Many Happy Returns

story by Jephael

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This story takes place four years after the events of
The Summer I was Young Again.

    It was a beautiful day in late August of 1996! The Turtles were outside doing their ninja exercises in the backyard when their friends Jillian and Dori came to visit. "Hey guys, how's it going?"
  "Pretty good, really!" Jephael grunted from where he stood on one foot with Raphael perched on his shoulders. "I just wish Splinter hadn't waited until after lunch to give us this balance exercise."
  "Hey, I only ate one burrito! Besides, you don't even have a sense of smell."
  "No, but I can still feel the hot gas seeping out of your-"
  "Uh guys, we have ladies present!" Leonardo's voice came from where he was sitting on Michaelangelo's shoulders.
  "Yo dude, you wanna like try and keep yourself steady? All I need to do is sneeze from all the pollen coming from these dandelions and we'll end up crashing on the ground!" Mikey griped.
  "If the two of you can hold your brothers for three more minutes, I will have the girls here take their places." Splinter spoke from his seat on the porch.
  "That sounds like a fair deal!" Jeph said with a grin.
  "I got dibbs on Jillian!"
  "Try shouting it alittle louder, Mikey! I don't think her boyfriend heard that one!" Raphael joked.
  Dori giggled from the remark, as she asked "Hey, where's Donatello?"
  "He had to call it a day after he hurt his knee during our pyramid routine." Leo answered.
  "A what?"
  "Earlier, I had them form a five-person variation of a pyramid with Donatello as the top person. Unfortunately, Michaelangelo and Jeffrey were unevenly balanced with the others which caused the group to topple over." Splinter explained.
  "It probably didn't help though that I was in human form at the time." Jephael admitted. "I'm a lot stronger in turtle form."
  "Maybe next time Wendy's folks will let us use their pool for this." Mike suggested.
  "They did that time we played chicken!" Leo responded.
  That same moment, Donatello came limping outside, using his bo staff for a walking stick. "Hey guys, how's the training going?"
  "Not bad, considering I've been holding this bag of hot air for the last 40 minutes!" Jeph joked.
  "Now that was just plain lame, pal!" Raph remarked. "No offense, Don."
  "None taken. But seriously, that pun was worse than the one Chandler made on Friends last night."
  "Wasn't that a rerun though?" Mikey asked.
  "It might've been for you, couch potato!"
  "Hey Raphael, why don't you quit it with the stupid jokes already? They're getting pretty annoying!" Leonardo complained.
  "Okay, fine!" Raphael said with a grin.
  "My sons, your time is up." Splinter spoke. Leonardo and Raphael both jumped off Michaelangelo and Jephael's shoulders as the girls joined them on the yard.
  "I guess that means it's our turn now, huh?" Jillian asked.
  "Climb aboard, dudette!" Michaelangelo said as he crouched down, allowing her to get on his shoulders while Jeff did the same for Dori.
  "Well, we're all set here!" Dori said. "So now what?"
  "How about we take a walk around the yard? First one to get tired makes dinner tonight!" Michaelangelo suggested.
  "You're on, dude!" Jeph said with a smirk as he started walking. "I'm not going to fast for you, am I, Dori?"
  "No. This is kinda nice, actually."
  "Come on, Mikey! Giddy up!" Jillian said in amusement.
  "Chill out, dudette. This isn't a race!"
  "You're just saying that because I'm already ahead by five feet!" Jephael yelled back.
    Just then, Leonardo looked up in shock to see a bright blue light in the dead center of the back yard. "What the heck? Guys, watch out! There's some kind of portal opening!"
  "Oh great, and me without my tracking equipment!" Donatello remarked.
    Everyone stared at the glowing vortex from which a young blonde-haired woman dressed in blue came tumbling out along with a familiar looking green creature. Just as the strange warp made a bright flash and sealed itself shut, Jephael and Michaelangelo let Dori and Jillian off their shoulders before running towards the two figures. "Like, who do you suppose this chick is?"
    "Beats me, Mikey!" Jeph replied as he took a closer look, when he realized who the green creature was. "Holy smokes! Raph! RAPHAEL!!! Come here, quick!!!"
  "Geez, do you have to yell like that?!" Jillian remarked.
  "Sorry, I just got excited."
  "Who are you?" Dori asked the blonde woman.
  "My name is Renet, and I've come from the 79th Level of Null Time in order to bring one of the Turtles' friends to where she belongs."
  "Renet? Wait a minute, you're not the girl from the Ninja Turtle comics who can travel through time, are you?" Jephael asked.
  "One and the same, Mr. Oughton!"
  "Whoa! Hold the phone! How do you know my last name?" the boy asked as his eyes widened.
    "I've been watching your adventures with these Turtles for quite some time now. That's how I discovered that when their world vanished, there was one individual who was left behind." the timestress explained as she looked down at the female mutant now cradled in Raphael's arms.
  "Mo-Mona Lisa?" Raphael quivered. "I-I don't believe this. How... how'd you find her?"
  "It wasn't easy. She was left in a dimensional wake, leaving her in a frozen state."
  "Is she alive?" Leonardo asked.
    Splinter placed his hand on Mona Lisa's head and arm. "She seems to be breathing well, and her pulse is fine. She may be in a coma though, having been frozen in that empty vortex for so long. Let us hasten into the living room at once!" he ordered his students.
    Mona Lisa was laid down on the couch while Renet plopped down on the recliner. "Man, that's one trip I do not want to take ever again!" she spoke.
  "Like, do you need a drink?" Michaelangelo asked the timestress.
  "That would be nice, Mikey. Thank you!"
  "Hey, don't mention it!" he said as he waltzed into the kitchen. "Is lemonade okay?"
  "Lemonade would be great!" Renet answered happily.
  "While you're at it, could you get some for me too?" Jillian asked.
  "Sure thing, Jilly-bean!"
  "So Renet, why don't you have the magic scepter with you?" Donatello asked.
    "I couldn't risk losing it in that vortex, so I had my friend Cherubae hold onto it while I went through the time-warp to rescue Mona Lisa."
  "Cherbuae? But she's from the Ninja Turtle comics Archie made, not the Mirage comics you're from!" Jeff mentioned.
  "Cherubae and I are both able to transcend different dimensions within the multiverse. We met during an inter-dimensional crisis, which I really don't wish to talk about here."
    Raphael was in a state of disbelief as he stared at the motionless Mona Lisa. "How could I be such a doofus?" he spoke softly as he felt his sensei's hand on his shoulder. "Master Splinter, I... I feel like this is somehow my fault. Like I should've done something!"
  "Hey, don't beat yourself up." Leonardo interjected. "If I had known Mona Lisa was alive I would've brought her back with April and Vernon!"
    "Atleast you were willing to risk your neck, Leo. I was too damn chicken to go!" Raph said as tears began to well up in his eyes. "I'm so sorry, Mona Lisa. Please wake up!" He sobbed as he knelt down and put his hand on her forehead.
    Just then an alarm went off from down in the basement. "That's my Early Warning System!" Donatello said as he headed downstairs and checked his tracking device. "Oh no, this could be bad." he said as he took the portable tracking unit and ran back upstairs. "Guys, we may be in trouble! My tracking system just picked up on one of Krang's modules heading for the surface in Blue Bell!"
  "Oh great! What a time for Tin-face to be up to something!" Jeff muttered.
  "We'd better go check it out." Leonardo ordered his brothers.
  "Do not worry, my son. I will watch over Mona Lisa while you are gone." Splinter assured Raphael.
  "We'll stick around and watch over her too!" Dori added as Jillian nodded in agreement.
  "Thanks, girls. Listen, if she wakes up, could you not tell her I was crying earlier?"
  "Don't worry, your secret's safe with us!" Jillian promised.
    About 20 minutes later, Jephael and the Ninja Turtles arrived at Montgomery County Community College. "Are you sure this is where your tracking equipment sensed the module?" Leonardo asked.
  "I'm sure of it!" Don responded.
  "Whoa, dudes! Check out all these people running in terror!" Michaelangelo spoke as he and Jeffrey got out of the van.
  "Rats! Rats everywhere!" a girl was overhead screaming as she ran towards the parking lot.
  "Oh boy, I don't like where this is going!" Jeff muttered.
    The Turtles quickly made their way into the main building where the commotion seemed to be coming from the lover level.
  "I'm almost afraid to go down there, dudes." Mikey said with a faint chuckle.
  "Me too, but we don't really have much of a choice!" Donatello said as he drew out his bo staff.
    The group made their way downstairs where they made a horrifying discovery. The cafeteria was over-ridden with dozens of rats, and in the middle of the room was none other than the Rat King! "I should've guessed." Leonardo said with a groan. "All right, Rat King! Just what are you up to?"
  "Ah, if it isn't my old friends, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Welcome to my new castle!"
  "This isn't exactly the sewers, you royal fruitloop!" Raphael griped.
    "Yea, this campus is meant for the purpose of brightening young minds, not to serve as your personal headquarters!" Don added.
  "Is that so? My furry followers and I beg to differ, as does my compatriot here. Slash, come on out and greet our old friends!"
    Jephael and the Turtles all stared in shock at the sight of the evil mutant turtle from Dimension-X who apparently was ransacking the kitchen. "What is it? I was just helping myself to some good grub here!"
  "Hold the friggin' phone here! How the heck did the two of you even meet up?" Michaelangelo asked.
  "Shall we say a certain metal faced acquaintance with a talking brain for an allie invited us to join them on their trip to this world?" Rat King answered with a smirk.
  "Oh, duh! Shredder and Krang recruited them." Jephael said.
    "That would explain the module!" Leo added as he pointed towards the grassy null outside that had a large gaping hole in it where the module surfaced.
    "Enough talking! Shredder promised he'd give me a palm tree if I brought back your empty shells on a plate!" Slash said as he took a makeshift dagger and pointed it towards them. "Who wants to die first?"
  "I'm not afraid of you, you disgusting excuse for a turtle!" Michaelangelo shouted as he twirled his nunchucks around and made a mad dash towards Slash. Raphael took out his sais as he followed his brother.
  At the same moment Leonardo made a run towards Rat King, only to be intercepted by several rats that jumped onto his back.
  The rodents began cornering Don and Jeph. "You wouldn't have any special gadgets to deal with something like this, would you, Donatello?"
  "Uh, I'm afraid not."
  "You damn turtles are dead!" Slash yelled as he clashed daggers with Raph.
  "I am so not in the mood for this right now!"
  "That's too bad, turtle! Because I'm in the mood... for blood!"
  "I thought you were in the mood for palm trees, dipshit!" Mikey joked as he whacked Slash in the back of the head.
  "Ouch! That hurt, you son of a bitch!" Slash yelled as he punched Raphael in the mouth and made a run for the door.
  "You're not getting away that easy, dude!" Michaelangelo yelled as he chased the wild mutant outside.
  "It appears Slash has gotten the better of your brothers, just as I shall get the better of you, Leonardo!" Rat King said with a sinister laugh.
  "That'll be the day, you nutcase!" the fearless leader remarked as he used his katanas to shoe away as many rats as he could.
  "There's too many of these little hairballs!" Jephael said.
  "I know. It would take a miracle to stop them!" Don added.
    "Heh, heh. You Turtles haven't got a prayer!" Rat King boasted when suddenly a lasso made of electric current wrapped itself around him, pinning his arms down to his sides. "What in the? Save me, my furry followers! Save me!" he ordered his minions.
    The horde of rats surrounding Jeph and Don began to depart and ran to their master's aide, but before any of the little critters could do anything, they were encased in several small force fields.
  A woozy Raphael rubbed his eyes as he got up, shaken by the punch he took from Slash.
  "Are you all right?" a voice spoke to him.
  "Yea, I-I think so. Hey, wait a minute." the turtle said as he looked down to see a familiar three foot tall figure standing before him. "Kerma?"
  "My friends, it is so good to see you!" the Turtleoid spoke as Don, Leo and Jephael stood around him.
  "It's good to see you too, Kerma." Leonardo said as he shook hands with the alien. "Hey guys, where's Michaelangelo?"
    "Oh crap! He went running after-" before Raphael could finish, there was a loud boom from outside and a cloud of smoke could be seen fogging up the windows.
  Jephael ran to the door just as Mikey came running in. "Bro, are you okay?"
  "For sure." Michaelangelo answered with a loud cough as they walked back over to where their brothers were. "Slash threw a soda pop bomb at me and then he got away. Hey, how'd you dudes get all the rats rounded up like that?"
  "Actually, Kerma did it!"
  "Kerma? Whoa, dude! Like what're you doing here?"
    "A few years ago, I noticed your solar system was somehow much closer to my galaxy than I remember. I didn't think much of it then, but after awhile I began to realize my planet itself had been displaced. After some studies I decided it'd be a good idea to pay Donatello a visit to see if he had any idea how it happened. However, when I came closer to your planet, I was surprised to learn that you no longer lived in the city. Luckily, I was able to pinpoint your location with the tracking equipment on my spaceship just before it... was stolen." Kerma bowed his head in a sheepish manner.
  "Stolen? By who?" Don asked.
    "I'm not sure. I was boarded by a flying capsule that looked similar to the one sitting outside there." the Turtleoid pointed toward the module Slash left behind. "Fearing my life, I escaped in the mini-jet you had built."
  "What would Krang and Shredder want with Kerma's ship?" Jeffrey asked as he changed back to human form.
  "I don't know, but we better find out. Where'd you park the jet, Kerma?" Leo asked, as the group ran outside.
  "In the parking lot to this compound. Infact, it's right next to your van." Kerma answered. "There's just one problem though. There's only room enough for two people in there."
    "I can go back to the house and gas up the Turtle Blimp!" Don mentioned. "The only problem is we need to get to that ship before Krang can do any major damage with it!"
  "Fine then. Michaelangelo and I will take Kerma's jet and look for the spaceship. You, Jeff and Raphael take Kerma back to the house and ready the blimp!" Leo ordered.
    "What's going on here?" a gruff voice shouted just as the Turtles reached the parking lot. They noticed a small group of cops wandering the area. "We got some reports of a commotion going on here at this college!"
  "It was the Rat King, officer! Our friend here got him immobilized just a few minutes ago." Jeff explained. "He's in the cafeteria. I'd tell you more but we got kind of an emergency on our hands!"
  While Jeff continued talking to the police, Leo and Mike got aboard the jet and took off in the sky. "Whoa, dude! This is one mondo cool way to travel!"
  Leonardo's turtle comm began to beep. "What is it, Donatello?"
    "I just checked the tracking equipment in the van, and there's a faint reading of Kerma's ship just near the outskirts of Baltimore where we tangled with Shredder. We'll join you as soon as we can!"
    Back at the Oughtons' residence, Splinter flipped through the channels on the television set while Dori and Jillian talked with Renet. "You guys are going to love Titanic! It's such a great movie! I still weep every time I watch the part at the end. I don't want to spoil it for you though."
  "It's okay, Renet. I actually remember seeing it before the whole time-pull thing happened." Jillian replied.
  Just then they all heard a moan coming from the couch. "W-where am I?" Mona Lisa spoke with a groan.
  "Oh my gosh, she's awake!" Dori said excitedly as she patted the mutant on the shoulder. "How're you feeling?"
  "Um, fine I suppose. Who're you?"
  "My name's Dori, and this is my friend Jillian!"
  "Pleased to meet you girls. Who's the blonde?"
  "That's Renet. She saved you from some time-warp you got stuck in." Jillian explained.
    "A time-warp? Huh. The last thing I remember is swimming around the Jersey shore one evening when I suddenly got sucked into a tidal wave. I thought for sure I was going to be body slammed onto the beach, but instead I felt this cold tingling sensation around me. After that, I blacked out."
  "That must be where you were when the cartoon world was enveloped into non-existence, leaving you stranded in limbo." Splinter surmised.
  "I guess I owe you a major thanks, Renet!" the mutant salamander said as she got up and gave the timestress a big hug.
  "Oh, don't mention it! I'm just glad that you finally woke up. Raphael's going to be so psyched!"
  "Raphael? Wait a minute, now I recognize that big rat! You're Master Splinter!"
    "I am, indeed." he responded as he shook her hand. "My students and their young friend Jeffrey had to leave shortly after Renet showed up with you, but I am sure they will be back soon."
    "Speak of the devil. I see them coming up the street right now!" Jillian said as she spotted the Turtle Van from the window. She and Dori ran outside to greet the Turtles, only to receive a shock.
  "Hello there." Kerma said sweetly as he exited the van with Jeff.
  "Uh, hi." the girls said at the same time.
  "Kerma, these are our friends Jillian and Dori!" the boy introduced.
  "It's an honor to meet you Earthlings. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting many humans before. Your friend Jeffrey here is a very interesting specimen indeed as he is part mutant turtle!"
  "Hey, girls. Sorry, but we really don't have much time to chat!" Donatello said as he ran towards the backyard.
    Raphael shook his head as he got out of the driver's seat and walked up to the front porch just as Splinter and Mona Lisa came through the front door. A smile came over Raph's face as he saw his old friend standing before him. Mona Lisa jumped off the first step and ran over to hug Raphael.
  "Awwwwwww!!!" Jeff, Dori and Jillian all said.
  "I can't believe you're okay!" the turtle said, trying to fight back tears of joy.
  "Of course I'm okay, Raphael. I was just taking a long nap! It's so good to see you though! I missed you."
  "Yea, I missed you too. I mean we haven't spoken since 1991!"
  "Right, and I only got to be in that one episode."
  Raphael let go of his friend when he noticed Jeff and the girls were giggling as they watched him. "Hey, come on. Show's over!"
    "Aw, but you two look so cute together!" Renet said as she walked up to him and Mona Lisa. "You should've seen him before. He was practically bawling like a baby over you!"
  "Hey, you promised not to tell her!" the turtle said.
  "Jillian promised, not me!" Renet remarked with a laugh.
  "My friends, this has all been fun but shouldn't we be getting prepared to find my ship?" Kerma interjected.
  "Not to worry, Kerma. I am certain the Turtles will prevail as always!" Splinter assured the Turtleoid.
  "Hey, I was just wondering something, Kerma. Have you had any trouble from Groundchuck and Dirtbag?"
  "None whatsoever, Raphael. They've remained locked up alongside Bork and Dwork ever since they were arrested for terrorizing our civilization."
  "What about that other time when they were in cahoots with Captain Dredge?" Jeff asked.
  "I'm sorry. Captain Who?"
  "You know, that time you took the guys back to Shellrelah and -"
  "My friend, I am afraid you are mistaken. I only took the Turtles to my home planet once, and then came back to visit once after that." Kerma corrected the young man.
  "But then if you only came back that other time, then... Holy guacamole! I think I just remembered that from an episode of the cartoon that aired in 1993!"
  "You remembered something from the original timeline?" Jillian spoke out loud as Jeff quietly nodded. "This is unbelievable! I mean how could-?"
  "It must've been triggered by the whole trans-dimensional distortion." Renet figured. "The warp from the time-pull never erased Jeffrey's entire memory, so theoretically he could start to remember certain events from the past, just like Jillian remembers the future."
  "Yea, but he only recalled something that happened to us on the show." Raph pointed out.
  "That's because he was focusing on a specfic event that happened in the cartoon show, in your original universe."
  "Oh, now I understand!" Jeff spoke aloud. "Infact, it's actually enabling me to remember some other stuff that happened around that time."
  "Really, like what?"
  "I, uh, seem to remember puncturing my left knee over at Missy and Joey's after falling on a nail board."
  "Ooh, I bet that had to be painful!" Dori muttered, partially grossed out.
  "I'm sure it was, but I only remember it happening. I don't remember experiencing it."
  "Hey, maybe you'll get your memory back of when we first met the guys!" Jillian mentioned.
  "That'd be really cool! It's been driving me nuts for some time now!"
    "Jeffrey, the Turtles spent the first few years of their mutanthood without knowing how or why it even happened." Splinter spoke. "Even long after learning of the Shredder's involvement, Donatello has remained more and more curious of the effects the mutagen had on us. I can assure you, it is only natural that you wish to gain more knowledge about the origin of your powers than you already have!"
  "Thanks, Master Splinter. I think I feel alittle better about it now!"
    That same moment up in the sky, Michaelangelo and Leonardo were now catching up with the spaceship. "Scope it out, dude! We're directly over the boardwalk at Rehobeth Beach, Delaware!"
  "That means that we're only a three hour drive away from home. But why would Krang want to come here?" Leo asked.
  "Maybe he wanted to buy some of that delicioso salt water taffy!"
    "Lets hope you're right, Michaelangelo!" Leonardo joked as he managed to enter the spaceship's loading dock at the base. "Okay, we're here. Lets try not to draw any attention." he told his brother.
  "You mean like those huge Foot dudes?" Mikey said, pointing towards several Foot Soldier robots that now surrounded them.
    "So much for not drawing attention." Leo said as he drew out his katana blades and sliced three of the Foot Soldiers to bits. Michaelangelo quickly took out his nunchucku and joined in on the fight. The two Turtles fought their way towards the elevator until the entire batch of Foot were destroyed.
    That same moment in the control room, Krang was busy piloting the ship towards the ocean when General Traag approached. "My Lord, two of the Ninja Turtles have stowed onto the ship, and they are currently in the passenger section of the vessel!"
  "Blast it, Traag! Dr. Stockman and I need full concentration here so that I can get this ship down to the Technodrome!"
  "Not to worry. I can take over while you and the General here take care of those pesky terrapins!" the mutant fly said from a seat next to Krang.
  "Thank you, Baxter. I'm glad you agreed to take part in this venture. I couldn't have succeeded in it without you." the evil alien brain spoke.
  "As long as you keep that jackass Shredder away from me, I'm more than happy to help out!"
    Michaelangelo and Leonardo had found their way to the elevator shaft of the ship. "Oh man, this is going way too easy!"
  "Quiet, Mikey. We still haven't found hide nor hair of-"
  Just then the doorway opened and Traag emerged, followed by Krang. "You were looking for us?" the Rock Warrior bellowed as he took out a laser rifle.
  "Whatever you're up to, Krang, we Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will stop you! You can be sure of that!" Leo shouted.
  "You miserable mutants have been the bane of my existence for too long! Now you shall pay! Traag, blast them away!"
  "As you command, Lord Krang!" General Traag replied as he shot at Mikey and Leo.
  "Come on, dude. You can do way better than that!"
  "Don't taunt him, Michaelangelo. That's exactly how Slash got the better of you and Raphael earlier!" Leo said to his brother as they dodged the laser beams.
    "No sweat, fearless leader! We took this chump down once before, and we can do it again!" Mikey said as he ran towards Traag, only to get zapped by several of his laser blasts. "Is that all you got?" he said weakly as one final laser shot out and knocked him unconcious.
  "No!" Leo screamed in a panic, only to be grabbed by Krang and thrown against a wall.
  "Hah! You cretinous Turtles are pathetic! I think I'll keep this one as a trophy." Krang said as he picked up Michaelangelo.
  "What about that one?" Traag asked pointing at Leonardo.
  "Dump him into the ocean!" Krang ordered.
    "NO... DON'T!" Leo screamed as he looked back towards his helpless brother being carried into the elevator by Krang. "Mike? Mikey!!! For the love of God, WAKE UP!!! MICHAELANGELO!!!"
  "Silence, reptile!" General Traag said as he grabbed Leo by the back of the neck and took him to the cargo bay.
    Back in Pennsylvania, Don, Jeff and Raph were quickly preparing the blimp so they could fly it out to Delaware. "Donatello, do you have that super fuel ready yet?"
  "It should be soon, Raphael. But I can't be too sure since I haven't really gotten a chance to test it."
  "Too bad we don't have time for that now." Jeff huffed as he began pouring the fuel into the gas tank
  "Oh well. Just as long as we don't end up getting thrown off the glider from the force, we should be okay." Raphael responded in a nervously joking manner. Donatello and Jeff rolled their eyes as they finished filling up the gas tank.
  "That should do it. Now lets go get our buds back and stop Shredder!" Jeff boasted with excitement.
    "There's just one thing I may've neglected to mention." Don began. "The glider's wings are going to need an equal balance of weight, so we need some extra passengers onboard."
  "I believe you have some passengers who are more than eager to join you." Splinter spoke as he, Mona Lisa, Renet and Kerma approached them.
  "Aw, I was hoping Jillian and Dori would go with us!"
  "You better be kidding, Jeffrey!" Jillian spoke. "We wouldn't last one minute on that thing! Besides, I need to take Dori home so she can eat dinner with her folks."
  "It was good meeting you two!" Mona Lisa spoke as she hugged her new friends goodbye.
  "Good luck saving the world, guys!" Dori said.
    "Oh, we're definitely going to need it!" Jeff replied as he took his seat next to Splinter and Kerma on the left wing of the glider.
    Raphael helped Mona Lisa and Renet onto the right wing, while Donatello strapped himself into the pilot's seat. "Okay, guys. I programmed in Leonardo and Michaelangelo's biorhythms so we can track them wherever they are. Of course if they aren't together, then we'll be able to find whoever is closest to us." Everyone nodded as Don flipped the turbo switch, which sent them soaring through the sky.
  Jillian and Dori looked upward and exchanged grins as they entered Jillian's car.
        Moments later in Rehobeth Beach, a group of boys were playing volleyball when they saw what looked like a flying building made of solid gold zoom overhead as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle was thrown from it, making a splash landing into the water. The kids ran towards the ocean to watch as the tide brought Leonardo towards them. "Whoa man, is he alright?"
  "How am I supposed to know?! I'm not a doctor... or a vet!"
  "Hey kids, would you mind uh, giving me some breathing room?" the groggy terrapin spoke as he tried to free himself from his bindings which he could barely squeeze through. "Stupid rope!!!"
  "Here, I'll get you out of that!" one of the kids spoke as he quickly unraveled the rope, freeing Leo.
  "How'd you learn to do that, Scott?" one of his friends asked.
  "Boy Scouts!"
  "Thanks!" Leo said as he began to run quickly towards the boardwalk only to be stopped in his tracks by the sound of a familiar voice calling out to him.
  "Hey, Leonardo! You didn't go in after eating, did you?"
  "I never thought I'd say it Raphael, but am I glad to hear one of your stupid wisecracks?"
  "Thanks, I think."
  "Where is Michaelangelo?" Splinter asked.
  "General Traag and Krang got him, and I think they're taking him back to the Technodrome!" Leo explained as he climbed aboard, taking a seat next to Donatello.
  "Then what're we waiting for? Lets go save him and get Kerma's ship back!" Jeff boasted.
    "I'm afraid it might not be that easy. The blimp couldn't possibly handle being submerged underwater, and even with the air pressure stabilized, we could-" Don's explanation was soon cut short by the sight of the Technodrome as it emerged from the middle of the ocean and began flying over the boardwalk.
  "Looks like we don't need to worry about going underwater anymore." Mona Lisa remarked.
    "So that's why Krang stole Kerma's spaceship!" Donatello said, pointing towards the top portion of the Turtleoid ship that now stuck out of the Technodrome just behind the large eyeball. "He's attached the hover mechanism to the Technodrome, enabling the entire fortress to fly!"
  "Oh great! What do you suppose those lunatics are up to?" Raphael griped.
    "Hang on! It looks like the porta-tracker's picking up something. It's another module, and it just popped up in... Washington D.C.!" Don noted as he turned on the radio.
  "This just in. There's been reports of an attack on the White House from what appears to be a group of ninjas!"
  "I was wondering when old Shred-head would be in the picture!" Leo remarked.
  "You know, maybe now would be a good time to split up!" Renet suggested.
  "A most wise idea indeed!" Splinter said. "I shall go with Donatello into the Technodrome to rescue Michaelangelo and stop Krang."
  "I had better go too so I can pilot the ship once we've detached it from the Technodrome." Kerma spoke.
  "But you can't fight back. If you got attacked, you'd be a sitting duck!" Raphael mentioned.
  "Don't worry. I'll keep him safe!" Jephael responded as he mutated into his turtle form.
    Leonardo flew the Turtle Blimp as close to the Technodrome as he possible could while Donatello released the rope ladder.
  "Good luck, you guys!" Raphael said.
    "Same to you, dudes!" Jeph said, giving Raph and Leo a thumbs up before descending the rope ladder. Splinter and Kerma quickly followed as the blimp floated closer to the Technodrome.
        Donatello found a ventilation shaft close to Kerma's ship that they could go through. Kerma and Jephael were the first to go, followed shortly by Splinter. Within minutes they found themselves in a large room where the Turtleoid's spaceship was connected to several wires.
  "First thing's first. We've got to stop Krang and land the Technodrome somewhere safe before detaching Kerma's ship!" Don said.
  "Jephael, you stay here with Kerma while Donatello and I enter the master control room." Splinter ordered the young man.
  Jeph nodded as he placed his hand over the doorway entrance of the ship. "Kerma, can you open the doors here?"
  "As long as these guys haven't changed the combination, I should be able to."
    Before the Turtleoid could do anything though, Rocksteady and Bebop emerged from a corridor adjacent to the one Don and Splinter left through. "Looky what we got here!"
  "Please do not harm us!" Kerma pleaded the mutants.
    "Ah, shut up, you wimp!" Bebop shouted as he took out his blaster and shot at the helpless Turtleoid. Surprisingly, Rocksteady shoved the wart hog aside, causing him to miss.
  "What the hell, Rocksteady?! I was about to-"
  "Sorry, Bebop. I guess I just didn't want to see you hurt that little guy."
  "Okay, just what the heck's gotten into you lately?" Bebop snapped.
    "I dunno, something weird just came over me." Rocksteady spoke. "I guess I've just grown tired of picking on people who're defenseless, like that time we kidnapped Jeff's folks."
    "Oh yea. My mom still has nightmares!" Jeph replied. "Honestly though, I'm surprised you guys didn't quit working for Shredder and Krang sooner, the way they're always pushing you around!"
  "He's got a point, Rocksteady. Come on, lets get outta here."
  "Wait a second! If you two really wish to turn over a new leaf, why not start by atoning for all the bad stuff you've done?" Kerma said.
  "I don't think we have much of a choice, seeing as how Krang's planning to blow up Washington."
  "WHAT?!" Jeph shouted.
      That same moment in the control room, Krang piloted the Technodrome towards the capitol. "At last, I am about to take over this puny planet once and for all! I just hope that idiot Shredder has managed to take President Clinton hostage by now!"
  "Not as long as us Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are here to stop you!" Donatello shouted as he and Splinter entered the room.
  "Ah, I was expecting you to show up. Though I'm surprised it's just you and the rat!"
  "Leonardo and Raphael are on their way to stop Shredder. In the meantime, we are more than enough to stop you!" Splinter responded.
    "Oh, but I don't believe you were ready for our little bargaining chip." Krang chortled. "General Traag, bring in our little guest of honor."
  "With pleasure, my lord." Traag replied as he entered the room carrying Michaelangelo bound by a chain.
  "Let me go, you bogus rock head! Oh, Donatello! Master Splinter! Man, am I happy to see you dudes!"
  "Yes, yes. Now then. If the two of you wish to save your friend, all you have to do is surrender to me."
  "We will never surrender, Krang!" Splinter shouted proudly.
  "In that case, open fire!"
    "Please, allow me!" the all too familiar buzzing voice of Baxter Stockman said as he came in carrying a ray gun. "I've been waiting to try out this little invention of mine!"
  "Oh great, now we've got two maniacal geniuses to deal with!" Don griped.
        Meanwhile in Washington D.C. several Foot Soldiers stood guard outside the White House where Shredder loomed his menacing shadow over Bill Clinton in the Oval Office. "Mr. President, it's very nice to meet you! I've been looking forward to this for quite some time. In fact, I often wonder why Krang and I never considered storming the White House in the first place!"
  "You don't intimidate me at all, Shredder! If I know anything about villains, it's that the goodguys always whoop their rears!" Clinton remarked.
  "Ha ha! There's no way those Turtles will get the better of me this time!"
    "Think again, Can-Head!" Raphael shouted as he came crashing through the doorway holding the mangled head of a Foot Solider. "You really should get Krang to build some better quality Foot Soldiers."
  "Blast you, Turtles!" Shredder shouted as he lunged at Raph, only to be blocked by Leonardo.
  "Honestly, Shredder. This has got to be the most pathetic attempt at world domination yet!"
    While Shredder fought Leo and Raph, Renet and Mona Lisa snuck in and grabbed Bill Clinton. "Come on, Mr. President. We're getting you out of here!" the Timestress exclaimed.
  "Who the heck are you?"
  "We're friends of the Ninja Turtles!" Mona Lisa answered as she and Renet lead the president out of the room.
    Back in the Technodrome, Baxter pulled the trigger and out popped an electric three fingered hand that attempted to grab at Donatello and Splinter.
  "Let me guess, Stockman. You saw Turtles in Time, didn't you?" Don asked.
  "Yes, but I had a device like this once before when we were searching for the Eye of Sarnath!" the fly exclaimed as he shot again at the turtle.
  "I'm surprised you actually remember an adventure that took place back when you were human!"
  "It was one of my f-f-fondest memories!" Stockman added as he fired the arm beam at Don again.
  "Oh, I don't know how much longer I can keep dodging his attacks!"
  Just then, Rocksteady entered the room, followed by Jephael who pretended to be the rhino's hostage.
    "So, the fifth turtle returns!" Krang spoke. "You're just in time to watch your friends be pulverized by Dr. Stockman here while I prepare to destroy Washington D.C."
  "I know. Your goons told me all about your despicable scheme! But they told me something else as well."
  "What?" the alien brain asked.
    "Me and Bebop decided we've had it working for you and Shredder! We're sick of the way you two always push us around. Like last month when you yelled at us for breaking your bubble walker!"
    "Oh, spare me your pathetic whining! If you truly wish to quit, then so be it! As long as I've got my loyal army of Rock Warriors in Dimension X, I have no need of you worthless mutants anyway!"
  "Are you going to just stand there and let him treat you that way, dude?" Jeph asked Rocksteady.
  "Heck no!" the rhino shouted as he used his laser gun to free Michaelangelo of his chains.
  "Thanks, Rocksteady! Whoa, I can't believe I just said that!" Mikey said.
    "That stupid rhino and his piggy playmate may have switched sides, but I'm still all for blasting you Turtles away!" Baxter shouted as he swooped down and aimed his gun at Donatello and Splinter.
  "Guess again, bug-breath!" Jephael responded as he took out Kerma's zapper and used it to tie up Baxter in an electronic lasso.
    That same moment in the White House, Leonardo and Shredder continued to fight while Raphael managed to make short work of some leftover Foot Soldiers.
  "You might as well give up, Shredder! I've got the heart to finish you for good!" Leo boasted.
    "You truly are an arrogant reptile, Leonardo!" Shredder responded as he scratched the turtle's arm with the prongs of his gauntlet. "Even if you were to defeat me, I highly doubt you'll be able to stop Krang from blowing up Washington!"
    "That's where you're wrong, Tin-Grin." Raph remarked as he came to Leo's aide. "Our brothers and Master Splinter should be more than enough to take on that blob of brains!" With that, Raphael flung Shredder over his shoulder and slammed him into a wall!
  "Good throw, Raphael!" Leo congratulated his brother as he adjusted his wounded arm.
  "No problemo! Ouch, that gash looks pretty bad. We better get you some help!"
  Just then Al Gore arrived, followed by some Secret Service men who immediately began to apprehend Shredder. "Thank goodness, you Turtles stopped that masked lunatic!" the vice president said.
  "We're not out of the woods yet." Leonardo exclaimed as he picked up his swords.
  "Yes, we're well aware of that flying fortress. It's been seen nearing the Lincoln Memorial."
  "Oh great!" Raph griped as he took out his turtle comm. "Donatello, come in! Do you read me?"
  "This isn't exactly a good time, Raphael!" Don remarked as he dodged a blast from General Traag.
  "I know, but you've got to stop Krang from blowing up the Lincoln Memorial!"
    "Master Splinter, take Baxter and Rocksteady back with you to Kerma's ship. I'm going to help the guys get rid of Boulder-Brain here!" Jephael spoke as he handed his sensei the zapper which Dr. Stockman was tethered to.
  "Good luck, my pupil!" the wise ninja rodent said as he lead Rocksteady out of the room.
  "Mikey, help me lead Traag over to the dimensional portal generator!"
    "You blasted Turtles! Why don't you give yourselves up and surrender?" Traag yelled angrily.
    "Like we'd ever surrender to a jerkoff like you!" Michaelangelo boasted as he took a flying leap and kicked the laser gun out of the Rock Soldier's hands. "Catch me if you can, bricks for brains!"
    "Come on, come on!" Jeph said as he frantically fiddled with the portal controls. Within seconds, he got the portal activated and the coordinates set for Dimension X. "Michaelangelo, lure him into the portal!"
  Michaelangelo threw the laser gun into the portal and jumped out of the way as General Traag leaped through.
    "You annoying reptiles may've gotten rid of my colleagues, but that won't stop me from blowing up some national monuments!" Krang chortled as he grabbed Jephael by the arm and pulled him away from the control panel.
  "Let me go or else!"
  "Or else what, you miserable excuse for a mutant?"
  "Or I'll have Kerma jettison all of us into deep space!"
  "Ha! You may not have noticed, but as long as that puny alien's ship is connected to my Technodrome, I am in control!" Krang remarked.
  "Wrong, Krang! If you had taken the engine out of the ship and connected it to the Technodrome, you'd be in control." Don exclaimed with a grin.
    That very moment, the Technodrome began to rattle as it started rising into the air. "You hijacked Kerma, so now he's just returning the favor!" Jephael said with a grin.
    Krang angrily tossed Jephael aside as he tried to regain control of the Technodrome. "You fools can't do this to me! Shredder! Shredder, come in!" Krang screamed over the comlink as an image of Shredder being taken into custody came over the screen. "Oh shit."
    "It looks like your partner in crime finally got what's coming to him!" Donatello remarked. "So do you want to join him in prison or go back to Dimension X?"
      "At this point I'd rather blow you all to Kingdom Come!" Krang said as the right arm of his android body sprouted a laser gun and he began shooting wildly at Don, Mike and Jeph who quickly dodged the blasts. "Those other two turtles may have gotten the upper hand over Shredder, but I will never be defeated!"
    Jephael noticed Baxter Stockman's arm ray that had been left lying on the floor, which he quickly picked up and used to sucker punch Krang in the jaw. "Hope that hurt!"
      Donatello took the opportunity to plunge his bo staff into the heart of Krang's android body, which caused the suit to short circuit. "Huh, I wonder why I never thought of doing that before." he said as he took the alien brain out of the broken body. "Come on, lets get back to Kerma's ship." the turtle said as he lead Mikey and Jeph back into the other room.
    "Well done, my students!" Splinter said proudly. "I just got off the turtle comm with Leonardo who told me you five are to be awarded special medals from the president for outstanding service in defending the nation!"
  "Awesome!" Jeph and Michaelangelo said together.
  "What about us?" Rocksteady asked.
  "Yea, we're not exactly going to be welcome with open arms, seeing as how we worked for Shredder this whole time." Bebop added.
  "We'll deal with you bozos later. Right now we need to take the Technodrome somewhere it won't cause anymore damage." Donatello exclaimed.
    "How about Kerma's planet?" Jeff suggested. "I mean it'd make the perfect defense system against anyone who'd try to attack Shellrelah!"
  "An interesting idea, my young friend." Kerma replied. "Very well, I'll set course for my home planet!"
    Less than an hour later, the Technodrome landed on the Turtleoid's home planet just outside the city. Splinter and Jeff welcomed several Turtleoids who had seen the giant fortress land while Donatello helped Kerma disconnect the ship from the Technodrome.
    "I'm afraid we have to head back to Earth, but I'll come back and help you build some defenses for the city." Don said to his friend as they joined Michaelangelo and the others in the portal chamber.
  "Of course, Donatello. Please give Leonardo and Raphael my best when you get back." the Turtleoid said as he hugged his friends farewell.
    About four months later, Rocksteady and Bebop strolled through the streets of Lansdale, Pennsylvania. "How long do ya think the Toitles've been living here now?" the wart hog asked, pulling down his shades.
  "It's 1996 now, so they've been here for four years." Rocksteady replied to his friend as he peered up at one of the many lampposts that were now adorned with Christmas tree shaped decorations.
  "Man, I bet they had some real fun Christmases with that kid and his family! Too bad we could never go to one of those parties."
    "Awe, come on, Rocksteady! What the heck would we say? Hey guys, sorry about all dem times the Shredder ordered us to kill you but here's this nice looking pizza tray we thought you'd like to make up for all of dat!"
  "It couldn't hurt, Bebop. Why don't we head on over to the high school after we're done cleaning up here outside Mama Bruce's?" Rocksteady asked his friend in a pleading matter.
  "Okay, we'll go already! Geez, you always were the softy!"
        An hour later, the mutants rode their motorcycles down Main Street until they managed to pass through Lansdale. By the time they got to the high school, the place was already clearing out. Several students caught sight of the two and eyed them suspiciously. "Aw come on, Rocksteady! How the heck are we supposed to find Jeffrey and Michaelangelo here?" Bebop asked.
  "I think I just found a way." Rocksteady answered. "You recognize that girl over there?" he pointed over to Jillian who was just opening the door to her station wagon just as she took notice of them. The mutants gulped nervously in fear that they may have scared her at that point. Instead, Jillian locked her door, closed it back up and walked slowly over towards them.
  Bebop started to panic. "Aw man, why did I let you talk me into this?"
  "Aren't you two supposed to be doing your community service work?" Jillian asked.
  "Yea and we finished that all up today. We're free to come and go as we please now as civilians!"
  "Oh right. Jeff and Michaelangelo told me all about that!" she replied just as the two boys in question came down the front steps.
  Rocksteady let out a gulp as he saw the two of them making direct eye contact with him. "Oh man, is this ever awkward?"
  "You can say that again, dudes!" Mikey exclaimed. "But hey, like I always say, forgiveness is divine!"
  "Wait, dat was a line from the first Ninja Toitles movie!" Bebop interjected.
  "No duh! I thought Robbie Rist did a great job delivering that one as me!" Mikey said with a chuckle.
    "I thought it was pretty stupid though that they neglected to put us in the sequel!" Rocksteady complained. "What did Tokka and Rahzar have that we didn't?"
  "Originality?" Jeff joked. "Anyway, me and Michaelangelo have to get home and do our homework. We'll stop by in town and check in on ya some time!" the boy spoke.
    "Hold on a second!" a new voice called from the top of the stairway. Rocksteady and Bebop turned their heads to see another young girl standing in her sweats, leaning on two crutches.
  "Oh, bummer! Samantha, I am so sorry! I've forgotten all about you!" Mikey said as apologetically as he could while he picked up his friend and carried her down the stairs.
  "No harm done." Sam replied. "Just be careful next time you head off like that. Remember what happened back in 8th Grade at the picnic?"
  "How can I forget? I still remember fighting the urge to punch that kid right in the face after what he almost did!"
    "Okay then. We gotta get going, dudes!" Jeff spoke as he beckoned Michaelangelo to follow him into the parking lot. "You have a good weekend, Sam. We'll see you again before Thanksgiving break." the boy said, waving back to her and the mutants. Jillian gave the handicapped girl a hug just before she followed Jeff and Mikey to their cars.
  Bebop was a tad nervous standing near Samantha. He had never been near a handicapped person before, atleast not his human side. He and Rocksteady could hardly recollect much of their lives as animals. "Looks like we're gonna get some snow tonight."
  "Yep, it sure does." the girl responded. "So Michaelangelo told me you guys were on parole."
  "Uh yea. Heck, we got off pretty light considering all the crazy stuff we got ourselves into." Bebop explained.
  "So what're you guys going to do now?" the girl asked.
    "Um, we're not exactly sure. I mean lets face, we're not well liked around here." Rocksteady admitted. "Even if people don't know who we are or what we used to do, they still give us dirty looks like we're just a pair of freaks!"
  "You know what? I know exactly where you're coming from!" Sam spoke. "Look at me, I gotta walk on crutches so people sometimes treat me oddly too. It's not easy to deal with sometimes."
  "I'm sorry to hear that." the rhino replied as he turned to his friend. "You know what I'm thinking, Bebop?"
  "I'm thinking dat we really should do something to help kids like Samantha here!"
  "Rocksteady, you're starting to sound like one of those stupid after school specials or something. I always hated those things!"
    Rocksteady heaved a sigh as he put his hand on the wart hog's shoulder. "Look, we got nothing better to do with the rest of our lives here. So why don't we quit thinking about ourselves for a change?"
    Bebop shook his head for a moment when he looked back over to Samantha as she was greeting her friend Chris, a sweet young teenaged boy in a wheelchair. He was stout and portly, but his legs were no bigger than that of a 6 year-old's. Bebop felt a tear in his eye as his heart went out to the young man. "What the heck? I'm in if you are."
  Rocksteady nodded happily as he gave his friend a pat on the back. "So where to, you guys?" the rhino spoke as he picked up Samantha and carried her piggy back style. Bebop meanwhile helped push Chris along.
  "We gotta get to the bus stop and catch our ride before it leaves, so giddy-up!"
  "Yes, ma'am!" Rocksteady smiled as he walked across the sidewalk with the handicapped girl alongside Bebop pushing Chris in his wheelchair. "I think I'm gonna like having Sam and Chris for bosses a lot more than Shredder and Krang!" The rhino said happily to his friend.
      Meanwhile at Jeff's house, Raphael and Mona Lisa were sitting together in the living room with Jeff's parents as they watched the video of President Clinton honoring Jeff and the Ninja Turtles. Raph blushed at the shot of him getting kissed by Mona Lisa. "Aw, I can't believe you smooched me like that in front of everyone!"
  "After the way you heroically beat the badguy, you deserve to get the girl!"
    Jeff's parents grinned at the sight of their son shaking hands with Bill Clinton. "He looks so handsome there! I just wish he had removed that mask of his." Linda complained.
  "Who's that blonde woman standing next to Splinter?" Rick asked.
  "That was Renet. She had to return to her dimension before you arrived for the celebration." Raph explained.
    "I have a feeling we'll hear from her again some day." Splinter said as he walked into the room with a plate of sushi. "I didn't miss the part where Al Gore and Michaelangelo started dancing to Ninja Rap, did I?"
    "I was kinda hoping we could fast forward through that part." Raphael remarked. "Oh and please don't make us watch Bill Clinton's saxophone rendition of our theme song again."
  "I thought he was pretty good, to be honest." Donatello replied as he came up from the basement with Leonardo.
  "What've you two been up to all day?" Mona Lisa asked.
  "I was working on the inter-dimensional communicator. It needed a bit of a tune up. I could barely stay in contact with April in Dimension X." Don exclaimed.
  "How's she doing anyway? I really miss her." Raph mentioned.
  "If you had come downstairs to spar with me earlier, you could've said hi to her!" Leo said sternly to his brother.
  "I told you my neck was bothering me, didn't I?"
  "Maybe if you didn't spend the night on the couch." Rick mentioned.
    Just then the front door swung open and in came Jeffrey and Michaelangelo. "Whoa, is it ever nippy out there! Hey, Mom and Dad. How was your day?" the boy said as he hugged his parents.
  "Oh, it was fine. How about you?" Linda asked.
  "Not bad. Oh guys, guess who Mikey and I saw today out in the parking lot."
  "It wasn't that James kid was it? I've kinda been anxious to see him again." Donatello admitted.
    "I think I ran into him at the cafeteria the other week, but he's not the one we're talking about." Michaelangelo responded. "It was Bebop and Rocksteady. They were just strolling around the school and wanted to say hi to us."
  "I'm surprised those two would be allowed near the place after what they did to us last year!" Rick remarked.
  "They seem to be sticking to their word about reforming." Jeff said. "It's ashame we had to put Baxter Stockman in the looney bin along with the Rat King. I kinda feel sorry for him."
  "After the way that psychotic fly tried to cream us in the Technodrome, I'm glad to see him behind glass!" Don mentioned.
  "Yea, but I mean he was obviously messed up in the head after getting mutated. We could atleast find a way to turn him back into a human."
  "Even in human form Baxter was a threat to us. I doubt changing him back would make a difference!" Leonardo remarked.
  "Come on, dudes. Lets just forget about those badguys and have some dinner. I'm starving!"
  "You have a very good point, Michaelangelo! Let us leave Shredder, Krang and all of our other adversaries behind us." Splinter said.
    With that Jeff and the Turtles went into the kitchen to start dinner, while Splinter sat down with Mr. and Mrs. Oughton to watch television.


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