Ninja Turtle Drinking Game

drawn by Matt Porter

This game was originally featured on KCWindham's Totally Tubular TMNT Site back in the late 90s. The rules have been updated as of February 8, 2014. To play you will need a couple of friends and some episodes of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon on either VHS cassette or DVD. The game doesn't work too well with episodes from the red-sky seasons (see the
Cartoon Season Showcase), so you'll want to avoid them. Granted drinking games are most popular among the college crowd, but if you're underage or just don't feel like getting hammered, soft drinks like Coke or Dr. Pepper work just as well. Drink and/or shout as directed below!


#1) Michaelangelo says "cowabunga", "dude" or "dudette".
TWICE if someone else says it;
THRICE if he or she says "As Michaelangelo would say..." beforehand.

#2) Leonardo complains that the Turtles aren't getting enough ninja practice.

#3) Donatello fiddles with a gadget.
TWICE if it explodes or breaks shortly after.

#4) Raphael breaks the fourth wall, acknowledging he knows that it's just a cartoon show.
TWICE if another Turtle does it instead;
THRICE if any other character does it instead.

#5) Master Splinter says he just had a psychic dream or a vision.

#6) The guys eat pizza after the adventure.

#7) April comments on what a great story the adventure will make!

#8) April introduces herself.

#9) April screams for help.
TWICE if one of the Turtles says "That's April all right!"
THRICE if Vernon is cowering in the background.

#10) Leonardo shouts a corny battle cry or an otherwise non-intimidating speech.
TWICE if one of his brothers make a crack about it afterwards.

#11) All four TMNT shout "Turtle Power!!!"
TWICE if they shout "Turtles fight with honor!!!"
THRICE if they shout "Lets kick some shell!!!"

#12) Donatello's bo staff breaks.
TWICE if he gets upset about it.

#13) Replicas of the Turtles' weapons are seen hanging on a wall somewhere.
TWICE if gets used later on.

#14) One of the Turtles breaks an inanimate object with his weapon.

#15) A Turtle's mask is the wrong color.
TWICE if it's red like in the Mirage comics;

#16) A turtle's weapon mysteriously appears when there was none there before.

#17) During a line of dialogue, a Turtle's mouth flashes a different shade of green than the rest of his body.

#18) Someone refers to the Ninja Turtles as reptiles.
TWICE if incorrectly referred to as amphibians.

#19) The Turtle Blimp's glider is detached.

#20) Someone gives a poorly constructed exposition
TWICE if someone makes a comment about it.
THRICE if they're talking to themselves.

#21) An outside shot of the Technodrome appears and the villains' theme music plays.

#22) Shredder calls Rocksteady and Bebop away in the middle of a battle with the Turtles.

#23) Krang calls Shredder away in the middle of a battle with Splinter and/or the Turtles.

#24) The dimensional portal opens.

#25) A module breaks through to the surface of the Earth.

#26) A Foot Soldier is destroyed.

#27) Someone gets hit with a weird ray.
TWICE if it's from a laser gun;
THRICE if fired by Rocksteady and/or Bebop!

#28) Shredder insults or harms Rocksteady and Bebop for bumbling up their plans.
TWICE if they get all defensive about it.

29) Krang and Shredder are having an argument like an old married couple.

30) Shredder vows to defeat/destroy Splinter and the Turtles once and for all!
TWICE if he adds "I won't rest until I do!" or "If it's the last thing I ever do!"
THRICE if Krang, Rocksteady or Bebop make a comment about it.


#1) If someone says "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," you must shout "Heroes in a half-shell!"

#2) If Michaelangelo seems to be speaking too much surfer lingo, you must shout "No comprehende, amigo!"

#3) If characters suddenly change position in the Turtle Van, you must shout "Chinese fire drill!"
NOTE: You may also be drinking if this is a result of DRINK sign #15.

#4) If Shredder or Krang say "What in blazes?", you must repeat it in an Australian accent.

#5) If Rocksteady and Bebop say something profound or intelligent, you must say "Brain fart!"

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