Rich Fantasy Life - Part Uno

story by Jephael

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This story takes place nearly eight years after the events of
The Summer I was Young Again. Friends and relatives who have appeared in past stories make special cameos.
Beast Boy and Raven from the Teen Titans return, but a little older than when we last saw them in "A Hero is Hard to Find". Characters from the Warner Bros. series Smallville return as well, depicted a year after the series finale.

Jephaelverse Earth (Dimension J); Harleysville, Pa - May 26TH, 2000

      Dori pulled up to the Oughtons' residence around 5:15 in the evening. She was feeling stressed because she had a busy day and now she was running late. She ran up to the front porch and was about to ring the doorbell when the door suddenly opened.
  "Hey Dori, it's about time you got here!" Jeff said as he gave his friend a hug.
  "I'm sorry, Jeff. The couple I've been babysitting for got home late from work." she explained as she walked in.
  Mona Lisa ran up to Dori and gave her a hug. "There's the maid of honor! I was getting worried you might've been in an accident on the way over."
  Dori chuckled. "Oh, I'm fine. How're you feeling?"
  "I'm excited, and a little nervous!"
  "You're not the only one, dudette. Raphael's had the hiccups for like the last three hours." Michaelangelo said.
  "It's only been -HIC- two and a half!" Raph said, jumping a little as he hiccupped.
  "It's such ashame Jillian can't make it this weekend." Jeff said disappointed. "She sure has been busy!"
  "I know, it stinks. Oh well, my mom is coming tomorrow for the wedding." Dori mentioned.
  "Oh, that's great! We've been anxious to meet her!"
  "For sure. She sounds like a nice lady. Um, what's her name again?" Michaelangelo asked in a sheepish tone.
  "Her name is Carol. Is anybody else going to be here?" Dori asked.
  "James is coming, and my cousins who live down the street will be here." Jeff answered. "Weren't the Punk Frogs supposed to show up sometime today?"
  "They -HIC- called during lunch and said -HIC- they'd be here by -HIC- close to -HIC- 10 PM." Raphael said, trying to maintain his composure between hiccups.
  Mona Lisa giggled. "Come on, sweety. Lets go into the kitchen and get a glass of water."
  "There you are, Michaelangelo." Splinter said as he and Leonardo walked up. "Mrs. Oughton has an outfit she'd like you to try on for the ceremony."
  "Aw, but I already picked my outfit. I'm going Hawaiian style!"
  "Oh no you're not, Mikey!" Leo interjected. "We've been over this a dozen times now, and-"
  Suddenly, the door to the basement swung open. "Hey Jeff, would you mind coming downstairs and helping me?"
  "Now's not really a good time, Donnie. Dori just got here and we've got to get ready for the rehearsal dinner."
  "I know, but this will only take a few minutes!" Donatello said as he walked over and dragged Jeff by the arm.
  Jeff let out a sigh. "Okay, fine."
  Leonardo turned his attention back to Michaelangelo. "As I was saying, we've been over this a thousand times! You're not going to spoil Raphael and Mona Lisa's wedding!"
  "All right, I'll wear the damn tux!" Mikey griped as he and Leo walked into Jeff's parents' room.
  "So how has college been going for you, Dori?" Splinter asked as he led her into the kitchen where Raphael and Mona Lisa were sitting at the table.
  "It's been going very well. Thanks for asking!"
  Meanwhile downstairs, Donatello had what looked like a ray gun sitting on the work bench.
  "Don't tell me you got this in Dimension X!" Jeff said.
    "No, but you're sort of close. It's one of Shredder's weapons I found in the Technodrome during my last trip to Shellrelah. I tried testing it on some rocks I found out on the road, but it didn't do anything to them"
  "Perhaps it's meant to affect living organisms. Hey, there's a dial on this thing." Jeff noted. "It looks like some kind of time setting, though it only goes up to an hour." Jeff set the dial to 5 MINUTES and aimed the ray at Freckles the old pet cat. "I hope this doesn't hurt her." he said.
  "It shouldn't... I hope."
  Jeff pulled the trigger and a bright blue beam shot out and zapped Freckles who tried to run, but the moment the ray hit her, she froze.
  "It seems to be some sort of paralyzing ray!" Donatello stated.
  "Hey dudes, like are you busy? We kind of need some help up here." Michaelangelo called from upstairs.
    Jeff took the paralyzing ray and stuffed it into his belt buckle, then picked up Freckles and carried her back upstairs to the living room. He placed the frozen cat on the sofa as he turned to see Michaelangelo in a rather oversized tuxedo. "You look like a little kid playing dress-up."
  "Very funny, bro!"
  "What's wrong with Freckles?" Leonardo asked.
  "It's an experiment. She should be mobile again in about five minutes." Donatello said, looking a little nervous.
    Just then the front doorbell rang. "Now who could that be?" Mrs. Oughton asked as she opened the front door to see an oddly dressed pair of teenagers standing on the porch.
  "Are you sure this is the right place, Raven?"
  "Trust me, Beast Boy. I've been here before. Not physically, mind you, but... Oh, hello. We're looking for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It's very urgent!"
  "Hey, I recognize those two voices!" Michaelangelo said out loud.
    "As if the names Raven and Beast Boy aren't a dead giveaway already!" Jeff said as he pulled his mom aside and reached out the doorway to shake hands with the green skinned young man. "Hey, Titans, long time no see! Are you here for the wedding?"
  "No, but I'm a little shocked we weren't invited." Beast Boy stated.
  "Damn it, Garfield! We don't have time for this!" Raven snapped as she stormed through the doorway.
    At the same moment Splinter entered the living room from the kitchen, anxious to greet his friend from the astral plane. "Raven, what brings you to our world?"
  "I thought I should give you a fair warning that your Shredder is back! I sensed him a few days ago traveling between dimensions."
  "Oh great. What a time for old Bucket-Breath to be back!" Jeff remarked.
  "Can you tell us which dimension he was coming from?" Leonardo asked.
  "No, but I was able to see where he was going. Infact Donatello and my friend Starfire had gone there the last time we met."
  "Smallville? What would Shredder be doing in Smallville?" Don asked.
  "He probably wanted to pick up some pointers from Lex Luthor." Michaelangelo joked.
  "This is no laughing matter, my students. You must travel to Smallville immediately and stop our arch nemesis from doing any further damage to the multi-verse!"
  "But what about the wedding?" Jeff asked.
  "Hey, we've been able to beat Shred-head in one evening before! How hard should it be this time?" Raphael said, having been listening in from in the kitchen with Mona Lisa and Dori.
  "Raphael's right! Come on, Turtles!" Leo said as he beckoned his brothers and Jeff into the basement to gather their weapons.
    Michaelangelo twirled his nunchucks around when he noticed the other side of the basement where the dimensional portal generator usually stood. "Hey Don, what happened to the portal?"
    "Oh, Jeffrey and I dismantled it a few months ago. The view screen was beginning to wear out from over-usage so I thought it'd be safer to just get rid of it before it blows up on us. But actually, I'm glad you brought it up because this gives me the opportunity to try out the new trans-dimensional teleportation circuits I installed in the Turtle Van." Donatello said with excitement as he twirled his bo staff.
    Back upstairs Freckles was coming out of her frozen state. Beast Boy attempted to pet her, but the cat darted off. "Hey, come back! I just wanted to give you a belly rub!"
  "So what should we do while the guys are gone?" Dori asked Mona Lisa.
  "Actually I was thinking it might be fun to go along. I missed out the last time they took a trip like this because I had to take care of Cherubae."
  Just then Jeff and the Turtles came back into the living room with their weapons strapped to their belts. "Boy I can't wait to give Shred-head a good wallop!" Raphael said brandishing one of his sais.
  "We'll be back soon, Mom." Jeff said as he hugged Mrs. Oughton.
  "Be safe out there, honey."
    Donatello was the first one to walk outside and ran excitedly towards the Turtle Van, followed by Jeff. "Hey Don, you're gonna need these to drive!" the boy said as he held up the keys.
  "I'm going to let you do the honors."
  "Really? Awesome!" Jeff replied as he opened the door to the driver's seat.
  Leonardo and Raphael soon came outside accompanied by Dori and Mona Lisa. "I hope you guys don't mind if we join you."
  "Of course not, darling. The more the merrier!" Raph said happily. "Besides, it's kinda nice having the whole wedding party take a trip together like this."
  "Just remember, Dori. If things get dangerous, one of us should be there to keep you safe."
  "Thanks, Leonardo."
  "So like let me get this straight. It's been four years since we were in your world?" Michaelangelo asked Raven and Beast Boy as they walked out of the house together.
    "Apparently time moves a little faster in our dimension for some reason. A lot's changed." Beast Boy explained. "Robin altered his costume and now calls himself Nightwing. He and Starfire have been living in a city called Blüdhaven for the past few months. Cyborg also moved out and joined Titans East."
  "So it's just the two of you living in that mondo big tower?" Mikey asked.
  "No, we've had some friends move in with us. A few of them are a little young though, so I insisted they stay home." Raven exclaimed.
  "I hope Kid Flash and Jinx aren't too miffed we gave them babysitting duty!" Beast Boy added with a laugh as they joined Leonardo, Raphael, Mona Lisa and Dori in the back of the Turtle Van.
  "Everybody strap in. This is going to be a pretty gnarly ride!" Jeff said as he revved the engine. He pulled out of the driveway and headed down the road. "Okay, Donatello. Where to?"
  "Just keep driving while I punch in the coordinates." Don said as he punched buttons on the console. Shortly after, an image of the Kent Farm appeared on the display screen. "Bingo, I have the location! Jeff, head towards the highway."
  Several minutes later Raphael started to get a little antsy. "Okay, we've been on the road for a good ten minutes. When do we open the portal?"
  "Where we're going, we don't need portals!" Donatello joked. "The teleportation circuits are almost ready. Soon as I give the signal, Jeff will hit the gas and once we get to 55 miles an hour, we're gonna see some major fireworks!" A yellow light on the console of Donatello's dimensional teleportation controls lit up. "All right, we're ready! Hit it, Jeffrey!"
  "You got it, Donnie!" Jeff pressed his foot down on the gas pedal and sped up.
      As soon as the Turtle Van got up to 50 MPH, sparks began to fly around the vehicle and the bumper on the front of the van glew bright white. As the van reached 55 MPH the entire vehicle was glowing white and with a brilliant flash of light it vanished!

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Smallville, KS - May 25TH, 2012

      Martha Kent sighed as she sat on the porch swing watching her son run frantically around the farm.
  "Well, that's everything. The crops are dusted, the cows are fed and I fixed all the holes in the barn Captain Boomerang made when he attacked me and Bart."
  "My word, I don't know where you get all that energy!"
  "I've got a good idea!" Lois Lane said with a devilish smirk as she came out the front door and kissed Clark on the cheek. "I hope you're in the mood for my out-of-this-world tuna sandwiches!"
  Clark rolled his eyes, though he didn't dare make a comment. As much as he loved Lois, her culinary skills left much to be desired.
  Martha laughed. "Come on, son. It can't be that bad."
  Before Clark could interject, there was a bright flash of light and a large yellow vehicle with a green roof emerged from up the road.
  "What the hell?" Lois said as she ran out to the driveway and took out a small camera.
  "Lois, wait!" Clark said as he ran up to her and pulled her back.
  "Clark, be careful! I just bought this camera!"
  "I'm more worried about you, Lois! There's no telling who or what might be in that thing."
  "It's just an old RV... with a really tacky color scheme."
  They walked up to the van just as the front passenger door window rolled down revealing a familiar looking mutant turtle. "Hey, Clark! Uh, long time no see."
  "Donatello? Is that you?"
  "Who else would it be?" Don said with a grin.
  Lois was taken aback for a moment but quickly overcame the shock. "A talking turtle? That has to be the wackiest thing I've ever seen!"
  "Wait'll she sees the rest of us!" Raphael remarked.
  "Hey dudes, it's getting kinda crowded in here. Besides, Mother Nature's been calling me since the moment we got here!"
  "Make it quick, Michaelangelo." Jeff said as he pushed a button on the dash that activated the back door to swing open.
  Lois peaked in and stared wide-eyed at the Turtles and their friends.
  "Take a picture, lady. It'll last longer!" Mona Lisa joked.
  "Don't mind if I do!" Lois said as she aimed her camera, though she was quickly stopped by Clark. "Aw come on!"
  "Lois, they aren't here for you to get a story."
  "I wasn't looking for one! Besides the Daily Planet wouldn't be interested in a story about alien amphibians from the Crab Nebula!"
  "Actually, we're known as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!" Leonardo exclaimed.
  "Plus if you haven't noticed, some of us are humans." Beast Boy chimed in as he put his arm around Raven who didn't seem to mind.
    Mikey found a quiet area behind the barn to relieve himself. "That's the cool thing about not wearing pants. You don't have to deal with zippers!" Once he finished urinating, Michaelangelo turned around expecting to see a clear view of his bros in the Turtle Van, but instead he got quite a surprise. "Whoa!"
  "Well howdy, little buckaroo! Remember us?"
  A familiar looking mutant bull grabbed Michaelangelo and flung him into the air, landing at the feet of another furry mutant. "Groundchuck and Dirtbag? What're you dudes doing here?!"
  "Having us some fun!" the mutant mole said as he grabbed Mikey by the throat and punched him in the stomach.
  Jeff was the first to notice the commotion from across the yard. "Uh guys, don't look now but I think our resident party dude is in trouble!"
  Donatello, Leonardo and Raphael quickly got out and ran towards the barn to confront their brother's attackers.
  "Hey, you ugly mugs! Let go of our buddy!" Raph said.
  "With pleasure!" Dirtbag replied as he hurled Michaelangelo against the wall of the barn.
  "You chumps really made me mad now!" Don said as he proceeded to hit Groundchuck in the head with his bo.
  "Hey, nobody tenderizes this bull!" Groundchuck retaliated by grabbing Donatello by the arms and flinging him around.
    "You finish taking care of those green freaks while I tunnel under the house and find what Shredder wants." Dirtbag started burrowing into the ground, when he was suddenly bashed in the face with a frying pan. The impact not only knocked him out cold, but caused blood to gush out his nose.
  "I don't appreciate people wrecking my late husband's farm!" Martha Kent said defiantly with the frying pan in her hand.
  "Ooh! You're going to regret that, lady!" Groundchuck said.
  "I don't think so!" Clark said as he grabbed Groundchuck by the horns and flung him in the air, causing him to crash into the fence.
  "Now that's taking the bull by the horn!" Leonardo quipped.
  Raphael checked on Michaelangelo who had momentarily blacked out. "You okay, buddy?"
  "For sure, dude."
  "You really had us scared back there, Mikey! You gotta be more careful!" Don spoke.
  "Like how was I to know those bozos were gonna show up and try to make a pinnate out of me?"
  "What I just want to know is how they got here." Leo mentioned as he and Donatello tied up Dirtbag's unconscious body.
  "There's only one way. Someone must have busted them out of the Turtleoids' prison and used the Technodrome's portal to bring them here!" Donatello explained.
  "Which means Kerma and his people could be in big trouble!" Jeff remarked.
  "Can you call him and check?" Dori asked.
  "Not if the Technodrome's been taken over." Don remarked.
  "Then we have no choice. Somebody's got to travel to Shellrelah and keep the Turtleoids safe." Leo said.
  "That doesn't sound like too tough a challenge!" Mona Lisa remarked.
  "There's just one problem. If we split up, how do we keep in contact between dimensions?" Jeff asked.
    "I didn't think about that. We'll have to keep the Turtle Van with us here in Smallville and Raven will have to use her powers to open a portal to Kerma's planet." Donatello explained. "Besides, something tells me the dimensional teleportation circuits need some fine tuning. I thought I had set the coordinates so the van would appear a couple of miles down the road from here where Starfire and I first showed up. Instead we appeared just a few yards from the Kent Farm."
  "Any closer and I probably would've crashed us into the barn." Jeff stated.
  "Hey, atleast you didn't run any of us over. Although if you had hit Clark he would've just made a big dent in your fender." Lois joked.
  "So like who's going where?" Beast Boy asked.
  "Raphael and I can go to Shellrelah and check on the Turtleoids." Mona Lisa said.
  "Sounds like a plan. Just be careful, you two." Leo said as he shook hands with his brother.
  "Hey, what's the worst that could happen?" Raphael said.
  "Famous last words." Raven remarked as she focused her powers on a point infront of Raph and Mona Lisa. Within seconds a star-filled vortex opened and she beckoned them to go through it.
  Mona Lisa took her groom's hand and they walked through the portal. Just then a golden retriever came running out of the barn, barking wildly.
  "Shelby, no!" Martha called out, but she was too late. The dog ran right through the portal.
  "Can you bring her back?" Clark asked.
  "I'm sorry. This is a one-way portal and I can't keep it opened much longer." Raven answered.
  "Don't worry, Clark. I'll find Shelby. You just concentrate on saving our world!" Lois said as she kissed her boyfriend on the cheek and jumped into the portal.
  That same moment Michaelangelo turned around to notice Groundchuck and Dirtbag had disappeared. "Hey, where'd the new gruesome twosome go?"
  "Your guess is as good as mine, dude." Jeff replied.

Jephaelverse Shellrelah (Dimension J) - May 26TH, 2000

    As Lois came through the portal, she attempted to do a cartwheel and a barrel roll but tripped on a rock in the process. "Damn. I hate when that happens!" she said as she got up and brushed the dirt off her jeans just as Shelby came up to her and sniffed her hand. "There you are, you naughty little mutt!" she said as she rubbed the dog's head. "You know better than to go running through mysterious black holes!"
  "Practice what you preach, Miss Lane." Raven said as she came through the portal. "I would have promised to look after your future husband's pet myself, but now what's done is done."
  "Come on, it's not like having another person here is going to change things." Mona Lisa said.
    "You have to keep in mind that we're basically tampering with the laws of time and space! With every interaction between yourself and someone from another dimension, you run the risk of altering that person's fate and endangering their very existence!" the young sorceress said.
  "Ladies, can we please get a move on? I really don't like being near this cave." Raphael said. "It reminds me of that butt-ugly monster Herman the Horrible's hideout!"
  "Yea, but wasn't Herman just some butt-ugly robot those two butt-ugly Turtleoids created to terrorize Kerma and the others?" Mona Lisa said as they started to head towards Turtleoid City.
  "He- I mean they were, but let me tell you something. You never forget such a creepy looking creature!"

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Metropolis, KS - May 25TH, 2012

  "Are we there yet?" Beast Boy asked. "We've been on the road for like three hours!"
  "We should be almost there, Beast Boy." Martha replied as she steered down another street. "Thanks for letting me drive the van, Donatello. I used to drive one just like it back in the 70s!"
  "My pleasure, Mrs. Kent. It gives me the chance to overlook the trans-dimensional teleportation circuits and make sure there aren't any bugs in the system."
  "Yes, but in the meantime there's no telling what Shredder could be up to!"
    "Like chill out, Leonardo! " Michaelangelo remarked. "Clark said if there's anything mondo weird going on in the city, his team would be on top of it! I just wish I could've gone along to the Daily Planet with Jeff and Dori."
  Meanwhile, about 500 feet in the air, Clark was donned in his now famous Superman uniform as he flew through the city while holding Jeff and Dori by either side. "Are you guys okay?"
  "I'm having fun!" Dori said as she looked down at the city's landscape.
  "Same here." Jeff said.
  Clark could tell the young man was feeling rather queasy. "Don't worry. We're just about there." As they landed on the Daily Planet, Clark opened the door leading into the building. "Here, take these guest passes with you. You'll have access into the bullpen where my desk is located."
  "Thanks, Superman!" Jeff said with a grin as he tried to regain his composure.

  As they entered the elevator, Dori turned to Jeff and said "Boy I have to admit it was sort of fun flying over Metropolis like that!"
  "You can say that again, Dori. I sorta wish Clark hadn't gone so darn fast though! I nearly lost my lunch halfway to the Daily Planet!"
  "Maybe you should take a seat, Jeff. You look a little pale."
  "Nah, I'll be -URP- fine."
  Moments later they found themselves wandering a room filled with reporters hard at work on their computers. "I sure hope nobody sees us." Dori said.
  "Eh, I wouldn't expect us to attract much atten-"
  "Oh my God, I can't believe you're here!" a mousy voice said from behind them. Dori and Jeff turned around to see a young lady with long blonde hair standing in front of them The lady grabbed Dori's hand and shook it wildly. "Cat Grant of the Daily Planet. It's such an honor meeting you, Lana!" she said with a bubbly grin on her face.
  "Oh, I'm sorry. That was so rude of me, Miss Lang! It's just I've really appreciated all the letters you sent me over the past year regarding The Blur. Of course he doesn't go by that name anymore!"
  "Um, Miss Grant, I hate to break it to you, but-"
  "Oh is this your new fella, Lana?" Cat asked Dori, interrupting Jeff. "Not much of a catch. I mean seriously after being married to a guy like Lex Luthor, I'd find it hard to trade him in for someone who dresses like a... hipster!"
  "Is there a problem here?" a middle-aged gentleman said as he stood right behind Cat.
    "You can help by butting out of other people's beeswax!" Cat snapped as she turned around, though when she realized who she was talking to, her tone changed. "Mr. Perry White! My gosh, I am so sorry! I didn't know you were here! I was... I was just talking to Miss Lang and her beau here when-"
    "Let me stop you right there, Miss Grant. I know for a fact that this young woman is not Lana Lang. Though I will admit the resemblance is uncanny, I know for a fact that Lana Lang isn't nearly as tall, plus she has green eyes. Do your research, Miss Grant. Also, if the real Lana Lang ever shows up here, I ask that you not speak to her unless I'm present! Understood?"
  "Yes, Mr. White, sir." Cat said meekly as she slunk back to her desk.
  "Poor girl. I didn't mean to get her in trouble like that." Dori said.
  "Hey, she brought it on herself by acting like Cheri Oteri on a sugar high!" Jeff remarked. "Man, where the hell is Clark?"
  Just then there was a loud boom and the entire building shook. People began running frantically for the stairs.
  "People, please remain calm. It was probably just-" Perry White was interrupted by yet another loud boom. "Great Ceaser's Ghost!"
    "I seriously doubt Great Ceaser is behind this!" Jeff remarked as he noticed a giant potted plant about to fall on someone's head. Jeff ran as quickly as he could towards the large vase and grabbed it just before it could land on the reporter's head. "Don't just stand there, string bean! Get out!"
  Dori looked back to notice Cat Grant quaking in fear. She ran over to her and helped her up. "Come on, lets get out of here!"
  "But what about your boyfr-" Cat's eyes went wide as she saw Jeff mutate. "Ah... Ah... ALIENS!!!"
  Dori sighed as she grabbed Cat by the arm and dragged her towards the staircase.

Jephaelverse Shellrelah (Dimension J); Turtleoid City - May 26TH, 2000

  "Hey, how much farther is it? My dogs are killing me!" Lois said as she pet Shelby. "Are your dogs killing you, pal?"
  "It's not too much further. The city should be right over this hill." Raphael replied.
  "Raven, why did you land us so far away from the Turtleoids' home turf?" Mona Lisa asked.
    "To be honest, this has been happening a lot today. When I teleported myself and Beast Boy to your world, we actually wound up a mile away from the Oughtons' house. Luckily, Garfield is capable of flying just like I am, so it wasn't really a problem. Donatello's invention seems to have the opposite problem. Instead of showing up too far away from our destination we showed up too close."
  "Hey, check it out! We're here!" Raph said excitedly as he pointed to the skyline of the city.
  "Oh wow. It's like... it's like something out of The Wizard of Oz!" Lois exclaimed.
  "Guess that makes you Dorothy." Mona Lisa joked.
  "Good comeback, sweetheart!" Raphael said as he kissed his fiance on the cheek. "Huh, that's weird. I don't see any sign of-" Just then there was a loud explosion and several buildings on the north side of the city crumbled to the ground. Screams could be heard in the distance. "What the hell?!"
  "Oh my God. Kerma!" Mona Lisa screamed as she and Raph ran towards the city.
  "Hey, wait for us!" Lois yelled as she and Shelby ran side by side. "I am definitely getting a workout today!"
  Tears began to fill Mona Lisa's eyes as they came across dozens of dead Turtleoids who had been in the buildings as they were demolished. "NO! We're too late! We're too damn late!" she cried.
  Raphael hugged his grief stricken bride to be. "It's okay, babe. There's nothing we could have done." Raph's own grief suddenly turned to rage. "Whoever did this is going to pay! I'll see to that!"

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Metropolis, KS - May 25TH, 2012

  Jephael wandered into the basement of the Daily Planet as he tied his red bandana over his eyes. "Hello? Anybody here? There's no need for alarm. I'm just a friendly guy in the body of a large turtle."
  "I gotta tell ya, that has to be the gayest outfit I've ever seen!"
  Jeph turned around to see a young teenaged girl with dark features, including a lot of heavy eye shadow. "You know I really don't appreciate those kinda remarks!"
  "Shut up, you reptilian wimp! I saw you and your girlfriend up in the sky with Big Blue. I know he's here, and if he doesn't show up in ten minutes I'm bringing this whole place down!"
  "Oh yea? I'd like to see you try!" Jephael spat.
  The girl looked menacingly as she focused on a pile of wooden crates, and with the flick of her wrist she sent a powerful energy blast causing the crates to explode.
  "Holy shit! What hell kind of arch fiend are you?!"
  "The name's Plastique, and I'm about to do to you what I did to those boxes!"
  That moment there was a bright flash of light and a beautiful blonde haired girl dressed in blue spandex with white stars appeared. "Don't even think about it, bitch!"
  "I'm getting real freaking sick of you, Stargirl!"
  "The feeling's mutual!" the girl in blue said as she used the crystal spear on the end of her staff to knock Plastique over. "If I had a dollar for every epic fail you made, I bet I'd have enough money to take a trip to Aruba!"
  "SHUT UP!!!" Plastique screamed as she ran towards Stargirl and attempted to punch her.
  Jephael was rather enjoying the little catfight just when his turtle comm went off. "Jeffrey, where the heck are you? You wouldn't believe what's going on out here!"
  "Um, I'll have to call you back, Donatello." He hung up and turned his attention back on his would-be assailant and the angel that came to his rescue!
  Plastique was trying to defend herself with a chunk of wood from the demolished crate while Stargirl kept ahold of her staff.
  "I really hate you, you... blue suited bimbo!"
    "Oh, that really hurts. I was hoping we could be friends." Stargirl replied sarcastically as she managed to smash the chunk of wood in Plastique's hands to pieces. "You've been a bad girl, Betty! So I'm sending you someplace where you can think of your actions."
  A bright light from the staff's crystal emanated around Plastique, causing her to vanish, leaving behind the echo of her scream, "YOU DAMN TW-"
  "Man, she's got a mouth on her!" Jephael remarked.
  Stargirl smiled as she walked up to the turtle boy. "Are you okay?"
  "Oh yea, I'm great! Thanks for saving my shell! The name's-"
  "Jeff Oughton, friend of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Chloe and Oliver filled me in on you guys a year ago during a picnic in Star City."
  "Oh. So um, if you don't mind me asking, what's your name?"
  Stargirl put her mouth up close to Jephael's ear and whispered "Courtney."
    Jeff could feel his heart pounding in his chest as he reverted back to human form. Just then the turtle comm went off a second time. "What?!"
  "Chill out, dude. It's Michaelangelo. We were just getting worried about you. Is Dori with you?"
  "Dori? Holy shit, I totally forgot about her!" Jeff said as he slapped himself on the head. "I've got to find her!"
  "She's safe, Jeffrey. Superman just told me he spotted her and Cat Grant hiding out in a cafe downtown. I can take you right there!" Stargirl took Jeff by the arm and teleported them out of the Daily Planet.
    A few blocks away at the Metro Coffee Shop Dori and Clark Kent (now dressed in his work clothes and glasses) were sitting with a shaken Cat Grant at a table outside a cafe. "It's going to be all right, Miss Grant."
  "Thanks, Clark. In all the excitement I must've just thought I saw a little green alien."
  "That's right. There's no such thing as little green aliens." Dori said consolingly.
  That moment the Turtle Van pulled up and Beast Boy jumped out in the form of a little green squirrel. He then morphed into human form right in front of Cat. "Hey, ladies! How's it hanging?"
  Cat's eyes went white with fright as she proceeded to let out a squeak of a scream before passing out.
  "Beast Boy, get back in the van!" Leonardo yelled.
  "Sorry, but I just had to get outside! I was starting to suffocate!"
  "He's got a point, you know." Michaelangelo said as he opened the side door to the van. "So like what's the plan?"
    "I found out there're some weird seismic activity going on in the arctic, right around the area my fortress is located." Clark explained. "Right now my colleague Emil Hamilton is going over some surveillance footage from Oliver Queen's satellite systems."
  "How is the emerald archer doing these days?" Mikey asked.
  "Doing pretty good, actually." Clark answered with a smile. "He and Chloe have a little 4 month old boy! They named him Jonathan, after my adoptive father!"
  "Attention, people of Metropolis!" a voice spoke from over the radio in the van.
  "What the heck?!" Don said as he turned on the monitor in the back.
    Shredder's fiendish face appeared. "I am Oroku Saki, better known as The Shredder. I have come from a far off world to warn you of a threat that not even the Man of Steel can save you from! A green menace that has come to destroy your very way of life!"
  "Donatello, isn't there any way you could-"
  "I'm way ahead of you, Leonardo! The source of the transmission is coming from LexCorp!"
  "I should've known Luthor had a hand in this!" Clark said as he supersped into the coffee shop.
  That same moment Jeff and Stargirl came up the street. "Sorry it took us so long to get here. Apparently the staff is a little on the fritz. We were in Suicide Slums for a few minutes before I could get us here."
  "No biggie, Star Spangled Dudette!" Michaelangelo replied with a grin.
  "Keep it in your shell, pal." Beast Boy joked.
    A minute later Clark came back out in his Superman uniform with a cup of coffee in one hand and his Daily Planet clothes in the other. "I just got off the phone with Emil. He said that there's a humongous globe shaped tank on treaded wheels."
  Leonardo, Donatello and Michaelangelo exchanged glances and yelled out at once "The Technodrome!!!"
  "Why didn't I piece it together sooner? We left it right there outside the Turtleoids' city! I have to contact Raphael!" Don said as he fiddled with the trans-dimensional radio. "Damn it! I can't get through."
  "Why don't we go to Watchtower and see if Emil can help us?" Martha suggested.
  "Good idea, Mrs. Kent!" Don replied
  "Michaelangelo, you go with Superman to the arctic and track down the Technodrome! I'll take Beast Boy, Jeff and Stargirl with me to face Shredder!" Leo ordered.
  "What about Cat Grant?" Dori asked.
  "She should be fine. One whiff of this latte will have her up and about in no time!" Superman exclaimed as he set the cup of coffee down on the table.
  Dori stepped into the back of the Turtle Van just as Leonardo got out. "Be careful out there, guys."
  "Don't worry, Dori. Like Raph said earlier, we can handle Tin Grin in a snap!" Jeff replied.

Jephaelverse Shellrelah (Dimension J); Turtleoid City - May 26TH, 2000

  "Okay, this is definitely not my idea of a pleasure trip!" Lois said as she and Raven came out of one of the buildings that barely remained intact from the explosion.
  "We have to keep searching for survivors. Only a third of the city was destroyed, so not all of the Turtleoids should be dead."
  "That's a comforting thought."
  "It's important that we stay positive, Miss Lane." Raven exclaimed. "Turtleoids are very sensitive creatures. Just a hint of hostility causes them to panic."
  "So they're basically a planet of reptilian George McFlies!"
    "I must say, I resent that remark." an elderly Turtleoid said as he crossed their path. "Atleast I would if I knew what a George McFly was." the ancient creature was covered in soot. "I'm Merka, senior member of the High Counsel of Shellrelah. Are you friends of Donatello and his brothers?"
  "Yes we are." Raven answered. "However Donatello's not with us. We came with Raphael and his fiance Mona Lisa."
    "Ah yes, the lizard like creature Kerma told us about. We were hoping all four of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would come to save us from the monster that did this to our innocent world." Merka shed a tear. "My son and his two children were all in that building just beyond those palm trees. Now they're no more."
  Lois knelt down and put her hand on the old turtle's shoulder. "I am truly, deeply sorry for your loss, sir. But listen, we're going to see it the bastard that took your family from you pays for it!"
  "My dear, we Turtleoids don't believe in vengeance. We believe in coexisting with-"
  "Hey guys, you gotta come check this out!" Mona Lisa yelled from just down the street.
  Lois, Raven and Merka followed Mona Lisa a few blocks down near the center of the city where Raphael stood overlooking life sized gold statues of him and his brothers.
  "Ah yes, we built this monument not too long ago." Merka explained. "Some of the elders were against the idea of sculpting these because they thought the gold used was needed for more important things."
  "That's what I always liked about you Turtleoids. They really know how to show their gratitude!" Raph said with a sniffle, which he quickly covered. "I'm sorry, I got some dust in my eye."
  "Oh sweetheart, quit trying to be Mr. Tough Guy!" Mona Lisa said.
  "There you are, Merka! We've been worried sick!" another elderly Turtleoid said as he walked up to them.
  "I'm fine, Mako. Sadly I can't say the same for my family, and countless others."
  Raphael then had a horrible thought. "Please don't tell me Kerma was in one of those buildings!"
  "Thankfully no. However he has been missing ever since the Technodrome vanished." Mako explained.
  "When did that happen?" Raven asked.
    "About three days ago." Merka answered. "Some youngsters had been playing nearby when they overheard some strange noises coming from the compound. Once we were notified, we sent Kerma immediately to check it out. About an hour after he entered the structure, it suddenly disappeared."
  "If I didn't know any better, I'd say Shredder kidnapped Kerma!" Mona Lisa said.
  "That still doesn't explain who caused that explosion!" Lois stated.
  Suddenly several energy blasts rang out, destroying the statues of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. "Funny you should mention that, my dear." a chortling voice said from behind them.
  "Krang? It-it can't be!" Raphael couldn't believe his eyes as he made eye contact with the evil alien warlord.
  "Oh but it is! And thanks to Shredder, I'm back and ready for vengeance!"

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Arctic Circle - May 25TH, 2012

  Michaelangelo was ecstatic as he and Superman entered the Fortress of Solitude. "I gotta say, dude, I never imagined I'd be here of all places!"
  "I appreciate your enthusiasm, Mikey, but I don't have time to give you a tour." Clark said as he walked up to a console in the center of the room where a beam of light emerged from the ceiling.
  The image of Clark's Kryptonian father appeared in the form of a hologram. "What brings you here, Kal-El?"
  "Father, I need your help! There's a huge mobile battle station up here somewhere and I need to keep the fortress from being damaged."
    "My son, the Kryptonian metal used to create this place is one of the strongest in the 27 known galaxies. Surely this battle station will have no chance of penetrating these walls." the hologram of Jor-El spoke. "Besides, after all the trials you've taken, I fail to see why you need my help, especially when you apparently have so many allies. The mutant specimen you've brought along is quite intriguing."
  "Thanks, dude! You should meet my bro Donatello though. He's super smart!!!" Michaelangelo said with a smile.
  "In a peculiar way I already have." Before Jor-El could explain his cryptic comment, the ground began to shake. "What on Earth?"
  "Oh boy, I think I recognize those vibes!" Mikey said as he and Superman ran out of the Fortress and looked outside to see none other than the Technodrome off in the distance. "Like I don't know who's driving that thing, but we better stop them quick!"
    Clark nodded as he picked up Michaelangelo in his arms and flew towards the enormous sphere. It didn't take long to bust their way in as all Superman had to do was use his super strength to pry open one of the module chutes. "I probably shouldn't say this, but that felt a little too easy." he said as they entered the docking bay.
  "Yea, that's totally something Leonardo would say!"
  Just then Clark's super hearing picked up a faint voice. "Please, stop! Let me go!"
    "There's someone being held captive here." Superman said as he picked up Michaelangelo again and they raced off. Within seconds they were in the main chamber with the dimensional portal. Both their eyes wend wide at the sight of a tall bald headed man in purple tormenting a small Turtleoid who was tied to a metal slab that was slanting downwards.
  "Please, Mr. Luthor, I can't take anymore of this cruelness. I just want to go home!"
  "Not a chance, Kerma! You may be weak physically, but your incredible intelligence can still prove useful!"
  "Hey, cueball, let my little bud go!"
    "I was expecting all four of you mutant turtle freaks to show up, although I see you've brought along a mutual friend instead. I don't remember too much about you from our last encounter, Superman, but I do know you're responsible for that catastrophe at LexCorp last fall! However, since then I've made some interesting allies. Saki showed up out of the blue one day and promised that if I helped him free his former sidekick, an alien warlord from Dimension X, they'd help me regain my memory. However the toxin that wiped my mind has proven quite strong. I can only remember fragments of events. Though one in particular seems to stand out more than the rest."
  "Trust me, Lex. It's better that you don't recall what you've been through." Clark said, attempting to reason with him. "I can help you if you just-"
    "You act as if we're friends, but my heart tells me to loathe everything about you, and those who side with you!" Lex said as he looked menacingly at Michaelangelo. "Tell you what, I'll let Shorty here go free if Spicoli over there can beat me in a fencing match."
  Mikey let out a chuckle. "Get serious, dude! I don't want to fight. Besides my super powered bud can stop you in a heartbeat!"
  "Is that so? Very well." Lex went over to the console of the dimensional portal generator and pressed a button, activating the view screen. "Krang has this portal specifically programmed to open a vortex that will send the remains of the Turtleoids' homeworld to Dimension X."
  "The remains?" Superman replied.
  Kerma's eyes filled with tears as he saw the destruction done to Turtleoid City. "No!"
  "You badguys really are demented, you know that?!" Michaelangelo shouted angrily as he whipped his nunchucks out and yelled wildly as he ran towards Lex. However he stopped short as he saw Luthor aiming a gun at him.
  In a split second, Superman stepped in front of Lex, took the gun from his hand and melted it with his heat vision.
  "Always a step ahead of everybody, aren't you?" Lex said with a grin as he pressed a button, which caused the circular trap door in the center of the room to open. "Lets see how you do against Murphy!"
  A ten foot yak climbed up from the hole snarling and growling as drool ran down its face. For some reason it had a blindfold over its head.
  "What kind of sick experiments have you been up to?!" Superman asked.
  "Oh calm yourself. He was half dead when we found him!" Lex exclaimed. "But thanks to some chemical mutagen mixed with a little meteor rock, Krang managed to bring Murphy here back to life! From what I read in a Daily Planet article, you vow to preserve life. So tell me, how do you intend to subdue Murphy before he takes a life?" Lex pressed a button and activated the portal.
  That moment the mutant yak's blindfold disintegrated, allowing the creature to see Clark's long red cape, which drove him wild. Superman turned and reached out his arms in attempt to stop the beast in its tracks, but instead the massive monster's momentum caused Clark to go flying through the portal and Murphy went running through as well.
  "Where did you send them?" Kerma asked.
      "Not far from a little town in Kansas just south of Smallville. It's plenty populated, so Murphy should cause some commotion before Superman finally gets the guts to dispose of him. In the meantime, I shall dispose of you disgusting creatures the old fashioned way!" Lex pressed a button on the wall which revealed several types of fighting swords. "Some of these are just movie props that apparently survived the destruction of my family's mansion over a year ago. However, some of these blades are real."
  Kerma and Michaelangelo nervously exchanged glances as Lex walked up to them holding two french rapiers. "Choose your weapon."

artwork by pedlag

  Mikey scowled as he took one of the swords and held it vertically in front of his face. "All right, have it your way! But get ready for some serious thrashing!"
    With a fierce swipe, Lex lunged his sword at Michaelangelo, who blocked the move with his sword in one hand as he used a nunchuck in the other hand to get ahold of Lex's rapier, causing the villain to loose his balance and fall flat on the floor.
  "Not so tough, huh?" Mikey said as he proceeded to free Kerma from the ropes that binded him to the table. "Come on, Kerma! We're busting out of this joint!"
  "Thank you, my friend."
  "No problemo, compadre!"
  "Oh wait. We have to stop Krang's dimensional vortex from zapping my people to Dimension X!"
  "Maybe I can contact Donatello from here. I'm sure he'll know what to do! But first, I'm sending this jackass back to the boonies!" Mikey said as he picked up Lex's barely conscious body and tossed him through the portal.
  Just then Clark returned from the same hallway he and Mikey came in through a moment ago.
  "Goodness. How did you get back here so fast?"
  "Yea, and like what happened to that mondo enormo yak?"
  "It wasn't easy, but I noticed the red kryptonite that was effecting him was actually on a collar. All I had to do was break it off. Though I had to take care not to let the kryptonite effect me."
  "Righteous!!! Now all we gotta do is get Kerma back home and do away with the Technodrome!" Michaelangelo exclaimed as he fiddled with the Technodrome's trans-dimensional communicator. "Hey wait a minute. If green kryptonite makes you sick, what the heck does red kryptonite do?"
  "It basically turns me into an asshole." Clark answered back. "There's also black kryptonite, which splits people in two, blue kryptonite, which temporarily renders me powerless and gold kryptonite, which would permanently render me powerless. Some of the guys in the league like to joke about what might happen if we ever found pink or purple kryptonite."
  "Oh my!" Kerma remarked.
  "Yea, I'm almost sorry I asked!"

Jephaelverse Shellrelah (Dimension J); Turtleoid City - May 26TH, 2000

    Lois looked on in amazement as Raphael and Mona Lisa went up against what had to be one of the freakiest looking villains she had ever seen. "Seriously, what's up with the second face that dude's got in his stomach?" she asked Raven.
  "Uh, that's actually his brain. Krang is an evil warlord from Dimension X who got banished to Earth and in the process he lost his body, so Shredder made him that artificial body."
  "From the look of it, something tells me Shredder's seen one too many bad wrestling shows!"
  "Is that the best you've got, you puny platypus?" Krang spat at Mona Lisa.
  "Hey, nobody talks that way to my fiance!" Raphael snapped as he plunged his sais into the back of Krang's body, attempting to short circuit it.
  "Foolish reptile. After that little brat Jeffrey messed with my motor functions years before, I had the wiring altered so that the suit runs entirely on my mental neurons, making my body basically tamper proof!"
  "Yea? Well, you still don't win any beauty pageant!" Mona Lisa responded.
  "Sticks and stones may break my bones but- oh wait, I don't have any bones. Oh well, I can always break yours!" Krang said as he grabbed both Raph and Mona Lisa by the necks.
  "Come on, we've got to save them!" Lois said as she ran into the fray. "Hey, omelette face! Put my friends down before I get royally pissed off!"
  "I beg your pardon, young lady?"
  "The name's Lois, but you can call me your worst nightmare!" she said as she balled up her fists.
  Krang cackled maniacally as he tossed Raphael and Mona Lisa aside and walked up to Lois. "My dear lady, I am Krang the all powerful! I have dealt with puny Earthlings like you before and you're all no match for me!"
  "Think again, Brainiac!" Lois said as she ran up and punched Krang right in the face.
  Blood gushed from Krang's mouth and his right eye was now swollen shut. "Spunky little thing, aren't you? I've never met anyone who had the nerve to actually harm me like that. Ooh, I feel woozy."
  Raphael and Mona Lisa regained their composure just in time to see Krang stagger towards a nearby tree before collapsing.
  "My dear lady, you have saved us from our would-be destroyer!" Merka said appreciatively to Lois. "How can we ever repay you?"
  "Could someone get me some hand sanitizer? I got brain tissue all over my hand!"
  "Now that you mention it, I could use a good massage." Raphael said, rubbing his aching neck.
  That moment a portal opened from which Kerma, Superman and Michaelangelo emerged. "I sure hope Don's plan works, dudes!"
  "Clark? How the hell did-"
  "Stand back, Lois!" Superman said as he lifted Krang into the air and hurled him through the portal just as it closed.
  "Kerma, where have you been?" Mako asked.
  "It's a long story, but we're not out of the woods yet! We must get all the survivors to the High Council Chamber."
  "Come on, dudes. Lets get the lead out!" Mikey said as he took out his turtle comm. "Donatello, do you read me?"

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Metropolis, KS - May 26TH, 2012

  "I read you loud and clear, Michaelangelo! Have you got Krang inside the Technodrome?" Donatello said as he looked at a satellite view of the Technodrome just near the Fortress of Solitude from the view screens in Watchtower.
  "Oh yea, Superman took care of that pretty easily. Though right before that, I whipped Lex Luthor's pasty ass pretty well!"
  "Yea that's great. You can give me a play-by-play of it later! If my calculations are correct, the Technodrome should be pulled into Dimension X any-"
  Just then there was a flash of light which enveloped the Technodrome. Seconds later the compound was gone.
  "Did it work?" asked Emil Hamilton.
  "I'll have to contact the Neutrinos to make sure. I just hope Leonardo and the others are doing all right!"

Jephaelverse Shellrelah (Dimension J); Turtleoid City - May 26TH, 2000

  "My friends, I can't thank you enough for rescuing me and saving my people!" Kerma said as he shook hands with Michaelangelo, Raphael and Mona Lisa.
  "I'm just sorry we couldn't prevent Krang from destroying a third of your city." Raph replied.
    "We can always rebuild. Sadly, the lives that were lost are irreplaceable, but it could've been so much worse! At any rate, I'll be more than happy to transport you all back to Earth. I have a new rocket ship and it's made to fit up to ten people!"
  "That's totally awesome! We'll be back to Harleysville in no time!" Mikey said.
  "Excuse me? I'm sorry, I must have some space dust in my ears." Lois said. "It sounded like you said-"
  "Lois, we're not in your dimension anymore, so we're going to their Earth." Raven explained. "I would take you and Clark back to Smallville right now, but my powers were pretty drained after healing those six injured Turtleoids."
  "Come on, Lois. You and Supes here can be guests of honor at our wedding!" Mona Lisa said.
  "I have to admit, Lois, spending the weekend in an alternate world sounds kinda nice. Plus we get to take in a wedding." Clark said with a grin. "Granted it's a wedding for two mutants, but still-"
  "Oh shut up, Smallville, and get in the rocket ship!"

Smallville Earth (Elseworld K); Metropolis, KS - May 26TH, 2012

    Leonardo, Jeffrey, Beast Boy and Stargirl made their way into the main lobby of the LexCorp building. "Okay, we're in. Now what?"
  "I don't know, Stargirl. But I know Shredder's in here somewhere. I can sense him!" Leo said.
  "You can sense him? What, does he have b.o. or something?" Beast Boy quipped.
  "Not really a good time for jokes, kid." Jeff replied. "Hey, does anybody else hear that rumbling sound?"
  "Now that you mention it..." Stargirl replied.
  Suddenly a wall in the left corridor smashed open and through the hole came out Groundchuck and Dirtbag!
  "Not those two again!" Leonardo griped.
  "All right, time to get us some payback!" the mutant bull said as he ran in and attacked Leo. "Where's the rest of you green skinned shell-backs?"
  "I hate to break it to you, but they had other things to do." Jeff said as he mutated into Jephael and proceeded to pummel Groundchuck.
  "But don't worry. We'll be happy to take a message!" Stargirl said as she aimed her staff at Dirtbag. "Leo, you and Beast Boy go look for Shredder. We'll take care of these two!"
  Leonardo and Beast Boy raced down the hallway and found the staircase.
    Back at Watchtower Martha Kent was fixing herself and Dori some hot tea. "I hope you like Lipton. That's all they have."
  "That's fine, Mrs. Kent. Thanks."
  "I have to be honest, I feel kind of bad doing this without Lois. She loves bonding moments like these. Of course it's mostly because I've been like a mother to her."
  "Yea, I know my mom is that way with people." Dori mentioned. "I hope she's not getting too worried about me. I promised her I'd give her a call around dinner time."
  "I'm sure she'll understand. I remember back when Clark started saving people in Smallville. I'd get so worried about him, but my husband always told me fretting over him wouldn't do me any good."
  Just then there was a loud crash just outside the door. "What the heck was that?" Donatello asked.
  "It sounded like someone was running at super speed, but tripped and fell before they could get inside." Emil replied as he activated the security cameras.
  On one of the screens there was a young woman struggling to her feet. "Dr. Hamilton! Please, please be here! I need... I need help."
  "Oh my gosh, that's Lana!" Martha said in a surprised manner. "What's she doing here?"
  "I don't know, but it looks like she's in pain." Emil replied.
  "We'd better let her in." Don said as he headed towards the door.
  "No, you don't understand. Her body is bombarded with heavy amounts of kryptonite. There's no telling how she could effect us!"
  "You wouldn't happen to have any radiation suits handy, would you?"
    Back at LexCorp, Jephael and Stargirl were still in a heated battle against Groundchuck and Dirtbag. "How'd you overgrown zoo rejects get here from Smallville?"
  "The same way we done got there in the first place. We took Mr. Luthor's helicopter." the wild bull answered.
  "Please tell me the pilot was a human." Stargirl replied.
  "Nope, it was me! Turns out I make a pretty good pilot!" the mutant mole mentioned.
  "Amazing. Bebop and Rocksteady were never this competent as badguys!" Jephael retorted.
    "Enough talk! Shredder and Luthor want all you do-goodin' whippersnappers rounded up once and for all!" Groundchuck said as he took out a laser gun and aimed it at Stargirl.
    Jephael quickly remembered the gadget he and Donatello had been experimenting on. He took it out of his belt and adjusted the setting. "I sure hope this works."
  "Oh no you don't!" Dirtbag yelled as he ran towards Jeph who zapped him with the paralyzing ray.
  "Hey, what'd you do to my little buddy?!"
  "Same thing I'm doing to you, beef breath!" Jephael said triumphantly as he zapped Groundchuck.
  The two mutants now stood frozen in front of them.
  "Jeffrey, you... you saved me." Stargirl said.
  "Aw, it weren't nothing, little lady." Jeph replied in a corny cowboy impression as he put the device back in his belt.
  Stargirl smiled as she hugged her hero and kissed him on the lips.
  During the passionate embrace Jeff resumed his human form. "Boy, you sure have an effect on me!"
  "Consider yourself lucky, turtle boy. I don't fall for every guy I meet!"
  Leonardo and Beast Boy made their way to the 40th floor of the Luthor building. "Geez, this place doesn't look like it's been cleaned in years!"
    "Martha told me earlier this is the floor Lex's father Lionel's office was in. It's also the last place Lionel was before falling to his death at the hands of his son." Leo explained. "I'm guessing some part of Lex still loved... or atleast respected his father, so he had this part of the building closed off."
  "That would explain the boarded up doorway we had to smash our way through." Beast Boy replied as he rubbed his apparently stiff neck. "The only thing is, what makes you think Shredder is on this floor?"
  "For as long as I've known him, Tin Face has always had this obsession with the idea for world conquest, and I'm guessing nothing would please him more than to start by taking over someone else's empire!" Leonardo spoke as they crept through the hallway that lead to Lionel Luthor's office.
  "As I said many years ago, I must congratulate you." Shredder's sinister voice spoke from the dark shadowy end of the hallway.
  Leo could make out his arch enemy's silhouette from the dim lights surrounding the hallway. "The game's over, Shredder! I've had enough of you and your diabolical schemes!"
    "To be fair, Krang came up with most of this one." Shredder said, in a vain attempt at humor as he stepped out of the shadows. He wasn't wearing any of his trademark armor or even his mask and helmet. Instead he had on a traditional kimono like the one Splinter wore, except this one was purple.
  "What the heck?" Leo asked as he shook his head. "No matter. It's time to finish this!"
    "To be honest I'm really not in the mood for a fight. I've got a splitting headache! Besides, as the new vice president of LexCorp, I have no need. All I have to do is call security and have you wretched reptiles and all of your little playmates locked up and sent away to a laboratory! Then once I've seen to it you've been properly dissected, I'll return to our world and defeat your pathetic sensei once and for all!" Saki said with a devious laugh before groaning as he put his fingers to his temple and rubbed the throbbing vein on his forehead.
  "You don't look so good, dude." Beast Boy remarked.
  Just then blood began to spurt from Shredder's nose. The once powerful ninja collapsed to the floor.
  "Beast Boy, go get help!" Leonardo ordered.
    Within an hour the police and an ambulance arrived on the scene. Leonardo and Beast Boy made themselves scarce by then, but Jeffrey and Stargirl stuck around to watch from across the street as Shredder was placed in the ambulance.
  "Too bad Lois and Clark are MIA. I bet they could get some answers out of these guys."
  "That's all right, Jeff. If I know Dr. Hamilton, he'll probably get some information on what happened in no time." Stargirl exclaimed as he put her hand on Jeff's shoulder. "You know you're really cute with that red bandana over your forehead."
  "Yea? Well, you're a doll with all that red, white and be-lue!" Jeff said as he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in for another passionate kiss, which was quickly interrupted by a car horn.
  "Hey, Romeo! The bus is leaving in ten minutes!" Dori called out from the driver's seat of the Turtle Van.
  "Aw man, is it time to go back already? I was just starting to enjoy the company!" Jeff said.
  "I think it's for the best, sweetheart. We're literally from two different worlds." Stargirl said with a sigh as she gave him one last hug.
  Jeff nodded in agreement. "If you ever get to Philadelphia..."
  "Come on, Jeff! We've gotta get outta here!" Donatello said impatiently as he opened the side door to the van.
  "What's the rush, man?" Jeff said as he climbed into the front passenger seat.
  "There's really no time to explain just now. I have the teleportation circuits programmed to return us home, but we have to take a small detour through a wormhole that I'm hoping will neutralize the molecules in Miss Lang's body."
  "Miss Lang?"
  "Remember that Lana person Cat Grant mistook me for at the Daily Planet?" Dori mentioned.
  "Yea. What about her?"
    Dori motioned Jeff to look behind him. He had just noticed near the back there was a young lady who looked strikingly similar to Dori strapped into a special metallic cylinder shaped apparatus.
  "Uh, hello." Jeff said with a wave.
  "Hi." Lana replied back.
  Jeff turned back to look out the window and wave goodbye to Stargirl, only to see she had already disappeared.
  Leonardo patted Jeff on the arm. "Better to have loved and lost, right?"
  Jeff nodded with sigh as he took off his bandana. "I know one thing. I'm probably not going to wash my face for a week!"


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