Future Friendship

story by Jephael

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This story takes place three years after the events of
The Summer I was Young Again. My good friend Jillian has once again been generous in helping me write about her past as accurately as possible. Some other friends from high school also make special guest appearances. Special thanks goes out to Pat Fraley for providing his voice talent!

image manip by Lisardo

        It was another typical autumn day for the kids at Penndale Junior High. Most of the students were still half tired from waking up at 6:00 in the morning and catching their busses to get to school. 14 year-old Jeffrey staggered his way through the cafeteria as he carried a tray with an egg sandwich and a chocolate frosted doughnut over to a table where his cousin Steve was sitting. "That your breakfast, Jeff? I thought you'd get pizza or something like Michaelangelo does."
  "I may be part Michaelangelo, but I don't get the urge to eat that stuff as often as he does!"
  "Speaking of Mikey, where's he been? I haven't seen him since we went water skiing over the summer."
  "He's been pretty busy with the football team, but he should be around somewhere."
  "Mikey plays football?"
  "No, but he's pitching in as an assistant coach or something."
  "Oh yeah, I remember him telling me! I think Jillian Lange is the manager for the team?"
  "That's funny! I remember the guys telling me about a girl I was friends with named Jillian." Jeff said with a small chuckle. "It could be the same Jillian you're talking about, though I can't be sure since the Turtles told me that they never learned our full names, except for mine when they started living with me and my family three years ago. The James and Jillian they've told me about could be anyone I meet in high school."
  "But we won't even be in high school until next year." Steve mentioned. "For all you know, you could even meet one of them this year. Maybe even today!"
    Near the end of the day, Jeffrey was sitting in art class drawing a basket of fruit which didn't seem to grasp his interest. Boredom began to take it's toll when the bell rang at 3:00. "Okay, time to find Michaelangelo!" he told himself as he ran through the halls and down the stairs.
    Not far from the school, the North Penn football team was finishing up their daily practice in the fields just outside the school. "Okay team, good effort!" the coach shouted. "Hit the showers and head on home!"
  As several of the teammates headed into the locker room, some decided to get a drink of water from the table being attended by Michaelangelo. "Boy, you dudes sure know how to kick butt!"
  "Thanks, Mikey!"
  "Hey, why dontcha play a game with us some time?"
  "Nah, I'm more of a hockey dude myself. Though I might try to join the basketball team next month."
  "There ya go! Have nice day, pal! Say hi to Donatello for me. He's always been my favorite!"
  "Sure thing, dude!"
  As the rest of the football players went into the locker room, Mikey picked up his skateboard and got ready to leave. "Have a nice weekend, Coach!"
  "You too, Mikey! Oh hey, Jillian!"
  The name came as a shock to Mikey, who turned around to see a tall brunette girl talking with the coach. The girl's face struck Michaelangelo as he found her somewhat familiar.
  "I'm afraid I might not be able to help the team too much next weekend. I'm going to be working a double shift at the bakery."
  "That's okay, dear. We got Michaelangelo to help out. You two haven't met yet, have you?"
  "Uh, kinda." Jillian said.
  "Jillian?" Mikey spoke softly as he walked up to the girl to get a closer look. "Is, is it really you?"
  "Yea, it's me."
  "Well, uh, I guess I better get going. I'll let you two get reacquainted." the coach spoke as he left Michaelangelo and Jillian by themselves.
  "This is mondo bizarro! I mean do you actually remember me?"
  Before she could answer, a familiar voice called out from across the field. "Hey Mikey, how's it going?"
  "Oh, hey Jeff! I was wondering when you'd get here!"
  "Hey, cut me a break! The football field is like a mile from Junior High! Uh, who's your friend?"
  "Jeffy!" Jillian squealed as she gave the boy a hug. "It's so good to see you!"
  "I'm happy to see you too, whoever you are."
  "Doesn't he remember?" Jillian asked.
  "Nadda. The trip back wiped out his memory of the future just like everyone else's."
  "That stinks. I had figured he would remember since he came back with with you guys. So where're your brothers?"
  "Right now we're staying with Jeff and his family. Would you like to visit us?"
  "Well, I really need to get home and feed my cat first. Why don't you come over with me, then your brothers can meet up with us there?"
  "Sounds good to me!" Jeff replied while Michaelangelo took out his turtle comm to contact the others.
  "Philly Steakhouse; You kill em, we grill em!" Raphael's voice boomed from the commlink.
  "Hey dude, do you remember Jillian?"
  "You mean Jeff's high school lady friend?" Don asked from the background.
  "Yeah, dude! She's been managing the same football team I was assisting, and we just bumped into each other. She even remembers the trip she took with Jeff. The time pull had no effect on her memory!"
  "What? You can't be serious!" Leonardo insisted. "How can she remember if Jeff can't?"
  "That's what we need to figure out, dudes. Me and Jeffrey are gonna go home with her, but you can meet up with us."
  "Okay, then. We'll see you soon!"
    As Michaelangelo hung up the comm, another tall brunette girl came along. "Hey, who's she?"
  "Hi, Jillian! How's it going?"
  "Doing good, Dori! I'm glad you made it. These are my friends Jeffrey and Michaelangelo."
  "The kid who met the Ninja Turtles? I remember you telling me about how you met them."
  "You told her about us?"
  "Yes, I did, Jeff. But she never believed me."
  "How could I? It seemed like such an outrageous story!"
  "That's why you're the only one I ever told. I knew if you wouldn't believe me, nobody else would."
  "I'm not surprised!" Michaelangelo responded. "Even after we were on the news and everything, people still didn't believe we were real."
  "Yeah, they all thought it was some big publicity stunt." Jeff scowled. "They even accused my mutation of being a cheap special effect!"
  "I guess that's because it was shown on television. But now that I've seen you in person, I can tell you're for real!"
  "Thanks for believing us, dudette!" Jeff spoke as he shook Dori's hand. The girl smiled back sweetly.
    After Dori gave Jillian and the boys a ride to her place, Jillian introduced them to her parents and showed them the living room where a tiny kitten was eagerly awaiting its dinner. "Hi, sweetie! Are you hungry? Yeah, I'm here to feed you!"
  Jeff and Michaelangelo each got a chance to pet the cat before Jillian put him down. "What's his name?"
  "I called her Ziggy! I caught her wandering the neighborhood, and she seemed to be homeless. So I decided to keep her."
  "Aww, that's sweet!"
  "Yeah. I had forgotten how much I missed this little sweety when she got hit by a car, so I want to try and keep that from happening this time around." Just as Jillian started pouring cat food into a small metal dish, the doorbell rang. "Hey Mom, could you get that?"
  "Okay dear." Mrs. Lange said as she looked through the curtain to see three more mutant turtles standing on the porch. "Jillian, more of your, uh, friends are here!"
  "Wow, that was fast!" Jeff said, as he figured they must have been atleast a good 8 miles from home.
  "We took the blimp here." Leonardo explained, as he pointed skyward where the blimp was hovering over the house.
  "Hi, guys!" Jillian said with a grin as she greeted the three turtles. "It's so good to see all of you again! You wouldn't believe how hard it's been trying to keep quiet about everything I know that'll happen in the future."
  "Well, I'm glad you could keep it to yourself this whole time." Donatello responded.
  "The only thing is, I still don't understand how you could have remembered the trip." Leonardo added.
  "Unless something happened to her after she went back to the real world with James just before we tried to prevent the time pull." Raphael suggested.
  "Like what?" Michaelangelo asked.
  "How should I know? Donatello's the genius!"
  "I can't help but wonder is whether or not the same thing might've happened to James." Don mentioned.
  "I've already seen him, but he doesn't recall anything." Jillian exclaimed. "I saw him get sucked into the time pull just like everything else, and then I found myself back in my own bedroom, which I found changed back as well."
  "This just keeps getting more and more mysterious." Don spoke. "If you can come with us back to Jeff's house, perhaps we can do some analysis on your mental structure as it was the day of the time-pull."
  "If you say so, Donnie. Mom, I'm going out with my friends!"
  "Okay, dear. Please be back home by 9:00!"
        An hour later at Jeffrey's house, Donatello had Jillian hooked up to his computer system along with the dimensional portal generator. While Jeff and Michaelangelo waited patiently, Leonardo and Raphael talked with Master Splinter about the situation. "So you say that she recollects everything that happened in the original timeline?"
  "Yes, Sensei. She even recalls the trip she took to our universe, and how Jeff got his turtle powers from Donatello and Michaelangelo!" Leo responded.
  "How peculiar. If I am not mistaken though, Shredder tried to force information from the children when he threatened to mutate Jeffrey, correct?"
  "Yeah, I'll never forget that." Raphael admitted.
  "True, though if Jillian has knowledge of the future, Shredder and Krang could still use that to their advantage. We must make sure that there is no possibility of that happening, or I fear there may be dire consequences!" Splinter warned.
  "Hey guys, I think I figured everything out." Donatello announced.
  "So, what did it?"
    "I'll show you on the portal generator's built in picture screen." Don said as he lead them over to where Jillian, Jeff and Mikey were sitting. Donatello switched on the portal screen to show a blue print of the time-pull as it appeared on a map of the North Penn area. "Now, as you know, Rocksteady and Bebop arrived out of a wormhole near Pizza Hut on July 12th, 1999 at around 9:30 in the evening. Jeff and his friends were thrown into our world about two minutes afterwards, and by the time they met up with us, the time-pull had already started effecting this dimension by keeping it in a state of suspended animation. By the time we managed to break into the Technodrome and send James and Jillian back, the entire universe was rewound by three hours. Now if you remember, I managed to alter the settings, giving us a 50% chance of successfully preventing the time pull. Unfortunately, the odds were against us and we ended up getting sucked through the portal with Jeff, while the entire universe's timeline was pulled back to the year 1992. From what I figure, the pull originated from the very same spot James and Jillian were sent back. If Jillian had been standing at the very center of the space where the portal originated from, her brainwaves might have become immune."
  "I guess that explains it." Jillian said. "I just wish Jeff or James's memories of the future hadn't been erased. It would've been nice having someone to talk to about all the stuff that's going to happen!"
  "Yeah, tell me about it." Jeff replied. "It kind of annoys me that I have no memory about getting mutated!"
  "What sort of things do you know about, Jillian?" Splinter asked.
  "Oh, all sorts of stuff! There's this guy named Leonardo DiCaprio who's an actor and he's going to be in a movie about the Titanic! Trust me, it'll be a real tear jerker."
  "Leonardo DiCaprio? What a stupid name!" Raphael said with a laugh, as his brother Leonardo starred at him. "Uh, I meant his last name."
  "Does that come out around 1999?"
  "No, it comes out in 1997. But in 1999, there's..." Jillian suddenly grew silent as she thought.
  "What happens in '99?" Michaelangelo asked.
  "Something bad. There's going to be a school shooting in Colorado."
  "Oh man, that is bad!"
  "Is there anything we might be able to do to stop it?" Jeff asked.
  "I'm not sure, guys." Don replied. "Remember when I explained how we can't interfere with certain future events?"
  "I know, but we're talking about someone killing a bunch of kids. We've got to do something!" Leonardo insisted.
  "When the time comes, my students, we will do something. But there is little we can do as of now since it has yet to even take place." Splinter exclaimed.
  "Yeah, 1999 is still four years away... give or take a few months." Jeff added.
  "Hey dudes, can we eat now? I got a major case of the munchies!" Michaelangelo whined.
  "So what else is new?" Raphael joked.
  "Mom and Dad won't be back from Shippensburg for another ten minutes or so. Why don't we just have us some sandwiches?"
  "Sounds good to me." Leo spoke.
  "I could go for some peanut butter and jelly!" Michaelangelo suggested.
  "Oh, I love peanut butter and jelly!" Jillian said.
  "You do realize that he's probably gonna eat his on pizza instead of bread, right?" Jeff mentioned.
  Michaelangelo pulled a fresh pizza out of the oven and proceeded to top it with Skippy peanut butter, and adding rasberry jelly to only half the pie since Jeff didn't really like jelly. "Okay, dudes! We're all set to eat!"
  "Smells good to me, Mike!" Jillian said eagerly.
  "You sure you wanna try this?" Leonardo asked.
  Before she could respond, the front doorbell began ringing. Jeffrey ran into the living room to answer just as his parents opened the door from outside. "Mom? Dad! Why'd you ring the bell?"
  "That was Holly."
  "Oh, right!" he said as he gave his sister a hug. "How's college life going for ya?"
  "It's going great! I've really been enjoying myself!"
  "You're telling me," Raphael said from the kitchen. "You were so excited to get to Shippensburg, you went running around screaming bloody joy for months before you left!"
  "Hi, Raphael!" Holly said to the turtle. "How've you been enjoying my old room?"
  "The bed's nice, but I could live without the pink walls and all of those stuffed teddy bears."
  Holly and Jeff laughed at the remark, while their parents went outside to bring in her luggage. "Can I say hi to the others?"
  "Sure. We were just about to sit down and eat dinner." Jeff said, escorting her into the kitchen.
  "Holly! How's it going?" Leo said, giving her a big hug.
  "Pretty good!"
  "Yo, dudette! Didja buy me anything?" Michaelangelo asked.
  "Yes, I got some bumper stickers you can put on the Turtle Van."
  "Aw, stupendouloso! Thanks!"
  "You're welcome! Who's your friend, Jeff?"
  "Oh, that's Jillian. Michaelangelo and I met her in the football field today."
  Jillian made an amusing giggle as she thought back to how she first met Jeffrey in the original future. "It's nice to meet you!" she spoke as she shook hands with Holly.
  "Same here!"
  "So do you guys have anything good to eat yet?"
  "Yep, and it just came out of the oven. We got pretty busy running around all afternoon, so we're good and hungry!" Mikey spoke as he took a big bite of his slice.
  "So what do you know about Jeff in the future?" Raphael asked Jillian.
  "Not much, really. I met him playing volleyball in gym class when we were high school seniors in 1999, about 3 months before the time-pull. Man, I still can't believe I'm going to have to go through that all over again!"
  "Yeah, pretty heavy duty huh?" Jeff said.
  "Tell me about it. But I don't remember everything exactly as it was. Infact, I seem to start forgetting how something originally happened after it happens again for me."
  "That probably might be the warp trying to correct itself." Donatello explained. "As time progresses, your memory of the original past will be overwritten as it becomes altered."
  "Then her entire memory of the original timeline will be gone by July 12th, 1999." Splinter stated.
  "That's right before my birthday!" Holly spoke.
  "Of course it is, Holly. Don't you remember when the Turtles first showed up here before you turned 15?" Jeff told his sister.
  "Yeah, I remember that."
  "But what about my memory of when I went with Jeff and James to your world?" Jillian asked.
  "Since your memories were unaffected by the portal that sent you to our dimension and back, the time pull's mind-warp can never erase what took place that night." Don explained.
  "We really need to get ahold of James, wherever he is!" Leonardo added. "You kids could be in major danger if Shredder or Krang get wind of this."
  "I don't even know why we're getting worried about those guys. They haven't even done anything to us in three years!" Raphael responded. "Come on, Leo! We got those losers beat!"
  "We may be safe for now, my sons. But we must exercise caution at all times. You never know when the Shredder may strike!" Splinter advised them.
        Later that evening, Jillian and the Turtles went with Jeff and his parents to watch Cousin Steve play a soccer game at the high school. Jillian smiled as she looked over towards the school as it was in its current state. She then recalled how it felt the first time she was a sophomore in high school, and how fun it would be to relive that experience. "Hey Jeff, next year they're going to start construction on this new wing of the high school."
  "Yeah, but it won't be finished until some time after we graduate."
  "That'd be neat to see!"
  "Hey dudes, the game's almost over! Wanna get some hot dogs before the snack bar closes?" Michaelangelo asked.
  "Just give me some nachos with extra cheese sauce!"
  "How can you guys be so hungry? You just ate all that pizza!" Linda mentioned.
  "That was dinner, Mom. He's talking about desert!" Jeff explained as he watched Mikey proceed to head for the snack bar.
  "He must have a good metabolism." Jillian guessed.
  "Yeah, but that doesn't keep his appetite from becoming bigger than his stomach." Raphael replied as he decided to follow his brother. "I think I'm gonna get myself some nachos!"
    Moments later the two turtles were in the middle of the snack line when a strange rumbling could be heard in the distance. "Sheesh, Michaelangelo! You're hungrier than I thought!"
  "Uh that wasn't me, dude."
    Suddenly, the earth below them began to vibrate and the ground of the field shook uncontrollably, causing people to helplessly fall over. Several spectators began running and screaming for their lives as they evacuated the bleachers.
  "Oh my God, what is that?!"
  "Earthquake my eye! I know who's really behind this!" Leonardo shouted. "Jeffrey, make sure you get your parents and Jillian to safety!"
  "No problemo!" the boy said.
  As Leo and Donatello ran out to join their bros, the vibrations ceased and all was quiet once more, although the soccer field had now been deserted. "What the heck is going on?"
  "Shredder and those two goofballs of his must have popped up nearby." the fearless leader answered.
  "Yeah, but the modules never make that much ruckus unless they're about to dig up right underneath us. It could very well be the Technodrome!" Don suggested.
  "How could it possibly be the Technodrome if it doesn't even have a sewer system to go cruising around in?!"
  "That doesn't mean they can't be underground here, Raphael."
  "Lets not argue about this right now. We just need to get to the bottom of this!"
  "Leonardo's right, dudes! We better get our shells in gear! I just hope the kids got away safely."
  "They'll be fine, Mikey!"
        Back in the parking lot, people were scurrying into their cars to leave. "Man, I can't believe the game got pre-empted cause of some damn earthquake!" a passer-bye griped as he and his family drove off.
  "Gee, people sure get peeved when this sorta stuff happens." Jeff noted. "I mean it was just a seismic vibration. It's nothing to get worked up about!"
  "Yeah, but it caused the game to be unfinished." Jeff's father replied.
  "The Turtles are gonna go figure out what's going down. So lets just find the Turtle Van and-"
  "I don't think so!" a familiar voice shouted.
    "Oh great!" Jeff muttered as he turned around to see who called out. He cautioned his parents and Jillian to stand back as he neared a vacant dumpster whose lid was left swung open. "Hello? Oscar the Grouch?" he asked as he tapped on the wall.
  "Guess again!"
  "Hmm. It isn't some rejects from the Philadelphia Zoo, is it?"
  "It just might be!" the voice yelled out as none other than Rocksteady and Bebop leaped out of the dumpster with their laser rifles in hand. "We've come for dat girl over there!"
    "Jillian? How the hell did-" before Jeff could finish, the mutants began to shoot at him. Not wanting to endanger his friend and family, he darted across the parking lot, taunting them to come after him. "Betcha can't catch me, ya walking weenies!"
    "That does it! I'm gonna kill that little butt-head!" Bebop said as he made an attempt to ram the boy. Jeffrey quickly mutated into Jephael just as Bebop was about to run him down. Jeph grabbed the wild boar by the arms and began spinning around, and tossed him into Rocksteady's path.
  "Jephael wins by a landslide!" the hairy headed turtle shouted, just as a dark figure crept up behind him.
  "Jeff, watch ou-" his mother screamed, half muffled by a hand covering her mouth.
    Before he could react, Jephael's arms were pinned to his side by energy ropes that now had him wrapped up. He turned around to see the silhouette of Shredder's helmet as he emerged from the shadow. "You always should listen to your mother! Ah, HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!"
  "Just what exactly are you up to, Tin Face?!"
  "My dear boy, what makes you think we're up to something?"
  "I don't know, but that 5.2 on the Richter scale couldn't have just come from anywhere!"
    "You mean like the one my vibrational cannon is capable of creating? Ha, that was merely a diversion for the Turtles to follow while I go for my true target: your friend, Jillian, so that I may draw her knowledge of the future into my own mind! You and your parents are more than welcome to join us in the Technodrome to-"
    "I appreciate the invite, but I'd rather kick your ass!" Jephael shouted as the ropes snapped off his arms. Just as he prepared himself to attack, a monster sized module emerged, which two Foot Soldiers shoved his parents into. Before Rocksteady and Bebop could do the same with Jillian, Jephael took one of the torn pieces of rope and whipped the mutants in the rear ends, causing them to loose their grips on the girl. Jeph grabbed Jillian and the two of them made a mad dash back towards the soccer field.
  "BLAST IT!!! Don't just stand there rubbing your asses! Take the boy's parents back to the Technodrome!" Shredder ordered his mutant minions. "I shall go after the children, and not even the Turtles shall get in my way!!!"
  "What are we gonna do now, Jeff?"
  "I don't know, Jillian. But we better go find the Turtles and let them know what's going on!"
  "What's going on?" Leonardo asked, startling the two kids. "Hey, calm down! It's just us!"
  "You just scared the crap outta me!"
  "Where are your parents?" asked Raphael.
  "They got taken hostage by Shredder and his two goons! I think they're being taken to the Technodrome."
  "Why would they do that?"
  "They were after Jillian. Apparently, they know about her knowledge of what's going to happen in the future."
  "But how? They had to have been monitoring us all this time." Michaelangelo mentioned.
  "They couldn't have though, or they would've attacked us at home." Donatello added. "Besides, with all of the radar blocking equipment I have based around Harleysville, they couldn't even see us."
  "Then the only way he could have known was is if they had been monitoring Jeff and Michaelangelo at school." Leo figured. "Lets get back to Jeff's house before we make any further decisions."
        That same moment in the Atlantic Ocean, just several hundred miles off the shoreline of New Jersey, the amphibious module that carried Rocksteady, Bebop and their two captives entered the Technodrome. As the module stopped at its docking base, Krang walked over to open the hatch and let its passengers out. "It's about time you returned, Shredder." As he looked into the module, a puzzled look came across Krang's face. "Where's Shredder and who the hell are these middle aged people?"
  "They're that Jeff kid's parents." Rocksteady explained. "They were with him and that girl when we went to capture her."
  "Uh, yeah. We had her near the door, when Jephael whipped our butts, so we took off with his parents instead." Bebop added.
  "Well, that's just peachy! Now I bet the Turtles will be guarding the girl! Bring those two into the dimensional portal chamber!" Krang ordered the mutants.
  A moment later, Krang had Jeff's parents encased inside a small force field in the corner of the room while he contacted Shredder. "You had better be finding that girl, Saki or I'm not sending you any help!"
  "Worry not, Krang. I have trailed the Turtles in their van back to their home. But I won't be able to get close enough to the girl. I need something to send her immediately to the Technodrome. Send me a squad of Foot Soldiers along with the remote control for our matter transporter."
  "Very well, Shredder! In the meantime I'll give those meddlesome reptiles a word of warning!"
    Meanwhile in the Turtle Van, Michaelangelo switched on the television screen to see if anyone had reported on the strange earthquake incident. "Aw, bummer! There's nothing but static!"
  "Why don't you try North Penn's cable station? They might've reported it." Jephael suggested.
  Before the turtle could reach the button on the tv, the screen suddenly flickered and flashed a picture of Krang. "Holy guacamole! What do you want, Krang?!"
  "Greetings, shellbacks! I'm calling to warn you that I will be sending reinforcements to capture the girl! However, if you surrender her immediately, I will release the boy's family in exchange."
  "Nothing doing, Pinky! I may love my parents, but there's no stinkin' way I'm going to let you get your slimy tentacles on my friend!"
  "Very well then, have it your way!" With that, Krang hit a button which activated a small booth containing five Foot Soldiers, one of which held a strange looking remote control in its hand. The Foot Soldiers suddenly disappeared in a flash of bright light. "You brought this on yourselves, fools!"
  "What the heck was that all about?" Raphael asked.
  "It looks like they're going to attempt to teleport Jillian into the Technodrome." Donatello figured.
  "We can't allow that to happen. We need some kind of plan!" Leonardo insisted.
  "I think I have an idea! Raphael, head back to the house. I need to pick up something." Back at Jeffrey's house, Donatello lead the group down to the basement where he took a pair of amulets, each of which had two strings attached to them.
  "What's with the fancy jewelry, dude?"
  "Remember the holographic television set I tried to make last year?"
  "Of course we do! I even enjoyed it, before it blew up during my exercise workout." Holly recalled.
    "Once again, I'm very sorry for that. Anyway, these crystals are the only things I could salvage from the holographic reflectors, and through them I managed to come up with a rather interesting invention." Don walked over to where Freckles and Pumpkin were both eating their meals, and proceeded to tie one of the amulets loosely around the orange cat's neck. Then just as he did the same to Freckles, the two suddenly began exchanging colors.
  "Incredible!" Jeff said in amazement.
  "Right, but it's only an illusion." Don explained as he held a small mirror up to the cats, which revealed their true forms. "The only limitation is the two people wearing the amulets can't be anymore than a mile away from each other."
  "So how will this help us with Shredder?"
  "It's simple. Jillian can wear one amulet and be disguised as whoever wears the other one."
  "But then whoever does wear the other amulet will have to be her decoy, and risk getting sent to the Technodrome." Leo exclaimed.
  "I could do that!"
  "Are you serious, Holly? It's way too dangerous!" Jephael argued.
  "I don't care! Our parents are in danger because of those creeps!"
  "She's got a point there. Besides, she shouldn't be in any major danger as long as we keep a safe distance from Shredder." Raphael suggested.
  "Speaking of Shredder, I have a strong feeling he shall be nearby any second! We had better be ready for him." Splinter insisted.
    About 10 minutes later, Shredder and his Foot Soldiers were surveying the farm just across the street from Jeff's house. As he stared into the vacant garage, he moaned angrily. "Those Turtles must be here! The place smells just like curdled cheese!"
  "That's just Arlin's cows, ya metal faced maniac!"
  Shredder scowled as he turned around to face the four Ninja Turtles. "Where is the girl?"
  "You'll have to get through us first, dude!"
  "Very well, you freaks of nature! Foot Soldiers, attack the Turtles!"
    As the Turtles and the Foot began to battle it out, Jephael attempted to sneak up behind Shredder to try getting ahold of the remote control for the transportation beam, only to be spotted by two more Foot Soldiers that appeared from nowhere. "Hey, that wasn't fair!"
  "Who says it was meant to be? Now show me to the girl, or you will soon join your family in the Technodrome!"
  "Not unless you take me with him!" a voice yelled from near the garage.
  "What the devil?" Shredder grumbled as he threw the boy down and went to investigate, just as the form of Jillian came running out. "Ah hah! Stand still while I teleport you!"
    "Nothing doing, Tin Face!" Jephael yelled as he pushed Shredder over, causing the remote to drop to the ground, face down. Before he could move, the remote was activated and a small yellow ray shot out and engulfed Jeph, causing him to vanish into thin air.
  "Oh no, Jeffrey!" the girl cried out.
  "Don't worry, my dear. You will soon join him!" Shredder spoke as he zapped her away.
    That same moment in the Technodrome, Krang and the mutants already had Jephael in their clutches just as the teleporter's second traveler arrived. Krang eagerly drug the girl out, only to receive a startling shock. "What is this?! That's not Jillian!"
  "Holly!" Jeph yelled as he watched the holographic image of Jillian replaced by his sister's true form. "Oh man, that thing really does wear off if the other person is too far away!"
  "Those b-b-blasted Turtles fooled us again!"
  "Gee, what was your first hint?" Jephael spat.
  Shredder was proud of himself until he noticed the young woman running passed him. "What? That wasn't Jillian I sent to the Technodrome. That was a decoy! Why those wretched reptiles! I'll zap all of them away for this!" Shredder said menacingly as he scoped the area which now had the Foot Soldiers' smashed up remains strewn around. "CURSE YOU TURTLES! CURSE YOU ALL TO HELL!!!"
  "Eat your heart out, Charlton Heston!" Raphael joked as he and Michaelangelo hid behind a tractor, guarding the real Jillian who stood between them.
     Leo and Don meanwhile proceeded to jump Shredder from behind, only to be shot at by the teleportation beams. The two turtles dodged the rays as they ran off towards the barn, hiding amongst the cows.
  "Donatello, is there any way we can counteract that device and bring Jeff back with his family?"
  "I'm afraid not. That thing can probably only send signals to the transporter booth Krang sent those Foot Soldiers through."
  "Show yourselves, you miserable freaks!" Shredder screamed.
  "Leonardo, grab that mirror over their by the sink. I've got an idea!"
    Just as Leo was about to run, Shredder shot at him from across the doorway. The turtle dodged the ray, which ricocheted off a metal pipe, and zapped one of the cows. Joey and his father looked in disbelief at the sight. "Hey, what the hell did you just do to that cow?!" Arlin yelled. "You better have some damn good money to pay for that one, or I'll take it out of your ass!"
  "Silence, you old fool, unless you wish to share that cow's fate!"
  "You better listen to him, Pop! He means business." Joey warned his father.
  "Joey, duck!" Don shouted as he pulled the farmer and his son away from the path of teleportation beams.
  Meanwhile in the Technodrome, Krang quickly became distracted by the odd sight of the cow that appeared in the transportation booth. "What in blazes is that lunatic Shredder up to?!"
    As the two dumb mutants turned to look, their grips on Jephael and Holly loosened. On his signal, Holly kicked Bebop in the knee while Jeph elbowed Rocksteady in the gut and the two of them ran off to find their parents.
  "Get those brats back here!" Krang ordered.
  "So where are Mom and Dad?"
    "They should be in the main chamber!" Jephael explained just as they ran into the room with the dimensional portal. In the corner of the room stood their parents trapped within the force field that encased them.
  "Mom! Dad!" Holly cried.
  "Hold on! I think I can free them. All we need to do is close the force field." as Jeph hit the shutoff switch, the red glowing dome vanished.
  "Holly! Jeffrey! Thank God you're here!" Linda spoke as she hugged them.
  "Awww, isn't that touching?" Rocksteady said from the other side of the room.
  "Yeah, it almost makes me feel bad that we gotta zap 'em to death!" Bebop finished.
  "That's what you think, bacon-breath!" Jephael bellowed as he twirled his grappling hook and sent it wrapping around their laser guns which he yanked from their hands.
  "Hey, no fair!" Rocksteady whined as he and Bebop charged the young turtle once again.
  "Don't you dim bulbs ever learn?" Jeph joked as he grabbed a barrel of grease and splashed it across the floor. The mutants slipped and slided until they landed flat on their faces. "Come on, we gotta get back to the teleporter so we can use it to get back home!" he spoke as the family ran out of the room.
    Back at the farm, the Shredder was now blind with rage as he fought one on one with Leonardo. "You wretched shellbacks are finished! Do you hear me? FINISHED!!!"
  "It's you who's about to be finished, Shred-head!" Leo boasted as he pounced Shredder in the gut.
  The angry ninja removed his metal mask as the sweat poured from his face. "I will never admit defeat!"
    "Geez, Chrome Dome! You've really flipped this time!" Michaelangelo cracked as he jumped Shredder, causing the remote for the transportation device to be thrown from his bladed hands. Raphael grabbed hold of the device just before it hit the ground. Shredder grabbed Mike by the bandana tails and threateningly pointed the prongs of his gauntlet at the turtle's throat.
  "Put it down, turtle!"
  "You better do it, Raphael!" Leo told his brother. "It's not worth risking Michaelangelo's safety."
  Raphael tossed the remote to Shredder who released his hold on Mikey. "You foolish Turtles! You had me beat, and you still cannot stand to see one of your own close to being finished!"
  "That's because we have a much better code of honor than yours, Shredder!"
  "Maybe so, but now I can easily send the lot of you to the Technodrome where you will finally meet your fate!"
  "But I thought you were here to send me to the Technodrome." Jillian said quietly.
  "Bah, that was Krang's stupid idea! He actually thinks that something some puny girl might happen to know could help us."
  "Hey, maybe I do! But even if I did, I wouldn't allow you to get anywhere near me!"
  "Then you better talk, or I will send these green fools away immediately!"
  As Jillian had Shredder's attention averted from the Turtles, Donatello's turtle comm beeped. "Hello?"
  "Hey Don, it's me!"
  "Jeffrey! Are you and Holly okay?"
    "Yeah, we're fine! I managed to find Mom and Dad while fending off Rocksteady and Bebop. I think Krang might still be looking for us though, so I gotta send my family back really quick. But listen, do you think you can take that amulet Jillian has on and put it on Shredder?"
  "I don't know, Jeff. We can try. Just see if you can send your family back to the exact coordinates my turtle comm is located at, and that should cause enough of a diversion."
  "No problemo! Okay, guys. I'm sending you back to Harleysville!" Jephael spoke as he took the amulet Holly had been wearing.
  "Aren't you coming back too?" Mom asked.
  "I'll be along soon, but I need to get you guys home first. Now get in!" he said as he shoed his parents and sister into the teleporter, followed by the cow that had been previously beamed into the Technodrome. Jeph punched the code which activated the accelerator and zapped them away.
  "You've had it, Turtle-Boy!" Krang shrieked from behind, chasing Jephael away from the matter transporter.
  "Catch me if you can, mucus-face!"
    As quickly as they had vanished, Holly and her parents appeared in a flash of bright light, followed by the cow yet again. Angry and confused, Shredder attempted to zap the arrivals back to the Technodrome, only to have the remote control stall on him. "Blasted device!"
  "Okay, Turtles! Now's our chance!" Leo ordered, as he Raphael and Michaelangelo proceeded to jump the Shredder.
    Donatello took the amulet that Jillian had been wearing and placed it on Shredder just as he broke free of the others' grasp. The angry ninja took the remote and zapped in Raph's direction. As the turtle dodged the beams, Mikey quickly took Jillian and ran for cover behind the cow where Jeff's family was standing. "Now, Turtles, it's time to finish you!"
  "Go ahead, Shredder! Make my day!"
  "Ah geez, Leonardo! I wanted to use that line!" Raph griped.
    "I shall take care of you first!" Shredder scowled as he aimed the remote at Leonardo. The turtle stood calm and confident as he concentrated on the ray's laser. Shredder hit the button, and just as the beam shot out, Leonardo took out the mirror, which the beam bounced off of and zapped Shredder. The remote was thrown into the air and smashed into the ground.
  "Man, that thing is totalled!" Michaelangelo stated just as the cow proceeded to relieve itself right on the remains of the teleporter remote.
  "But what about Jeffrey?" Jillian asked.
  "He said he'd be back soon." Holly replied. "I hope he knows what he's doing."
    That same moment in the Technodrome, Shredder angrily entered the dimensional portal chamber to confront his two bumbling mutants. However, he was unaware of the holographic cloak that now had him looking like Jephael. "Get up, you miserable idiots!"
  "Oh, you can't fool us!" Bebop said.
  "What the hell are you morons blathering about?!"
  "Yeah, nice impression of Shredder though!" Rocksteady remarked.
  "When will you stupid fools get your act together for once and do something right?!"
  "Okay, now that's just lame!"
  "Bebop! Rocksteady!" a voice called out. Shredder wheeled around in shock to see the form of himself from across the room. "Don't just stand there, grab that boy! I'm not finished with him!"
  "What in the-" before he could finish, Rocksteady and Bebop grabbed Shredder by the arms and pinned him to the ground while Jeph activated the force field that had earlier encased his parents.
  "You know, you could've waited for us to get outta the way, Boss!"
  "Yeah, now let us out!"
    Jephael reached through the bars of the force field to retrieve the amulet from Shredder, which returned both of them to their true physical forms. "Have a nice day, suckers!"
  The two mutants sheepishly grinned as they allowed their real master to get to his feet. "Hi, Boss! Fancy seeing you here."
  "It was obviously me the whole time, you moron! HOW COULD YOU NOT RECOGNIZE MY VOICE?!"
  "Well, we would have if you weren't disguised as dat kid!"
  "Oh, I can't wait to try and explain this to Krang! Where is Krang anyway?"
  "I'm right here!" Krang muttered as he went dancing across the room, Macerena style.
  "Boy, you got nice rhythm!" Rocksteady said.

    Krang sneered as he finally managed to get his body under control. "Shredder, you moron! It's your fault that kid named Jeffrey managed to defeat me while you were off fighting those miserable Turtles!!!" he bellowed as he shut down the force field. "Not to mention you couldn't bring me the right girl! I swear, if I ever get my hands on little Jeffy, I'll mutate him into a cockroach!"
  "Those blasted Turtles will rue the day they first meddled with me!" Shredder griped.
  "Oh, get a hint already!" Bebop muttered, prompting Shredder to whack him on the head. "Ow!"
    Back in Pennsylvania, Raphael and Leonardo were helping Arlin and Joey take their cow back in its holding cell when Jeff appeared back in human form.
  "Welcome back, bud!" Michaelangelo said, giving him a high three.
  "What happened to Shredder after we sent him back?" Donatello asked.
    "I remembered you saying that the amulets couldn't work unless both people wearing them were within a mile or so of each other. So, I figured if Shredder got sent back to the Technodrome wearing one while I had on the other, I could trick those stupid mutants into thinking I was him and vice versa!"
  "That was mondo clever, dude! Man, all that fighting got me hungry! Anyone up for some of that leftover pizza?"
  "Eh, what the heck? I'm kinda hungry, myself!" Jillian replied.
  After a couple of fun hours hanging out and playing video games, Jeff and Mikey decided it was time to take Jillian back home. "Thank you for saving me today, guys! I'll never forget it."
  "No problemo, dudette!" Mike said with a grin.
  "And hey, feel free to hang out with us whenever you want to!" Jeff mentioned.
  "I sure will, Jeff!" she said as she gave her friends a big hug.
  "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!" Jeff said as the girl went back inside her home.
  "It's already begun, dude! It's already begun!" Michaelangelo replied.


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