Twisted Timeline: a Back to the Future / Quantum Leap Cross-Over

a story by Jephael

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This story depicts Back to the Future characters one week after the events of TellTale's computer game, while Quantum Leap characters are depicted over a year after the events of the series finale. The first scene is actually a rewrite of the opening scene from "Outta Turtle Time", which was originally a cross-over with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Hill Valley, California
Fri. May 23, 1986
3:00 PM

  Verne Brown excitedly jumped out the front door of Hilldale Elementary just as the bell rang, almost knocking his brother Jules over. "Can't you be careful, Verne?!"
  "Sorry." he spoke as they quickly ran into Marty McFly and his girlfriend Jennifer Parker.
  "Hey guys, are you ready to go? We got some quick stops to make before we drop you guys off." Marty said.
  Jules tried to protest the notion by saying "We do have some homework and chores to do."
  "What do ya mean we?!" Verne spat.
  "Don't you remember? Father wanted you to give Einstein a bath when we get home."
  "Oh yeah."
  Jen laughed and replied "Oh well, I'm sure Doc won't mind us being late."
  It was that moment that Principal Strickland came by. "Doc?! Don't tell me you children are still helping out that nutcase Doctor Emmett Brown again!"
  Marty shook his head. "Strickland, you know those kids are his sons, right? I mean why do you think I've been helping him out so much? He had to leave them for awhile before he had enough money to provide for them. They've been living over in Canada for Christsake!"
  Strickland was barely buying the explanation. "I understand that, Mr. McFly. Only tell me this. How come there has been no records of their birth dates sent to us?"
  Marty and the boys stared blank-faced while Jennifer came up with a simple answer. "I talked to Mrs. Brown who said she lived in a small country area where not much medical information is passed around. If I'm not mistaken, that was also where she met Doc!"
  "If you say so, Miss Parker, but I'll be giving Mr. Brown a call just to make sure he can verify this information!" Strickland nodded as he turned to head back into the school.
  "Yes sir... ya butthead!" Marty said mockingly under his breath.
  "That was a close one!" Verne said as they left.
  They quickly headed for Marty's place where he had to pick up two concert tickets. Once they reached the Browns' house, the four kids got out to greet Clara. "Hey, Mom!"
  "Hi, boys! How's school going?"
  "Quite good, thanks." Jules said happily. "I aced the science quiz!"
  "I'm failing geography." Verne said, half grinning.
  Clara made a frown and said "Well you know what your father said, don't you?"
  "Yeah, if I don't get that grade I can't go on that hiking trip with my class."
  "Clara, I'd be more than happy to tutor Verne for you."
  "Aw, that's mighty sweet of you, Jennifer! I'd do it myself, but considering I was born over 100 years ago, I'm afraid my knowledge isn't quite up to date. I'm still having a hard time getting used to the phones, and televisions and all this other wild stuff! Emmett keeps telling me I'll adjust over time, but..."
  "Technology can be pretty overwhelming!" Jennifer replied with a chuckle.
  "Yea. Hey speaking of Doc, where is he? I wanna say hi to him before we take off!" Marty says.
  "He's in the garage as usual." Clara answered..
  Marty and Verne went to greet Doc who was hard at work on the DeLorean. "These new and improved time circuits will make time traveling even easier than before!"
  "After our little trip to Ancient Rome last weekend, I sure hope so!" Marty said, surprising him.
  "Oh, hello, Marty. What's new?"
  "Nothing much. Me and Jennifer have a concert to go to tonight at 6:30."
  "That sounds very nice. Who're you going to see?" Doc asked.
  "It's this group called the Go Gos. Jennifer really likes them. They got Bon Jovi opening for them!"
  "Well that sounds wonderful. I hope you two have a great time!"
  "We will. See ya later, Doc!" Marty said, walking back upstairs.
  Verne eyed the DeLorean curiously. "Heading anywhere Pop?" he asked.
  "Why yes, I'm going to visit the year 1992. It should be interesting to find out what will have changed in the next 6 years!"
  Verne was impressed and watched as his dad went into the DeLorean and opened a huge doorway from the cellar that lead him flying into the sky and blasting through time. Verne was quickly called to dinner where his dad was already sitting down to eat. "Wait a minute, I just saw you leave." he said.
  "Yes, that's the wonders of time travel. I came back half an hour before I even left!"
  "I don't understand."
  "You see son, the time machine allows you to go not only to any particular date, but to a specific minute. After Marty's first trip to the '50s, which he almost didn't return from, he arrived 10 minutes before he even left."
  "Why'd he do that?" Jules asked.
    "He was trying to prevent my being shot, which he only prevented my being killed from, by letting me know 30 years in advance. Had he gone 30 minutes earlier, he would have nearly risked running into his recent past self, thus causing a time paradox that could've destroyed the universe!"
    Verne decided it best not to make sense of his father's rambling and went on eating. Later that night, Verne was trying out the hoverboard Marty got in the future and gave to Doc in order to save Clara from the train wreck back in 1885. "Man this thing rocks!" He spoke as he was trying to pull wheelies, which was a hard thing to do considering a hoverboard doesn't use wheels.
  Just then the door opened and Marty and Jennifer came in followed by Doc. "Hey kid, what's up?"
  "Nothing really." Verne replied. "How was the concert?"
  "Oh, that was really fun!" Jen said. "Unfortunately, Marty's truck broke down about a mile down the road."
  "I'm sure it's nothing Biff can't fix!" Marty said with a smirk. "Though I am in a bit of a pickle. Are you sure I can't borrow the DeLorean, Doc?"
  "I'd really prefer it if you and Jennifer could simply call your parents."
  "My folks are out of town, and I promised Mr. Parker I'd get Jennifer back home by midnight!"
  "I'm sure he'll understand your predicament. Besides, I still need to make some adjustments to the time circuits. They were acting very peculiar earlier during my trip to the future."
  "Well, what if I just drop Jen off and come right back? I'll even stay overnight and help you work on the time circuits in the morning!"
  Doc let out a sigh as he handed Marty the keys. "Very well. But promise me that under no circumstances will you activate the time circuits!"
  "I swear on my dad's grave in the alternate 1985 I won't go back... or forwards in time!"
  A few minutes later Marty and Jennifer were back on the road in the DeLorean. "Oh shit! I left my headphones in the truck!" Marty griped.
  "We still have an hour before my curfew if you want to head back to Biff's auto shop."
  "Nah, I guess they're not that important. Besides, I'm kinda trying to stay on your dad's good side."
  Jennifer let out a giggle. "Marty, you've always been on his good side. He knows what a sweet guy you are."
  "Yea, well, considering what I've gone through the last six months I've definitely done a lot of growing up!"
  "You know Marty, there's something I've been meaning to tell you. I-" before Jen could finish, she was interrupted by the sound of bullets.
  "Aw son of a bitch!" Marty said as he looked out the rearview mirror to see their pursuers. "It's the Libyans! Those creeps sure like to hold a grudge!"
  "Oh God, Marty, what do we do?"
  "There's only one thing to do!" Marty said as he activated the time circuits.
  "Marty, you promised Doc you wouldn't-"
  "I'm sure he'll consider this an exception! Now hang on!"
  Jennifer's heart began to race. She didn't dare look out the window, so she focused on the time circuit coordinates.

06:30 AM
10:50 PM
07:35 PM

    "Just like old times!" Marty said as he raced through the town square and caught a quick glimpse of the old clock tower. He stepped on the gas, causing the DeLorean to accelerate. Just as the vehicle passed the high school, it reached 88 miles per hour and vanished in a bright flash of light, leaving a pair of fire trails behind and two very pissed off terrorists in the dust.

Hill Valley, California
Sat. December 28, 1957
6:30 AM

  Marty slammed on the breaks just as they came up to the high school. "Boy, nothing like evading maniacs with guns to get the blood pumping!"
  "You can say that again. Though next time what say we take Doc's advice and not borrow the DeLorean?"
    "Good idea, Jen. Hey, who the hell is that?" Marty said as he pointed towards a figure wandering the school grounds. He cautiously followed the individual who lead them right to an all too familiar spot. "Oh my God. This is the exact spot where my dad saved my mom from Biff!" Marty said as he looked down at the time controls. "1957? Jennifer, you didn't reset the destination time, did you?"
  "I wouldn't know how, Marty." she said as she noticed the dark figure headed towards them. "Uh oh, you'd better get us outta here!"
  "Not a problem!" he said as he shifted gears when the engine stalled. "Oh perfect!"
  The dark figure angrily tossed a beer bottle that ricocheted off the hood of the car and shattered on impact with the ground. Jennifer let out a small squeak of a scream.
  "That tears it! I'm not gonna let this asshole terrorize us!" Marty said as he opened the door and got out of the DeLorean. It was that exact moment he could see the enraged man's face, and it was all too familiar. "Biff?"
  "Well, well. I was wondering if you'd ever show your ugly mug around this town again!"
  Marty balled up his fists in a defensive position. "I'm warning you, buddy. Don't come any closer!"
  Biff chuckled as he grabbed Marty by the neck and punched him in the stomach.
  Jennifer quickly grabbed her purse and fished through it as she got out of her side of the car. "Let my boyfriend go, you jerk, or else!"
  Biff scoffed as he held Marty by the neck. "Yea? Or else what, sweetheart?"
  Jennifer took out can of hairspray and aimed it in Biff's face. "I'm warning you, fella! Don't make me use this!"
  "Some girlfriend. Though I gotta say, Klein, you sure know how to pick em! I still can't believe you let that pipsqueak McFly go home with Lorraine! Oh well, he can have that little hussy for all I care!"
  "Don't talk about my future in-laws that way!" Jennifer said as she sprayed Biff in the eyes.
    Biff screamed in pain as he let go of Marty, giving Marty the chance to wallop Biff. He was just seconds away from giving Tannen a right hook, when something bizarre happened. Biff was enveloped in a bright blue light, and small jolts of electricity ran down his body. When the light subsided someone else stood in his place wearing the same clothes.
  Marty couldn't believe his eyes. "What the hell?"
  The strange figure, an older man apparently in his late forties, looked around seemingly lost. "Where... where am I?" he said softly.
  "Marty, did you see what I just saw?"
  "If you saw Biff get covered by some weird beam that turned him into someone else, than yea!"
  "A... weird light? Wait a minute, you mean you two saw me..." Before the man could finish, the sound of police sirens could be heard.
  "Shit!" Marty said as he jumped back into the driver's seat of the DeLorean. He beckoned Jennifer to join her in the car before driving away.
  "Wait! Hold on, wait! Please, take me with you!" the gentleman yelled out, waving frantically.
  "All right, Tannen, you've been warned about disorderly conduct around here. This is your third strike!" the cop said. "You're coming downtown with me!"
  "Oh boy." the man in Biff's place said sheepishly.

New Mexico
Mon. June 5, 2000
7:00 AM

  Al Calavicci sat quietly on a park bench with his wife Beth. "Something on your mind, hon?" she asked.
  "Yea I just... I was just thinking about Sam."
  "Still no luck finding him?"
  "As long as he keeps leaping through time as himself, there's no way of tracking him."
  Beth kissed her husband on the cheek. "You really miss him, don't you?"
  Al let out a sigh. "Yea, I do, Beth. If it wasn't for him..."
  "I know, Al. It was very hard keeping that secret from you all these years!"
  "Hey I was just grateful you waited for me to come home!" Al said. "Oh that reminds me. I know it's a little early, but I wanted to give you this." Al said as he handed Beth a paper bag with a jewelry box inside.
  "Oh my gosh, Al! It's wonderful!"
  "Happy anniversary, honey!" All and Beth were about to kiss when suddenly his cell phone went off. "Sorry, Beth, I gotta take this. Hello? Oh Gooshie, hi! What's up?" Al strained to listen. "What? Hang on, I can't hear you too good. What's all that commotion? The Waiting Room? Someone's in the Waiting Room? My God, how did that happen?! What do ya mean Ziggy doesn't know?! Well, hang on! We'll be right over!" Al said as he hung up.
  "I take it we've got work to do?" Beth said with a smirk.
  "You bet we do, doll-face! This might be our last chance to contact Sam... not to mention get him home!"

Hill Valley, California
Sat. December 28, 1957
8:00 AM

        Dr. Sam Beckett sat quietly in a jail cell as he thought to himself. For quite a while now I've been on my own, leaping through time to change history for the better! Ever since that strange trip to the bar in Pennsylvania on the day I was born, I had full control over where and when I went, and I no longer needed to take on other peoples' identities and appearances. I could be myself. Up until now it's been a very liberating experience. Yet over the last couple leaps I couldn't help but find myself feeling a little lonely. Maybe that's why I had no control over this leap. The isolation and solitude finally got the best of me. Now here I am in the guise of some punk, and odds are he doesn't have a friend in the world.
  "Hey, Tannen!" the guard said, interrupting Sam's train of thought. "Consider yourself lucky. An old pal of yours posted bail."
  "In here, Mr. McFly."
  "Thanks, Sheriff Parker." a young dark haired man said as he entered the room.
  "Don't mention it, son. Though frankly I don't know why you'd wanna help that creep out, especially considering what he almost did to your fiance two years ago!"
  "Well, I can't honestly hate him for it."
  The guard shot Sam a dirty look as he unlocked the cell door.
  "Th-thank you." Sam said politely to the guard and the sheriff as he walked out of the police station, followed by the young man who had bailed him out. "I really appreciate this uh... uh... I'm sorry, I can't remember your name."
  "I'm not surprised considering you spent the last six months being the town drunk, Biff!"
  "Well, I- I've been going through a lot lately."
  "Come on, I'll treat you to a cup of hot coffee at Lou's. But after that I'm taking you straight home!"
  Sam nodded as he followed Biff's friend down the street and into the heart of town. "So uh, how's Lorraine?"
  "She's doing fine. We're going back to college next week. She's studying liberal arts while I'm learning to be a playwright."
  A sudden feeling crept over Sam as the name McFly began to ring a bell.
  "Hey George, how's it hanging?" a young black man said happily to Mr. McFly as he and Sam entered the diner.
  "Doing good, Mr. Wilson! How's it coming with those night classes?"
  "Better than ever! I'll be elected mayor by the end of the decade."
  "George... Mc- You're George McFly!" Sam said out loud.
  "No shit, Sherlock!" Goldie said gruffly to Sam. "You got a lot of nerve bringing your sorry white ass in here!"
  "Take it easy, Goldie. Biff's pretty hungover." George said. "In his present condition I seriously doubt he could cause any trouble."
  "Why-why would I want to cause any trouble?" Sam said nervously.
  Goldie eyed Sam suspiciously. "I'll have Mr. Caruthers get you boys some coffee."
  "Actually, if it's not too much of a bother I'd kinda like some tea." Sam said.
  Now George was getting weirded out. "Maybe we should take those drinks to go."
  It was then Sam saw a very familiar face walk in from a glowing doorway that appeared out of thin air. "Al?"
  "Shh! Not here, Sam."
  "Al? There's no Al in here." Lou said.
  "Al... I'll uh be going now. Thanks for everything, George. Give my best to Lorraine!" Sam said as he ran out the door to the cafe.
  Al smiled at his old friend as he pressed a few buttons on the multi-colored handlink, causing him to vanish from his spot in the diner and reappear outside the courthouse. "Hey Sam, long time no see."
  "I know! My God, Al. I can't tell you how much I've missed you!"
  "Likewise, Sam. You know we've spent the last fifteen months or so trying to locate you, but we had no luck so long as you didn't leap into anybody!"
  "I'm really sorry! I just... when I learned that I could control the leaps, I decided to strike out on my own. Besides I was kind of afraid you... that you wouldn't..."
  "That I wouldn't be the same Al Calavicci you knew before you told my wife in 1969 that I was still alive? Honestly, Sam, give me some credit! I still get excited by every pretty face I see! But thank you for helping me."
  Sam nodded his head, trying hard to fight back the tears in his eyes. "I'm just sorry I didn't do it in the first place."
  "It's okay, Sam. Now come on, pull yourself together! You walk around blubbering like a baby, you're gonna attract some unwanted attention."
  "I don't think that really much matters, Al. The guy I leaped into is-"
  "Oh believe me, Sam. I could tell from the scent of booze emanating from the Waiting Room what kind of a nozzle this Biff Tannen guy is!"
  "What does Ziggy have on him?"
    "Well, Sam, you're not gonna believe this, but for some reason Ziggy seems to be getting all these conflicting reports. One minute she says Biff was a successful businessman in the 1980s. Then next minute it says he dropped out of college and started an auto-detailing shop where he fixes cars. Now it says he became a billionaire after betting on a horse race in 1958?" The handlink began beeping and chirping like crazy. "What the hell's gotten into you, Ziggy?!" Al said as he bopped the handlink.
  "Wait a minute! Al, what's the date today?"
  "Oh it's December 28, 1957."
  "1957? Al, I when I arrived here I saw these two teenaged kids, but they were dressed like it was the '80s. They could see me, Al! They saw me leap in and replace Biff. I tried to talk to them, but then the cops showed up and they ran off in this fancy car. It was all shiny and it had these doors that opened upwards like... like a bird's wings!"
  Al was starting to get a little worried about his friend. "Are you sure some of the liquor in Biff's system didn't transfer into you, Sam?"
  "No, Al. I'm serious! I know what I saw!"
  Al pressed some buttons on the handlink. "Hold on. According to Ziggy the vehicle you just described is similar to the design of a De...Lo- oh, a DeLorean! Hey Beth almost got me one for my 45th birthday."
  Sam's eyes lit up. "Oh my God. It was a DeLorean! I knew I recognized it, but I-I just couldn't remember what it was called!"
  "Sam, none of this is making any sense! John DeLorean doesn't even start his own motor company until sometime in the mid 70s! How can a car that doesn't even exist for another twenty-five years or so manage to just show up?"
  "I have a hunch, Al. But you have to trust me on it!"
  Al sighed. "Gooshie, have Ziggy center me on any DeLoreans in the area... Yes, a DeLorean!"
  A couple miles away Marty parked the DeLorean behind the large billboard advertising Lyon Estates. "It's a good thing this sign is still around, otherwise I wouldn't know where to hide us." he said as he tried frantically to reset the destination time, but the readout kept flickering. "Shit! I dunno what we're gonna do, Jen!"
  "Why can't the Doc Brown in this time help us?"
  "If we do that, then the Doc in 1986 will know I broke my promise."
  "Which you did to save our lives, Marty! You even told me you were sure he'd understand. Besides, I've got a feeling we should go back into town and find that weird guy who somehow replaced Biff. Something tells me he has something to do with why the time circuits are acting funny."
  Marty nodded as he and Jennifer got out of the car. That very moment Al appeared out of nowhere, startling them. "What the hell?!"
  "Whoa, take it easy, kids! Wait a minute. You can see me too?" Al said as he walked over towards the DeLorean. "Nice set of wheels you got there."
  "No, don't touch it!" Marty yelled as he attempted to grab Al's arm, only his hand passed right through Al like he was thin air.
  Al turned around to face Marty. "First of all, I just wanted to take a look. Secondly, even if I wanted to touch it, I can't because I'm not really here!"
  Marty attempted to grab Al's arm again, but his hands kept passing through. "It's official, Jen... I've gone absolutely bat-shit crazy!"
  "I don't think you have, Marty. This guy seems to be some sort of hologram!"
  "Huh. Your girlfriend's a smart cookie, Marty! Hey wait a minute. I think I know you. I've seen you... You're Marty McFly of the Pinheads! Holy cow, this is incredible! My wife and daughters are big fans of yours!" Al said with a big grin as he peaked his head into the DeLorean where he got a good look at the time circuits. "Oh my God. You're time travelers just like Sam! That's why you can see us!" Al said in excitement.
  "Sam?" Jennifer asked.
  "Yea the guy you saw earlier appear in... Oh man, I almost forgot! Stay right there. I'll be back. Ziggy center me on Sam!" Al found himself back in town square where Sam was helping an elderly couple carry several bags of groceries to their car. "Typical Sam!" he said with a chuckle.
  "I must say, Mr. Tannen, you certainly seem to be turning over a new leaf!" the old lady said as she gave him a quarter.
  "Oh no, you don't have to tip me. It's the very least I could do after all the shame I've brought to my family."
  The old man burst into laughter. "Boy, what've you been drinking? Compared to what your pappy did back in the day, you're small potatoes! Come on Eunice. Lets go home."
  "Sam, quit being such a boyscout. You're supposed to be a nogoodnik!" Al said once the elderly couple was gone.
  "Al, I'm trying to help salvage Biff's reputation. Maybe if he comes back to a town where he's appreciated, he won't be such a derelict."
  "I don't think that's what you're here to do, Sam. You're here to meet fellow time travelers!"
  "I found the DeLorean and those two kids. They're names are Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker."
  "Marty McFly? Wait, I met George McFly earlier today. He bailed me out of jail! Al, George is a famous author of some incredible science fiction novels in the mid 80s!"
  "Yea and his son Marty is a famous rock musician in the early 90s! He marries his high school sweetheart right around the time he and his band make some hit songs."
  "Wait a minute, Al. How can Marty McFly have access to a time machine?" Sam whispered.
  "Beats the hell outta me! Listen, you hang tight and... try not to make a spectacle of yourself." Al said as he walked through the glowing doorway.
  Sam decided to head back towards the courthouse and sit on a bench to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.
  "How's it going, Biff?"
  Sam smiled as he shook hands with George. "Hey pal, where've you been?"
  "I was going to meet Lorraine for lunch at her parents' house, but something tells me I should keep an eye on you."
  "Oh you don't have to. After all I put you through..."
    "Now Biff, listen to me! I really appreciate this sudden change in attitude, but you've really got to cool it with the nice guy act. It's making people kinda nervous. You can't simply flip a switch and be nice all of a sudden. Even after that time I stood up to you at the dance, it took me a long time to become as assertive as I am now!"
  "You... you're right, George. You're absolutely right!" Sam said. "Would you mind taking me home?"
  "It'd be my pleasure!"

New Mexico
Mon. June 5, 2000
8:30 AM

  "Let me outta here, ya butt-heads!" Biff screamed angrily from the Waiting Room. "What's the matter?! I know you're out there! Come on, are ya chicken?!"
  "Boy, Dr. Beck- I mean uh Mr. Tannen sure doesn't sound too happy in there." Gooshie said.
  "He's a very angry individual indeed." Beth said. "I can't imagine how hard it is for Donna hearing Sam's voice saying such angry things."
  "You think that's bad? Consider yourself lucky you weren't around when Sam leaped into that serial killer."
  "Don't remind me, Gooshie. I still have a sore spot in my ribs from where that maniac shot me!" Al said as he came up to the Waiting Room.
  "Al, why aren't you in the Imaging Chamber?" Beth asked.
  "I have to warn you guys under no circumstances are you to enter the Waiting Room. Ziggy says that somehow Sam and Biff's conflicting personalities are causing them both to become increasingly emotional. The more happy Sam gets, the more angry Biff gets!"
  "I don't think Biff can get any angrier!" Gooshie remarked.
  "I'm going to have Dr. Beeks stand by." Beth said.
  "Good idea, honey. I gotta get back into the Imaging Chamber and talk to Marty McFly."
  "Boy if the girls only knew!"

Hill Valley, California
Sat. December 28, 1957
8:40 AM

  "I am so glad you talked me into dressing casual for the concert, Marty! I don't think I'd be able to handle walking all the way from Lyon Estates to Town Square in high heels."
  "You have to admit, Jen, this area sure was beautiful back when our parents were young."
  "You should tell my dad that. He always gets sentimental about the good old days!" Jennifer commented.
  "I don't blame him."
  Just then Al appeared out of nowhere. "Oh there you guys are!" he said, startling Marty.
  "Geez, fella! What're you trying to do, give me a heart attack?!"
  "Believe me, the last thing I'd want to do is be responsible for my girls' favorite singer having a stroke!"
  "Exactly how far in the future are you from anyway?" Jennifer asked.
  "Well, let me think. I was born on June 15, 1934. I'll be turning 66 next week, so..."
  "Whoa, 2000! That's heavy duty!" Marty commented. "So explain how you and Sam time travel."
    "Well, first of all I don't, but he does, except that one time when we switched places. In 1995 Sam used the Quantum Leap Accelerator to transport himself back in time. Wherever in time he goes he replaces someone from back then who's sent to my time and they switch physical auras with one another. Usually everyone in the past sees him as whoever he's replaced."
  "So everyone besides us thinks Sam is Biff Tannen here in 1957?" Jennifer asked.
  "Exactly! Though animals, small children and the mentally absent will see Sam as himself, as well as be able to see and hear me. Keep in mind though if you see Sam near a mirror, he'll have Biff's reflection. That's often how Sam learns who he's supposed to be. I remember the first time he leaped into an African American. Boy that was something!"
  "Wait a second. If Sam goes around inhabiting other peoples'... auras or whatever the hell you call it, how is he able to pretend to be those people?" Marty asked.
  Al hesitated for a moment. "Well, I'm not too sure. Usually I don't meet up with Sam until about a good ten minutes or so after the leapee arrives in the Waiting Room. I guess he simply manages to make sense out of the situation he's in. I'm usually the one to fill him in on the outcome in the original history and then as he gradually alters the past, Ziggy here theorizes possible outcomes."
  "I sure could've used Ziggy's help in the old west!" Marty remarked.
  "You've been to the old west?" Al asked.
  "Yea. I had to go back and rescue the Doc!"
  "The Doc?" Al asked.
  "Doctor Emmett L. Brown. He's Marty's mentor." Jennifer explained.
  "And I take it this Doc Brown is the same person who invented your time machine?"
  "Pretty much. Infact it's kind of a funny story. The first time I went back in time was a complete accident!" Marty spoke. "I ended up in 1955 where I inadvertently prevented my parents' first meeting, so I spent an entire week fixing them up. In the process I altered my own family's life for the better!"
  "Yea, but at the same time you could've done a lot of damage to other peoples' lives!" Al remarked.
  "Well, I guess. I mean as far as I know the worst thing I did was run over a pine tree at Old Man Peabody's farm, which resulted in the renaming of a mall outlet that gets built over his land some twenty years from now! It's not a big deal."
  "Except when you keep calling it Twin Pines Mall instead of Lone Pine Mall!" Jennifer added with a smirk.
  "Right." Marty responded sheepishly with a chuckle.
  "How exactly does your time machine work anyway?" Al asked.
  "You input the destination time on the dash and then drive down the road at 88 miles an hour!" Marty said with a grin.
  "88 mi- Good Lord! Is this Emmett Brown character some kinda daredevil?!"
  "He's got a point there, Marty. Imagine how bad it would be if you accidentally crashed into a building or hit someone driving that fast!"
  "That's why we usually travel through time late at night... or early in the morning." Marty remarked smugly.
  "Yea but what about if the DeLorean were to fall into the wrong hands, huh? What if Biff Tannen or someone even worse came along and stole it?" Al asked.
  "He did once. Or that is he will... in the year 2015. He goes back... or went back... to 1955, the exact same point in time I got my parents together." Marty explained.
  "This doesn't have anything to do with an alternate future where Biff is a filthy rich bastard, does it?" Al asked.
  "How do you know about that?" Jennifer asked.
  "Ziggy's been picking up on all the wacky shit Marty and Doc have done altering the timeline, and it's making her circuits go haywire! She also believes there's an 88... 88, go figure! There's an 88% chance your presence here also has something to do with Sam leaping into Biff in the first place!"
  "How the hell is that possible?"
  "I'm hoping Sam or this Doc Brown guy can help figure that out! I'd better go check up on him. I'll meet you kids in town." Al said as he pressed some buttons on the handlink, causing him to be relocated to Town Square where he last saw Sam. "Sam? Sam? Sam, where the hell are you?! Sam! Ziggy, center me on Sam." Al found himself in a small cramped bathroom where Sam was smiling giddily as he looked at Biff's reflection in the mirror. "Sam! Sam, what the hell are you doing?"
  "My God, Al! No wonder people were looking at me funny today. Biff's got a face only a mother could love!" Sam started to snicker and burst out laughing.
  "Sam, are you feeling all right?"
  "I've never been better, Al! This is the most fun I've had in a long time!"
  "Yea that's great, Sam. I'm glad to hear it. Now listen. Marty and Jennifer are on their way into town. I need you to do me a favor. Wash up and meet me in front of the clock tower in an hour. You got that?"
  "No problem. Hey Al?"
  "Yea, Sam?"
  "I love you, man!"
  Al couldn't help but smile at his friend. "Right back at ya, pal."
  An hour later Marty and Jennifer arrived in town. They were now both extremely sweaty and exhausted from walking. "Marty, remind me when we get back home I gotta take a cold shower!"
  "Mind if I join you?" Marty joked.
  "Oh, thank God you two are here!" Al said as he appeared through the doorway to the Imaging Chamber.
  "Hey, Al. Cool entrance!"
  "Uh yea thanks. Listen, I really need your help!"
  "What's the problem?" Jennifer asked.
  "Biff's getting angrier by the minute and it's just a matter of time before he ends up giving himself a heart attack, and that could put a serious crimp in Marty's future as a rock star!"
  "What?!" Marty asked, sounding somewhat skeptical.
  "Biff helps you become famous! I can't say how or when it happens, but at some point around the year 1990 he helps you get noticed."
  "Well, I'll be damned. Guess that asshole comes in handy after all." Marty said with a grin.
  "Yea, that's why we need to get Sam to leap out! Something's keeping him here, but I can't figure out what. At first I thought it was your DeLorean time machine, but then Ziggy says that even though it might've been the catalyst for what brought him to 1957, there seems to be something going on in his head."
  "Well, where is he?" Jennifer asked.
  "There he is." Marty pointed across the street towards the clock tower where Sam was politely waving towards some pretty high school girls. Marty took his girlfriend by the hand as they headed over there.
  Al simply ordered Ziggy to relocate him in front of Sam."Sam, what did I tell you about drawing attention earlier?"
  "The more the merrier?" Sam said, laughing at his own joke.
  "You're a real barrel of monkeys. You know that?" Al said in a frustrated tone.
  "Dr. Beckett! Dr. Beckett, we are so sorry!" Jennifer said as she and Marty came up to him.
  "Yea, we didn't know what the hell was going on. One minute I'm up against Biff, the next he starts glowing blue, then poof! You're standing there in his clothes!" Marty said in exasperation.
  "Hey don't sweat it, you guys. What's important is we finally have the chance to meet face to face! I never thought I'd meet anyone else who had a time machine!" Sam said with a big grin on his face.
  "Well, I'm sure Doc would love to show it to you. That is if we can get back to the future."
  A sudden thought came to Jennifer. "Hang on a minute. Sam, where were you just before you leaped into Biff Tannen?"
  "I was... I was somewhere in the future... the year 1992 I believe!"
  "The 90s? What were you doing there?" Al asked.
  "Well, for a while I've been going around checking up on certain people I've met and leaped into like Jimmy LaMotta, Billie Jean Crockett, Jessie Tyler, and Elvis's friend Sue Ann. I even popped in on your old girlfriend Lisa! After seeing how happy their lives were thanks to us... I started thinking about my own family."
  "Your brother." Al said.
  "Yea, Al. I almost forgot how I saved Tom's life in Vietnam. He was alive and I gave him a future! But then I realized, what was the point of giving him a future if I couldn't be a part of it?"
  Jennifer noticed her boyfriend sniffling and wiping tears from his eyes. "Are you okay, Marty?"
  "Huh? Oh yea. I-I just remembered, I gotta call Dave when we get back to 1986."
  Jennifer couldn't help but smile seeing how moved Marty was by Sam's speech.
  "1986? Oh boy, I just remembered why I came to Hill Valley! While I was visiting Tom in the future I learned about Doctor Emmett Brown. He was on the verge of creating something amazing that would benefit mankind, but... but he was killed before he could finish his invention."
  "Killed?! What do you mean killed?!" Marty said in shock.
  "He and his wife are murdered in their home on May 23, 1986 and their boys are never seen again."
  "May 23, 1986? That's the date we're from!" Jennifer said as she reached into her pocket and showed Sam and Al her concert ticket.
  "The Libyans. Holy shit, the Libyans!" Marty said as he slapped himself on the forehead. "Dammit, that's why they were chasing us, Jen! They must've thought Doc was in the DeLorean!"
  "And when you guys activated your time machine, Sam must've somehow locked onto its temporal energy, sending him here to 1957 with you!" Al deduced. "Why the hell do Libyans want to kill Doc Brown anyhow?"
  "It's a long story." Marty remarked.
  "Besides that's not what's important. We gotta save Doc, Clara and the boys!" Jennifer added.
  Sam started to breath heavy. "Okay here's the plan. You two get back to your time machine and return to this spot at about ten minutes before you left 1986. I'll be right here."
  "But the time circuits are all screwed up!"
  "They shouldn't be anymore, Jennifer. My emotions were what was keeping me from leaping, and that in turn caused the flux capacitor to counter-react!"
  "We... we never said anything about the flux capacitor." Marty replied.
  "Look, I can't really explain how I know that word, but all our futures are at stake here!" Sam said sternly.
  Al marveled at his friend. "Sam, you're back to your old self, and Gooshie just told me that Biff is starting to relax!"
  "Al, have Ziggy-"
  "Mr. Tannen, may I have a word with you?"
  "Oh Jesus Christ, not now!" Marty griped as he saw Mr. Strickland approach them.
  "Uh, sure." Sam answered the bald headed man.
  "I understand you've been going around helping people, saying you've turned a new leaf. Well, I for one am not buying it one bit!" Mr. Strickland said sternly. "You're still the same pathetic slacker I had to put up with for five years, and mark my words, Tannen, I'll see to it they throw you back behind those prison bars for the rest of your miserable life!"
  "Sheesh, what a nozzle!" Al muttered.
  "You don't know the half of it, pal." Marty remarked.
  "Excuse me, am I talking to you, sir? No, I'm talking to Mr. Tannen here. So I suggest you go on your way, while I deal with this low life!"
  Sam's had never seen someone as pretentious in all his life as Mr. Strickland, whose mistreatment of Marty just made his blood boil. "Hey, these guys are my friends, and I'll thank you not to talk so rudely and insensitively to them, or me, or anyone else like that ever again! Got that?!"
  "You've got a lot of nerve talking to me that way, Tannen!" Mr. Strickland balled up his fists. "I have a right mind to mop the street with you!"
  "What good is that going to do either of us?"
  "Oh great, now Sam and Biff are switching emotions! We gotta do something!" Al said.
  Jennifer got an idea. She ran in between Sam and Mr. Strickland pretending to cry. "I can't take it! I can't take anymore of this! I just came here with my boyfriend to visit our old pal Biff and help cheer him up in his time of need! Have you no shame, sir?! Can't you see he just wants to better himself?" she screamed at Mr. Strickland.
  Mr. Strickland regained his composure. "My apologies, Miss. I didn't mean to upset you or your boyfriend. I was just... I'm truly sorry."
  "I'll be damned, Jennifer!" Marty said in surprised.
  "Yea, it looks like those thespian classes paid off after all!" Jennifer said with a grin.
  Al's handlink suddenly started beeping. "Oh my God. Jennifer, you... you just changed history. Mr. Strickland is so guilt ridden by how upset he thought he made you, that he starts being nicer to the students, and by the time you two start attending high school in 1981 he's not only vice principal, but a guidance counselor as well!"
  "That's my Jen!" Marty said proudly.
  "How does it feel to change history for the better?" Sam asked.
  "It feels really good!"
  "Well, we'd better get back to the DeLorean and go save Doc. Guess we'll see you there, Dr. Beckett." Marty said as he shook hands with Sam.
  "I'll be there!"
  Marty and Jennifer waved to Sam and Al one last time as they headed back on the road.
  "Do you think we'll be able to save Emmett Brown and his family, Al?" Sam asked.
  "Uh, Ziggy gives us a 90% chance of succeeding. Though it's kinda hard to tell since we aren't in 1986 yet. So why haven't you leaped?"
  "There's one more thing I have to do before I go."
  An hour later at the McFly residence Sam knocked on the front door.
  George answered. "Biff, what brings you here?"
  "Oh I was just wondering if you'd like to hang out a little. I feel like we haven't really gotten to know one another."
  "I'm sorry, Biff. I got a lot of homework to do and I'm taking Lorraine out to dinner later. But hey why don't we get together this weekend? We can catch up then. I'll stop by your place on Monday."
  "That'd be great, George!"
  George waved to Sam before he closed the door behind him.
  Sam smiled as he started heading back down the street when that familiar sensation hit him as he leaped out, returning young Biff Tannen to his rightful place in 1957.

Hill Valley, California
Fri. May 23, 1986
10:40 PM

  Sam was back in front of the clock tower, but it was now dark out. He took a minute to look at Town Square, and was amazed by how different it all looked nearly 30 years later. "Oh boy!"
  Just then Al appeared through the door to the Imaging Chamber. "There you are, Sam. I've been waiting hours for you! It's a little hard locking onto you when there isn't anybody in the Waiting Room."
  "Sorry, Al. It's good to see you though."
  "Likewise. Now listen, as soon as Marty and Jennifer show up, tell them to drive you to Emmett Brown's residence a different way than the way they went before so they don't risk running into their previous selves or the Libyans!"
  "Don't worry, Al. I've done this long enough to know the rules! Did you have Ziggy do what I asked?"
  "Yes I did, but she thinks it's a terrible idea, and quite frankly I agree with her! But I'm willing to give you the benefit of a doubt."
  Just then they heard three sonic booms. Seconds later the DeLorean pulled up. Jennifer opened the passenger door and let Sam in.
  "Hey Sam, nice shirt! White looks really fitting on you!"
  "Thanks, Marty. Al, you go on ahead and warn the Browns that they're in danger!"
    "Sure thing, Sam. Ziggy, center me on Emmett Brown's house!" Seconds later he found himself at the Brown residence where he saw Doc and Verne waving goodbye to the other Marty and Jennifer as they left in their DeLorean. "Oh thank God." he said as he walked over to Doc. "Excuse me, Doctor Brown?"
  "Oh, good evening, sir. Who might you be?"
  Al was taken aback by the fact that both Doc and Verne could see him as well. "I'm Admiral Al Calavicci from Project Quantum Leap. My associate Dr. Sam Beckett is on his way here along with your friend Mr. McFly... not the Mr. McFly who just left with his girlfriend, but-"
  "You're from the future, aren't you?"
  "Uh, you could say that."
  "Well, I must say it's an honor to meet you!" Doc said as he reached out his hand to shake Al's.
  "Hey, what's that thing in your hand?" Verne asked, as he attempted to grab Al's handlink, only his hand passed right through Al's arm, just as Marty's hand did earlier.
  "Great Scott! How did you do that?" Doc asked in amazement.
  "Uh well, I'm not really here, Doc. I'm still in the future. Only Sam, animals, children, the mentally ill and apparently people who've used your time machine can see me."
  Just then the sound of gunshots rang out.
  "Oh no, the Libyans!"
  "Emmett, what's going on out there?" Clara asked, calling from the front door, just as another shot rang out.
    "Verne, get back in the house! Clara, take the boys down to the basement and stay down there until-" Doc was quickly interrupted by another gunshot that hit the mailbox mere two feet from him. "On second thought I think I'll join you!" he said as he grabbed Verne by the arm and they quickly reunited with Clara and Jules.
  That same moment the Marty and Jennifer that had just returned from 1957 showed up in the DeLorean with Sam Beckett. Sam got out just in the nick of time as one of the terrorists got out of the van holding a machine gun.
  "Sam, be careful!"
  "Don't worry about me, Al! Just make sure Marty and Jennifer get to safety!"
    The angry Libyan aimed his rifle at Sam, but Sam was already one step ahead of him as he grabbed the barrel of the gun and yanked it out of the terrorist's hands. A second Libyan came up behind Sam, attempting to stab him with a machete, but Sam managed to deliver a powerful roundhouse kick to the stomach at the last second.
  That moment Marty got out of the DeLorean. "Whoa! Where'd you learn all of that stuff, Dr. Beckett?"
  "I took martial arts in college."
  "Far out!"
  Half an hour later the police showed up to arrest the terrorists. "We don't need a statement tonight, Doctor Brown, but we'd appreciate it if you came down to the station in the morning to file a report."
  "Of course, Sergeant Caruthers. Thank you!"
  "Take care."
  Once the police left, Marty walked up to Doc and said "I'm really sorry that I had to break my promise like that."
  "There's no need to apologize, Marty. What's important is you did whatever it took to keep yourself and Jennifer safe! Besides, it seems that this ordeal seems to have a very interesting outcome." Doc said with a smile.
  Just then Jennifer's dad Danny Parker Jr. showed up, and Marty couldn't help but worry he'd be in hot water with his future father in-law.
  "Honey, thank goodness you're okay!" Mr. Parker said to his daughter.
  "I'm fine, Dad."
  "Come on, lets get you home."
  "Can I say goodbye to Marty first?" Jennifer asked.
  "Of course you can, sweetheart. I'd kinda like to have a word with him anyway."
  "Oh boy, here it comes." Marty said with a sigh as he walked over to Jennifer and her father. "Evening, Mr. Parker."
  "Evening, Marty."
  "Listen, I'm... I'm really sorry about all of this. I didn't expect those guys to-"
  "Marty, you have nothing to apologize for! I would like to know one thing though. When those terrorists showed up, what was your first concern?"
  Marty thought for a moment. "Well, I knew my friend Doc was in danger, but the last thing I wanted was for Jennifer to get hurt!"
  Mr. Parker smiled. "That's what I was hoping you'd say! You're a good man, Marty!"
  Marty chuckled. "Thank you, sir!"
  "Please, call me Danny! Listen, I'm going to take Jennifer home. You're free to come over and visit us tomorrow if you'd like."
  "That's awful nice of you, but I promised the Doc and his wife I'd help him do some work around the house. But I should be free on Sunday. I could even go with you guys to church. Been meaning to go lately."
  "That would be very nice! We could have breakfast together afterwards; my treat!" Mr. Parker said as he shook Marty's hand. "Can you be at our house by 9:00 in the morning?"
  "Not a problem." Marty said as hugged Jennifer and kissed her goodnight.
  "Well, Sam, not only did you save Doc Brown and his family, but you helped Marty impress his future wife's dad."
  "Come on, Al. I had nothing to do with that!"
  "Not directly, but it seems after meeting us, not only does Marty go on to be a famous rock star, but he also becomes a humanitarian like us!"
  "Excuse me, Admiral." Doc said as he walked up to Sam and Al. "I have been wondering. Where in time did you and Dr. Beckett meet Marty?"
  "December 28, 1957." Sam answered.
  A sudden smile came over Doc. "I believe I was in Germany with my father on that date. He wanted to visit his birthplace one last time before he passed away. He lived another good year and a half or so, but still, I'll never forget how happy that trip made him!"
  "Well, it's a good thing we didn't need your help getting the time machine to work back then!" Sam replied. "Though if I hadn't leaped out of Biff, we'd probably still be there."
  "Leaped out of Biff?"
  "It's kind of a long story, Doc." Al replied.
  Just then Marty walked up to them. "So, Dr. Beckett, where do you plan to go now?"
  "I'm not too sure to be honest. I've been bouncing back and fourth through my own lifetime for so long I've forgotten all about my life in the future. I'd like to go back, but I'm kind of afraid to."
  "There's nothing to be afraid of, Sam. Beth and I will be there for you!" Al said. "Besides we're not the only ones who miss you! There's a lot of people here who want to see you back, like your brother Tom, your daughter Sammy Jo, and especially Do..." Al paused for a moment, not sure he should mention Sam's beloved wife. "I mean uh, Gooshie." he said reluctantly, wishing he could tell his best friend the truth.
  Sam grinned. "It would be nice. But there's so much more I'd like to accomplish; so much more wrongs I could put right!"
    "With all due respect, Dr. Beckett, my reasons for inventing time travel never had anything to do with changing history for the better." Doc Brown said. "Granted, I must say your intentions are indeed noble, but in my experiences with time travel, I've learned it's far better to leave well enough alone!"
  "Come on, Doc, don't be such a stick in the mud!" Marty replied with a nervous chuckle.
  "Marty, their interference could've caused irreparable damage not only to the space-time continuum, but to you and Jennifer!"
  "To be fair though, Doc, don't we take that risk every time we blast through time in that thing? What if we were to go back to when they signed the Declaration of Independence and accidentally ran over Ben Franklin or George Washington?"
  "Yea, then we'd all be screwed!" Al remarked.
  "Now hold on a second!" Sam interjected. "Doctor Brown, for the last five years of my life I've been leaping from life to life helping people! I used time travel for the benefit of mankind! I had hoped I'd come here to learn you did the same."
    Doc Brown shook his head. "While I'd love to use the DeLorean to save the lives of all those poor souls lost in the sinking of the Titanic, or prevent the rise of Hitler, I know that it's not my call. In all my years spent time traveling, I've learned that no matter how hard we try, horrible tragedies and despicable individuals will always be around. We all must suffer unfortunate losses from time to time, but it's how we learn to cope with those losses that make us who we are in the future."
  "So all those lives I changed don't matter in the long run?! Then what's the point of time travel?! What did you invent it for?!" Sam asked in an upset tone.
  Marty thought back to what Doc said to him on their first trip to the future together. "He invented it to gain a clearer perception of humanity, and believe me, my outlook has definitely improved over the last six months!"
  "Last six months? Exactly when did Doc Brown invent his time machine?" Al asked.
  "Well, it took me three decades to develop all the components, but it wasn't until last October that I was able to finally build it."
  "But you just said you've been time traveling for years."
  "The flux capacitor doesn't work the same way the Quantum Leap Accelerator does, Al." Sam replied. "They aren't anchored to their present the way I'm anchored to you! It doesn't matter how much time they spend in the past or the future! They can return mere minutes before or after they left!"
  "Yea, but doesn't that make them older than they're supposed to be?"
  "I'm only a little over a couple weeks older than I would've been had I never traveled through time." Marty replied.
  "I'm not sure whether or not to consider that a good thing. Now if somebody could figure out a way time travel can actually make people younger, you could sign me up for that one!" Al chuckled at the notion, when suddenly he began to flicker and momentarily fade.
  "Al? Al, are you all right?" Sam asked.
  "Yea, I'm fine. Everything around me just got all fuzzy for a moment." Al said just as he began to fade yet again.
  "What the hell's happening to him?" Marty asked.
  "Something must be wrong with the Imaging Chamber!" Sam replied.
  "It's not the Imaging Chamber, Sam. Apparently whatever attracted you to the DeLorean is now causing some sort of temporal friction between both time machines! Sam, if you don't leap out soon, we could lose you for good!"
  "But I'm not ready to come home just yet!"
  "Fine then, go some place else! Just promise me you'll let us know where you are!" Al yelled.
  Sam nodded as he shook hands with Marty. "It was nice meeting you, Marty!"
  "Likewise, Dr. Beckett. See ya, Al!"
  "Take care of yourself, kid." Al said before Sam was covered in a bright blue light. When the light subsided, both men were gone.
  "Marty, from now on would you mind simply asking me to give you and Jennifer a ride home?" Doc asked.
  "As long as I still get to drive!" Marty replied with a grin.

New Mexico
Thurs. June 15, 2000
5:00 PM

    Al sat quietly in the living room of the home he had shared with his wife Beth since Project Quantum Leap first started. He couldn't help but feel a little down having been unable to talk his best friend into coming back home over a week ago. The memory of their encounter in Hill Valley, California was still fresh in his mind.
  "Come on, sweetheart. Please don't be mopey, not on your birthday! Hannah's going to be back in about twenty minutes with the cake, and Jill said she, Rachael and Mallory would call from San Diego later to sing to you over the phone."
  "How can I celebrate with you and the girls knowing Sam's still out there in the timestream when he should be here with his wife and daughter? It's... it's just not right!"
  Beth gently rubbed Al's shoulders. "Remember when we first got married and you gave me a fair warning about what kind of guy you were?"
  Al chuckled. "You'll have to refresh my memory."
  "I promised I'd always be there for you no matter what. When you first left for the war, I wasn't sure I'd be able to keep that promise, but then when Sam showed up in our home that night to tell me you were still alive, it only strengthened my loyalty. For years I didn't know how I could ever repay him, but then that fateful day came when we met Sam and Donna at the Starbright Project."
  Al couldn't help but laugh. "Boy, I'll never forget that day! I still remember getting myself in trouble for beating up on that vending machine!"
  "What vending machine?" Beth said in a confused tone.
  "Oh wait, that was in the original history. Huh, I'm surprised I still remember that."
  Beth smiled. "Anyway, I could tell right from the start how smitten they were with each other, but at the same time I noticed they had issues in their relationship. I knew I had to make it up to Sam's older self for salvaging our marriage, so I did everything I could to ensure they stayed together."
  "That explains why you insisted on all those double dates!" Al replied with a chuckle. "Though I still can't believe you talked us into taking that trip to France!"
  "Well, if it wasn't for all that time we spent with them, Donna probably would've left Sam the moment he started obsessing over his time travel ideas!"
  "You know, Beth, according to Ziggy-" Al's train of thought was suddenly interrupted by the doorbell. "Hang on a second, dear." Al walked up to the foyer and opened the front door. He couldn't believe his eyes as he saw the young man standing on his doorstep. "Well, I'll be damned!"
  "Evening, Admiral!" 32 year-old Marty McFly said with a smile. "I didn't come at a bad time, did I?"
  "Uh no, but I am wondering what brings you here."
  "Jennifer and I never got a chance to wish you a happy birthday... or thank you for helping us save Doc and his family."
  "Don't mention it, Marty. I have to admit, I'm none too surprised to see you show up here like this."
  "Believe me, it wasn't easy looking you up! I once considered taking the DeLorean ahead in time to visit you, but I figured I've done enough time traveling. That and Doc didn't like the idea of me getting involved with you and Sam again."
  "How is that screwball scientist these days?" Al asked.
  "Oh he's all right. Hard to believe the guy's a grandfather now! Jennifer and I have two little ones of our own as well! We named them-"
  "Yea, I know. Marty Jr. and Marlene, right? I got charter members of your fan club living here, so I know way more about you than I wanna know!" Al said with a smirk.
  "That's kinda why I came here tonight. See I'm touring with the Pinheads and I'd really love it if you and your family could come see our show this weekend!"
  Beth let out a loud squeal of excitement right behind Al. "Hannah is going to flip when she hears about this!"
  "So I'll take that as a yes?" Marty asked.
  "At this point I don't think I have much of a choice!" Al replied.
  "Great. So I'll see you guys there!"
  "Oh wait, would you mind staying for a little while. Our youngest daughter should be home any minute, and I know she would just love to meet you!" Beth said.
  "Oh sure. I don't have to be back at the hotel for another hour." Marty said. "Oh hey, Jennifer wanted me to ask if you've heard back from Sam."
  "Unfortunately, we lost track of him the moment he left Hill Valley." Al said sadly.
  "Bummer. Is there any way you can locate him?"
  "Not unless he leaps into someone like before."
  "We'll just have to hope he does at some point..." Beth remarked. "though preferably not anyone crazy like that Biff Tannen character."
  "Trust me, Ma'am, I seriously doubt there's anyone crazier than Biff Tannen!" Marty replied with a laugh.

Elk Ridge, Indiana
Wed. June 8, 1994
7:35 PM

  Sam sat quietly in his old room looking at family photos and various trophies.
  "Mom never could bear to throw out any of our old things." a familiar voice said from the doorway.
  "Katie!" Tears filled Sam's eyes at the sight of his now grown up sister. He sprang from his chair and gave her a hug. "Oh Katie, I am so happy to see you!"
  "Hey you got room for one more?" Tom Beckett said with a grin as he walked in and patted both siblings on the shoulder.
  "I can't tell you how much it means to me seeing you two!" Sam said still choking back sobs.
  "Come on, little brother. Pull yourself together. What would Dad say?"
  "I can't help it, Tom. I just... I've been through so much! All I've ever wanted was to see you guys again!"
  "My brother the crybaby time traveler!" Katie joked.
  "So who'd you help out since the last time I saw you?" Tom asked.
  "You wouldn't believe me if I told you!"
  "Why dontcha show Katie how you do that time jump or whatever it is you do?"
  Sam chuckled at his older brother. "Maybe later. I just want to spend some quality time with you guys before I leave for good."
  "For good? Sam, what're you saying?" Katie asked.
  "I'm saying I can't keep coming back here. As much as I love being home with you two, I have to keep making a difference in peoples' lives the only way I know how. I can't promise I'll return, but maybe someday. Until then keep looking out for each other!"
  "Of course, Sam. I'd never let anything happen to our baby sister!" Tom said with a smile as he shook Sam's hand. "We're both proud of you!"
  Katie couldn't help but cry a little as she gave Sam a hug. "We'll always be here for you, honey!"
  "I know. There's just one last thing I have to do before I go." Sam exclaimed as he gestured towards his desk with an old fashioned typewriter.
  "We'll leave you to it then." Tom said as he escorted Katie out into the hallway.
  "I'll come down to say goodbye one last time soon as I'm finished." Sam called back before sitting down to the typewriter. The moment he fed the paper through, he already knew what he wanted to write:

Dear Marty,

      First of all I just wanted to say thank you for all you've done for me. In the short time I knew you, I've learned how important it is to remain confident and carefree in the face of adversity... something I've had trouble dealing with since I was young. I also wanted to congratulate you on all your success. Believe it or not Al's not the only old timer who secretly likes 80s rock music! Speaking of Al, I was wondering if you could do me a favor and deliver him a message around the year 2000. Tell him I'll be back someday. I don't know when it'll happen, but I'll be back. There's still a few more wrongs I have to put right before I retire. Thank you and take care!

Dr. Sam Beckett

PS. Tell your friend Doc Brown that I hope all is well with his work.

Hill Valley, California
August 8, 2003
7:00 PM

    Three years after Marty had stopped in to visit the Calaviccis at their home, Al dropped in at the young musician's doorstep at Hilldale. "Hey, Admiral. What brings you here?"
  "You're not gonna believe this, kid. Remember back in 1986 when we successfully stopped the Libyans from killing the Browns?"
  "Yea, what about it?"
  "Well, Sam asked me to have Ziggy locate their base of operations in that time. It took her about three years, but Ziggy finally pinpointed it. Turns out they disbanded in early 1988 after the authorities arrested the leader."
  "Well, that's great!" Marty replied.
  "No, not entirely." Al said somberly as he showed Marty a newspaper clipping with a photo of Dr. Sam Beckett bloodied and battered. "That picture was taken only a week before. I have no idea of knowing if Sam got out or not."
  "That's pretty heavy, Al!"
  "I hate to ask this, but is there any way Emmett Brown would let me use the DeLoreon?"
  "I guess it couldn't hurt to ask, except he and Clara are on vacation at their summer home in New Orleans circa 1860. They won't be back for another-" before Marty could finish, there were three sonic booms in the sky. The DeLoreon quickly landed on the street just infront of the driveway.
  "Marty, I got here just as soon as I could!" Doc said as he got out of the vehicle.
  "Doc, where- when the hell did you come from?! I thought you wouldn't be back for another three weeks."
  "No, but I came here from about two months in the future. At first I wasn't sure I wanted to help Dr. Beckett out of the jam he had gotten himself into, but after a little coaxing from Clara and the boys, I decided why the hell not?"
  "I can't tell you how much this means to me, sir!" Al said as he shook Doc's hand.
  "It's the least I could do for the men who saved my family from certain doom! Now lets get ready. We've got a scientist to rescue!"


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Deborah Prattco-executive producer and a writer of Quantum Leap; voice of Ziggy and opening narrator; also played Troian

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