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Since I was a boy, I always loved imagining what it'd be like to actually go on adventures with the Ninja Turtles and other beloved fictional characters. Later on in my 20s I revisited these scenarios and came up with the Jephaelverse, an alternate reality set in my youth where the unbelievable was possible!

The Summer I was Young Again
Written in 2002 - Three teenagers from the real world are reverted to their pre-adolescent states and end up in the Ninja Turtles' world where they must help stop Shredder and Krang!

The Mania Effect
Written in 2003 - The TMNT learn that their world may be on the verge of collapsing due to their presence in the real world.
NOTE: Includes music track. Please keep volume turned down.

Future Friendship
Written in 2004 - Jeff and Michaelangelo meet up with Jillian during their freshman year in junior highschool!
NOTE: Includes audio snippet of dialogue. Please keep volume turned down.

Many Happy Returns
Originally written in 2005; Rewritten in 2009 - The Ninja Turtles come across familiar faces, allies and enemies alike, which leads them to discover Shredder and Krang's latest scheme to rule the world!

Runaway Reptile
Written in 2009 - Jephael and the Neutrinos team up with Rocksteady and Bebop to stop Slash from terrorizing Philadelphia! Meanwhile, Leonardo is haunted by someone from his past.

A Hero is Hard to Find
Written in 2010 - Jeff and the Ninja Turtles find themselves transported to another universe where they meet other young heroes!
NOTE: Includes music track. Please keep volume turned down.

Head Over Shell For You
Written in 2010 - During a trip to the shore, Raphael asks Mona Lisa a question that changes their relationship!

Rich Fantasy Life
2 Part Story Written in 2011 - It's Raphael and Mona Lisa's big day and nothing can spoil it, except for some unexpected guests.
NOTE: Includes audio snippets of dialogue. Please keep volume turned down.

Universal Balance
Originally written in 2011; Rewritten in 2012 - A visitor from the future shows up unexpectedly with a warning!
NOTE: Includes music track. Please keep volume turned down.

Rightful Ruler
Written in 2012 - While on a trip to New Jersey, Jeff and the Ninja Turtles run afoul of some familiar foes, which quickly leads them to a final confrontation with Krang!

Temporal Chaos
Written in 2013 - Enemies of the Teen Titans are running wild in the Smallville universe, but the Teen Titans themselves are nowhere to be found. Can Superman and the Ninja Turtles find the young super heroes before it's too late?
NOTE: Includes audio snippet of dialogue. Please keep volume turned down.

Rise With a Shiner
Written in 2014 - Raven and Lana help Jeff and the Ninja Turtles deal with some vengeful foes. Luckily, they meet up with a few old friends along the way!
NOTE: Includes audio snippet of dialogue. Please keep volume turned down.

Inter-Dimensional Kinship
Written in 2014 - An unexpected trip to Smallville leads the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to discover that Shredder still exists in a different form.

Torn Spirits
Written in 2015 - Vernon Fenwick and the last of the Neutrinos arrive on Earth to inform the Ninja Turtles about the tragic destruction of Dimension X.

Strange Developments
Written in 2015 - After Raven uses her powers on Phantom Shredder in order to save one of her old teammates, Oroku Saki gains his ultimate form. It all comes down to a final confrontation between the Ninja Turtles and their metal faced nemesis!

The World as They Didn't Know It
Written in 2015 - While looking for a missing Clark Kent in Smallville, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles learn what has become of their former reality!
NOTE: Includes audio snippet of dialogue. Please keep volume turned down.

Parallel Point of View
Written in 2016 - Control Freak unleashes havoc in one last vain attempt to get back at the goodguys and take over the universe!

Distant Memory

Seven Shredders
Written in 2012 - An accident with alien technology causes both the Ninja Turtles and their foes quite a predicament.

The Mysterious Vanishing Turtle
Originally written in 2002; Rewritten in 2014 - Michaelangelo tries a scientist's formula that grants him the ability to turn invisible.

That's Just Ducky
Written in 2018 - Donatello comes clean about his uneasy feelings towards the classic Ace Duck film series, while Burne Thompson runs into Master Splinter who takes him to the Far Eastern Animal Shelter where Usagi Yojimbo still resides and works with the former news manager's old flame.

This story has gone through multiple rewrites over the years, to the point I can't even recall when I first wrote it. This is the final version, finished in January of 2016.
After hearing news of their close friend Harry Potter disappearing during a mission in the Big Apple, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger set out to rescue him, and during the trip they discover New York City has its own special magic of sorts that results in taking their relationship up a notch!!!Marty McFly and his girlfriend/future wife Jennifer Parker end up back in the year 1957 where they come across fellow time traveler Dr. Sam Beckett who for some unknown reason has leapt into none other than Hill Valley's town asshole Biff Tannen! Shortly after they meet Sam's holographic colleague Admiral Al Calavicci who assists them on setting right whatever has gone wrong in the past... or is it the future?

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