You see the Turtles have something in common with us. We all exist in 2-dimensional animated universes based on 1-dimensional comic strips. This is the DC universe, the source dimension we're based off of."
    "I'm sorry, you lost me." Beast Boy said, scratching his head as he looked at images of battles and candid moments between them and other super heroes flashing before the screen. "Hey wait a minute, none of us look right. Why are Robin's bare legs showing, and how come I'm in red spandex? And why is Starfire so... um..." Beast Boy started to blush as he looked at the image of the buxom, barely clothed version of Starfire.
  "Those are our comic book counterparts. That's how they were designed in the 1980's back when they reformed the group. In that universe Robin founded the Titans along with Kid Flash, Aqualad, Speedy and Wonder Girl while you were introduced in Doom Patrol." Raven explained.
    "Aqualad and Speedy? Kid Flash and Wonder Girl? No offense, Raven, but this sounds like a load of...?" Beast Boy noticed that the screen seemed to be showing more and more images of interactions between his counterpart with Raven's. Tender conversations and even a warm embrace between the two could be seen, when the viewscreen flickered for a moment as it was attempting to zero in on a particular point in the timeline.

  Beast Boy's jaw dropped and Raven blushed as they stared at themselves kissing passionately.
    "Hey what're you guys doing over there?" Raphael asked as he caught sight of the image on the screen. "Whoa!"
  Raven waved her hand and the screen went blank. "I... I was afraid that would happen."
  "Afraid what would happen?" Beast Boy asked.
  "This isn't the first time I saw that image of us!" she said, sounding as if she was very upset now.
  "You mean you've been to this other dimension or something during your meditations?"
  Raven looked over her shoulder for a moment and nodded. "Plenty of times. And ever since I saw that image, I haven't been able to look at you the same."
    "Come on, so in another world you and I are more than friends. It doesn't mean... that is it's not that I wouldn't want to be more than friends with you. I mean sometimes I find you..." Beast Boy was nervously trying to find the right words to say but he just shrugged. "Nevermind."
  "Garfield, don't do that. Don't hide your feelings from me. That's just what your comic book self does and my comic book self ends up resenting him for it!"
  "All right, fine! I like you, Raven. I think you're a wonderful person, even when you're being all moody and stuff."
  Raven kissed Beast Boy on the cheek and hugged him. "There. Was that so hard?"
  "I guess not." he said as he blushed.
  "Aw, now there's a Kodak moment!" Raphael said with a grin.
    Just then, the picture screen glew bright white as it spilled out two female figures. One was instantly recognized as the missing Teen Titan, while the other one looked like a middle-aged lady.
  "Starfire!" Beast Boy shouted as he looked over at his friend's bruised face. "Oh my gosh! What happened to you?"
  "Control Freak. He's taken control of a teenage boy from the planet Krypton!" the alien girl replied as Raven proceeded to heal her.
  Martha Kent stirred for a moment, trying to figure out where she was when a familiar looking green hand reached out to her. "Thanks, Don. I... wait a minute. You're not Donatello!"
  "Of course I'm not, lady! What, are you color-blind or something?"
  "Raphael, do not be cross with the poor lady!" Splinter shouted. "Forgive us, my dear. Did you mean to say you've met Donatello?"
    "Y-yes." Mrs. Kent said, taken aback by the oversized rat dressed in a kimono. "He was standing right next to my husband holding that time scepter that brought him and Starfire to my world when suddenly there was this beam of light, and I ended up here!"
  "A good thing you did, madam. The time scepter must have known Raphael and I were here with two of the Teen Titans, so it sent you and Starfire to join us."
  "But then where did it send Donatello, Control Freak and the other Kents?" Starfire asked.
  "I'm certain we'll find out soon. In the meantime, it's good to have you back, Starfire." Raven said, hugging her friend.
    "As soon as Renet awakens, we should return to the Titans' world and reunite with our respective teams." Splinter spoke as he looked over at the Timestress, whose wounds had almost finished healing.

TEEN TITANS Earth (Elseworld T); Jump City, CA - May 24TH, 2008

artwork by Shayeragal

    By the time Robin returned to Titans Tower, Cyborg had given Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Jeff and James a tour of the entire building. "Finally we have the kitchen and living room area. There's the pantry where Beast Boy stores his tofu!"
  "Awesome pad you dudes have here!" Mikey said. "Got any pizza?"
    "Michaelangelo, we're guests here! Don't ask such a silly question. By the way, you don't think I could have a few minutes to myself in your training room, do you?" Leo asked.
  "It sounds like you guys are enjoying the place." said Robin.
  "Oh yea, it's pretty cool." James replied.
  "It sure is! Hey I was wondering something. Do you and um Batman still talk at all?" Jeff asked.
    "Batman? I haven't heard that name in a long time." Robin explained as he pressed a button to close the front door. "He wasn't too happy about the idea of me leaving Gotham City, but I told him I wanted to make a name for myself."
  "What about Alfred, his butler?" James asked.
  "How do you know about Alfred?"
    "Everyone in our world knows about you and Batman." Jeff answered. "His origin is shown in just about every movie they've done since the 80's!"
  "I have to admit, I didn't like that last flick with George Clooney in it. It was way too campy!" Michaelangelo stated as he sat down on the couch. "Batman Forever though... totally worth the full admission!"
    "I gotta admit, I'd sure like see a movie about Robin and his early days before he teamed up with us." Cyborg mentioned. "I mean honestly, you never talk about your old life."
  "I have my reasons, Cyborg. By the way I saw to it Slade be kept in a maximum security jail cell. He won't be getting out for a very long time!"
  "Did he say anything about where Shredder might be?" Leonardo asked.
  "He remained quiet, except for a couple times he made some remarks about my driving." the Boy Wonder said with a scowl. "I swear if I see that guy ever again, it'll be way too soon!"
    Cyborg walked over to his friend and put his mechanical hand on Robin's shoulder. "It's over now. You can forget about him. Besides, we've got more important things to worry about, what with Starfire somewhere off in another dimension!"
  "You mean you haven't heard anything?"
  "We've only been here for an hour!" Jeff replied. "Besides, as long as Donatello and Starfire are in possession of the scepter, they should be fine."
  "I only hope they haven't gotten separated." Leo mentioned.

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Metropolis, KS - February 6TH, 2010

    Jonathan Kent was in shock as he found himself standing on the roof of the Daily Planet alongside Donatello. The mutant turtle patted the farmer gently on the shoulder and said "Are you all right?"
  "I'm... I'm fine. I think that weird beam gave my heart a jolt!"
  "You get used to it after awhile, Mr. Kent!" Don said with a grin as he checked the scepter. "Now if only this thing could tell us where we are, and why it sent us here."
  "I know exactly where we are!" Jonathan said as he pointed over towards the LuthorCorp building a few blocks away. "I cringe every time I look at that place, Donatello! The sooner we get out of here, the better!"
  "That might not be so easy. It's broad daylight out here and I don't have a disguise."
    "Maybe one of the Daily Planet interns has a spare outfit you can wear." Mr. Kent said as he opened the door into the building. "While I'm at it, maybe I can also find out where my family disappeared to."
    Once he reached the news room of the Daily Planet, Jonathan was drawn to a pair of desks. One had a name plate that read LOIS LANE, while the desk on the other side had a name plate that read CLARK KENT. Curiously, Jonathan walked over to a stack of newspapers and picked one up. "The Justice Society?" Mr. Kent said out loud, having never heard of such a group.
  "Hey Smallville," a woman's voice shouted from behind. "I know it's a Saturday, but what's with the casual flannel? I thought we were going to save those old outfits for the monster truck rally next weekend."
  "Lois?" Jonathan asked as he turned around to face her. "Lois, what're you doing here?"
    The young woman's eyes went wide with fright as their eyes met. "Um, okay. I don't know who the hell you are, but that is a sick joke! What are you some kind of robot or a shape shifter or something?!"
  "Settle down, Lois! It's me, Jonathan Kent! Clark's dad, remember?"
  "Very funny! I know for a fact that the real Jonathan Kent hasn't been among the living since-"
  "I wouldn't go there, Miss Lane."
    "Oliver, what're you doing here?" she said to the blonde young haired man who walked up towards them carrying a large trench coat and a baseball cap.
  "Look, Lois, I really don't have time to explain everything but I thought you'd atleast have the right to know that this man here really is the late great Jonathan Kent."
  Jonathan took a step back for a minute and checked the date of the newspaper in his hands. "2010. The year is 2010?!"
  "They told me you'd probably be a little disoriented, Mr. Kent." Oliver said with a grin as he held out his hand. "By the way, I just wanted to say what an honor it is to actually be meeting you."
  "Oh my God." Lois said softly as she sat down in her chair. "It-it can't be!"
  "It is me, Lois. I'm sorry I can't stay long but it sounds like your friend here was expecting me."
  "Indeed I was." Oliver said. "I brought some clothes for your reptilian friend up on the roof, so I thought we'd go get him first and then we can head out."
  "Reptilian friend?" Lois asked.
  "Sorry, Lois, but this is top secret super hero business!"
  "Then why aren't you in uniform?"
  "You know Green Arrow isn't exactly a daylight person." Oliver answered.
    Several minutes later, Jonathan and Oliver walked out of the building accompanied by Donatello who was now wearing the coat and hat. "So let me get this straight. The scepter sent us nearly five years into the future?" the turtle asked.
  "According to Martha, that's exactly what happened." Oliver said as he lead them to his car.
  "Martha? My wife Martha?" Jonathan said. "Is she okay?"
  "She's doing fine, Mr. Kent. Unfortunately, she's not here in Metropolis. She's not even in this time zone at the moment, but she's been working hard to carry on in your memory."
  Jonathan sighed for a moment. "So I really am dead in this time."
    "You're gone, but not forgotten." Oliver replied. "I've heard some incredible stories about you from your family and friends, and it's always been my regret that I never got to know you in your living years."
  The three of them remained quiet for the entire trip through the city until they reached a tall building. Oliver beckoned them into the place.
    Donatello was in awe over the computer screens and surveillance equipment all over the place. "This is like my vision of heaven!"
  "That's the best compliment I've heard in months!" replied a young blonde lady who walked up to him and shook his hand. "The name's Chloe Sullivan. You must be Donatello."
  "Pleasure to meet you. I take it you're also a friend of the Kents."
  "I must be, otherwise I'd be pretty freaked out right now at the sight of a four foot tall talking turtle!" she joked.
  "Five foot, actually. So what did Martha tell you about us?" Don asked.
    "Not a whole lot. I only learned that you were going to be here like a month ago." Chloe explained as she handed Donatello a letter. "Mrs. Kent gave this to me about a year after her husband passed away."
  Don looked over the letter, which had been folded up and placed in an envelope that read To Chloe; DO NOT READ UNTIL January 1st, 2010. The turtle carefully opened the letter and began to read it aloud.
  "Dear Chloe and Oliver,
      On the afternoon of Saturday Feb. 6th, my husband will appear on the roof of the Daily Planet accompanied by a mutant turtle known by the name Donatello. He showed up on our farm just weeks before you and Clark's graduation, along with a young alien by the name Starfire. A time warp separated us, sending Starfire and me to another dimension where we met up with friends of hers, as well as Don's family. Clark on the other hand is in grave danger. Please make sure Jonathan and Donatello are safely brought to your headquarters before anyone spots them.

Martha Kent

  "So is that some sort of magic wand?" Chloe asked as she pointed to the scepter.
  "Um, sort of. It's actually our ticket home!" Don mentioned.
  Just then a tall dark figure walked into the room. "Chloe, I got your message."
  "It's about time, Clark! I thought you might've been held up somewhere."
    Jonathan was amazed at the outfit his son was now wearing: all black with his Krytonian shield on the chest. "I see you've come a long way from the old farm boy days!"
  Clark stood infront of his father for a minute, fighting the urge to break down. "For a moment I almost didn't want to come here today. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to handle seeing you again."
    "I know, son. I'm... I'm sorry I had to leave you, but I knew the day would come. Ever since I had that heart attack, I knew my time on Earth would be short."
  "There's so much I want to tell you, Dad. But I know it could risk disrupting the timeline, and I've already done enough damage to it."
  Chloe was close to tears as she spoke. "I'm sorry, I hate to cut this touching reunion short, but how do we get you guys back?"
  "The scepter kind of does what it wants, so we just have to wait for it to be activated." Donatello answered.
  "In the meantime, Clark's life is at stake because of that maniac Control Freak!"
    "Don't worry, Jonathan. I'll see to it personally this guy gets what's coming to him!" Oliver said as he opened a cabinet revealing his Green Arrow gear. Within minutes he was in his green leather suit with his bows and arrows strapped to his back.
  "Are you sure you want to go with them, Oliver?" Chloe asked.
  "Hey, I can't pass up the chance to rescue Clark. He's always the one who saves my sorry ass!"
  "Just be careful, Oliver." Clark warned his friend. "I don't have any recollection of what happened after Control Freak took over my mind, so anything could happen."
  "That's good, because honestly I hate spoilers."
  Donatello shook hands with Clark. "Thanks again for rescuing me!"
  "No problem. So long, Dad." Clark said as he shared a hug with Jonathan.
  "Take care of yourself, son."
  Oliver grabbed hold of the scepter, much to Donatello's surprise. "You sure this thing knows what it's doing?"
  "I'm pretty sure of it." the turtle responded.
  Mr. Kent quickly joined in and placed his hand on the scepter. "Nothing seems to be happening."
  "Maybe there's some magic word you need to say or something." Oliver cracked.
    Chloe walked over to them and reached out her hand towards the scepter. "Here, let me take a look-" The moment she touched the scepter, the blinding temporal light shot out of the scepter, engulfing them.
    Clark watched as his father and friends vanished. "Good luck." he said as he walked out of the building. He took out his cell phone and began dialing a number. "Hello, Lois? I'm sorry I couldn't make it into work earlier. I was catching up with Chloe."
  "That's okay. Things are pretty um... slow here anyway."
  "Why don't we grab something to eat downtown and we can talk a little!" Clark said as he smiled. "I'll meet you outside the Daily Planet in ten minutes."
  "Okay, it's... it's a date!"

TEEN TITANS Earth (Elseworld T); Jump City, CA - May 24TH, 2008

  "I dunno about you dudes, but I'm getting mondo worried about our amigos!"
  "Just keep your shell on, Michaelangelo!" Jeff responded. "I bet Splinter and Raphael have already found Donatello by now!"
  "I just hope Raven has had the same bit of luck finding Starfire." Robin added.
    Suddenly, the sound of voices could be heard as a dimensional warp opened. "Hurry up, you guys! I can't keep this thing open all day!" Raven muttered breathlessly.
  Beast Boy and Starfire were the first to emerge, followed by Raphael and Martha Kent. Splinter escorted Renet through just as Raven jumped out and closed the portal.
  "ROBIN!!!" Starfire screamed as she hugged her boyfriend. "Oh, I have missed you so much!"
  "I missed you too, Star!" the Boy Wonder said happily.
  "Hey B.B. Welcome back!" Cyborg said as he high fived Beast Boy.
  "Yo, Splinter, who'se the lady?" Michaelangelo asked.
  "This is Martha Kent. She is the adoptive mother of Clark Kent who apparently saved Donatello."
  "Are you telling us that this is supposed to be the mother of Su-" Before Jeff could finish, there was a loud bang on the front door.
      "Oh Tiiiitaaaans!!!" the voice of Control Freak bellowed as the doors were forced opened by the younger Clark Kent, still under Control Freak's mind control. "So, we meet again! This time I'm prepared to defeat the lot of you with the help of my friend Kal-El here!"
  "Oh yea? He doesn't look so tough!" Cyborg said as he ran towards Clark who grabbed him by the arm and flung him around.
  "That was just a sample of what this Kryptonian power-house can do!"
  "That does it! I'm not about to stand here and let some punk like you hurt our friends!" Leonardo shouted as he drew out his katanas.
  "Oh, don't you worry! I've got a special surprise just in store for you." Control Freak boasted as he pressed a button on his remote. A dozen Foot Soldiers emerged, surrounding the Turtles.
  "Well, if it isn't my old friend Hamato Yoshi!" an all too familiar sinister voice cackled behind Splinter.
  "So you've finally chosen to show yourself, Saki. Why here of all places?"
    "Because my dear rodent, this tower with all its technology shall soon become the replacement for the Technodrome, just as Control Freak here has replaced Krang and those moronic mutants! Now, Control Freak, have Kal-El attack the Turtles!"
  "Hold on. You said I could attack the Titans first!" the pimply faced villain complained.
  "I promised Slade he could have the Titans!" Shredder bellowed. "He is no longer in charge, so you must do as I say!"
  "Or else what, Metal-Mouth? Have you forgotten who programmed these Foot Soldiers for you? If they can't even stand a chance against the Turtles, then it's your problem!"
  "You bratty little fool! How DARE YOU BE SO INSOLENT!!!"
  The Turtles and the Titans all exchanged glances with one another as the bickering badguys were at each other's throats.
  "You know what, Shredder? I'm done taking orders from power hungry assholes like you! From now on it's every man for himself. Foot Soldiers, attack the Titans!" Control Freak ordered.
  The robotic ninjas advanced on the Titans with their fists raised.
    "Come on, we've got to help them!" Jeff said just as there was another flash of light and four more figures emerged - Donatello, Jonathan Kent, Chloe Sullivan and Green Arrow. Chloe was still holding on to the scepter as the others let go.
  "Looks like we got here just in the nick of time!" Don said as he joined his brothers. "Hey guys, did you miss me?"
  "Like Macy's misses Christmas!" Raphael cracked.
  "Come on, dudes. Lets teach old Shred-head a lesson!" Michaelangelo said.
  "Turtles fight with honor!!!" the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shouted together.
    The Turtles quickly cornered Shredder who was ready for them with a pair of swords. "You bothersome shellbacks will never defeat me!" he shouted angrily as he clashed daggers with Leonardo.
  Meanwhile Jonathan spotted Martha and the two shared an embrace. "Oh thank God!" the woman said tearfully. "I thought I've lost you!"
  "Hey come on, we've still got some good times ahead! Though we can't celebrate just yet! Green Arrow, take down that creep with the bad complexion!"
    "With pleasure, Mr. Kent!" Oliver said as he took out an arrow and placed it in his bow, aiming it straight at Control Freak who was too busy cackling over the ongoing battle between the Foot and the Teen Titans. "Say cheese, you butt-ugly bastard!" Green Arrow gloated as he released the arrow and it soared through the air, striking Control Freak in the arm.
  "GAHH!!! GET IT OUT!!! GET IT OUT!!!" the nerd screamed as he was zapped by the electric stun charge inside the arrow.
  The Foot Soldiers stopped fighting, much to the Titans' relief. Shredder meanwhile was held down by Raphael and Donatello.
  "It's over, Shredder! You might as well admit defeat!" Leo said.
  "Yea, dude. Seriously, this is just getting pathetic." Mikey chimed in.
  Shredder's face went red with rage as he struggled to free himself.
  "It is useless to reason with him, my students."
  "You've got a point there, Sensei." Raph admitted.
  "Allow me." Renet said as she placed her hand on Shredder's chest.
  "You miserable witch! What do y-" Shredder's eyes went white as his entire body went stiff. Donatello and Raphael let go of him.
  "What'd you do to him?" Leonardo asked.
    "I froze him in time. He'll remain that way for a good 15 minutes, which should give us plenty of time to send everyone back where they belong!" the Timestress explained as she took the scepter from Chloe. "Thank you, Miss Sullivan."
  "Uh, sure thing."
  "Chloe, how'd you get here?" Martha asked. "And why do you look so... grown up?"
  "She's from the future, honey. I'll explain as soon as we get back home." Jonathan told his wife.
    Starfire walked up to the Kents and shook hands with them. "I wish to thank you for your hospitality while Donatello and I were stuck in your world, and I am sorry for the problems Control Freak caused."
  "Hey as long as nobody was killed, I'd say this was one of our better adventures!" Mr. Kent said with a grin.
    Beast Boy meanwhile had gotten ahold of Control Freak's remote and aimed it at the now motionless Foot Soldiers. "Hey, Cyborg. How do you get this thing to work? I want to make those robots kung fu fight each other."
  "Cut it out, Garfield!" Robin scolded his friend as he grabbed the remote and crushed it. "Those things are dangerous! For all we know Slade could've had explosives planted in them."
  "Oh, don't be such a worry-wart!"
    Raven meanwhile was working on the mind control cuff still attached to Clark Kent's arm. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos." she chanted over and over until she finally managed to pull the device off the Kryptonian's wrist, causing him to fall to the ground, landing right on her foot. "Okay, can someone help me?"
  Cyborg picked up Clark's unconscious body, with pretty little effort. "For a super strong alien, he's a bit of a lightweight."
  "That's easy for you to say." Raven said as she rubbed her sore foot.
  Renet raised the scepter and opened a portal back to Smallville 2005.
  Donatello shook hands with Jonathan and Martha. "Good luck to you both."
    "Thanks, Don. I must say you make a pretty great allie." Jonathan said as he and Martha walked through the portal, followed shortly by Cyborg carrying Clark through.

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Smallville, KS - May 6TH, 2005

  As Clark was deposited into the Kents' family truck, he began to stir. "Lana? Lana." He mumbled.
  "He's beginning to wake up." Martha said.
  Just then police sirens could be heard. "Sounds like Lana must've called the sheriff." Jonathan said as he turned to Cyborg. "You better get back to your world."
  "See ya!" the Titan said as he made ran and leaped back through the portal.

TEEN TITANS Earth (Elseworld T); Jump City, CA - May 24TH, 2008

    "Welcome back, Cyborg!" Starfire greeted her friend and as he came back through the portal. "I am sorry I did not go with you. I would have liked to seen the Kent Farm one last time."
  "It wouldn't be a good time for sight-seeing. Apparently Control Freak's antics in their world caused the cops to get involved so I had to split."
  "Yep, that's Smallville for you!" Chloe chimed in. "Of course Sheriff Adams never was too bright. Mr. and Mrs. Kent will probably say it was just some random mugger or something like that."
  Oliver hadn't been listening for he was too busy staring at Cyborg who was beginning to get rather annoyed. "Yo, I don't appreciate getting gawked at like I'm some kind of-"
  "N-no. I'm sorry. It's just I couldn't help but overhear your friend call you Cyborg. I have a colleague with the same name where I come from."
  "His real name wouldn't be Victor Stone, would it?" Raven asked.
  "As a matter of fact it is." the emerald archer replied. "Why do you ask?"
  "Wait a minute. That's my name!" Cyborg spoke loudly.
  "I know, Cyborg. I was telling Beast Boy earlier how you two should talk more about your origins."
  "Hold on a minute. I'm still confused." Chloe spoke. "How can there be two Cyborgs?"
    "It's not that complicated, Miss Sullivan." Raven began to explain. "Both our worlds have their own different version of Cyborg. Yours had his cybernetic body parts implanted underneath his skin, whereas ours..."
  Chloe looked at the Titans' Cyborg for a moment and realized what Raven was getting at. "Um, maybe it's time Oliver and I went back to our world."
    "That might not be so easy. I'm still really drained of energy." Renet exclaimed. "It took every ounce of my strength to send the Kents back to their time in Smallville."
  James started to panic. "What're you saying? We're not stuck here, are we?"
  "Of course not. I'll be able to send you boys back home to Dimension J, but not from here."
  "I can help you open a portal back to the 79th Level of Null-Time if you'd like." Raven suggested.
  "That would be very kind of you." the Timestress replied.
  The Turtles shook hands with the Titans who wished them well on their journey. "It was cool meeting you dudes!" Beast Boy said as he high fived Michaelangelo.
  "Same here, dude! Take it easy!"
  "If you Titans ever need help, we're just a portal away." Leonardo stated as he shook hands with Robin.
  "Likewise." the Boy Wonder said happily.
  "Take it easy, Starfire."
  "You too, Donatello." the Tameranian said as she hugged her friend tightly.
  "I will be sure to contact you again once I get the chance." Splinter said as he shook Raven's hand.
  "Thank you, Splinter."
  "Hey, make sure those two lovebirds stay out of trouble!" Raphael said to Cyborg.
  "Robin and Star? They barely ever get into-"
  "No, I meant the other two!" Raph added with a grin, leaving Cyborg confused.
  "See ya around!" Jeff said as he and James gathered around the Turtles. Oliver helped Leo carry the still frozen Shredder, while Chloe and Splinter joined them.
  "Hey, wait a minute. Whatever happened to the star cruiser?" Beast Boy asked as Raven and Renet joined their powers to reopen the portal.
  Starfire and Don both glanced over to the still unconscious Control Freak. "It was destroyed, unfortunately. Donatello was lucky to have been rescued by Clark."
    Jeff looked angrily over at Control Freak. He didn't know whether to be more upset over the Neutrinos' gift to him being blown up or Don almost being killed. "Come on, lets get going." he said calmly as he lead his schoolmate James through the portal first.

The 79TH Level of Null-Time (Dimension <Null>)

  "Wow, nice place!" James said as he looked around the Palisade.
  "Yea, not too shabby!" Jeff added.
    "Hey Jeff, sorry about the star cruiser." Donatello spoke as he came through the portal, followed shortly by Michaelangelo and Raphael. "I tried to keep it in one piece, but that jackass Control Freak was pretty tricky."
  "It's cool, Don. I'm just glad you're okay." Jeff spoke as he patted Donatello on the shoulder.
  "Michaelangelo, could I please have some room?" Splinter said as he entered the portal, which Mikey was standing right in front of.
  "Sorry, Sensei." the turtle said with a grin.
    "Coming through!" Oliver Queen shouted as he and Leonardo came dragging Shredder in. "You Turtles may want to prepare yourselves. That lady with the magic wand told me Vader here could snap out of his trance any minute!"
  "Thanks for the warning, Robin Hood!" Raph quipped as he saw Renet come through the portal with Chloe just seconds before the portal closed up.
  "So how much time do you think you need to recharge your battery?"
  "Not long, Miss Sullivan. I'd say about 10 minutes, give or take. Until then you and Mr. Queen are more than welcome to make yourselves at home. The same goes for you Turtles of course!"
  "What about old Tin-Face? Soon as that spell you put on him wears off, he's going to go nuts!" Jeff exclaimed.
  "We'll deal with him as soon as he comes to!" Leo said as he brandished his katana blade. "I've got a few questions to ask him."
  "Right, like how he managed to find his way to the Titans' world." Donatello mentioned.
  A few minutes passed as Jeff and James were looking over the large view screen Beast Boy and Raven had been watching earlier. Curiously, Chloe decided to join them. "So what're you guys looking at?"
    "Apparently the Ninja Turtles in the Archie comics universe. This is one of their earlier adventures when they were conned into fighting in an intergalactic wrestling match." Jeff said as the screen flickered to show the four Turtles dressed in their Stump Arena costumes.
  "Which one's which?" James asked.
    "Raphael's the one dressed in black, Donatello has the yellow vest and Rising Sun bandana, Leonardo's in the gladiator helmet and Michaelangelo is wearing his trademark color- orange!" Jeff explained as he pointed to each Turtle.
  "Wow, you really know a lot about these guys." Chloe said. "So are you two like brothers or something?"
  "No, we're high school friends. I met Jeff in swimming class." James answered. "I do have a few brothers back home. I sure hope they're not too worried about me."
  "Don't worry, James. As soon as we get back to our world, I can fly you back home in the Turtle Blimp!"
  Just then Michaelangelo walked up to them. "Hey dudes, how's it going?"
  "Fine, Mikey. How's Renet?" Jeff asked.
  "She's starting to feel loads better now! I think she's about ready to send us back home. Though I think Leonardo's still anxious to have a word with Shred-head first!"
  "I don't blame him. Shredder's the whole reason Renet got kidnapped in the first place!" Jeff mentioned.
  Chloe and the boys rejoined Green Arrow, Splinter and the other Turtles as they looked over Shredder propped up against a wall. The villain was slowly coming out of his frozen state. "-you think you... Wh-where am I?"
  "You are within the confines of Renet's home world, Oroku Saki!" Splinter answered.
  "No funny business, Tin-Face." Oliver warned as he pointed his bow and arrow straight at Shredder's chest.
  "It isn't bad enough I have to suffer at the hands of you annoying-"
  "Shut it, Bucket-Breath!" Raphael said as he whipped out his sais. "Now tell us how you got involved with Slade and Control Freak!"
      "It wasn't that difficult." Shredder said with a snicker. "The stupid police didn't realize it, but I still had my trans-dimensional communicator with me in prison, so I combed the multi-verse and reached out to those who might be of use to me. Apparently Control Freak was well aware of my history with you wretched reptiles, not to mention the legendary Clark Kent, who unfortunately didn't exist in his world, except in the comics. So we devised a plan with Slade to enter this realm and take over."
    "Pretty clever plan, Shredder. It seems like you badguys always try luring us into traps in the process." Leonardo spoke. "Only we managed to get the better of you at every turn! So, are you going to go quietly and return to jail, or are we going to have to get rough with you?"
  Shredder removed his face mask and sneered at Leo. "I would rather you miserable mutants kill me where I stand!"
  "If you haven't noticed, we're the Fred Wolf incarnation of the Ninja Turtles, not Eastman and Laird!" Michaelangelo retorted.
  "Have it your way then!" Shredder replied as he reached into his belt and took out what looked like a smoke bomb.
  "No!" Oliver yelled as he grabbed Shredder by the arm.
    The smoke bomb was flung into the air and landed right in front of the Turtles. As the gas was emitted, the Turtles coughed and sputtered, while Green Arrow struggled to keep hold of Shredder. Unfortunately, Oliver didn't expect to be struck on the leg by Shredder's gauntlet. Oliver yelled in pain as he lost his grip on Shredder who fled the Palisade.
  "After him!" Leonardo ordered his brothers who all regained their composure.
    While Splinter and Chloe tended to Oliver, Renet and the Turtles chased Shredder outside the building where they found themselves passing several Roman like statues from a time period long forgotten. They didn't have time to stop and admire the images though. They had to find Shredder.
  "There he is!" Donatello spotted him running along a hillside. The field was filled with clocks hanging in midair. "What's with all the time pieces?"
  "I'm not sure. They appeared one day out of the blue." the Timestress explained.
  "Look, he's heading into that grandfather clock!" Leonardo pointed.
  "What a dumbass!" Michaelangelo said as he and Raphael ran towards the large clock. But before they even had the chance to open the door, the clock itself caught fire and suddenly vanished.
  "What the heck?" Raphael said as he surveyed the burn marks left behind in the grass. "There's no trace of him."
  "I guess there's nothing we can do at this point." Leonardo said as they made their way back into the Palisade.
  "What happened?" Splinter said as he was still mending the wound on Oliver Queen's leg.
  "We failed to re-capture him, sensei." Leo said somberly.
  "What was that thing?" Raphael asked.
  "I haven't got a clue." Renet answered. "It had some sort of magic all its own. It almost seemed like something out of a book I once read."
  "My sons, there is nothing we can do now." Splinter said. "We've succeeded in our mission to rescue Renet and put everyone back where they properly belong."
  "Master Splinter's right. We did our best, didn't we?" Jeff said.
  "We sure did, amigos!" Michaelangelo said proudly. "What say we get our shells back to Pennsylvania?"
  "First thing's first, Mikey." Renet said as she walked over to Chloe and Oliver. "I must send Miss Sullivan and Mr. Queen back to their place and time in Metropolis."
  "It was nice talking to you boys." Chloe said as she shook James' hand and gave Jeff a hug goodbye.
  "Take care of yourself."
  "Give my regards to Clark Kent when you get back." Donatello said as he shook hands with Oliver.
  "Will do, Don. It's been an honor meeting you guys!"
    With a wave of her scepter, Renet emitted a beam of temporal energy that engulfed Chloe and Oliver, who both disappeared. The screen showed a glimpse of them being returned to the Watchtower just seconds after Clark had left.
  "Well, now that that's taken care of, lets get you Turtle boys and company back home!" Renet said with a smile.

Jephaelverse Earth (Dimension J); Harleysville, Pa - May 8TH, 1998

  "How does that feel?" Mona Lisa asked as she placed a damp washcloth on Cherubae's forehead.
  "Pretty good, thanks. I sure hope Renet's in better shape than I am... wherever she is."
  "I'm sure the guys will see to it she's all right." the mutant salamander said as reassuringly as she could. She looked over at the clock on the wall which had just struck 6:30. "Sure wish I knew what time it was when the guys left." she muttered to herself as she opened the front door allowing the family pets to come inside. "I hope you don't mind the cats, Cherubae."
  "Oh, it's fine, Mona Lisa. Frankly I've always been fond of Earth creatures like these!" the former Dimension X inhabitant exclaimed as she was soon accompanied by Freckles and her son Pumpkin.
  Just then Jeff's parents entered the house. "Hey, Mr. and Mrs. Oughton! How was your day?"
  "Pretty rough, Mona Lisa." Linda answered. "How about yours?"
  "Oh, I can't complain. Listen, we had some... unexpected company tonight and the guys had to-"
  Mona Lisa was quickly interrupted by a loud noise in the kitchen, which sounded like an electrical surge. One by one each of the Turtles entered the living room followed by Jeff and James.
  "Guys, you're back!" Cherubae said in surprise.
  "Thank God, Cherubae!" the Timestress ran over to the couch and hugged her friend. "I'm so sorry you got hurt like that!"
  "It's fine, Renet. I'm just glad to see you're all right."
  "As soon as you've rested a little longer, we can head back to my dimension."
  Raphael put his arm around Mona Lisa's shoulder and gave her a peck on the cheek. "Boy, you're a sight for sore eyes!"
  "Oh you!" she said with a giggle.
  "Oh, Mom. Dad!" Jeff said to his parents. "Sorry about all the commotion. We had ourselves quite a day!"
  "I can see that." Rick replied.
  "Who'se your friend here?" Linda asked, pointing to James.
    "Oh, this is James, a pal from high school. Michaelangelo and I invited him over for dinner, then while we were eating, Cherubae here showed up and told us our friend Renet was in trouble, so we got into the star cruiser the Neutrinos gave me. Anyway, Master Splinter and Donatello can fill you in on what happened after that. I gotta get James home before it gets late. You coming, Michaelangelo?"
  "For sure, dude! Are we taking the van?"
  "Actually, I suggested the Turtle Blimp earlier."
  "Would you guys mind if I come along?" Leonardo asked. "I'm still a little wound up myself!"
  "That's cool with me. Frankly you make a better pilot than Mikey here." Jeff quipped.
  "Oh, ha ha!" Michaelangelo remarked sarcastically as they headed out the door.
  Donatello plopped down on the recliner. "Boy, I'm the mood to watch a movie!"
  "Same here. How about a Jim Carrey double feature?" Raphael suggested.
  "I was thinking something more along the lines of a superhero flick."
  "Oh come on, Donatello. We basically just lived one, meeting the Teen Titans and that Green Arrow nut!"
  "You've got a point there." Don remarked with a sigh. "You know there was something very funny about Jonathan and Martha Kent. I couldn't help but feel they looked familiar for some reason." Donatello shook his head and chuckled. "Maybe it was the temporal distortion playing tricks on me or something!"
  "Do not be so quick to dismiss your feelings, Donatello." Splinter said.
  "I dunno if I should be telling you guys this, but there's a reason for all this de ja vue." Renet replied. "You see that world Don and Starfire wound up in is actually a television show that Warner Bros. will develop in about three years. The guy who plays Pa Kent is actually the actor who played Bo in Dukes of Hazzard."
  Raphael snickered for a second before he burst out laughing. "Yea right!"
  Splinter glared at Raphael. "What did I tell you about being so antagonizing?"
  "I'm sorry, Sensei. I couldn't resist! So if Bo Duke is Pa Kent does that make Boss Hogg the new Lex Luthor?" he added with another laugh.
  Mona Lisa swatted her boyfriend on the arm. "All right, laughing boy! You had your fun! Come on, lets go into the kitchen and help Mama Oughton clean up the place."
  "It still doesn't explain much!" Donatello spoke with exasperation in his voice.
  Renet placed her hand on the turtle's shoulder. "Donnie, I can't answer these questions. Frankly I don't even think Lord Simultaneous could answer them for you. Anyway, I think it's time to head back. It was good seeing you guys again, and I'll be sure to stop in soon!"
  "Hopefully under better circumstances." Cherubae added as she got up and shook hands with Splinter before walking into the kitchen to say goodbye to Mona Lisa. "Thank you for looking after me. I really appreciated it."
  "Oh, it was my pleasure!" the mutant salamander replied. "Have a safe trip back."
  "See ya!" Raphael said with a wave.
  Renet opened a portal back to the 79th Level of Null-Time and beckoned her friend to join her as they stepped through the opening seconds before it vanished.
  A few minutes passed as Raphael came out of the kitchen, having not been of much help cleaning up the dishes. "You still want to watch a movie?" he asked Donatello.
  "Oh sure. Since you mentioned Jim Carrey earlier I'm kind of in the mood to watch Dumb and Dumber."
  "Oh yes, and instant classic!" Splinter retorted sarcastically.
  "Come on, Splinter. I know you always crack up at the scene where Jeff Daniels gets his tongue stuck to that ski lift!" Raph said as he opened up the drawer full of video cassettes.
    "Oh, very well." the rat said with a sigh as he got up from the couch and head into the kitchen. "Pardon me a moment though. My sweet tooth is beckoning me to go to the fridge for a little snack." a few seconds later, he came back in and plopped back down in his seat with a pastry wrapped in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pie wrapper.
  "Uh, how long has been in there?" Raphael asked.
  "To be honest, I'm not entirely sure, but I've been saving it for a special occasion."
  "Uh what occasion was that?"
  "Why the day you met the Teen Titans of course!" the wise said with a sly grin as he ripped open the package and smacked his lips.
  "And I thought watching him eat raw fish was disturbing!" Donatello exclaimed.

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Metropolis, KS - October 7TH, 2011

    In the confines of the LexCorp building, Lex Luthor sat silently, looking over a large portrait of his long since deceased father Lionel. At this point in time though Lex couldn't remember a single thing about his life, except what he had gathered from the small fragments of a journal he had inherited. "So many questions... and no way to get them answered." he said quietly.
    In front of him was a laptop on his desk randomly playing clips on YouTube, one of which was a clip from the animated series Futurama when a guard came walking up to him. "Mr. Luthor, Oroku Saki would like to have a word with you."
  "Send him in."
  A moment later Shredder came into the room. "Lex, my boy! I trust you're in good spirits."
  "I'll be in better spirits as soon as I can recall my past. Those books my father left behind creates more gaps than it cares to fill in!" Lex said in a frustrated tone.
  "Worry not, Lex. The trans-dimensional portal will soon be complete!"
  "The more you tell me about this Dimension X, the more intrigued I become." Lex said as he poured himself a glass of scotch. "But tell me. Will this Lord Krang really be able to help me regain my memories?"
  Shredder removed his mask and smiled at Lex. "I can assure you, my friend, Krang will help you recall everything, and with our combined knowledge of the universe, we shall be ultimate rulers! Ah ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!"
  Lex grinned back. "You've gotten quite a taste for the dramatic, Saki. But nevertheless I'm glad I found you. I can tell our partnership will be that of legend!"
  "That it will, Mr. Luthor! That it will!"
  "Just so you know, I fully expect our enemies to get wind of our activities, so we had better be prepared."
  "Never fear, Luthor. I have everything under control! Those miserable shell-backs won't stand a chance against us... nor will that infuriating alien in the primary colored tights!" Shredder said excitedly as he left the room.
    Lex grinned as he got up from his seat and went over to the window just in time to see a red and blue streak zip through the sky. "If atleast one good thing comes out of this, I'll finally know what it is about Superman that makes my skin crawl!" He said to himself before finishing his drink and shutting off the laptop, just as his phone beeped. "Hello?"
  "Mr. Luthor, I have some very good news." a gravely, low pitched voice spoke.
  "Make it quick. I'm very busy!"
  "I'm well aware, sir. We just wanted to let you know the suit you asked for is ready."
  "Excellent. I'll be in Smallville this evening to try it out!"


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